Update 1: GM Offering $5,000 Loyalty Bonus for 2004-07 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Owners

2006 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

Update #1 Feb-16-2010:
We've talked to GM several times today about this incentive. It only applies to the 2004-07 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid.


GM is offering a $5,000 new-vehicle trade-in loyalty bonus for 2004-07 Chevy Silverado Hybrid owners. It can be combined with GM's other current cash or finance offers. Owners must take advantage of the offer before April 1.

The original Silverado gas-electric pickup was a so-called ‘mild’ hybrid. It paired a 42-volt electric motor with a 5.3-liter V-8, but the electric motor never turned the wheels, like today's Two Mode Hybrid Silverado. Instead, the motor was leveraged at full stops to provide power to internal systems for creature comforts like XM satellite radio and a dual-zone climate controlled AC while the gas engine was shut off to save fuel. When you lifted your foot from the brake or applied a light touch to the accelerator, the V-8 powered right back up.

The 2004-07 Hybrid could also be used as a giant portable generator. The electric motor could provide 120-volt, 20-amp power for up to 32 hours on a full tank of gas when it was run off the three batteries stowed under the rear bench seat.

The loyalty offer is good toward the purchase of almost any GM vehicle, including the 638-horsepower Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, if you're looking to get out of a pickup truck. In that case, we'd forgive you if you did.


Yeah, if the trade in is a Hybid. You missed that very important detail.

What about trucks prior to 04 and how bout Avalanches?

@Matt and @Eric: Long story short (and it's a long story!), it's as Matt says - 2004-07 Hybrids only. Sorry for any confusion.

Sounds like GM is trying to buy itself out of a problem.

Sounds like GM is standing behind it's products and satisfies it's customers.

Sounds like no one will buy a GM product without a large rebate. I wonder what kind of deal they will put on the new HD's. My guess at least $2000.

@Big Bob

Speak for yourself. GM products have never let me down.

Why only the hybrid?

How many people actually have one of these so called hybrids?

I've never seen these around.

I saw one once. Did see a few of the Yukon hybrids.

Word is that Chevy is having reliability issues with the electric motor stators and battery packs failing before the warranty runs out. I can't imagine those are cheap to keep replacing.

I've read 6,000 dollars for replacing hybrid batteries

may be better to read together:

NREL/GM Project Finds Ultracaps Perform as Well or Better Than NiMH Pack for Energy Storage in Mild Hybrid Vehicle


send info on making fuel economy better. we aree not getting any mileage out of 2006 duramax diesel. send all the helpful info you can, thanks, mary

I own one from my ill dad. Stator hs gone bad twice in three years now gm hs discontinued part and I cannot find part anywhere. 130k on a 5.4 v8. Smh. Thanks chevy.

$14k truck last week to a $3k truck this week????

i have a 2005 silverado hybrid i purchased new in '06.
the truck has given me minimal problems over the course of its life. last friday while out on the road, my truck just died on me.
had it towed to my chevy dealership that has done all maint. on the rig except oil changes. i always run full synthetic and have taken good care of rig. i have only 105k miles on my 12 year old truck. not a drop of oil on the trany or the engine. clean and tight.
chevy inspects ...calls me up with some great news.....your stator needs to be replaced, gm discontinued it and they can't find a used one on their data base of used parts lots at this point.
im told my truck might never run again.
chevy states that if they were to find a used stator (w/30 warranty...spend $1200 to r&r the trany. + replace some heavy battery cables then they will be able to turn truck on and tell me if i need some related control module which would be $4k.
apparently i won't know if i need the $4k part until i 1st throw $2500 at it , no warrenty / guarantees . arghhh!
im 5k miles and 5 years past warranty...arghhh!
anyone got any good ideas...sounds like putting $ into it might be crazy considering i could be pushing expenses nearing $7k with no guarantees / warranties.
any chance it could be converted away from hybrid to a typical chevy truck ? would i need a different trany? cost?
part the truck out?
any recalls or lawsuits?
any chevy loyalty programs that work with loyal chevy owners? to help out with this mess?

I'm thinking about going to look at a new truck only to give them the opportunity to give me a trade in value on my truck...their product. maybe its only worth $1k to them???

ohh yah....forgot to mention
my original 42v batteries have been working fine up to the failure date?
they have outlast the truck!
does this mean my truck is just a disposable one?
is this how chevy wins over customers?
i have never in my life heard of a dealership telling someone it can't be fixed and may never run again....usually its oh we got some bad news.... you need a new trany...or motor or...? itl cost $xxxx

re: $14k truck last week........***update***

soo final results are in:
I need to replace the starter generator assembly + some hybrid cables on my chevy Silverado truck to get my truck to work??? meaning.....if I spend $4252 (parts and labor) to r&r trany and swap out the starter generator.....chevy will be able to do further tests to confirm if I need to r&r my hybrid generator control module at a cost of $5101 (parts & labor).
I have asked chevy if they can do a bench test on this control module to confirm if bad of not, they said they can't. the way chevy has designed their code system requires one to fix the problem a-b before we can see if there is a "code" ? problem b-c to fix. then we will move on to c-d etc...its lineal.... arghhh!!!
soo if one were to r&r the trany for the above repair one might think to service /rebuild trany since you already have it out???
sound like throwing more good $ after bad $. total estimated cost at this point is $9353 not including any trany service work. this doesn't take into consideration any other unforeseen problems that will not send a code till I fix the other $9353 in repairs.

chevrolet claims they have searched for a new part...been discontinued for some time now, they have searched their two websites for any used part out their among the entire United States / Canada and there isn't a used one to be had...all bought up now! hmmm.... must be a common problem?
they have located a company Thant thinks they can rebuild the starter generator for a blank checkbook price of $1700-$2500. they have never done this before. not a lot of confidence on my part. don't even know yet if and how long the warranty would be on these repairs???
chevy service dept. deferred me to the sales dept. who was happy to sell me a new truck and offered me $2000 for my truck as a trade in. currently Kelly blue book last week on my Silverado was $13,566....this week chevy says $2000.....ouch.

well shy of a Hail Mary attempt to rebuild this super rare unattainable part. I don't even have an option to fix my truck. (nerver heard of such a thing???) , everyone at my Chevrolet dealership tells me to walk away from it. nobody at my local dealership would personally put any $ into this mess.

as mentioned before....my 42v battery system is still good and has outlasted my ...suposedly disposable chevy truck as a whole

would have been nice if chevy had mentioned early on during my purchase of this new truck that they had no intention to continue offering parts for my truck in future... I would not have purchased...I would have kept my other chevy 1500 I used as a trade in.

well at this point I'm gonna reach out to Chevrolet at a higher level to see if they want to make this rite. initiate the goodwill to customers program they have in place and touted about....and help out a loyal chevy owner and keep the customer happy.

ryan......just curious.... any idea what the cost was on the 1st repair of this starter generator?
cost of a new starter generator?
in your research....did you find out when did chevy discontinue?

I'm on the exact same boat as Terry right now. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really like to hear from you.
Dealership says they need to replace starter/gen and the hybrid module might need to be replaced, but unsure.
Anticipated cost about $2,000 for labor. about $1,000 for starter and possible $5,000 for a new hybrid module. Like Terry above stated, the service dept of the dealership says that they can not determine if the truck will need a new hybrid module until the starter is replaced. I would love to find out what you did Terry as I am getting the same message from my local dealer. I think my next truck will be a Tundra.

I'm in the same boat. The first time it happened in the winter of 2014 at 104K miles. It was finally resolved and fixed with new cables and stator. The stator was a restricted part that I tried to buy many times. GM required dealer to run tests, then they allowed the order to go through, to then build one.

It took a year to get my truck back !

Since then I've only put a couple thousand miles on it. I have been fixing it up with new headlights, bumpers, shocks, fuel & gas lines, brakes, water pump & pulleys.... etc... hoping to get another 100k out of it.

It happened again this past weekend. Died at the auto parts store. Now they say the part is no longer available.

Wondering what I can do with this otherwise good truck.

Maybe that’s why they are offering the incentive, GM isn’t supporting it anymore.

Just like the 4ws trucks. A gimmick that adds complexity and opportunity for failure.

I’m not sure how much the new version stop/start stuff saves in fuel, but it sure is annoying, especially in summer, so I just disable it at start up every time.

I'm in the same boat. 2206 GMC Sierra Hybrid, 95k miles, I purchased in Jan 2018, and in July it died. Dealer can't get the parts and GM is giving me the run around. We need more people with these that have had this same issue to start a class-action lawsuit.

Hi Patrick,I am with you. Took my truck to work,stopped to get gas ,shut it off filled my tank and it didnt start, clicked a few times. no I have no Idea what the issue is. This is crazy if no parts are available Im taking a huge loss on a vehicle that I use to do work. So you are correct I will join your class action .Please send more info to mikardo923@gmail.com

Same boat- 2006 Hybrid Chevy truck 4x4 with only 36000 miles.
does not start one day and took it to the dealer. Same runaround about Stator and Would take 5k and if it is stator they can not get that. then a higher tally from dealer total of approximately 7k if it is module with no guarantee it could be fixed after being into it for the 5k. basically a pile of junk that can not be fixed and don't run with only 36k miles on it....JUNK
I am in on the class action... here is my email joeygarrett@comcast.net

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