Next Generation Honda Ridgeline Coming for 2011 Model Year

Next Generation Honda Ridgeline Coming for 2011 Model Year
2010 Honda Ridgeline

At five years old, the Honda Ridgeline is one of the oldest vehicles in Honda’s lineup. That’s expected to be fixed by next year, according to Vicki Poponi, Honda’s assistant vice president of product planning, at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.

A new Ridgeline “is coming in ’11, for the 2011 model year,” Poponi said.

The midsize, unibody Ridgeline arrived in 2005. It did away with conventional leaf springs in favor of an independent rear suspension that gave it great ride comfort and enough room for an in-bed lockable trunk – the first in a pickup. The Ridgeline also featured all-wheel drive and a dual-action tailgate that folded down or off to the side, like a door, to allow unimpeded access to the cargo box.

But sales over the last year have fallen as the market for new trucks dramatically softened and the Ridgeline has aged.

Last year, Honda sold 16,464 Ridgeline pickups, down from 33,875 a year earlier, a drop of 51.4%.

“The customers love the Ridgeline,” Poponi said. “It’s really a unique truck. It’s its own segment. But because it’s a niche vehicle, they’re really aren’t many people out looking for it. It’s also a bit older than we like” Honda vehicles to be.

The 2011 Honda Ridgeline is expected to keep the same size and crew cab configuration of today’s truck but with improved aerodynamics and powertrain refinements to get better gas mileage.


Also included for 2011, a lifetime supply of tampons and a subscription to oprah radio on sirius.

If they fix the front grill to a more open design and lower the bed rails by the cab to a straight line it should sell better. In other words make it look more like a conventional pickup.

The biggest thing they could do for this truck is improve gas mileage. Currently, its on par with other trucks consumpsion-wise. The truck is different - it appeals to a different demographic. That's fine. But make it more comfortable, more fuel efficient, and still useable as a truck for casual truck use, and they'll sell alot more and have a unique product.

My 0.02

The proof the concept didn't work; sales around 17,000 last year. Come back to earth and build a real pick up if Honda want a piece of the cake.

Even Honda make mistake and Honda loyalist will buy anything made by Honda. Anyway 17,000 did.

Another niche truck from a Japanese manufacture, much like the Tundra. Sorry they might be able to compete in the compact segment (Toyota Tacoma) but when it comes to full size trucks Ford, GM, and Dodge will always be the big players, well maybe until Dodge bites the dust. I don't have anything against Honda like I do Toyota (Before the recalls). They make great cars and trucks but there are only so many soccer moms you are going to be able to this vehicle to.

Ryan that was freaking funny (the Oprah joke!)

"Also included for 2011, a lifetime supply of tampons and a subscription to oprah radio on sirius"


That pretty much sums up the ridgeline, or any honda car for that matter. I like their atvs though.

I know Ridgeline may seem like a truck for girls...which turns me on that this CAN be a girls' truck. But guys would look much better behind the wheel of a Ridgeline than they would in a stupid minivan or a crossover...IOW at least they can man it up putting some Ground Hawg "tyres" and grille guard on the front of the truck. [Maybe making a mean pitbull of a chihuahua...] Accessorize, man, accessorize.

I'm always skeptical of uni-body "trucks."

@Billy - Remember that Obama joke... You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. Same applies here LOL!

Frankly, no matter what Honda says, the Ridgeline has died primarily for the reason that the "urban cowboys" are fleeing the segment. The more we go into 2010 and further, the fewer of those poseurs will be driving trucks: as their leases expire, they will be switching to hybrids, shmybrids, and all the other "cool" crap. These people were buying trucks in droves when trucks were cool. Today trucks are decidedly uncool with them, and that's fine with those who use trucks for real.

P.S. Admit it, folks: for any serious work the Ridgeline is useless.

Again the Government motor company sheep are out in droves here. Go drive one or stop talking. I <3 haters anyways.

Way,Way overpriced for an ugly unibody truck.But you know it says honda so i guess some people think it is worth it.

The Ridgeline is fine for soccer moms, guys that haul mulch for their wives and the wives of the guys that haul mulch. But past that it's really pretty much useless. I honestly don't understand why Honda didn't put an honest to God effort into their truck. They have a good history of tough little trucks but the Ridge has tarnished that. They should start from the ground up; BOF, leaf springs (or even heavy coils) in back, keep it small, highpowered small V6's and tough 4x4 systems. Honda guys would hit the lots in droves. The mid-size segment needs a stud and if Honda would TRY a little they might be able to provide. Either way, don't waste our time redesigning a complete fail of a design.

The biggest thing they need to do is increase the MPG, its no better then the full size Silverado, and then fix the styling to look more conventional. It suits the needs of many people, thier will be always be guys that are trying to hide something by buying a Full Size truck that they don't need, some of them do, but a lot don't.

I wonder why people care what kind of truck I choose to drive? If I needed a "work" truck, then that is what I would have bought. But I chose a very comfortable truck that fits my family in comfort, is great in the snow and I can throw wood, dirt, whatever in the back. Can't do that in an SUV. Oh well you drive what you want and I will drive my Ridgeline.

I tend to agree with Don. Tweek the styling so it looks a bit more conventional. The current style is a love or hate thing. A flat box rail like a conventional p/u would improve the utility aspect of the truck. A high/low range transfer case would also improve it's stature. It should be getting 35 MPG not 25. How about a diesel engine.
I bet we will see unibody compacts from all of the companies soon. Rumors are the Dakota replacement will be a unibody. Toyota was playing with the A-BAT concept, GMC is toying with the idea of an El Camino style Holden Ute. Look at VW's Amarok truck. I bet that is the direction everyone is heading. Perhaps the Honda Ridgeline was too ahead of it's time.

Sorry....all the conventional truck owners lose. Total short-man-syndrome. I owned a 2000 dodge was a total POS that insisted on almost killing me on icy interstate roads (in the winter). I was sideways going 75 mph more times than I ever wanted.

The Ridgeline is everything I ever wanted truck-wise. I hit yellowstone pulling a 3000 lb camper, I live in the city and my commutes are painless, and it absolutely beats up the traction and stability my dakota had in the winter months. As far as hauling stuff? Yeah, it does every bit as good as the dakota, except it's actually reliable and uses technology that isn't from the 1970's.

Sorry, but this is the way we are going. All the guys out there that are less than 5'-7" and think they're big in their F-250's, yeah, things are changing.

I've been waiting for a reliable 4x4 or AWD pick-up truck that gets 25+mpg on the highway and will fit in my garage. Honda has a good idea with the Ridgeline. Now if they would only put a 6 cylinder diesel motor in it and keep the price down, they might really be onto something. Honda, are you listening?

@08Ridgy i'm guessing you also have a subscription to oprah radio on sirius.

The more I look at this truck the less I hate it. Granted it will never be a real pickup truck in my opinion "but [it's] not weak and that ain't nothing." I would like to see what Honda could do with a pickup though, full/mid/compact whatever I'd be very interested.

What an intelligent and well thought out come back cdjred. Your intelligence is nearly unfathomable to us mortals. Please enlighten us further on your bastions of knowledge on this truck and oprah which you seem to have obsession with.

16,464 = Loser in anyone's book. All the macho talk means nothing, if it doesn't sell. If I were foolish enough to buy such a homely vehicle, I would mask my stupidity with macho talk, too. Yeh, me and the boyz were punch’en some doggies up near the ranch when I decided to buy a Ridgeline. What a crap! I laugh.

Had a Ridge for 5 years now and it's been faultless. Works well for clearing my 1 acre mature garden of crap all year round (that would be the wife's mulch). I've hauled everything from rocks and turf to furniture and appliances. It's an excellent highway cruiser - can sit at 80mph all day long (I've done several 10 hour non-stop stints without an ache to show for it). It's as quiet as an Accord. It tows (I towed a 4500lbs car transporter + car for 8 hours straight, mostly at 70mph). It seats five in comfort and is my daily commute. The only downside is the mileage. A diesel would be excellent. I think a V8 would be a waste as I've never found it short of power. Each to their own. No plans to trade for a 2011 as mine is still going strong and has never been to the dealer for anything other than a service.

It rates higher than all of the domestic full size trucks for reliability except for Ford.

The Ridgeline suffers from many problems,bad timing belts, water pump, idler pulley, and serpentine belt have to be changed frequently and many have the bad Honda transmission that plagued many minivans,trucks and Honda/Acura cars.

Hey "08Ridgy", there's a tab at the bottom left of each comment that points to who made the comment, and I believe your huffyness should have been addressed to "cdjred". I'm looking forward to seeing the next gen Ridgeline. Hope they make a few with a 6-cyl diesel motor.

I have 2006 Ridgeline,150,000 miles no problems...My next truck,v8 Ford sport trac with independent rear suspension also. More power,250 more pounds weight.

I bought my first Ridgeline in 06, fell in love with it. Then traded for and 07, only because I wanted the White which I could not get at the time. My 07 is fantastic, several friends that have ridden in it, have bought Ridgelines. After attending several ROC Meets; Honda did a great job. Please keep it. Would love to see more advertising by Honda.

Just because Honda built quality cars, up until recently anyways, doesn’t mean they would know anything about building trucks. Just as American manufacturers didn’t care about cars, until the last few years, they did build fine trucks. (There are millions of them on the road, not tens of thousands like Toyota or Honda.) If I were truly anti Honda, I would say continue building a money losing truck to drain resources away from other products. But the numbers say it all 16,464. That aint nutten. And with the Big 3 fighting for all their worth, I can’t see the Ridgeline increasing in sales against them. Also, I am betting that most of the people who buy Ridgelines are Honda car owners, not former Big 3 truck owners. I can see a Ridgeline being worth something in 50 years as a novelty vehicle somewhere in a museum next to the clown cars.

How about this, If you are a big 3 bread winner then prepare for big changes in the industry.

14 months from nowmost of all the Japanese automakers will be planing to upset the big 3 with strong sells figs and a few upsets to the Americans.

Just rember Honda is the worlds largest engine manufacture in the world that just happens to sell cars and truck(s). Look what all the company is doing and is capable of doing, the have more resources than any other automaker as a whole. I can not say another auto company has the wit that Honda has.

Last but not least, go online and seeHonda next big thing (nano) technology. Another first..... Honda...Enough Said

Enjoy fellas

What would seal the deal for me would be a mid-gate system like the avalanche, or provide a 6 foot bed. With close to 25 mpg, it would be the perfect utility (though not-heavy duty) truck.

I don't see a midgate being of any use to anyone, unless you live in sunny California. For those of us who live where we get snow, a midgate would be useless. I have never seen an Avalanche with the midgate open, even in the summer. The midgate would not work if you had loose materials in the box. I also have misgivings about the Ridgeline "trunk" in the bed. You'd have to be meticulous about keeping the box clean or clear of snow/debris to keep the seal from getting plugged up.
I like the idea of the Ridgeline much more than the Avalanche. I'd buy a 1/2 ton before an Avalanche.
The biggest thing killing the Ridgeline is the same problem with most small trucks - full size truck operational and purchase price with compact truck capabilities.

Yeah, yeah, I've heard all the tampon and such crap before. Grow up. I had an '84 Scottsdale, an '88 F150, a '93 Silverado, a '99 Silverado and an '03 Silverado before I bought my '09 Ridgeline a year ago. This is by far the most versatile of the list. I don't use my truck to haul hay, pull cattle trailers or my house. I don't pull stumps with it or climb the walls of the Grand Canyon.

I need something with a small bed for oversize, tall or dirty stuff and a real back seat. Unlike my American trucks, this truck is actually fun to drive because there is feel in the steering and brakes, and I it's easy to park.

Stop and think about when the last time was that you towed 18,000 lbs. or did any of the other things your 'Merican truck can supposedly do. Or did you just run around town just like you could have done in a Prius?

I always liked the Ridgeline for its practicality but my biggest problem with Honda is design. It's one ugly duckling.

No question it's homely. As one of the guys on said "guys don't buy these things for looks." It fits my POU --purpose of use. The same reason a Glock 26 makes a better concealed carry weapon than an AK-47.

From the sound of these guys that post, they should just put a 4 cylinder in the ridgeline.

You would think with 16,464, Ridgelines rocketing off the dealership lots, Honda would be introducing a new or updated Ridgeline, ASAP. NOT. The official word, no new Ridgeline for at least another 18 months. Admit it LOSERS, it is all over but the shouting. Honda is not going to pour more money into a dud, so Honda is letting the Ridgeline die. Thus, if you want a real truck, (real as in what normal people buy) it is going to come from Detroit.

As far as the Big 3 getting beat on cars, I hope not. Since Ford has a complete line of cars, GM has a few new ones and with FIAT entering the fight, at least there will be a choice from Detroit. Before, the Big 3 (now the little 3) expressed no interest in building cars. Now, they have to, or die.

I'm one of those 16k+ buyers from '09. Love my Ridgeline. I previously owned a Ranger for 10 years, followed by a F150 SuperCab for another 10 years. First looked at Ford, but they have made their trucks bigger & bigger since I bought my '99. Way too big for a daily driver to/fro work. And the Sport Trax is an ancient model. Checked out the Avalanche. Too big and woulda cost about $8k - $10k more comparably equipped.

The Ridgeline fits my needs perfectly. The trailer towing and all the hauling I did with my F150 can easily be handled with the Ridgeline. I do wish the mileage was a little better tho.. And the trunk is very useful keeping stuff out-of-sight.

I smile at all the chuckleheads comparing the mid-sized Ridgeline to full-size trucks.

Ridgeline out sold Avalanche. Look at Dakota sales (10,690). Now there is a marketing failure. Not everyone needs a full size p/u. There are people out there who actually buy what they need as opposed to what their ego needs.

I love the Ridgeline, it drives and rides great and it tows my 4000K boat without issue.

I really wish Ridge had a special "very low" 0-th gear, engaged with a button. I know such things existed on some other engine-across cars, such as old Toyota wagon (Tercel maybe). Also, Jeep Patriot has it in some versions. It has CVT, but it may be an extra gear actually. I understand it would cost extra, but I'm fine with it. Delete the navigation and other goodies and it washes out equal.

I suspect that making the rear overhang a tad shorter may improve the practical towing. Probably nobody wants to lose the bed length though. So, I dunno. Hopefuly Honda does the right thing.

For any Ridgeline owners... Could someone write a description of their experience with the Honda AWD system works. I've read that their is a button that locks the rear wheels and it disengages after 18 mph or so. Seems like that would work great for starting off in snow and ice, but about about sand or mud? (Not extreme rock-crawling or off-roading, but something like straying off the packed sand of a beach road or going down a quarter mile or so of cattle-trodded muddy dirt road.)

I've owned an F150, Silverado, and a now a Ram 1500 (F150 was the best), but I'm considering a Ridgeline for it's utility and comfort aspects.

Gotta say that is pretty clear that many of the commentors here have never stepped inside a Ridgeline or even been close to one with a remotely open mind. I have owned one since 06. Why did I buy it? To haul around mulch and other things on my honey do list?? NO. Actually, I do construction (typically renovations) for a living. The truck is the closest thing I could find to the ideal vehicle for my needs. On the construction side of the equation, daily use tools are stashed out of site and dry in the very large trunk under the bed. Flip up the back seats and there is a huge space for more tools supplys etc. 4x8 sheets fit flat in back and while they do hang out the back, a rachet strap or two makes them secure. 20 sheets of drywall are handled fine and more than that I will have delivered! Long objects fit on my roof rack (hand built). Moderate amounts of trash can be hauled in back as can messy items. Basically, convenient tool / supply hauling with the benefits of pickup box were big selling point. Vans and standard pickups simply don't offer the versatility of the Ridgeline. . .As my only vehicle it also a hell of lot easier to live with than other options. Top notch ride, handling and comforts. Most of my work is in the city and traversing the narrow streets and fitting into tight parking spots is a huge plus. My 80lb dog is also perfectly at home on the flat expanse of the back seat area (with the seats flipped up). Oh and its a Honda with Honda build quality and Honda reliability. . . . Of course it is not perfect. Gas mileage averages around 16mpg for mostly city driving and while the engine does seem to have ample power at high revs, it not particularly responsive during highway use. Plastic bumpers are very easily damaged . . .What about the 2011 model? Sounds like Honda is addressing the my biggest complaints. Less weight, and better aerodynamics should yield better economy and performance. Honda, if you are listening, just make sure to keep the interior, bed and trunk size. How about a manual transmission and the option to delete some of the expensive amenities? Also if you can do all this and somehow make the truck look more "truck like" to draw in the pickup biggots then you might sell a few more. Thanks in advance for improving an innovative design that just happens to meet my needs pretty well!

Its good to see everyone is talking about the Honda Ridgeline, good stuff and bad stuff. but the bottom line is Honda next gen/ridge is going to be even better. sorry haters!! I'm a Honda fanatic,and as for BIG TRUCKS! they are nice.but i don't need to drive one to prove I'm a alpha male, I'm secure enough in my manhood to own Honda's thank you! I've,driven 80k lb 18 WHEELER Peterbilts/ and i drive a 60k lb JETVAC truck for a living,they are real trucks!

I would have to agree with the guy that said the Ridgeline "haters" have most likely never driven one. I'm 52 and have owned 10 Chev PUs, 5 Ford PUs and 1 Toyota PU- I just bought an '07 Ridgeline. I say to all you guys out there: Don't knock it till you've tried it! Finally a truck that handles! I'll put this thing up against any bone stock truck in 12" of snow, loaded or empty. Will it pull a 10,ooolb trailer? of course not- but then again, as I recall, non of my other trucks did a very good job of it either. This truck is the perfect unit for those guys not obsessed with the(lack of) size of the unit between their legs.

Having owned a Chevy silverado, Ford f150 and now a Ridgeline I can say without a doubt the Rigdeline has been the best of the 3. In saying that I wanted something ultra-practical and that is exactly what the Ridgeline is for my needs. I am a big supporter of GM and Ford but I didnt have much need for a full-size truck. The Ridgeline has the best of both worlds between a SUV and truck. I am able to haul my motorcycle, atv and snowmobile in the bed with no problems. I can take 4 or 5 people anywhere with it and have plenty of room to store things in the lockable trunk. Yes, I agree its not a vehicle for heavy truck use or towing a large load but for practical, every day use it is the best vehicle I have owned. My one and only complaint is the gas mileage. I get about 19mpg. Maybe with the new design coming up that will improve. Anyone who knocks the Ridgeline without ever have driven it or used it should reconsider as I did. I was a big nay-sayer of this vehicle before I tried it. Im glad I didnt let my ego or attitude win out or I would have lost out on a exceptional vehicle. Just my .02 cents.

For the person inquiring about how the 4 wheel drive works in the Ridgeline... here goes.

The first way that the Ridgeline works in 4wd is anytime you start from 0km/h - mph. Once you achieve cruising speeds, the truck turns back into a front wheel drive pickup - that's right... a front wheel drive truck, much better for traction.

Second, if you are travelling at any speed and lose traction, the 4 wheel drive will automatically re-engage. This will happen at pretty well any speed.

Thirdly, you can enable the 4wd by pushing the button on the dash while in 1st, 2nd or reverse gear. This allows you up to 70% torque to the rear tires. As you continue to build speed - up tp 29km/h... sorry to my southern friends... I think that is like 18mpg... anyways, the power will slowly bleed back to the front tires and as soon as you cross that threshold it kicks back into front wheel drive.

Hope this helps in the confusion of how the 4wd works. I have spent many hours in Honda training. This comes from all my years product knowledge.

By the way... there is plans to revamp the ridgeline. It may happen for a 2011 model year but with the Civic, Element, and Odyssey also on the list... it is possible that Honda will squeek out another year with the Ridgeline. Coming from a sales side of things, the new Ridgelines sell ok... but to keep used ones in stock is almost impossible. Such large demand from the consumer causes resale value to soar... much to the shigrin of the american competition.

This is for MR Elfiero, YES Sir! i have driven a Honda ridgeline,I test drove one at the dealer, and yes it has a smooth ride. as a matter of fact iv seen spied shots of the truck before they showed it at auto shows, like i said I'm a Honda fanatic, in about 4yrs,ill be buying a new one,rite now I half to pay off the wifeys 09 Accord,first and I'm buying a new house in 2yrs, and if you were not referring to me about not driving a ridgeline. disregard these comments

I'm on my second Ridgeline now after driving several Grand Cherokees and owning a number of vehicles. Before my first (06) Ridgeline I never would have thought about owning a foreign car or truck... but now I'm sold. After my lease was up on the 06 I bought a Silverado and after 6 months (and a lot of repair issues) I traded it in for another Ridgeline (an 09). The Ridgeline's better in the snow and it tows my (20' center console) fishing boat better than the Grand Cherokees did. Plus I've never had a repair in either Rdgeline truck (just routine oil changes) and there's not a safer vehicle on the road. If you don't need a full-sized half ton and if you commute to work and don't off-road, I'm convinced this is the way to go. Compare it to Tacoma's, Rangers, Dakota's... it's not a competitor of the big-three's full sized trucks and doesn't need to be. Ask somebody who owns one of these trucks and you'll see a lot of loyalty.

Dear Honda:

Wanted: AWD pickup that gets good gas mileage.

Can you deliver?

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