GM Says Hummer Sale to Chinese Is Off. Brand To Be Shuttered.

GM Says Hummer Sale to Chinese Won't Happen
By Dave Thomas

GM’s planned sale of the Hummer brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. has fallen through. GM says it will wind down all operations for the brand.

“One year ago, General Motors announced that we were going to divest Hummer, as part of focusing our efforts on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac going forward. We have since considered a number of possibilities for HUMMER along the way, and we are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong could not be completed," said John Smith GM vice president of corporate planning and alliances. "GM will now work closely with HUMMER employees, dealers and suppliers to wind down the business in an orderly and responsible manner."

GM says it will honor all warranties and provide service and parts through other GM dealers. This is the same process that Saturn and Pontiac went through in the past year since GM’s restructuring.

Hummer sales fell 67% in 2009 compared with 2008 to just 9,046 units. Reports from Bloomberg earlier today pointed to the Chinese government’s desire to portray a green image as its huge population is increasingly buying more cars as a reason it would not approve the sale.

[Source: GM]


China and a green image.. thats hilarious considering they push out more pollution than the U.S.

Sorry to see the Hummer brand dying, but not really suprised. Pity they did not make the Hummer HX.

the h3 is the same truck like the canyon......the problem is .somebody destroy the hummer,maybe the media,or the green freak......why we have so much dummy's in this world..

That sucks...

Bob has grown quiet again. Even the Chinese don't want a GMC product. HA HA HA HA. LMFAO.

Whatever happens, people have to be negative about it. When the Hummer was being sold to the Chi-coms, that sucked. Now they are not buying it, and that sucks. Whatever!!!! Let's get a bunch of angry negative posts going as usual.....

The big wrong decision :-(, Wondering no body in America left with a 150 million to save Hummer.

I think Hummer carries more brand value than of GMC ( Hummer is known all over the world ).

H2 may be a mistake but If they can re-arrange - H2 - Full Size Off-Road 4x4 SUV (9 passenger ) and Truck , H3 - Mid Off-Road 4x4 SUV and Truck ,H5 -Small Off-Road 4x4 SUV and SUT and specialize on off-road 4x4, I think Hummer will make wonders all around the world.

We may hear like :

"The road ends : Hummer begins" .

Hummer can have more money by licensing Hummer trademarks for off road products also.

The Hummer is dead...Long live the jelly bean cars :-(

@tony, What is wrong with a GMC product? They make an awsome HD Diesel Truck and lots of other great vehicles.

I can see such a big vehicle like this going by the wayside the way everything is going 'Green'. Need more small trucks and cars with diesel engines. Too bad Gov't Emission programs for diesel is making it pricey$$. Build the small pick-up with clean diesel and people will buy it up like crazy. Mini Duramax and Mini Cummins , sounds great to me.

why did they stop selling the first hummer? ya know, them military tanks? if i had the money, id buy an h1.

What is wrong with a GMC product? - They have the personal endorsement, and unwavering devotion of BOB. That alone, is enough!

another one bites the dust. heh heh

roll Jeep!!!

Hummer sales peaked @ 71,524 in 2006 and it came down to 9,046 last year. Without certain sales volume, a product suffers big losses. So GM is closing Hummer.

Anyway H2 which costs 50K and has 8 MPG has no market.
At-least H3 (being wide) should have been made as 6-seater (3 * 2) with V6 engine
H4 should have been sold as 4-seater with V4 engine.

Both models should be fitted with flex-fuel engine and designed as Crossover.

So 2 more SUV's are bidding good-bye along with 2 Trucks (H2 & H3 SUT).
Even Toyota FJ Cruiser sales are so low. Lets see what happens to it.

Oil prices crossed $80 / barrel today. So no one is going to feel sad for these SUV's.

Its about time...

Im glad Hummer would be sold to China. They make Hummer knock-offs anyways.

There hasnt been a real Hummer since the H1. The H2 and H3(T) are just tahoes/suburbans with Humvee looking body panels...

With the vehicle "Hummer" has been putting out lately, I couldnt care less that their going under. The H1 is the only real Hummer.

In my first comment I ment to say I am glad Hummer WONT be sold to China. I type fast...

Oh well and who cares. One less GM overpriced clone brand. I mean you got your Escalades which are Tahoes with more buttons and softer leather, GMCs which are marketed as more upscale and are nothing more than rebodied trucks and SUVs, Then the Denali line of GMCs, again more buttons and softer leather (but not as soft as the Escalade, there must be a reasin for the price difference). And Hummer, More buttons softer leather bigger tires and locking diffs. Very original thinking. GM should never have sold Hummers as luxury vehicles. Did they really think that they just did not offer enough choices in this category of vehicles?

Look at the original Hummer. Did it have auto dual zone climate control heated seats power everything moonroof onstar trip computer power lift gate 50 buttons on the steering wheel because rich people can't be bothered to reach the radio in the center of the dash? NO.

The Hummer should have been GMs answer to the Jeep wrangler, Dodge power wagon, Ford SVT Raptor etc. It should have had the spirit of the original Hummer but in a more practical affordable design. Sure the Hummer clones are more off road capable than the vehicles thay were based on but for the price premium they could have cut the gadgets and offered far more capability. The price difference between a Tahoe and an H2 could be invested into a Tahoe and make it far more capable off road than the H2 ever would. If Hummer was more mainstream it probably would have survived recent economic problems. Dodge Power Wagon, Ford Raptor, and Jeep Rubicon are all good examples that a market exists for capable factory built off road vehicles. One less over priced chevy clone to choose from.

Hummer was a fashion statement. It's out of fashion now. It would be silly for anyone to buy it. It costs much more than the selling price to keep a car company going, especially one that isn't bringing in the sales.

This is an opportunity for GM to rethink a few things. A mid sized Chevy or GMC with HUMMER like style & capabilities would be a nice replacement for the Colorado and the Trailblazer.

Hummer of GM is just a nameplate. The military Hummer is separate. GM can conceivably kill off Hummer as a brand and bring back the chassis under an existing nameplate/brand. For example they could rebody the H3, rename it the Colorado/Canyon Z2X or something and sell it as a Chevy or GMC as a Wrangler competitor.

All GM's Hummer ever was, was a regular GM chassis (Tahoe/Colorado) geeked out with off road stuff and a pimped out interior anyhow.'s Jeep's turn to capitalize and build a midsize crew-cab pickup similar to the ousted HUMMER H3T off the Wrangler platform, 3.6L Pentastar V6, manual or auto trans, front and rear Dana axles, huge off-road tyres (special oversized tires), other off-road equipment, seating for five, and named "Gladiator", and I'm in love <3, <3, <3. I know you guys like this idea.

What the heck stsupid chinese

I would like to see GM use the Hummer name to it's advantage. Make it a special off-road package like that of the Raptor by Ford. Have a Silverado with the Hummer package, Tahoe with a Hummer package Colorado with the Hummer off-road package. Make them from the factory with improved ride height, full lockers front and rear, stronger suspension, winches, off-road tires and some cool accessory lights all for around 35K. Those wouls sell like hot cakes I bet my bottom dollar on it. They still will have the rights to the Hummer name so it only makes since to continue to use it, can you imagin a Colorado with full lockers, solid skid plates, a 4" factory suspension lift, an integrated winch like on the Powerwagon, accessory lights, some tougher bumpers and the Hummer name attached to it? I would jump on that.

It's really hard to see, what happens with a brand that profits from a strong image, good off-road abilities, characteristic masculine-oriented design and a very short, but huge market success...managing of some idiots and suffering from green-hyped-freaks lobby that want(ed) save the world in their fancy overpriced eco-mobiles. I still dream about H3T single cab (as HX Concept) and I can drive it even with a diesel, but god damn save my soul away from these techno-electro hybrids and green-paranoia!

G-Street I can see GMC doing what you said.
Take a decent vehicle, jack the price up 10 - 15,000 dollars, put a few off-road tidbits on it, and wrap it in ugly sheet metal. Great Idea. It will sell like hotcakes. I bet with a product like that they could repay their government debt.

Capt. Ahab says "See you in hell Hummer!".

Oh well. Hummers suck!

-Kev, GM Fan.

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