Update 2: Recall Alert: 2010 Toyota Tacoma

Recall Alert: 2010 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota is voluntarily recalling approximately 8,000 four-wheel drive Tacoma pickups to fix a potential problem with the front propeller shaft, a Toyota spokesman said today. The issue: a crack can develop in one of the joints that may lead to the driveshaft separating and falling away from the truck, causing the vehicle to lose control. The problem can occur without warning, according to a Toyota recall bulletin sent to Toyota dealers today.

The front prop shaft sends power to the truck's front wheels when it's in four-wheel drive. Two-wheel drive pickups are not included in the recall, according to Toyota.

The condition was discovered during the manufacturing process of the front prop shaft at the supplier, Dana Corporation, that you may recall was also involved in the frame rust recall issue with first generation Toyota Tundras.

Prop Shaft Inspection Area
Prop shaft inspection area from 2010 Toyota Tacoma recall notice sent to Toyota dealers.

The affected Toyota Tacoma models were produced from mid-December 2009, to early February 2010.

"Most of the vehicles [included in the recall] are in the pipeline in Toyota's distribution system or on dealer lots," Brian Lyons, Toyota's head of safety communications told PickupTrucks.com on Friday afternoon.

Toyota dealers will perform a 10-minute visual inspection of the trucks included in the recall, according to the dealer notice. Based on the results, the prop shaft may be replaced at no charge to the customer. Toyota will notify owners by mail starting by mid-March.

Owners may also contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center (1-800-331-4331) for additional assistance.

Update #1 February-12-2009 03:35 PDT:
Added picture of the prop shaft indicating the joint that will be inspected by Toyota dealers.

Update #2 February-12-2009 11:05 PDT:
According to the Detroit News
- Lyons said the cracks in the prop shaft are invisible to the eye.
- Dana Corp. disclosed the defect to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday
- The same part is used in a limited number of Ford and Nissan vehicles, including Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs.

[H/T to Seung Min Yu]


Dana corporation again... I know Toyota wants to prove to the USA that their products are American made but they should stop getting defective parts from fat, lazy, unionized Americans who would not recognize a good work ethic even if it smacked them upside the head. Import your parts from Japan. That way you'll know the parts are made right.

@Jean - must of read the book "How to Influence Friends and Win Over Enemies".
Another recall - Makes you wonder about Toyota's suppliers.

what about gas pedal problems with the Toyota Tacoma?:


Wow fat americans screwing up good quality Toyota's not surprised...

isn't funny how now that toyota is having recalls people are blaming it on the suppliers not toyota, and when american manufacturers were having problems it was the automaker at fault...

Long time ago my friend was trying to buy a tacoma,I could not believe how salesman was so jacka$$...he just told him to go somewhere else...he said; we dont need to give discount,this is a toyota dealer.He said he should go to the Ford dealer..All I can say right now....WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.I personaly would never buy a toyota.There are so many good ol AMERICAN pick ups out there with atleast 250k miles...As long as person does what he needs to, vehicle will last for a long time..

Toyota like all manufacturers spec all there parts by doing R&D...Toyota has numerous recalls over the last year or so but the mainstream media finally took notice and now they're getting bit hard.

Wow, Jap fans are not accepting responsibility for their quality again. They love claiming American-made parts are the way to go, but when something goes wrong they slam American-made as fat and lazy and boast how Jap is better. Which is it? It is like the global warming people. If it doesn't snow, that's global warming. If it snows, that's global warming. Either way they can't lose.

@Jose - that is because Toyota owners are bright enough to figure out where the problem is coming from!
It's Toyota that is fixing the problem, not the supplier.
I agree with Jean - get your parts from Japan.
Dana Corp = rusty American frames
Dana Corp = cracked American propeller shaft
Dana Corp = inferior American products
Litigate Dana Corp out of existence

isn't funny how now that toyota is having recalls people are blaming it on the suppliers not toyota, and when american manufacturers were having problems it was the automaker at fault...
Posted by: Jose

My thoughts exactly. They can't let their brand loyalty down.

@George - Toyota has to use American parts to show the "America is best" types out there that Toyota vehicles are actually "American" made instead of a imported "puzzle" pieces assembled in the USA.
Problem is - those "America is best" types wouldn't buy a Toyota anyway.
People point out the fact that the parts are from "American" suppliers to show those dumb asses that Americans were responsible for the screw up and not the Japanese they hate so much.
I hope this isn't too complex an explanation. Sorry, I couldn't explain my self using single syllable words or cuss words.

I don't see American trucks rusting in two......or having the driveshafts FALL out.......or accelerating by themselves only to crash and kill the occupants and the unlucky occupats of the vehicles they hit......and they use American parts.

Hang in there toyota your only one or two more recalls away from a big bailout.I heard obama is on the lookout for some more assets aka gm.

And yet, despite the initial attempt to slur Dana, even the Toyota corporation and their fanboys have had to admit that it was their fault. http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2009/11/20/toyota-tundra-frame-rust-dana/ The Japanese be dishonest? They've only been doing it in every war for the past couple hundred years, why should their trade war against superior American and European products be any different?

DANA builds lots of parts for lots of makers. Toyota specs them to be made a certain way. They are made to those specs. Why is it only Toyota that has these issues with parts?

"I don't see American trucks rusting in two......or having the driveshafts FALL out.......or accelerating by themselves only to crash and kill the occupants and the unlucky occupats of the vehicles they hit......and they use American parts". - Mark

Very well said.

Frank & Mark,
Don't forget the collapsing tailgates, mysterious dents and all of those under-engineered parts and the fact that Toyota cars being questioned and recalled are in fact made in Japan. The Japanese are better myth was just a myth. It is finally being exposed.

"DANA builds lots of parts for lots of makers. Toyota specs them to be made a certain way. They are made to those specs. Why is it only Toyota that has these issues with parts?"

That is a very good question. I am told Toyota is under-engineering their parts, and there are going to be more recalls.

That is very interesting.

I quote from the link you provided, "Before, Toyota seemed to blame frame supplier Dana for this issue. Now, it seems that Toyota has determined Dana is not responsible for frame rust problems on the first-gen Tundra."

You have forgetten all of the recalls your American companies have had. What a bunch of hippocrits. You spend your lives with your head up your -ss and now that you look around and see that America isn't the greatest. Welcome to the new world order. China and India are the new super powers.
America the sub-standard.
Make yourself feel better by attacking the Japanese.
Go drink a few beers and polish the chrome on your Mexican made truck.


Let me guess -- you're an import driver.

Funny. My truck was assembled in Kentucky, with an engine built in Indiana.

I believe the fact that toilet, er, toyota tries to cover up and HIDE their recalls is more of the issue at hand, rather than the fact that the recall exists.

I worked at a toyota dealer, briefly. We put lots of parts on people's cars, and they never got told about it, or they never went on the workorder.

How about a car that ice in the wheels can tear the brake line off? And the recall notice says that it might cause braking issues, but it's unlikely. When the ice tears the brake line off, yeah, it will cause braking issues. Like...CAR WON'T STOP.

China and India the new super powers?

You love them so much, move there.

Toyota Specs the parts they want made to their supplier ... why is it that Dana makes frames and other parts for D3 Products and they arent rusting in half or breaking ?

The Blame is with the engineering ... if you sped a POS to be made, thats what you shall receive.

@ Sandu

Add all of the recalled vehicles GM, Ford and Chrysler had this year. Now add how many vehicles Toyota has recalled this year. Who comes out on top?

2009 Silverado & GMC Pickups, 0 Recalls... I love it! Toyota now holds the record for the most recalled vehicles ever. What are they up to now, 8.5 million... I love it! Toyota vehicles are horrible and have been getting worse for the last decade. I can't wait until I'm in Chicago for the autoshow next week...


I have some great news for you, Toyota is still on top! And why would you add those three domestics together and compare to Toyota? Toyota doesn't sell as many vehicles as Ford or GM in this country. They recalled more vehicles than they sold... WOW

"MM. Let me guess -- you're an import driver." - Big


Not at all. I drive Fords. Perhaps, you misread read my post? I am agreeing with you.

Toyota lovers and rose colored glassess go hand in hand. Toyota designs the parts and farms them out to the lowest bidder. Toyota finds these problems right away but they keep a tight lid on it. Most problems are found and fixed without the public even knowing about it. They do as little as posible to go after the bad parts already out in the field.

Funny how that Ford, GM and Chrysler problems are blamed on "greedy and lazy UAW/CAW workers" yet with all these Toyota problems nobody blames their problems on their union workers? Oh wait, North American Toyota workers are non-union. Maybe the problems in the automotive industry have more to do with how the companies are managed and not whether the worker carries a union card or not.

Well maybe this will shut those southern ignorant senators up. This whole political agenda with Toyota has gone on for long enough. I bet Toyota will start pulling the factories out of America even more (like the California plant). Its about time the government started inspecting their junk instead of focusing on just bringing the American companies down. Too bad this didn't happen before cash for clunkers. Even though Japans cars are death machines, they will only allow a couple American vehicles in. Its because they now we ARE better. This is a perfect time to correct that one sided crap in NAFTA

its probably just like the so called pedal problem. toyota probably designs and engineers the part that the suppliers produce. its probably not the suppliers problem, its more likely toyotas fault, for crapping design and engineers, and lack of testing by toyota before production

What you design is what you will get from the factory. Toyota design was weak so they got weak product. How is that the suppliers fault? They don't know all of the details of their product, they just know how to make it.

Toyota America designed the Tundra.
American designers came up with the look.
American Engineers came up with the specifications.
American parts went into it.
American workers built it.
Same goes for over 1/2 the Toyota's sold in America.
So it's the Japanese who are at fault?
Blame the Japanese if it makes your chest swell up with pride.
Look at the Detroit auto industry.
The Government owns Chrysler and GMC.
The Government owns the banks.
Welcome to Amerika.
You are right. I do drive an IMPORT.
A Dodge Ram HD made in MEXICO. What a bunch of losers.

Dear Toyota,

Your vehicles were once the cornerstone of safety, quality and durability. It's reputation that Americans buy. That's why you see so many Toyota's on American roads. The new recipe is not working. It's time to let the people who CARE about thier product build them again.

"The condition was discovered during the manufacturing process of the front prop shaft at the supplier, Dana Corporation"

This is a supplier problem!

This is the responsibility of Dana and Toyota will pass the cost of this recall to Dana...

I work for a heavy military truck maker and we get from time to time VENDOR quality issues and problems and we fix them before selling them to the government...

Who pays for the repairs? The VENDORS!

We just had power steering pumps that were defective on the T/case from Eaton. It was dicovered by our quality engineers that Eaton was responsible for sending us defective pumps...

We had to repair 10 pumps on T/case's. That cost including labor will be charged to Eaton...

Dana is responsible for the manufacturing process of this part and Toyota will pass the cost and repairs to them. This is standard in the industry...

You pro-bashing Toyota folks need to read English in this article and understand this problem originated at Dana and their manufacturing process, which translates into somebody messed up building these parts!

Learn to read!

@Anna - do you know what NAFTA stands for? North American Free Trade Agreement. Last time I looked at a map Japan wasn't part of North America. NAFTA covers Canada, USA, and Mexico. Thats why I can get my Dodge Ram from Mexico without the "chicken Tax". GMC is closing a factory in the USA and borrowed 1/2 billion from Thailand banks to set up shop there. I don't see anyone sh-tt-ng bricks over that. Toyota has had recalls. What of it?
I just can't stand all you dips-ts with nothing intelligent to say.

Another possibility (looking at the timeline of the trucks built) is Toyota closing their only UAW plant in the U.S. and moving the work to their non-union Texas plant after GM could no longer afford to help run NUMMI with Toyota!

Dana is a union shop and they could be upset that Toyota is leaving, so I wonder if this is a union sabatoge ploy against Toyota?

I'm always amazed at how nasty Toyota blogs become. ManOver35 mentioned 8.5 million recalled by Toyota. The reason for the huge recall is because of shared or "universal" components. If a component used in only one line of cars screws up = small recall. If a component used by an entire company brand scews up = massive recall.
Look at Ford's cruise control switch made by Hewlett-Packard. That recall is bigger than Toyota's gas pedal problem at 12 million vehicles.
Here are the 10 biggest recalls of all time. Mind you the list is 2 years old. Toyota will have the dishonor of being in the top 10 when the next list is made.
Here is another nasty one not included in the top 10 either:
Toyota needs to get their act together. The amazing thing is that despite all these problems Toyota automobiles still rate at the top end of the auto industry.
Toyota should kill the Tundra and start over.
1.They need to do this to distance themselves from past problems.
2. They need to come out with a truck that doesn't try to be more "American" than the domestics but is based on their heritage - trucks like the Tacoma but more importantly trucks like the Hilux.

For all those people who has been talking crab about Toyota. Everyone make mistakes and Toyota mistakes were to believe in American’s companies’ quality. Toyota wants to make American cars with American parts and American people. BIG MISTAKE TOYOTA! For those who don’t know Denso makes the gas pedal for Toyota too. Why Denso’s gas pedal has not been recall? Denso is a Japanese company. When Denso Corp. plant burned down Toyota had a big problem because they didn’t have a backup supplier. After that, Toyota decided to hire a second supplier for the gas pedal. There was when CTS from INDIANA, USA came along and started to manufacture gas pedal for Toyota. All the gas pedal recall is the ones made by CTS (American Company). After all Toyota has not blame anybody. They have used all Medias to apologize and let the country know that they will take care of the problem. Toyota even stopped production to make sure all efforts are to make sure all customers are taking care of. Why nobody has mention that Ford uses the same gas pedal than Toyota for some of their cars. In addition, Ford and Nissan use the same drive shaft than Toyota for their vehicles. Most Toyota vehicles in America are more American than those called American vehicles. Ford uses a lot of Japanese parts for their vehicles. If you look to some of the Ford vehicles, the engines are Mazda. GM uses a lot of Toyota parts. The Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota vehicle. I have had all type of cars Ford, Chrysler, GM, Lexus, BMW, Nissan, Toyotas, Honda, etc., and I have never have many problems with an import than I have had with some of our American cars.

Chrysler also gets there pedals from CTS. Chrysler doesn't have a pedal recall.

Could that be because that was Toyota's design fault, and not CTS'?

Toyota took the design from Denso and give to CTS. Do CTS use the same materials than Denso? How it is that the same spec are given to both and one is being bad?

"The same part is used in a limited number of Ford and Nissan vehicles, including Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs."


I hear fat ,lazy americans making defective parts for toyotas.I think the reality is the fat ,lazy americans are making parts to the specifications given to them by toyota.Like a drive by wire acelerator circuit that is cheaply designed ,that has no back - up,like most drive by wire vehicles.Truck frames that were not sealed ,allowing them to rust ,all to save money. Toyota has been hiding their mistakes ,there is no more room under the carpet to hide them.O what a feeling.

1) The cruise control switch in the Ford vehicles was from Texas Instruments, not HP.
2) The pedal design that CTS was making was DIFFERENT than the Denso one. The pedals from the 2 suppliers are NOT Interchangeable, reference article: http://money.cnn.com/2010/02/01/autos/toyota_mistakes.fortune/index.htm
"With the accelerator, though, it neglected to make the parts from the two suppliers interchangeable. According to one report, the Denso and CTS mechanisms use different wiring harnesses. In other words, Toyota, the master of communization, neglected to ensure that identical parts from two suppliers were, in fact, identical. Even if they were identical in design, the fact that the CTS part apparently developed defects and the Denso part did not, suggests there were other differences."
3) @Sandu: If you hate Americans so much, I don't think anyone would be upset to see you leave. While I agree with your reply to Anna, I think your other comments show your true colors. @Freddy: You can get on the same plane as Sandu. Your English grammar is horrible, please ask for some help on proper grammar.
4) Toyota deserves the bashing if they have been underengineering their products just to improve profits and not sticking with what got them this far to begin with, which is high quality vehicles that people like. Anyone see the new Avalon pictures? That car makes me think of when Ford came out with the 500, totally uninspired design. They also deserve it if they have been covering their recalls up and not owning up to their problems.
5) I am just finally glad to see the Media giving equal treatment to Toyota. It has seemed for the past dozen years that whenever one of the Big 3 screw up it is front page news, and Toyota mistakes are burried. We are talking about peoples lives at stake with these issues. Regardless of manufacturer, if you have a loved one driving one of these vehicles it should be on the front page to get peoples attention. I am sure there are people out there that don't even know they may have a problem because they don't follow the news.

Toyota also has the floor mat recal with NO fix. Do folks want to blame the carpet vendor for that too? Toyota owns doing continues testing on their products regardless where parts are made!! I lost faith a couple years ago with Japan/China products when many recalls and investigations came out when they started shipping kids toys with high levels of lead paint, sheetrock used for rebuilding the south after the floods have bad chemicals in it causing health problems. There was also issues with antifreeze chemicals in something don't rember specifically. I think few others too. It's a knowingly thing vs unknowingly.
All comes down to many Americans (not all) want to buy cheap and Japan (and others) are filling that demand. In many cases, You get what you paid for.
BTW... I've owned GM Toyota & Ford. I believe Ford (like ALL) have had problems but Ford based on my more recent experience as well as all the data show they have learned from the past. One way is not to send a design into production just to hit a schedule if it's not fully tested.

@Patrick - thanks for the correction. IT was a Texas Instruments part. The point I was trying to make is that we will continue to see massive recalls from all of the manufacturers as they go to universal components. A part used in millions of vehicles failing is much worse than a part used in only 1/2 million vehicles.

Toyota spec the metallurgy and dimensions for the parts. Dana makes the parts to Toyota's specs. Why aren't Dana parts failing on other companies products? I guess, Jean, it must be the fat, lazy Toyota engineers over in Japan.

OMG !! Toyota is done !!

Who would buy one of these junkers..American cars were never this bad !! R.I.P Toyota you deserve it !! We wont miss ya !

Perhaps the mass-hypnosis that made so many Americans think that japanese cars were superior is finally starting to fade. Any honest person knows American cars, particularly GM, have been superior for many years.

I think it is a "setup" by certain lobby and another big recall is on the way. Look at the pattern - Floor mats entrapment, CTS sticky gas pedal, Break sensitive issue and now propeller shaft. Although same supplier being used by other makes Honda, Nissan and Ford. The lobbyists and News medias are not interested in publicizing them. They are after Toyota only at this moment. An organized setup and maybe highly paid employees and workers in Toyota plants are involve alongwith the lobbyist who wants to bring back some local brands upfront because Toyota is unstoppable and local maakers owe too much and may be shutdown is forseen even though recent Govt bailout and ownership of local manufacturers. So they donot have choice without going offense and play offside and foul rather go defense and correct their products.

The certain lobbyists know for the fact that high majority of people terms Toyota a Defectless, Quality and Error-free vehicles and one Recall will not help instead one after another recall will break the big wall eventually.

Let us see where it goes!!!!!!!!

@Patrick - I read your link. THe journalist who wrote the article is making asumptions and is stating his opinion as opposed to doing what a journalist is supposed to do - state the facts. Why would the assumption be substandard specifications just because there are different wiring harnesses on the two parts? If Toyota specified a different harness that would be because the vehicle(s) it was being plugged into requires a different harness. The rest of the unit sounds like it was the same. 54% of Toyota's vehicles require one harness and the remaining 46% require the other harness.

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