Spied! Volkswagen Amarok Regular Cab

Spied! Volkswagen Amarok Regular Cab

Our friends at Autoblog have posted pictures of the regular cab version of the new Volkswagen Amarok.

For now, the Amarok is only available as a five-seat crew cab. The regular cab (with a longer cargo box) won't go on sale until 2011.

The Amarok is produced at a VW plant in Pacheco, Argentina and is being slowly rolled out in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. There are no plans to sell it in the U.S.

But that doesn't mean we haven't driven the Amarok. We drove the German pickup last year in Argentina.

[Source: Autoblog]


It pisses me off to no end that everywhere else in the world they can get trucks like this and we can't. A regular cab Amarok would make a great little work truck. I mean, who wouldn't want a truck that can haul over 2000lbs, tow over 5,500lbs, get 30 mpg, and fit in a regular parking space?

It does not meet the US standards. US standards do not allow that kind of mileage on a truck, it would decrease the furtunes of OPEC. We have a sworn policy to give all our earnings to them on an ASAP basis. If our trucks get better milage it will only drag out the process and make us suffer longer.

Usually I hate the imports with passion, but I have to say I really like this little guy. Dont know what it is but I like the VW. I know it wont be sold in the US but I think its something really nice and will be very popular.

I don't know about you guys but I'm not going to be hauling much with a 5' bed and a regular cab. I don't care what the payload is. No cargo room outside, none inside.

That's the point Big Dave, it's not a truck for heavy hauling. It's a truck for those that want a daily driver with reasonable utility. Basically, it's perfect for taking its owner from A to B with an occasionally trip to C for some mulch, plywood, ect. Then, for that rare occasion when you might need a bit more cargo space, you can use the 2" hitch to tow a U-Haul trailer behind.

For the average person it's plenty of vehicle. If anything, it reminds me of back when I was a kid and just about every family found a way to make do with a regular cab pickup and a station wagon.

It's exactly the point. The ratings may be one thing, but most real hauling and towing takes a lot more truck. I doubt this truck would be good for the average person though. It is more likely for the niche person who is in love with small trucks or poor people in third world countries; hence why it will never come here.

Looks much nicer than the mahindra&medusa.

People have to stop comparing this to full size trucks. When comparing it to the Tacoma or Ranger, it comes out the clear winner with fine capacity, a great interior, and even better gas mileage. I've written to VW 3 times so far, asking them to bring it to the states. Most people will also agree that the Mahindra is UUUUUGLY and a gamble since they have no history (in trucks, not tractors) in the U.S..

Bring it Vdub, bring it!

Most of the Asian Diesel Pickups, can carry 2500lb-3000lb, tow 6,500lb. If they have a Ute bed rather than a Pickup one, that can be 10ft long. Only downside as I see it for the Amarok, is a lack of an Automatic and a relatively small engine.

@CNG Trucker Feb 16, 2010 - That is awkward! I mean, I believe you, but Obama is proposing that all light-duty vehicles get that much in fuel economy by 2016! That would also decrease the fortunes of OPEC. I thought we were trying to produce domestic fuel. Oh what a tangled web we weave...!

"I mean, who wouldn't want a truck that can haul over 2000lbs, tow over 5,500lbs, get 30 mpg, and fit in a regular parking space?"

Comments like this always amuse me, leaving over blown claims by Mihindra aside, if you have trouble getting a normal full-size pickup in a parking place you shouldn't be on the road. Now if you mean a long box crew cab I apologize.

Make that a 7.5 foot or 8 foot bed and a 4x4 and I may well take one , assuming they ever get to the USA .

"Comments like this always amuse me, leaving over blown claims by Mihindra aside, if you have trouble getting a normal full-size pickup in a parking place you shouldn't be on the road. Now if you mean a long box crew cab I apologize."

When I say normal size parking spot I'm not talking about walmart parking spots or whatever that are extra wide with wide lanes for turning. I'm talking about typical city/suburban parking spots.

I own a 2500 Suburban (which has roughly the exterior dimensions of a regular cab 8ft bed pickup) and there are plenty of spots around town I simply can't park. They're either too short to allow for parallel parking or they're too narrow, so that I can't get out of my truck once I am parked. Hell, try parking a modern full size pickup in a typical single car suburbanite garage. Forget it.

A small/mid sized pickup, on the other hand, can easily scuttle into the tighter spots with room to spare. A Colorado, for example, is about three feet shorter and a foot narrower than a full size RCLB Silverado overall. That makes a huge difference in maneuverability and the range of places it can go. Especially when you start taking into account plowing and towing.

It is nice to see someone doing a posting that makes sense. So many writers bash small pick ups saying they basically have no use. You have to consider the vehicle. Small trucks like the VW or Colorado or Ranger have there purpose. The thing most people do not think about, especially the ones that drive full size trucks, is that not everyone needs a full size truck. If you want to compare trucks compare the VW to the Colorado, Ranger etc. Way back when the reason thay made smaller trucks is becuase some prefer driving a truck but do not need the added bulk of a full size. I have owned a couple of full size trucks, they are great, big and comfortable. I also have owned a Mazda, great little truck. It all depends what you "need", with a little of what you want. People just get bent out of shape because they think if they like a smaller truck, and may even buy one it effects their manhood.

Ford, Chevy, Dodge - is there nothing to be seen here?

I only get bent out of shape when they claim 30 mpg while claiming silly payload and towing numbers that no one should believe but many seem to :p

Looks like a Chevrolet Colorado but prettier.

I have a '92 V6 4WD Toyota pickup I am trying to replace. It was a GREAT work truck...carrying quads, towing, good clearance and small enough to get into some tight places (sometimes following no more than a quad track) and still turn around! I have no preference for vehicle make, but there seems to be nothing out there like it anymore. All the mid-sized trucks have gotten huge (including Toyota). Any advice for newer models that I maybe havent thought about yet?

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