Nissan to Unveil New Full-Size Commercial Van at 2010 Work Truck Show

Nissan to Unveil New Full-Size Commercial Van at NTEA
2009 Nissan NV2500 Commercial Van Concept pictured

Last year at the National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Show, Nissan showed off its NV2500 full-size commercial van concept. Next month, we'll see the production version at the NTEA’s 2010 Work Truck Show in St. Louis.

Why are we covering Nissan's full-size van? Because its frame is a heavily modified version of the platform the current Nissan Titan half-ton pickup rides on. That same chassis is likely to spawn an all-new heavy-duty pickup truck, based on our interview last month with Larry Dominique, vice president of advanced and product planning and strategy at Nissan North America.

One other interesting note about the new van. Again, based on our interview with Dominique, the van is expected to have a long-nose configuration instead of today's short-nose vans where the engine sits in the cab next to the driver. The new design feature will be a market differentiator and should improve driver comfort and servicing.

We also hope to learn a bit more about the Cummins diesel engines that Nissan said it would use in its light commercial vehicle lineup. We're expecting the new van will use ZF's six-speed PowerLine automatic transmission.

Check back soon for more information. We'll be in St. Louis for the reveal of the new van, the 2011 GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups, plus much more.


Cummins Diesel engines you say! SOLD!!!

It's kind of ugly, IMO....

Why do these commercial vans have to look so ugly? I'm thinking of the Sprinter and the Transit and this.

Hey look at Nissans other future offerings and I think they did ok with the van. Relativly speaking...

Look at the new Juke... Makes the Aztek and Ridgeline look good. OK not really but they suddenly look better.

Its the kind of front end you don't want to see after a meal.

@Powerwagon - quote -"Why do these commercial vans have to look so ugly?" It's a case of function over form. These vans are purchased to do a job. No one really cares if they are pretty. Looks take a back seat to how well they keep the operator happy during the day to day work grind.
Manufacturers are having a hard time improving fuel econonomy of pickups because truck guys expect a certain look, and a certain feel to the power. Pickups are very close to each other in shape and dimensions.To really improve aerodynamics pickups would look more ugly than these commercial vans.

You're right Lou, form does follow function in this market however... The front end of this Nissan is extremely ugly. The design language for the large Nissans is off-putting. I want capability and something that represents my company. If the vehicle that the customer sees is hideous, why? It's not for aerodynamics and with a long nose it's not for driver comfort. Come on Nissan fix this, and no Juke front end, that's the most ridiculous looking vehicle ever (including the Aztec).

In this case, they are trying to hard on the form. They tried to make it look different but it just doesn't work.

As someone that buys commercial vans for our business, there are five things I would need to know about it before I even considered buying one:

1. What is its payload capacity?

2. What is its towing capacity?

3. What is its fuel economy?

4. Does it have a limited slip/locking rear differential option, or maybe AWD?

5. How wide is that back door (can it fit full size sheets of plywood)?

If it can't tow a scissor lift, can't fit plywood, and can't travel in light a contractor, I can't use it.

One of the big problems we had with the Sprinter vans, when we considered them, was that, even their 3500 series model can only tow 5,000lbs. That's less towing capacity than a midsize SUV out of a 1 ton class vehicle! Even a basic E350 cargo van can tow over 7,000lbs.

Hey sweet In STL!! Where at?

And DANG!!! That is an amazing van! I don't think it's ugly but it's definitely utilitarian and won't be winning any beauty contests. I can't really see it as being a fleet vehicle but I can see every fleet having one or two of these. Ha! Even more so I can see these turning into the VW Microbus for the hippies of today.

hahahahah you gotta be kidding me with that piece of garbage.

I like it, I think its going to be a game changer for the full size van market, get a light duty cummins in it and AWD.

Really,why does it have to look so ugly !! It will be a dud.Just like the Dodge Sprinter total sales flop !! The old Dodge Ram vans sold extremely well,best selling van until the late 80's or early 90's and then it still sold well even without a box van,duel wheels or diesel.The Ford and GM vans are the best looking vans out right now,they do not have to look so ugly !! But this day and age of Kia Souls,Nissan Cubes,honda Element ugly may just be in..

THe nose is probably long so they can easily fit the Cummons diesel.

I like it - especially w/ a diesel. I'd have to have AWD though.

@markn, I don't know where you live but in Colorado, the Sprinters are everywhere! Big success here.

I'd love to see the next Nissan NV line of vans with a diesel engine as an option. Whether it's a Cummins diesel or someone else's diesel, I hope it becomes reality. Although not for everyone, I'm sure there's a market niche for diesel powered Nissan Van. Whether you're a tradesman and you need a reliable van that goes a long way between refueling, or you're a school bus driver and you need something rugged enough to withstand the daily commute between schools, a diesel engine would be perfect engine for the job.

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