Recall Alert Update: 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma

Recall Alert Update: 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma

Already part of a massive recall effort to prevent the accelerator pedal from becoming accidentally trapped under the floormat, Toyota now says it will also upgrade the brake and throttle software in 2005-10 Tacoma pickup trucks, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The software patch will add the capability to reduce the engine speed to idle if the engine control computer senses both the gas and brake pedals being pressed at the same time.

Eventually, all Toyota cars and trucks will have new brake vs. accelerator software. But what about enthusiasts who might want to take their car or truck to the drag strip and use their foot brake to "brake torque" the vehicle while they simultaneously hit the throttle?

Paul Williamsen, national manager at Lexus College, Toyota's dealer training school, told last week that as long as the brake is pushed down before the accelerator, enthusiasts can continue to launch their vehicles with both pedals at the same time.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]


You cant compare Toyata to ford. Ford stepped up to the plate and fixed there cars right away. its been proven that Toyota has covered things up for years. In fact they bragged about it in corperate memos! Every thing Toyota gets it deserves. Toyota is not getting picked on, if they where why isnt Honda, Kia, Nissan not going threw the same thing. Its toyotas lack of quality, reliability, and taking there eye off the ball that got them here. Not some witch hunt.
Bend over Toyota and oh what a feeling!

Thank you for your recomendations!
I appreciate the advice...

There have been some great posts. It's nice to see thought out responses and some links thrown in.
Has Toyota been covering up problems? Probably.
Have they been slow in responding? Yes.
I've read that they have a very rigid, structured hierarchy. Basically - any information entering the system has to be passed through multiple steps of the hierarchy before a decision can be made. The same is true for when a decision heads down the chain of command. This is why they have been so slow to respond.
The domestics have been slow to fix problems and they also have tried to cover things up.
There are no vestal virgins in the corporate world.

Toyota's quality is still decent. The sad thing is that despite the problems they've had they still rate at the top end of the auto industry. These recalls will affect those ratings.

The NHSTA is far from being apolitical(without the influence of politics). THey cowtow to political masters and make decisions from political influence as well as in the interest of safety. The political side often overrules the safety side. Here is a a perfect example:

GM isn't paying any debt back yet. What they are paying back is akin to you or I having a 20,000 line of credit. We use 16,000 of the line of credit so we tell the bank: you can have the 4,000 back that we did not use. That does not constitute a loan repayment.

problems with toyotas started after they were manufactured in the U.S

@Dave S

You can't post a comment trying to make a valid argument and then you finish with 'Bend over Toyota oh what a feeling'. Obviously you're biased; doesn't make your argument look too valid.


My dad owns a 2007 Tacoma. Personally I like his truck and he hasn't had a single incident like the ones stated in the news. But I don't think it's 'sheepish' of me to believe that there is a problem when a good number of people (too many for that matter) have been hurt or killed by a recurring flaw in Toyota vehicles. Just because it hasn't happened to YOU and YOUR vehicles doesn't mean it can't happen. Did you ever own one of the Explorer/Firestone vehicles which had a problem? If you didn't, then does that mean that was blown out of proportion too? Hmmm.......

@ wonder man - that is an interesting but highly inflammatory statement to make. The only problems Toyota has had with gas pedals were ones from CTS, a US company. Denso (Japanese) makes the same pedal but with a different harness and hasn't had any problems.

FBI Raids Three Toyota Suppliers

The press is the problem, not Toyota, Ford, GM, or Chrysler.

@ nick - interesting post. Unfortunately it is all speculation. The footnote was interesting:
quote - UPDATE: It's possible this is actually related to a larger investigation into electronics manufacturers who have been charged with fixing prices charged to automakers as part of a cartel. If this is part of that investigation it could mean Toyota is possibly a victim both of unfair trade practices and all the bad press from having their suppliers raided by the FBI.

I'm amazed that a journalist would admit that Toyota was a "victim" since it's in vogue to slag Toyota.


And what is the value of Ford's stock? Something well under $10 a share, not very good if you ask the experts!

So are you a Toyota hater?

Do you own a late model Toyota to warrent a response?

The more you start to look into recalls and safety related issues, the more you find:

US probes Chevy Cobalt steering complaints

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal regulators have opened an investigation into complaints that power steering systems in the Chevrolet Cobalt can fail.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there are 1,132 complaints about the Cobalt's electric power steering, including reports of eleven accidents and one injury.

The review covers about 905,000 Cobalts in the model years from 2005 to 2009.

A majority of the complaints have come in the past six months.

Some drivers said they couldn't stay in their traffic lane when steering became difficult.

The Cobalt is made by General Motors.

Also note that Hyndai stopped selling their new Sonata because of a major door lock safety problem...

All of this just recently and yet no national exposure? Hmmm...

I watched the hearing yesterday and come to find out, the CTS pedals only problem was getting a little sticky. The Densco pedal was found in all the vehicles that had the unintended acceleration issue. Sorry i can't link you to anything because i watched it live yesterday.

Please quit. Shockingly you are wrong again. Yesterday Ford stock closed at 11.65 and it has been hovering around 12 for a while now. Just quit while you are behind.


Do you own a late model Toyota?

If not, please quit:

Just recently:

Chrysler recall: systematic brake failure on 4-5 models!

Ford Fusion hybrid recall: brake failure!

Hyndai Sonata: stop sale for door lock failure!

Chevy Cobalt: steering system failure!

Honda: air bag failures!

Where's your hatred with these makes and their safety recalls and problems?

I am a mechanic and have worked on enough Toyotas to know better than to own one. Nice list and it’s nice to see that you do know how to read but have any of those manufacturers caused a safety concern as to have to appear in a congressional cause you don’t know the answer, it is NO!!! Nuff said. There is another comment of yours knocked down. Keep them coming.


"have any of those manufacturers caused a safety concern as to have to appear in a congressional cause you don’t know the answer, it is NO!!! Nuff said."

That is because the federal government owns GM and Chrysler, how dare they open investigations upon their own makes!

Are you for real? That statement proves your bias and hatred of Toyota YET you do not even own one!

Typical of sheeple, doing what their masters tell them. Why can't you make your own opinions insteade of the government and the media making them for you?

WOW!! That was a horrible comeback. I have never seen someone so in love with an auto manufacturer. You’re like someone who is in love with someone who beats you up and yet you won’t break up with them and you just keep making excuses for their behavior. I hope you two have a long happy life together.

@ oxi

So, what you're saying is that no one on these boards can say anything bad about Toyota unless they own one. I would assume that if someone owned one they wouldn't bad mouth Toyota either. That would be quite an arrangement for you wouldn't it. You cuss GM every chance you get. Do you own one? NO. So why do you have an opinion? Why as an American do you defend a car/truck manufacturer whose owner can barely speak a lick of english!? Why don't you just move over there, I'm sure they have Japan road races in which you could run your POS Xrunner.


I am a taxpayer so I happen to own GM so yes I can bash them all I want as a owner!

Do you even understand what government ownership of an auto company and how it relates to the GM WITCH HUNT we see out of politicians in Washignton?

I bet you did not even know you owned GM? Now how pathetic is that?

I am not moving no where! It's socialists and commies like you that are destroying this great nation!

I choose to support the over 170,000 U.S. citizens that work for Toyota here and the hundreds of thousands more that support them! If you do not like that, please move to a communist country to ban Toyota because you hate them...


"I have never seen someone so in love with an auto manufacturer."

I have never seen somebody with such a hatred for an auto company!

At least I own one and can speak to these so-called issues. You on the other hand CANNOT! Your just speaking your personal opinion according to what the government wants you to know and their media minions!

The truth hurts doesn't it?

IF you can quote me saying that I HATE Toyota then i will gladly agree with you but I didn’t so you are just assuming. My latest opinions and facts have been coming from listening to Akio Toyoda speak and the last time I checked he didn’t work for the US government. So your assumption that I am getting my opinion from the US government is wrong, shocking since everything else you have said has been wrong. Please keep responding because you are giving a lot of people some great entertainment. You have also proved my previous point......awe, puppy love, so cute. Don't worry little buddy one day you will grow up and see the real picture.

@ oxi

"It's socialists and commies like you that are destroying this great nation!"

You're a moron; do you even know what communism and socialism are? You have provided me with some great entertainment and I thank you. btw: you have really weak grammar skills, maybe when you brush up on those you'll be invited to your first GM meeting since you own them. BYE.

Here is a nice read folks, puts things into perspective:

People blaming their driving errors on Toyota, how pathetic!

@ Daniel - thanks for the reply. The Denso pedal has a different harness than the CTS pedal. Makes you wonder if that has some relation to the "unintended acceleration".

It is unfortunate that there are always people with such extremes of opinion that they end up doing more harm than good to their favorite cause.


"It is unfortunate that there are always people with such extremes of opinion that they end up doing more harm than good to their favorite cause."

It's not the extreme's of opinions, it's the stupidity of society!

People comment on this forum about Toyota's yet they never owned a late model or drove one, they are basing their opinions of what they see in the media and the WITCH HUNT government motors hearings...

Society believes everything they are told by the media and the government which is outrageous. This whole WITCH HUNT is living proof of how gullable society is here and the really sad part is society here cannot even recognize this whole thing is a show to smear Toyota to help boost GM's sales!

It has little to do with safety or safety policy and has more to do with sound bites to print to society to smear Toyota with to help government motors! If you cannot see this, you do not pay attention to how the government works and operates on a daily basis!

I read your link - parasite circuit. It is a good read. It is true that this is being blown out of proportion. I do not any trust government for it is an institution full of politicians.
Your position is extremely Pro - Toyota. It unfortunately does more harm than good as nobody likes extremism. I can see where you are coming from, but tone it down before you loose all credibility.


Credibility was lost when people that do not drive a Toyota have such negative (almost out right hatred) for Toyota, yet they never owned a late model one!

Credibility was lost when the government bought GM and have the nerve to conduct a witch hunt this past week to boost sales of their brand!

The government, media and the lawyers are out to cash in on Toyota's $40 billion on their balance sheet. Sad indeed...

Credibility is lost among society when they accept the government, media and the lawyers sound bites as official and fact when they are merely meant to smear!

It was a grand show, Toyota was professional and answered the questions, the government and the media were not!

I have lost respect for Congress because they lack the knowledge within this industry. They do not understand anything yet they not only regulate this industry, they own 2 companies!

Their line of questioning was not professional, they only sought their sound bites so the media could print them and smear Toyota to favor their brand GM. After all this is an election year!

So if I get a little defensive with Toyota, so be it. Look at how society has responded? Typical and right in line with the governments plans. Accuse and guilt yet most, if not all do not even own a late model Toyota.

It's a smear campaign and society bought it. Sad indeed!

@ oxi

Hey man you need to calm down. You get so excited about people forming their own opinions that you forget one thing, which is the first amendment: freedom of speech. It's your opinion that no one on here has owned a "late model Toyota" but I've stated that I have owned one and that I won't ever go back. You choose to ignore this among other things that have been stated by Daniel and Lou in these posts. Maybe it is you who are blind here and not others. Anyone who feels such a loyalty to one brand and or product needs to look past their own biased thoughts and feelings and see that there are other products offered from this great nation other than foreign ones. Lou is right when he says that you are losing all credibility by being so forthright and forceful of your thoughts and opinions.


A great nation does not resort to socialism and takes over a company and then targets a competitor and makes accusations and assumptions for an unfair advantage in the market place!

Credibility was lost when the government took over GM!

I think oxi's Toyota stock is tanking... although your comments on socialism have convinced me you aren't Culdahl at least.


You have only one point and no proof of it. If you're so fed up with this "socialist" country, why don't you leave? I'm done with your ignorance.

These fanboys do way more damage to their own favorite brands than if they kept their mouths shut!
Bob - GM
Frank - Ford
Toyota - Oxi
Keep it up guys. Your brand rivals don't need to say a thing. Your posts are akin to a self destruct sequence:
10..... 9 ...... 8 ....... 7.......

Hey guys, let's take a collective breath and put down the political sticks and grab our truck guy sticks, have a question for any and all, but primarily for Tacoma owners, specifically where i can find upgrade performance parts.

I've contacted HQ Toyota thru their website 'Ask Toyota' and they're pretty giving me the party line of 'don't add anything to your OE as it may interfere with your warranty' type mantra they recite in their sleep i think.

I'm looking for 8.5mm performance ignition wiring harness kits; converting my power steering and water-pump driven radiator into more efficient electrical units respectively; throttle body spacer; programming chips; and also trying to find aluminum transmission, oil, and differential pan covers.

I've been to countless online sites to no avail.

I've gone to several performance oriented shops here in the Tampa area and a few have Tundra products, but nothing for my Taco - WTF?

Anywho, if anyone can provide a website, name, number of who i can contact to make my 4.0 act like a 6.0 i'm all ears!

Happy motoring from one truck guy to another...

I guess if everyone wants to blame Toyota for the deaths in their cars...then I want GM to apologize for the death of my aunt due to her car being recalled for the power steering problems...the car locked up on the highway and slammed directly into a concrete barrier...the injuries from the crash took her life seven days later... I also would like Ford to apologize for a friend being killed after returning her Ford Explorer twice for issues related to the brakes locking into if you want to point fingers and blame Toyota...why don't you start with the American Now Made in Mexico companies...they have had way more deaths related to recalls than Toyota...

Those pos jap trucks are about as useful as toy trucks. buy american. the japs are cutting too many corners.

The Recall was because the owners placed extra floor mats to protect their flooring. Problem is some owners placed 2-3 layers witch caused the pedal to jam againts them. The solution? cut the gas pedal shorter and reprogram the engine management system to make it idiot proof. Any car or truck with excessive floor mats could get its throttle stuck in this manner. Its was blown out of proportion by the media to help with domestic car sales during this recession.

Well when all said and done, they prove nothing wrong with electronics or software, many people who sued, got a lawyer before there accident, yes floormat can get in the way if people are that sloppy, the other part, part of the actual pedel, was sold to GM and Ford also who actually had 3 times the complaints of runaway cars, just not in the news. here is some news Toyota just won a 25 million lawsuit from Dana Holding who made there frame that rusted, Dana Holdings, made parts for GM and ford also, Toyota was only 6% of business and Ford was 20%, they dont say how much GM is, mmm, if there the same frame, and Toyota wins lawsuit, what does this tell you. Do some rsearch on Fords frame rusting, did this make the news, either that or somehow Toyotas came out different at the same plant, gees, the big 3 would not lie about toyota. Dont you haters see, you can keep bashing and bashing and bashing, but more and more and more people are buying Toyota, in 2010 Toyota in the USA was the # 1 seller AGAIN, I see people who owned both domestic and Toyota say they will NEVER buy domestic again because of this, I have seen a small percentage try a domestic that did have a toyota and regret it all ready. The people who own toyotas most likely have owned domestics before, not true for the toyota haters, they have never owned one

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