Happy Birthday To Us! PickupTrucks.com Turns 15

Happy Birthday To Us! PickupTrucks.com Turns 15

Wow, time flies! PickupTrucks.com is celebrating its 15th birthday on Monday, Feb 22. The site was started in a college bedroom in Tucson, Ariz., back in 1995 when Netscape and Mosaic were about the only web browsers you could find, and really fast downloads were over 56K dial-up modems.

But before it was PUTC, it was called The Pickup Truck Homepage. We didn't buy the domain name PickupTruck.com (which we were called for the first thirteen years) until late 1995 -- for only $35. Adding PickupTrucks.com cost us thousands of dollars just a few years later.

Getting our first pictures online wasn’t easy. We couldn’t download them from a manufacturer’s media site, and digital cameras – Apple or Kodak were about the only choices -- were primitive and expensive. So we’d visit truck dealers, grab as many brochures as we could and then head to the computer lab at the University of Arizona, where we’d spend hours scanning the brochures on a $1,200 flatbed scanner. All of the words and data were done by hand in HTML.

PickupTrucks.com circa 1998

By 1999, we were attending auto shows, where we started to learn the ropes of the industry. Typewriters outnumbered laptops, and there were still push-button phones on desks.

In 2000, GM invited us on our first press trip to drive the 2001 Heavy Duty pickups. We were considered an oddity by some of the other media on the truck because, after all, we only published on the Internet.

We also looked for venture capital in 2000 (all the cool kids did back then) to turn PickupTrucks.com into a huge site. In hindsight, we’re lucky we didn’t get any because we probably would have cratered if the site staff hadn’t stayed lean and mean. We turned to friends and family to grow the site.

We survived the dot-com crash and had some tight years after Sept. 11. We went back to work full time at other jobs while the site coasted along.

In 2003, we held our first Shootout, which we think is one of the most unique and challenging comparison tests out there for pickups because it only takes place when there's a significant change in a truck segment. Since then, we've had two more Shootouts and our fourth will be this summer.

PickupTrucks.com circa 2000

In 2007, we went back to working on PickupTrucks.com full time, and in 2008 we joined the Cars.com family - a perfect fit for the site.

Today, things couldn’t be better for bringing you all the truck related content we can produce and helping buy or sell new and used pickups.

Finally, we'd like to send a big thanks to our readers. It's your support that has made this incredible journey possible. We’re looking forward to the next 15 years!


Great job Mike!
Did you have any idea when you started this that it would be such a success?

Awesome Job. Its amazing how i have been following some websites since the late 90's and how they still exist in one way or the other.

I will avoid the obvious jokes about being fifteen. You got enough angst as it is.

happy birthday PUTC !

you do a great job mike, this is the first place i come for new truck information and it has never let me down !

congrats mike, your hard work is much appreciated !

What a blast from the past! I haven't been on here since the beginning, but it was great when I did find you!

Thanks Mike. You've built the gold standard.

I can honestly say I had no idea we'd still be around, let alone this big, back in 1995. There were more than a few times where I thought PUTC was roadkill. Luckily, we perservered!

Happy birthday, You're doing a great job and greets from a reader on the other side of Atlantic!

I '95 I didn't even have a computer! :)

OK where is the cake ? we want butter cream icing and strawberry filling .

Happy birthday and well done! I have had my forum account for over 10 years now, and this site keeps getting better and better. You are now big enough, that Top Gear should cover your HD Shootout later this year!

Happy birthday PUTC. I have been reading the articles since 1999 or mid 2000 (cant remember now).I just wanna say good job Mike.Keep it up.

Happy birthday! I enjoy this site and catching up on changes in the pick up industry.

happy birthday!!!...

this is one of my favorite sites...

Great site, and congrats! I always enjoy reading your articles Mike... so much so that PUTC is my home page now. ;)

this is awesome. i wish i would have been able to read PUTC when it came out. to bad i was only 5!! i come to this site everyday. its like a drug. congrats mike!!!

Happy B-Day PUTC! I've been visiting here since 2008. I wish you much success in the future. We'll be here for you.

Conceived in a college bedroom. Do we know who the mother was?

Congrats on the success! :)

Coincidentally, I was working and living in Tucson back in 1995.

Hey Mike, here's a long shot. You weren't a member of the UA ZBT by chance? My brother in law graduated there about the same time.

Happy Birthday to PUTC!!! Keep up the excellent work Mike, thanks to you, I visit this site more to keep up on truck news more than I do real news. Kudos.

There are a few sites I MUST read everyday and this is at the top of the list. Thanks, Mike for all the good reading.
Happy Birthday pickuptrucks.com
And to many, many more.

Congrats and Happy Birthday to Team PUTC!

Mike, your labor of love is evident, and we truck guys would be info starved w/o ya!

May your future take you to silt, sand, rock and mud filled roads, and be forever engaged in 4WD - hooah!

I see we have something in common. Today is my birthday too!!! Congratulations and many more years for the both of us!

Happy Birthday! Don't forget George Washington and Drew Barrymore! ;-)

Congratulations on 15 years. Great site!

Happy B-Day PUTC!!!!

You old Fart!!!!! LOL!

Happy Birthday pickuptrucks.com!!!!
Next year you'll be able to drive!!!

Hope to see much more great content coming from you guys. I found your Half-ton shoot out on youtube while looking for a new truck and now I find myself checking your site daily, (Sometimes hourly)

Great job

Amazing site, PickupTrucks.com has done a great job in supporting the American born pickup truck. Keep up the great work!

Happy birthday, guys, and Keep On Truckin'!

Congratulations and thanks a lot for a great website with great articles, all prefered to any printed magazine!!

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