Next Generation Honda Ridgeline Coming for 2011 Model Year

Next Generation Honda Ridgeline Coming for 2011 Model Year
2010 Honda Ridgeline

At five years old, the Honda Ridgeline is one of the oldest vehicles in Honda’s lineup. That’s expected to be fixed by next year, according to Vicki Poponi, Honda’s assistant vice president of product planning, at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.

A new Ridgeline “is coming in ’11, for the 2011 model year,” Poponi said.

The midsize, unibody Ridgeline arrived in 2005. It did away with conventional leaf springs in favor of an independent rear suspension that gave it great ride comfort and enough room for an in-bed lockable trunk – the first in a pickup. The Ridgeline also featured all-wheel drive and a dual-action tailgate that folded down or off to the side, like a door, to allow unimpeded access to the cargo box.

But sales over the last year have fallen as the market for new trucks dramatically softened and the Ridgeline has aged.

Last year, Honda sold 16,464 Ridgeline pickups, down from 33,875 a year earlier, a drop of 51.4%.

“The customers love the Ridgeline,” Poponi said. “It’s really a unique truck. It’s its own segment. But because it’s a niche vehicle, they’re really aren’t many people out looking for it. It’s also a bit older than we like” Honda vehicles to be.

The 2011 Honda Ridgeline is expected to keep the same size and crew cab configuration of today’s truck but with improved aerodynamics and powertrain refinements to get better gas mileage.


As always Im very disappointed at all the hate that goes on in these type of forums. I dont own a ridgeline, but I can see why I might buy one. I have no need for a full size conventional truck and I dont tow alot, but could use the bed of a truck and I have four kids so the cabin room would make sense. When you have a family you look at things or should at least in a practical manner and buying a vehicle to impress people is not very mature or practical. Seeing someone drive around in a huge truck that doesnt "work" for a living makes me laugh to my self.

I used to be a big GM Guy back in the day and have had everything from Camaro to Suburban including a run in a full size conversion van. I then switched to Land Rover as that is where I worked and I started enjoying off road driving....! I purchased my Ridgeline brand new in '07 as my first new vehicle in 19 years (owned many clunkers in between and a thunderbird). It is the first vehicle I have EVER purchased without a test drive. I am three years into ownership and a wee 19k miles. As far as I am concerned, the Ridgeline was a hit from day one! It has all the utilization one could ask for, the maintenance has been extremely affordable and the ride is just amazing compared to all of my old chevy/ford and jeeps that I have owned througout the last 20 years. I like the little tweaks they have made and think with little modifications the next generation will be a hit as well. Mileage would be my only concern....probably the real reason for the decrease in purchases...with gas prices fluctuating from $2 when it came out to as high as $4.50....Buyers fear would prevent the purchases with an uncertain economy.....I would love to see two options. Stick shift and diesel options would be awsome-Honda offers them abroad...why not here??
Love My Ridgeline....Hope it's here to stay...!

If you need to pull something heavier than 5000 lbs, or have a psychological/emotional need to fit in with the run-of-the-mill look-alike pick-up crowd, or just enjoy working on trucks, and do not mind really poor gas mileage, the Ridgeline is not for you!

I admit it I am Honda freak. My love affair started with a 1981 Honda Accord SE. I have owned about five accords and a CRX Si. I really did not like the "look" ridgeline at first but now it has grown on me. One needs to remember that this built on the Current Odyssey platform. The Original Odyssey was originally built on the accord platform. It replaced the Accord Wagon and it was not an immediate success. Once the Van was riding on its own platform it was a success! I completley agree that the fuel economy is really bad for a Honda product. It should be 20 on the low side and 30 on the high side. I also think they are overpriced when compared to the Toyota Tacoma. Here is what I would like to see built into the new truck: better aero dynamics, a real bumper in the front and rear, and a useful electric motor to drive the rear wheels. Where the rear in bed storage is would be a great place for a removable electric motor and a battery pack. This would be an ideal solution: they could still advertise it as a hybrid with four wheel drive! What would be really cool is if they could use 40-50 3.0 AMP Makita Lithium Ion batteries that could be used in power tools too! I know I am crazy but if they had a Makita Honda Pick Up they would be able to get a lot if interest from people who love Makita power tools.

Hah...hahaha. Seriously... if i wouldnt know the Uberness of the Ridgeline and needed a pick up... I'd never, Ever, Ever pick one of those Amerifail company, I want to let them die, Like they deserve.

Whoever said they got bad Timing belt and serpentine are fail... Dude... I've seen.... More american Traded truck for ridgeline in my honda dealer then i'Ve seen ridgeline come in for trouble... the biggest trouble i've got was a blocked A/C... T belt after 125k and brakes after 170k, So yeah, the regular thing you do on a car. IF you're not a mechanic. Dont bother post here.

I've owned several different pickups;65 Chevy, 72 Chevy, 85 Silverado, two 87 Toyotas, 01 Ram 2500, & 08 Ridgeline. All were purchased with specific needs in mind. the best two have been the last two. ironically, the Toyota's were the least reliable. The 01 RAM was awesome for towing as it had the Cummings Diesel. When I moved from the country to the city, my needs changed & I initially purchased cars. Being independent by nature, I got tired of borrowing pickups when I needed to haul something. I also needed a nimble safe vehicle because I was a sole parent as a single Dad with two young daughters. After researching many different options, the Ridgeline fit my needs very well. I recently towed my new tractor about 220 miles home from the dealer with my Ridgeline. Until towing the tractor I was 100 percent satisfied with every aspect of the Ridgeline...I am now searching for aftermarket ways to improve its low end torque and ultimately its towing capacity...because I need it to tow a little more than 5k for the trip we are about to take.
Has anyone out there found some "bolt-on" applications that will help improve its capes? I've looked at possibly cat back exhaust, change intake, electric supercharger, & a performance chip. If any of you have tried these components, please let me know your experiences...thanks!

I bought an'08 Ridgeline after driving everything under the sun. Sure, the Ridge is a compromise but it does everything 90% of us need from a midsize pickup. It pulls my 21 foot (4000 lb loaded) travel trailer with no trouble, its fun to drive when I'm not towing anything, and gets 24 mpg on the highway. The last F150 I had didn't pull the trailer any better and got 14 mpg when not towing (4.6 liter V8). I've read that the K&N air system and a magnaflo exhaust system really increases the torque, improves mileage and towing performance. Might do that.

I'm 62 years old, 5'11" and 192 pounds. I don't need a macho image, I just want something that works and is just about maintenance free. The Ridgeline does that, and it fits me just fine.

I truly hope Honda dosen't let a good thing die.

I just bought a honda ridgeline and couldnt be happier, some people need a truck but dont need to tow 10,000lbs every day, and for what the ridge was designed for it is amazing, so until everyone here drives one they have no room to talk

As someone who owns a 2006 Ridgeline AND a 2008 GMC Sierra, I can tell you that the GMC is a superior vehicle - and THAT surprised me! The Ridgeline is a great truck for my wife and it is her daily driver. She can throw her dirty boots in the back and occasionally tow our single axle trailer with it. It's basically a station wagon with a pick-up truck bed in terms of what it can do. Smooth - yes. Fit and finish - good to excellent. Reliability - great but no better or worse than my GMC. As someone else posted above, don't bother hooking up a trailer more than about 3K to the thing because it just doesnt have the grunt to get it moving. What wasn't mentioned is that fact that with a larger trailer, you are going to get pushed all over the place. My Sierra Crew Cab (1/2 ton) has lots more leg room, a more powerful and just as smooth drivetrain (5.3 Liter with the 6 speed tranny) and fit and finish that is almost as good as the Ridgeline. Plus, it'll tow my 23 foot boat (about 5K pounds) with ease and return the same MPG overall as the Ridgeline (both have cylinder deactivation). I don't know if the guy above disconnected half the motor, but BOTH these trucks are gonna give you 16-18 MPG on average - no better - and that's with 60K on the Ridgeline and 43K on the Sierra. The option of 2WD, AWD, real 4WD and low range 4WD with an awesome locking rear differential at about 2K less than we paid for the Ridgeline on the Sierra just makes the package more attractive. Just my opinion....

Honda should really focus on making the next ridgeline more aftermarket friendly. That is how you successfully go head to head with the tacoma.

I purchased my first Honda, and first pickup, in 2007, a Ridgeline. Next year I purchased a BMW X3 for my wife. We have to drive to Charleston (200+ miles) several times a month, doing the round trip in one day. Bottom line ius that my wife (and I) prefer the Ridgeline over the BMW. It's more comfortable and seems more stable on the highway. If Honda comes out with a new model in 2011, I'll buy it in 2012.

For all you Ridgeline bashers saying that the American trucks are better because they are built in Detroit here are some facts for you:
Ford and Chevy/GMC build most of their pick ups in Mexico or Canada (over 70% of the vehicle). My Ridgeline is 90% built in Alabama.

By buying my Ridgeline, I am helping American workers.

Plus, I did shop around before I bought my 09 Ridgeline. Not 1 American PU had the interior storage space and flexibility of the Ridgeline. The in-bed trunk is helpful and very useful when you are carrying stuff for 2 kids.

It is also useful in working around my 5 acre property and hauling stuff for the animals.

It is not a good looking truck but it is the most useful. Besides, most of you posters on here touting up the American trucks are not hauling 18k lbs. most of the time.

The Ridgeline is a useful, flexible vehicle that would honestly suit over 80% of truck owners needs very well.

Honda needs to add a 5 speed manual and get rid of the auto 4x4 gas hog mode! How can it not be a gas hog when it is in 4x4 up to around 25mph ... That is the only reason I have not bought one yet. Otherwise it is the perfect truck, a family SPORTUTILATRUCK.. A diesel would also be great...

As much as some of you folks talk about how much Ridgelines were sold this year or last... Honda weren't the ones asking for money. I happen to like the Ridgeline because of its speed, size and difference to the other monsters on the road today. Since it can switch from 6 cylinders to 4 down to 3, it's an awsome piece of work. Better than most out there.

In an infinate universe isn't there room for "light pickup trucks"?

The Ridgeline seems a good compromise between a pickup and an SUV.

Why not?

I personally love the look of the Honda Ridgeline; it offers a unique look as a pickup. Even though the mpg are not the greatest, compared to similar models it is the best in its class. The versatility is another plus; I am looking forward to see the 2011 and the 2014 model.

I've had a few Fords (which I hated) and a lot of chevy trucks (love em). My norm is to have a Honda car and a Chevy truck. I wanted a truck that would fit in my garage. pull my camper and a crew cab. This Ridgeline is the best driving quietest truck I have ever had. Does a great job towing too! Much better truck than I ever thought it would be. The 4 wheel drive works better than anything I have ever had. I just wish it came with a set of 20" wheels and dual exhaust. Maybe the next generation.

Bought a 2010 Ridgeline a few months ago after looking at Ford's and Chevy's. The Ford's and Chevy's were way too big for my use - I don't haul cattle, hay, or pull a big trailer. The Ridgeline handles great, sits 5 adults, and the trunk under the bed is fantastic. I use mine selling real estate and even though it's a 4X4, clients can get in and out without having to use a step ladder. I have been driving the Lexus GX 470 the past 8 years and I wanted something that was still a truck but something I can haul something with. The Ridgeline was the only one that met all my needs. And, it's right there with the Lexus GX 470 as far as comfort and driveability. Can't say anythin bad about the Ridgeline except wish it had a little better gas mileage but, what do you expect from 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The Honda Ridgeline is my preferred style of vehicle. I find all the other pick-ups trucks with crew cabs (four doors) too big and too fuel-thirsty. But the Ridgeline is so ugly, I would not touch it.I can not believe a vehicle line executive approves this monstrosity.

My hope went up when GM presented their Denali Xt concept. But they did not build it. Ditto for the Chrysler Rampage concept. But it did not happen either.The Ford Sportrac I like, but find it too narrow-bodied and not fuel efficient enough and quite pricey.
There are a lot of customers like me out there waiting for a Ridgeline type vehicle that makes sense and appealing.
If there is one area Bob Lutz of GM left me down, it is the fact he did not built the Denali XT. The interior needed some reorganizing, but the exterior was a sure winner.
My money is lined up for the company that builds a winner for this category....are you listening Wayne Cherry and Ralph Gilles? this is a no brainer. Let's get it done! if an ugly Honda can sell 50K right out of the gate, a good looking and price-competitive one would sell double that easily, I am certain of that...My down payment is ready. Let me know where to send it...G.A, 7/2010


I didn't care much for the Ridgeline at first. The styling is uninspired and the fuel economy is fair to poor. Then I test drove two different models. Now I want one for towing our travel trailer. And to those who don't think it is a truck, you haven't read up on the design and engineering. Very nice truck.

I have a 2006 Ridgeline and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have a ton of room for my wife and 3 kids. I tow a 14" trailer with no problem. This thing is amazing in the snow. It is quiet, I get 20 mpg combined, and the best part, it has 203,000 miles on it and it has NEVER been in the shop. I have changed the oil, put 3 sets of tires on it, and had the timing belt and water pump replaced, that is it. This truck and it is a truck, is awesome. Oh, and the lockable, waterproof trunks holds my golf clubs, tie downs, tool box and other assorted stuff, so my back seat does not look like, well a trunk.
Do that in your Ford, Dodge or Chevy.

Dear Honda (ATTN: Vicki Poponi). The main reason that the Ridgeline does not sell so well isa LACK OF ADVERTISING!

When I was looking for a newer small pickup I did a lot of research on the web. I had forgotten about the Ridgeline, because you don't advertise it. Well luckily I ran across some stats on Consumer Reports and started investigating. I now own a Ridgeline and my wife wants to buy another for her. We love this truck.

I was sure that I had never seen one of these up close, but after buying one, I found at least twenty other people here in my small town also drive a Ridgeline.

Some minor updates would be nice, but this is a GREAT truck.

I have on '06 Ridgeline that just turned 220,000 miles with no major issues with the vehicle, which by the way is still running great. My major dislikes I have with the vehicle is it tough to back up poor visibility and heated sideview mirrors should be standard on all models. The mirrors are useless in snow and rain. Guess I have to buy a current modele if I want to reuse my cap

Honda, when you came out with the Ridgeline I was looking for a truck. The Ridgeline might be a great truck but I was looking for a truck comparible in size to my Ford Ranger. I bought a Tacoma instead. I have owned several Honda vehicles - CRV's and Civics that my wife has driven and we have loved the service we have received from them. Just bought a 2010 Civic. Come out with a smaller truck to rival my Tacoma and you have a sale!

Love the Ridgeline but want a diesel option. Truck drives wonderful but could really boost the MPG with a diesel. I would be at the dealer ordering as soon as they became available.

I own a ridgeline and it was made in Lincoln Alabama June of 2009. And it is a American Owned Company. Check it out, do your research before you judge. Kind of nice knowing it was made in America, by Americans and the company is owned by Americans. It put over 4500 Americans to work, feeding there family and enjoying investing in a company owned by them. I have owned a couple of the big three. So, who wants a Gm/Chevy(Government owned vehicles-made wherever), still with the steering clunk problem from 1998 that they will not fix. Dodge and Ford - made in Mexico. If you don't think so then start looking at the parts on your truck, Leaf springs from Mexico, frame from India etc..... Cars even, Chevy Equinox - Engine made in China, transmission made in Japan, the rest made in Canada.
I am a U.S.A. Veteran from Vietnam, Patriot and ready to defend my Country I fought for to defend. So, don't dis what I am driving. Check out your own vehicle first.
One Nation Under God and God Bless
Remember - Deer Season is coming. One Shot One Kill

I love my ridge. Have had Dodge and Ford PU trucks. No the Ridge won't do all that htey will but will do most that they will. Maybe I don't need to two 12K lbs up a silly circular ramp with flames shooting out of it like the Tundra commerical. Maybe I just need something that handles my runs to the Home Depot, lets me go to the feed store and all the while keeps my golf clubs handy and secure in the trunk. And to the guy that made the crack about the tampons I can assure that I don't need them, especially since I stopped seeing your wife.

I have an '06 Ridgeline with 80K miles. Never a problem. It climbs where other 4WD will not go. I have had a GMC and two Ford 150 4WD... and no comparison in ride, ability to climb and pull. If you want to spit tobacco and brag about your F150 being one tough truck; just don't get into a contest with a Ridgeline.

For years I bought sports cars as preferred vehicles. Then I was stationed in the Upper Peninsula (MI). Went 4x4 and never looked back. Jeep, GMC, Chev, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, now Honda. This is the best of the bunch. And for you guys who measure masculinity by the brand of your truck, I should mention that I have never, ever had a woman stop me and ask me about my truck, until the Ridgeline. Now, every few months, even as old as I am, some cute young thing gets all oooh, and aaah over it--3 times more than my tangerine Targa. Oh, the missed opportunitys!!!

All these ppl talking about the Ridgeline... have you driven one??? Apparently not!! I bought mine in 06 with 9 miles on it, now 4 years later I have 116,000, having driven from Miami, Fl to Michigan, all over Michigan, again from Miami, Fl to Boston, and AGAIN from Miami to Kansas. I own property in N Ga and drive every other month from Miami, to N GA and the truck has been nothing but EXCELLENT on the road. I drive it to work everyday 40 miles roundtrip in the CRAZY Miami traffic and the ride is nothing much different than riding inside a cadillac. Problems with the truck, MPG but other than that...EXCELLENT for hauling a truckload of concrete, wooden blocks, sand, gravel, etc... you name it I have hauled it while upgrading my home. Its not about the "Macho" image, its about convenience and durability. HONDA has all this and then some.

I am a GIRL and I LOVE my 2006 Honda Ridgeline. The truck goes great with my THREE Honda motorcycles. And no, I prefer not to watch Oprah, thank you very much. Unlike some of the Ridgeline haters out here. Enjoy her last season...I'll be out driving my REAL truck, thanks! :-*

Best move ever made was to trade my 08 SD 250 diesel
King Ranch on the Honda Ridgeline. I hated that Ford was
a worthless problem prone piece of metal. The Ridgeline
has been great, no problems, descent mileage, smooth
ride. Don't listen to friends when buying a vehicle get
what you want. Funny part they hated the 250 as much
as I did. They didnt even want to drive it when needed
a heavy duty truck. But the honda is everyones favorite

My 2008 Ridgeline has been a good truck for my needs. I have owned Cheve full size extended cab w/ a long bed, Ford F 150, several S-10 and Rangers. I still own a 4x4 Ranger today along w/my Ridgeline. I buy a truck for my needs not to try and increase the size of my manhood.

The Ridgeline works fine for those who buy it. It is not a full-size so why do people insist on comparing it to the F-150 or Silverado?? Those who buy Ridgelines are not looking to take it to the construction site and/or tow heavy loads. I agree with most that there is really o such thing as a "unibody" truck. I think the Ridgeline would fall well into the cloudy SUT category along with the Explorer SportTrac and other odd and in-between vehicles.

Lots of funny guys talking hooie about this truck. This is the first truck ever, I still have after paying it off, I have the '06. I can take building and yard supply to my rental in Sonoma County, I can then toss my bags in the trunk and head down to LA for business and not worry about hiding my luggage when in meetings. The Ridgeline can take 5 adults comfortably, but still get into most parking places in a cities like San Francisco.
I've always thought it was a bit odd looking but it is one of the most functional vehicles I have ever owned. I'm also 6'6" and have that perfect fit feeling when sitting in it. I grew up in Colorado and Utah, drove lots of Ford and Dodge PU's, this truck puts them all to shame in the snow. And, it never breaks.

I have 06 Ridgeline. I am waiting in line for new model Ridgeline.
A bit better milege would be nice.

Again, it never ceases to amaze the ignorant comments made by the "real" trucker segment. Have any of you even sat in or driven a Ridgeline? I have used this truck for towing a 4,600 pound oboat, and numerous hauling chores for my rental properties. It is NOT a V8-engined Full Size truck, just the interior dimensions are similar to a full size, which is really sad on the big 3's part, that they sell a behemoth truck that has low interior space for the occupants. I routinely get 20 mpg on my commute to work, a mixture of streets and highway, and the ride is more similar to a car than a truck. Would I take it out to a mud pit and drive it aroudn? No, because that is not it's intention, which is also not what 99 % of you guys use your Big 3 trucks for.
Let's see how the V-6 in the full size trucks fares in the next few years, with no mid or compact size trucks in the Big 3 line-ups, it will be very difficult for them to match the new fuel regualtions that are coming on board. A small V-6 with a turbo charger has lots of power, but at the cost of short engine life, and high maintenance. Good luck!

Have owned Ford and Chevy 1/2 tons and SUV's over the last 20 years and they were OK but I love my Honda. I have used it to haul stuff to the dump, take the kids to hockey, go mountain biking, pick up the new fridge, haul dirt, haul soil, pull a trailer, carry my canoe, go camping, go to work, long trips, short drives, etc. Does what I need it to do and I like the look and stability of it. In 5 years I have never opened the hood except for regular service. My wife's Expedition has had 6 out of 8 coilpacks fail in the last couple of years. Enough said.

I had a 2007 Ridgeline with over 100k trouble free miles and with about 30k miles of it pulling a enclosed car trailer. Bought a 2010 and with 12k on it now and just signed for a 2011. I have NEVER bought sequential vehicles before....Honda blows all other trucks away and rides like a Cadillac too. I routinely overload this poor truck and it takes a beating. Very happy with Honda Ridgelines.

After owning 6 GM trucks, rented 5 Ford f-350, 450s on several ocassions, and test driving 1 Dodge 3500HD (ran from that one), I drove a Ridgeline once, and loved it. Saving my pennies now to get a good used one most likely. As the prices of all new trucks are thru the roof. I have owned countless Honda cars, bikes, ATV's, mowers, and now a generator. I can honestly say Honda has their act together. All the GM garabage myself and relatives have owned, I cant understand why GM is still here. I bought a 2010 2500hd GMC, after 15k, I took it back to dealer, screaming I want my money back for a problem plagued POS. They ended up buying it back to place in their used car pile, I lost alot, but no more headaches. Last GM I will EVER own. Ford trucks were a bit better, but still domestic junk, Dodge I wont touch with a 10 foot pole. Only reason I bought big trucks was to haul by 5th wheel tri-axle for lumber, 15K lbs +.
ONLY IF ...Honda would build a Ridgeline 3500HD, turbo diesel straight 6(Benz,Cummins,Hino,Cat?), 300hp,800tq, 6 speed manual, dual range rear end, crew cab, built in goose, 5th wheel mounted, 4wd, seats 6, ext cab on top of that, ......with a built in cooler in the THAT I would buy !
Make it so !

I've had my '07 Ridgeline now for about 6 months and I'm continually amazed by its "Swiss Army knife"-like versatility. I was detailing the engine compartment one day and noticed a lot of thought went into the drivetrain: dual 160 watt (read: big) electric cooling fans, big fin-&-plate aux oil cooler, big fin-&-plate aux transmission cooler, large loop-style PS cooler...the truck also has a dedicated wiring system for 7-pin RV trailer use with individual fuses for park lights, back up lights, electric brakes, charging system, et al. Finally, I haven't seen wheelbase mentioned, which lends itself to stability when towing-- by way of comparison, a Chevy Tahoe has a wheelbase of 116.0", while the Ridgeline checks in at 122.0".

I have owned 2 Fords 1 Chevy and 1 Dodge, I currently have a 2007 Ridgeline.

From a functional view FCD are more truck like, off road, from a quality, snow goer, occasional hauler they are not in the same league as the Ridgeline

I really like this truck. Glad traded my 08 Sd
250 for this. LOL That 250 was such over kill.
And a real problem child. The Honda has been
great and true to Honda quality. I would like to
see 4 more mpg and a straighten bed side but
that is it. Rest just fine. This truck will suit
most. My 250 and friends 250 are really just
a status thing. Never used for what built for.

Tows 5000lbs Hauls 1500 and rides a whole lot smoother than anything made in Mexico...I mean "America" by the big 3!...Truck does all I need it to do, funny all the F250's I see driving around hauling nothing can you say little man syndrome?

I have no issues with people who want to drive a Ridgeline. Its for sure not the truck for me. But if you like it more power to you. All I ask in return is that you don't give me crap for driving and 1/2 ton and I wont give you crap for driving a (Cruck).

Wow ... With all that testosterone flying around here, we sure are emotional about trucks. First, forget comparing full size to mid size trucks. Two different needs with two different functions. Since we are talking the Ridgeline, I'll stick with the mid size conversation only. I bought a Camaro last year so my macho male ego is quote in tact. This year I needed to replace my wife's van, and after riding in a friends 2008 Ridgeline at work I was very impressed with the smooth ride. I had ridden in another friends 2007 Tacoma and think my liver shifted. Lol Next, I got the latest Consumer Reports and the Ridgeline had the higher score over the Tacpma and Frontier. Chevy, Ford and Dodge didn't even come close in this space. Lastly, I went to Toyota to get a test drive and hands down I came right back to the Ridgeline for features / functions. Some say it's expensive, but when you price an equivalent Taco, it's no different. Anyway, I've had 2 Hondas, one has over 260,000 miles and still being driven by my daughter, and the other had 170,000 before I donated it. Anyway, the Ridgeline has great engineering, comfort and I love the roominess in the cab, lots of storage, heated seats, driver / passenger climate control and Nav. The power rear window is cool tool. Love the trunk, tailgate and bed lights. So, to me, sales dropped for 2 reasons, the economy and an aging design (as with ALL vehicles). As for me, I am happy and proud to drive my Honda truck as much as my muscle car. :)

I love my ridgeline. It carries my dirt bikes better that any other truck with its key tie down locations and grooves in the bed for the tires and it has the towing capacity I need for my snowmobiles all while giving a ride better than any other truck can provide with decent fuel mileage. I can stow my gear in the bed trunk and not worry about it getting stolen or wet. Its also great for taking my familiy with me when we need that bit of extra room, four of us fit nicely in the truck. I think most of the comments here are comparing the ridgeline to trucks that it doesn't even compete with. Its a mid sized class truck and I would put it up against any other in its class. And no I don't need a lower sides on the truck bed, I like that style and what I use the truck for there is no issues.

I don't need a full size chev, dodge or ford nor was I looking for fuel cost associated with them or the ride they provide. They are great trucks for their purpose but not for me. Plus I prefer not to have truck with tranny issues, rear end issues, front end issues etc which domestic trucks are famous for. On top of that I think the big detroit companies are waste full with their numerous model line ups and sub brands. Honda and Toyota as an example have a forumula that works and since the down turn in the economy the detroit guys are starting to model their lineups more like the japanese companies. I'm not bashing domestic they have some great vehicals doing what they were designed to do but their recent changes speak for them selves.

Soon all American He men will be driving smart cars with a wheelbarrow for a bed and a code pink license plate on the front! You have all been neutered by the Government. The thought police owns your little brains! get used to it! resistance is futile!!

I own this truck and use the heck out of it. If the trunk's not full of junk from the store I don't want people to see when I'm parked somewhere, or the back floor inside isn't full of dogs, or my motorcycle isn't in the bed, or I'm not hauling landscaping materials, or I'm not using it in the mountains to navigate bad roads in the snow, or I'm not taking a long road trip in the heated comfortable seats...get the picture? This is probably the most useful truck I've ever had. I've had about every large and small truck manufactured over the years and this one hits the sweet spot in terms of usefulness, comfort, handling, and reliability. For those of you who think it's a joke, live with one for a week or a month and you'll be convinced. Most people don't haul 10K lbs, or use a truck to do all the things we'd like to pretend we either need them for or fantasize about doing. For most of us, a concept like the Ridgeline is more appropriate than a F250 King Ranch...

Pros: Handles great. Not top-heavy and rarely loses composure. Front seats are extremely comfortable on longer drives, and the heaters on high can soften butter in a pan in 10 seconds (if you're into that sort of thing). Feels substantial on the road, but nimble enough to maneuver through parking lots and get into spaces a full-size can't. Upgraded stereo is full, has enough bass, nav is very good with simple voice commands that don't require a lot of studying. Love it or hate it styling, which I consider to be a good thing. Swing out tailgate is genius, and yes, there's a beeper to remind you if it's not closed properly (see my comments in the next paragraph about annoying beepers).

Cons: fuel economy could be better. Dash and interior, while functional, is a little plastic-y, overly styled, and spartan. Steering column should be adjustable. Visibility while good could be better with lower side 'buttresses'. Too many 'beep' notifications (rear window open after key out of the ignition, rear backup sensors on in reverse...these features treat me like I'm a forgetful child).

So, please Honda. Make a next generation, and most likely I'll get one and probably be able to sell my current one for almost what I paid. I forgot to mention in my pros: This truck's resale value is insanely good.

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