Recall Alert Update: 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma

Recall Alert Update: 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma

Already part of a massive recall effort to prevent the accelerator pedal from becoming accidentally trapped under the floormat, Toyota now says it will also upgrade the brake and throttle software in 2005-10 Tacoma pickup trucks, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The software patch will add the capability to reduce the engine speed to idle if the engine control computer senses both the gas and brake pedals being pressed at the same time.

Eventually, all Toyota cars and trucks will have new brake vs. accelerator software. But what about enthusiasts who might want to take their car or truck to the drag strip and use their foot brake to "brake torque" the vehicle while they simultaneously hit the throttle?

Paul Williamsen, national manager at Lexus College, Toyota's dealer training school, told last week that as long as the brake is pushed down before the accelerator, enthusiasts can continue to launch their vehicles with both pedals at the same time.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]


"Toyota now says it will also upgrade the brake and throttle software in 2005-10 Tacoma pickup trucks"

So does that mean they are finally admitting what we suspected all along? That the whole really was a computer glitch?

@ enjelus

nope, sounds to me they have no idea still whats going on, so this is their backup, if its going out of control, when the brake is pressed itll idle, they have no clue

They had an idea of what the problem was and what the cost for the fix would be. Unfortunately they tried to deny it, hide it, and take the cheap way out. It's gonna get ugly and expensive - the victim's lawyers are circling the wagons.

All of the manufacturers should install similar software. I've had a throttle stick in minus 30 weather and I wasn't driving a Toyota.
Toyota's run away throttle problems have been stuck floormats, defective pedals and software problems.
Vehicles with push button on/off switches definately need this software.

Aside from most on this site that do not even own a Toyota to even warrent a comment, they just follow what the media and government tell them to think, I actually own a 2005 Tacoma X-Runner...

And for the last 5 years I have competed with my X-Runner with Milwaukee Region SCCA parking lot autocross and lately have been running my Tacoma on road courses hitting speeds of 130 mph...

If there is a problem with the brakes or throttle, I would know about it! First I have logged over 54,000 street miles not only running the OEM floor mats but also a Farm and Fleet bought one on top of the OEM floormat. No issues whatsoever with both of my floormats jamming into the pedals!

For the first 2 years competing with my Tacoma my truck was bone stock with braking. No issues! I upgraded the rotors to run the 14 inch rotors and massive front calipers and converted the rear drums to disk and run DOT 5 in the system. Aside from that the brains and pedal remains stock as delivered from the factory!

You would think if there was a problem with the brakes running about 130 mph 5 feet behind a Vette going into Canada Corner at Road America? Never had a problem logging lap after lap on Road America and Blackhawk Farms road course the past 3 years!

Sudden acceleration? Where? You would think I would be the first to notice running high speed on road courses never dipping the below the 4,000 RPM range all over the 4 plus mile road course!

Guys, I run my truck hard on the track and daily drive it afterwards, you would think if Toyota had such massive safety problems I would be the first one to notice them as I push the truck to the limits?

I have not encountered and safety issues with my pickup and am 100% confident to run more laps on Road America with the Tacoma in its current condition...

This government and media fanfare is nothing short of HARASSMENT of Toyota because they are number 1 right now and poor GM is losing in the market place!

I speak from experiance driving a 2005 plus Toyota. Unless you own and drive one right now, you are just listening to what the government and the media wants you to hear about Toyota. How about listening to the actual folks that drive Toyota's for a chance!

oxi you remind me a lot of someone that posts on another forum I frequent... and like him, no one cares or believes what you say you do.

"How about listening to the actual folks that drive Toyota's for a chance"
You mean like the 30 some who have been killed by their Toyota cars?

Actually oxi sounds exactly like someone who was banned here a while back, and no-one believed him here either.

xrunner is back.

hey oxi
I would really like to see you say all that stuff to the family members who lost a loved one due to the toyota problems.
here is an article that is a real eye opener to how far back this problem goes.

You guys be nice, oxi is distraught over poor Toyota taking so many hits and now he is outnumbered here. I wonder if he realizes that most of the guys on here are the same ones who’ve read his Xrunner fantasies and Road America stories like 100 times now.
"You would think if there was a problem with the brakes running about 130 mph 5 feet behind a Vette going into Canada Corner at Road America? "
Oxi you’re unoriginal in your postings, find some new material man. Oh and why don't you ever comment on anything other than Toy articles?

Congrats oxi.. you get a cookie. Now go back to the corner and play with your hot wheels.

I have said it numerous times.. go to any toyota 4x4 forum and you will see nothing but problems with the Tacoma. Brakes, rear axles, frame cracking on the '05 and '06 models just to name a few.

check out and see for yourself.

The near entirety of the forums and comments on this website are negative and there is so much Toyota bashing going on it really is silly. This has been going on well before this recall and it apparently makes all the American manufacturer drivers feel better about themselves when they do this.

I do enjoy the information this site offers. I check it several times daily and the guys running the site do an awesome job. It's just the people who have nothing better to do than to come here and somehow make themselves feel better by berating Toyota that creates this negativity. It's just constant. It doesn't stop. Whatever. It's a free country.

Has Toyota messed up? Sure they have. Big time! Would GM, Ford or Dodge have handled this differently. I doubt it. I really do. This kind of stuff has been going on forever (remember the exploding GM gas tanks on the early to mid eighties pickups anyone?)

The media has definitely blown this way out of proportion and people eat this stuff up. Like an OJ Simpson trial or Tiger Woods scandal. People like to see the greats fall.

Toyota will ultimately rebound regardless of the kind of people that visit this site.

8 million "affected" vehicles and 30 deaths.

Go look over how many fatalities there were due to the Explorer and Firestone issues before you start painting Toyota neglectful.

While my sympathies go out to the affected families, things need to be kept in perspective.

Ever stop and think it was the NHTSA that has been sleeping on this issue? 5 plus years and 8 million vehicles later they decide to take action now?

FWIW I do seem to think the pedals are to blame as they are the one common shared part in this equation. If it were a computer issue wouldn't manifest iteself while in park or neutral as well? I also don't think all vehicle share the same ECU's, but don't quote me on that.

I do agree that the throttle/brake interlock programming is long overdue. I also feel push button starting is idiotic.

I really tried with you m/rons...

Unless you actually drive one of these Toyota's, you really have no business to comment! I have over 54,000 miles on my 2005 Toyota, what do you guys have?

Agian, when the sheep herder tells you stories, you have to believe him because the herder gives you safety, health and a patch of grass to munch on!

You guys are nothing less but sheep! You do such a fine job of listening to your masters, the federal government and the media and believe everything they tell you!

Please do not buy a Toyota, go out and buy your government motors built pickup, that is what is going on right now. It's GM and the UAW backed by the federal government drilling Toyota in the national spotlight to help with struggling sales at poor GM!

You guys make good socialist sheep, keep munching the grass! I cannot believe you guys blindly trust the government so much. Your loss!

Unless you own a 2005+ Tacoma or even the Tundra, you guys are just speaking your personal opinion, some of us own one of these and speak from experiance and if these saftey issues are so huge and big as the government influenced media says they are, why haven't I crashed and burned on the road courses yet or on the highways?


The big difference in Ford and GM's major recalls in the past is that they were taken care of in a timely manor and not ignored for 10 years. The article I posted earlier shows that that Toyota has thousands of complaints about the accelerator problems dating back to 2000. That is why everyone is coming down so hard on Toyota and I believe rightly so. I am sorry Keith but 10 years to me is considered neglectful. I would be saying the same thing if one of the domestics did the same thing.


As a side note this site has joined the bandwagon of Toyota bashing so I am beginning to wonder if this site is being compromised with some sort of orders or compensation to continue with its bashing negatively about Toyota?

Has the federal government stepped in, GM or the UAW?

This whole issue about Toyota safety has been unpresidented in the history of the automotive industry. Never has this happened to a single auto company so I am beginning to wonder if this is all a deliberate campaign to derail the number 1 auto giant in the world to help with struggling sales at GM?

Should we expect anything less from our trustworthy federal government? When politics is involved this is the same type of behavior we see all the time from Washignton and the national media spotlight.

This has less to do with safety and more to do with politics especially after the DOT jumps into the equation where only the NHTSA handles recalls. If the DOT does not step in, the Obama administration has no say or voice in this matter. See how things move with politics?

Obama appoints the DOT Sec. and he reports to Obama! Politics is a bad thing in the auto industry considering how much money flows to bribe officials.

i have been reading a lot of your comments latly and wow, you really are blind. I used to own a 2006 Tacoma because i thought it was the most reliable small truck out there and was willing to pay the higher price for toyota quality. Boy was i wrong. I bought it with 20k miles and at 50k it left me stranded due to it overheating and it needed a new water pump. then at 70k the an oxygen sensor went out and shortly after that the throttle position sensor went out too. i was getting mad because i thought i had payed for a quality vehicle so at 100k when the trans went out i traded it in for a Ford F-150. I have 80k miles on the f-150 and not a problem. But unlike you i realize that not all of them are like the one i had but i just dont trust them anymore.

@ oxi

To answer your question yes I owned a 2009 Rav4 until all the recall stuff came out. My wife and I decided to trade it in partly because of the recall and partly because we weren’t completely satisfied, with it, we have a baby on the way and I didn’t want it riding in that thing. We bought a new 2010 Equinox LT and I have to say it’s a far superior vehicle is almost every aspect of performance (4 cylinder) ride quality, quietness and looks (my opinion). I do own a 2008 Silverado and have been completely satisfied with my purchase thus far. I have towed and hauled quite a few things around exceeding my towing and payload capacity a few times and it handled it very well.

One of my best friends bought a 2008 Tundra about the same time as I bought mine and he has enjoyed it too. He did get his recall notice the other day and is taking his truck in this week. The only problem he has had is an alignment problem, which to me is funny because he babies that truck, the left front tire is completely bald on the inboard side. I do have one story for you: My friends (same friend) Dad has a 2005 Tacoma and he lives in Buffalo area, his Tacoma accelerated on the freeway and he said before he knew it he was doing 95 MPH and the brakes were rocks. He of course slipped it into neutral and got is slowed down. True story, honest.

My Dad owns a 2006 Tundra quad cab 4x4 and hasn’t had any problems with it to date. I have driven his truck and my only complaint would be that it rattles quite a bit. I have had plenty of experience with Toyota’s and if you would look, I haven’t said anything too negative about their products on these boards.

Don’t assume that everyone here is ignorant, blind and that you’re the only one with any type of brain function.

Daniel - You are making my point. 5-10 years whatever, there were complaints. Do you honestly think the DOT and NHTSA were unaware of these issues for 5-10 years? They were on some of the roll over cases like flys on poop. Somehow they had no concerns about this "huge" issue Toyota had? Go peruse the NHTSA website and see what items are on there and how many actually get addressed in a timely manner. Willing to bet you see similiar accleration issues with almost all brands. Since this has become an issue what is being done industry wide to eliminate it?

I thought I heard there was already and investigation started looking into Toyota's lobbyists having a possibly illegal influence on the NHTSA.

Oxi you poor guy since you drive Toyotas. This is a saftey concern period. If this was a conspericy why isnt the government after Honda, etc?

Ok Keith say for arguments sake your right about the NHTSA. So it’s ok that Toyota didn’t do anything at all for all those years until the NHTSA steps in and tells them to fix it. Even if the NHTSA was twiddling their fingers, Toyota shouldn’t have let it get that far. Very irresponsible and a prime example of neglect. While I partly agree with you about the NHTSA, Toyota is still at bigger fault for all this.

Daniel - My point is why is the NHTSA supposedly so suddenly interested in an issue they apparently did not care about? Isn't it their job to prevent this type of thing from happening? Now they have the balls to call out a manufacturer about neglect? What exactly was the NHTSA waiting for? Could it be they are pig piling to cover up their own failures and take advantage of a crisis? Funny this all comes about AFTER GM and Chysler take big loans from the government as well. 10 years? Coincidence?

Look at the statistics of fatalities and occurences of the sudden acceleration and apply it to the years and number of vehicles produced. I'll go out on a limb and say you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening then having your Toyota acclerate out of control and kill you. 8 million vehicles, 30 fatalities in 10 years. Think about it.

the article i posted earlier explains everything. read it and it will save a lot of typing.

"Look at the statistics of fatalities and occurences of the sudden acceleration and apply it to the years and number of vehicles produced. I'll go out on a limb and say you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening then having your Toyota acclerate out of control and kill you. 8 million vehicles, 30 fatalities in 10 years. Think about it."

There shouldnt be any fatalities. There is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. Go read that paragraph to the people who had theirs do that and see what happens. Read that article and then let me know what you think then.

Funny how no one made a big deal when GM, Ford, and Chrysler had millions of recalls on most of their vehicles over the last three decades, like exploding gas tanks, fuel pumps that fracture resulting in fire, loss of steering control at high speeds, non-functional air bags, non-functional brake and cornering lights, power steering units that burst into flames igniting anything flamable under the hood... I mean cmon do some research people, dont be sheep.

Dave - Honda is about to have some major recalls of their own, and it has nothing to do with our government.

@kevin - The 2010 Chevy Equinox us currently under recall for sofware failure resulting in loss of control. Why have you not been notified?

oops I meant kevin not keith. Maybe I should be recalled.

Daniel, Everything mechanical has a failure factor built into it. Nature of the beast. No one can manufacture in quantity and have everything 100% perfect unless they are building, inspecting and hands on testing each item. This starts at the level of the smallest widget to the finished vehicle. If everything is like you want it to be there would never be any recalls ever, but that is fantasy land. We live in reality. FWIW I have yet to see an actual number of complaints filed to Toyota. You'd think that might be some important information no? It doesn't help the governments case that they brought in some wacko as an actual witness who experienced this issue in 2006. In a nutshell she states she had the car suddenly accelerate to 90mph and tried and failed to put it in neutral and reverse to stop it. She also states she engaged the emergency brake to no avail. Not once does she mention shuttng the car off. We also have no idea what condition her car was in via her statements. She goes on to say it slowed down on it's own after all this occured. Nothing like a little drama. All these complaints and they bring one witness to DC.

What planet have you been on, they did make a big deal about those things but the difference is that those issues were taken care right away and not ignored like Toyota did for 10 years. I already talked about this earlier and here is my quote,

"The big difference in Ford and GM's major recalls in the past is that they were taken care of in a timely manner and not ignored for 10 years. The article I posted earlier shows that that Toyota has thousands of complaints about the accelerator problems dating back to 2000. That is why everyone is coming down so hard on Toyota and I believe rightly so."

Also read the article I posted and it explains it pretty well.

@ Rich

I don't think you know what you're talking about. I bought my Equinox on Jan 23rd and the only recall for these vehicles so far has been for the defroster/center console software and that was back in Dec 09. Recalls for that began in Jan so I doubt mine is affected. If you could provide me with a link to back up your claim I'd appreciate it.

Oxi is as bad as Bob when it comes to their favorite brand (Toyota and GM). I usually laugh at every one of their posts because the brand loyalty shown is borderline fanatical. Oxi, you think that just because you race your truck you would have seen a problem if one existed? Really? You must be a very important person if your own personal expeirience is that important and gives us all a very deep insight to all the Toyotas affected by the recent recalls. I'm a Dodge guy myself, of all the brands I've owned they have given me the fewest problems. I don't usually bash too hard on other brands because, lets be honest, they have all had problems. Every single manufacturer. But when car companies base their reputation on being the most reliable, customer caring brand then they should step up when things go wrong. Why did Toyota wait 5 days when ordered to make the recall by the NHTSA, why were floor mats blamed when vehicles without them installed were having the same problems. Nowthere are news stories about Toyota execs bragging about money saved by not recalling vehicles and Toyota lobbiests trying to cut deals and down play the situation. Now I see Toyota comercails on TV saying how sorry they are, how they stopped production of vehicles untill they could solve the problem, how they are keeping dealerships open 24/7 to fix recalled vehicles. They do not mention the fact that they had to stop production by law and the 24/7 dealership is an attempt to save face. I hope people do not buy into this. All auto companies have paid the price for their failings whether it be recall or bankruptcy related in their brand image. Toyota is no different. I personally will never own a Toyota ever after this.

Kevin - That was the recall i was talking about, and knowing GM it wont be the last. I am a former GM employee.

Kevin - The exploding gas tank issue was suppressed by GM for over ten years.

oops Daniel not kevin

I am not trying to single out any car maker. My point is that if you buy a vehicle from from any company that sells millions of cars inevitably recalls happen. What we need is more small companies that can actually control quality in real time and not have to patch things up later, after people die.

All the Toyota bashing is from the envious people who don't actually own one. I downsized from an '05 Ford F-150 to an '07 Tacoma PreRunner and have never been happier. The only negative I have of the Tacoma is that it's bouncy compared to the F-150. I cut out a piece of carpet to protect the floor liner and still put OEM rubber floor mat on top of it without any problem. The people who manage to make carpet stuck under the accelerator are just too lazy to straighten it. The negative posting here are from bandwagon idiots.

@ Rich,
If that's the one you were talking about then ok. What you said was a far cry from that. No doubt that every auto manufacturer has had its own set of problems and recalls. My only issue is those that don't step up and take care of it.

@ Ben,
Yes I am so envious of people that own Toyotas that I traded my 09 Rav4 in last month. Oh man what was I thinking?!?!

@Kevin - I am glad to hear GM took care of that quickly. Where I live having no defroster means having no visibility (unless you want to stick your head out the side window, and that is not advisable at below freezing temps with snowfall). My post simply stated that there is a recall involving software failure and a loss of control (of defroster and other console features). How is that a far cry? furthermore the recall states that accidents can and have occured from the failure.

I purchase trucks for several farming / packing houses,
driven most everything, but this 2005 prerunner Tacoma
v6 is a screamer... And at 24mpg on longer trips. Corners
great, so far the most Fun / reliable truck for light duty.
Hey, any body have suggestions for very tall drivers with
long legs and perfer to sit up straight, not recline, causes to
far too reach steering wheel. Any comments Gentlemen?
( or Ladies, sorry)


"The big difference in Ford and GM's major recalls in the past is that they were taken care of in a timely manor and not ignored for 10 years."

So how is it that Ford just completed their recall of over 14 million vehicles for a faulty cruise control switch that caused fires just this past October, 2009...

How is that relate to being taken care of in a timely manner?

I listed to the hearings today.

The game is on.
The government is building a case for the electronic throttle control system.

-They have their cryer lady.
-They have the government agency.
-They have their "expert" engineer.
-They have complaints from ins. companies.

The congress people didn't give a shyt about anything. They got their sound bites and went home.

-A congress lady read a few letters about cars that crashed due to exceleration issue.
Lentz said he didn't know the specifics of each accident but, would look into it.
They kept asking the same questions. He had the same response.

They asked him don't you know anything about engineering / quality issues in the U.S.? He said, Toyota Motor Sales is the sales arm of usa. Engineering and quality is in Japan.
Congress asked "why are you here then"? Lentz: I'm here because you invited me.
Congress didn't even know the structure of Toyota. Clueless.

The best one of the day was at the end.

Congressman from CA, started talking about NUMMI.
Wouldn't it be in Toyota's best interrest to keep the plant open? This would help Toyota's image. The congressman was blaming the plant closing on Toyota.
Lentz had a good response; It was the governments decision to buy out GM and liquidate 50% of NUMMI's assets. Toyota had no choice.

Clueless again.

This is the steroid hearings in Congress part II.

@ Rich

I say it's a far cry because you didn't mention a defroster in what you stated. "The 2010 Chevy Equinox us currently under recall for sofware failure resulting in loss of control." Yes I totally agree that a defroster is very necessary no matter what part of the country you live in, but what you said made me think it was something else like a problem with the stabilitrak system or some other drivetrain software issue. Merely a misunderstanding, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I checked with the dealership and my vin isn't affected by the recall.

"So how is it that Ford just completed their recall of over 14 million vehicles for a faulty cruise control switch that caused fires just this past October, 2009...

How is that relate to being taken care of in a timely manner?"

Oh oxi I am still waiting for you to ask a good question and this came close but you still didn’t put much thought into it. Ford did START fixing that problem right away but you just can’t fix 14 million vehicles over night. Duh!

In my opinion you should look at a new F150 with the 3V 4.6 or the new 5.3 Silverado. Both have excellent quality ratings and have the room you require and also will get you above 20mpg on the highway.

Rich, loss of control? Because the defroster can malfunction? Roll down the windows. Problem solved. Comparing a 60,000 vehicle recall for a foggy windshield to a 2 million+ recall for unintended acceleration is a stretch.

Sounds like Kevin made the right choice. I never thought I'd say that about a GM purchase.


14 million in Ford's recall represents about a decade or so of cars built, so Ford was not timely with their recall ...

They should have caught this earlier thus prevented 10 years or so of production, so did Ford hide their problems?

You bet!

oxi, i normally respect everyone on here but you are a special case. That is all history and has been fixed but right NOW whether you want to admit it or not toyota is in trouble. T hey are trying to get a bailout, their stock is down, and the recalls keep stacking up so it doesnt matter what you say, its happening regardless of how much you want to try and talk about the past. Ford is posting profits and getting awards and so is GM but toyota is going downhill fast. nuff said. I would keep arguing with you but you dont read anything and facts mean nothing to you so i am done.

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