Toyota Announces Plan to Fix Accelerator Pedals

Toyota Announces Plan to Fix Accelerator Pedals
By David Thomas

Toyota says a steel reinforcement bar will fix sticky accelerator pedals in 2.3 million vehicles recalled two weeks ago, including 2007-10 Tundra full-size pickups. The company will start to send the necessary parts by the end of the week and says some dealers will stay open 24 hours to accommodate such a large number of owners affected by the recall.

By far the most daunting aspect of the recall was not stopping sales or halting production — assembly lines will go dormant this week until entirely new pedals reach them — but tackling the enormous number of cars and trucks already on the road.

Toyota is in an all-out media offensive to get the word out that it has come up with a remedy, but it’s unknown how big an impact the recall will have on the car-buying public.

A steel reinforcement bar eliminates the excess friction that can cause the pedal to stick

However, it’s almost unprecedented for a recall to be announced and remedied in less than two weeks. Toyota says it is already training technicians on how to repair the cars, trucks and SUVs under the recall.

Notifications should be going out later this week. If you own a Tundra covered under the recall, we recommend contacting your dealer to find out when it is expecting the parts and see if it’s possible to schedule your service ahead of time.

The sticking accelerator pedal recall is separate from the on-going recall of 2007-10 Toyota Tundra and 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma pickups to reduce the risk of pedal entrapment by incorrect or out of place accessory floor mats.

The Toyota Tacoma is not included in the sticking accelerator pedal recall.

[Source: Toyota via Kicking Tires]


Floormat issue is driver error! I threw my recall notice away!

More Americans losing their paychecks this week because of stupid people out there. I watched one lady crying on the tele because she has kids and so forth and the first thought was how stupid society is out there.

They are suckers being spoon fed by a hungry media and lawyers that just keep feeding the flames on a small issue that Toyota took upon themselves to fix.

The media spins this out of control as if it were a widespread issue and the easily bought panic society falls for it all. Classic!

The one doctor who refuses to drive his Highlander and had it towed and is planning to sue is typical of a dumb society out there.

I am glad that Toyota will lose customers like this because they will listen to some hard core owners like myself insteade of appeasing them that at the first moment they get, they jump ship and backstab.

Toyota, you do not need them, move on and listen to the loyalists that have been driving Toyota's for decades. We can tell you more then the crybabies out there.

I bought a 2007 Tundra in 2007,and have not had any problems with it. My brother-in-law,son-in-law,and two friends bought 2008's,and have not had any accelerator problems either.Granted there is a prblem with some of the accelerators,but look at the millions of 2007-2010 Toyotas out there,and the perecentage of problem vehicles is miniscule. I too have seen the press blow this thing way out of proportion,and have seen some people freakout. Our society is becoming more fear driven everyday. Common people get a grip,there are alot more important things to worry about, like will we be a functioning country in ten years!!

Yes the rate of occurence is low, but the severity is very high and it is a safety issue.

It is not always about the occurence when calculating risk.

I get tried of having to repeat myself over and over again. Toyota brand bashing is far worse than anything that goes on between the "domestics". There are many reasons it exists: Toyota: Japanese, reputation for excellence, #1 world automaker, xenophobia, the perception of arrogance, etc..
The auto makers are huge global corporations. They've made huge mistakes, they've tried to hide, cover-up or avoid culpability. This is not a new phenomenon. It will happen again. If you don't believe me, see for yourself:
On the topic of recalls:
Here are the 10 largest recalls of all time. Mind you, this list is a few years old.
Here is another one not on the top 10 list.

Someone said Toyota has had the most recalls in automotive history. Please post that information or a link to that information. I'd love to see it.

There are experts that state that we will be seeing more massive recalls in the future.
I AM NOT taking about Toyota alone.
Every manufacturer makes components that are used in multiple applications.
2 examples are: Toyota gas pedal sticking, and Ford Cruise Control switch fires.
If one of these components fails or malfunctions the repercussions are massive. Toyota's current problem is a prime example.
I do agree With Rick Ervin - there are much more important things to worry about than this.
Jake - you have a valid point as well.

Look! Everyone's drinking the Toyota Kool-Aid.

Boo Hoo Hoo! About time the truth starts to come out about it's "perceived" quality.

The bigger Toyota got the more it looks like Old GM.

Wish I'd seen this before my first post! Classic!

I'll take my over accelerating Tundra any day over any other truck on the road.

Thank you.

Yeah.... Look at all those Tundras running into things out there with that sticky pedal! Their crashing left and right!

I like Kool-Aid :-)

My next truck will be a Tundra as well. Maybe be awhile though... My POS T100 wont die at almost 300K....


Floormat problem is driver problem.
Answer: Many millions car and truck are on the road everyday why only Toyota have this problem what about the others brands. And you are not a responsible driver if you threw your recall in the garbage I know Toyota and Toyota drivers are perfect you know the problem and you are not dummy that's why you did it I only hope if you hit a car or a pedestrian you will will go to jail.

The media spins this out of control as if it were a widespread issue
Answer: Only 2.3 millions cars and truck I agree it's not widespread it's huge.

Toyota, you do not need them, move on and listen to the loyalists that have been driving Toyota's for decades.
Answer: Toyota you can do anything you want build unsafe cars unreliable cars I wil always buy your product Hey I,m a hardcore fan I don't care if I hit a tree because the brake did not work.

You are the typical hole in the back who will buy anything coming from Toyota even piece of crap and believe anything Toyota say there is people like you everywhere so nex time instead of bashing against people drive to the dealer to have your gem fixed and please have your floormat fixed.

I'm not against Toyota it's guy like the one above who believe he's always right and will never assume Toyota like any car manufacturer may sometime make mistake. Plus bashing others for good or bad reason.

By the way Toyota is on my shopping list like any other car builder

Funny thing is I am a ford fan, and if this was Ford I wouldnt be saying oh dont worry about or arent there other things to worry about. No I would be letting people I know about this and wanting to see the media expose this like it should be. What amazes me are people that have such fanboyism they will try to turn this around like it is no big deal. I hope Toyota gets their ass reamed they deserve it. Because once it all comes out Toyota will have to tell the truth, that it wasnt the floormat or sticking gas pedals, but something with the computer.

I agree with rik17, I would take my 07 tundra with a sticky gas pedal, rolled up floor mats, and a rusted frame before I ever even thought about buying an American truck(I'm serious no sarcasm here). The quality of Toyota is second to none, if anything is better it's a Honda. I guarentee the amount of recalls any one american car maker has had far out weighs one recall of Toyota and Honda combined. This recall is just giving american car manufacturers something to make themselves feel better after the financial mess they have been in for so many years.

@ All you toyota crazies

How can you honestly sit here and talk about how great these toyota trucks are when day after day I get on this website and see more and more recalls for these trucks (pedal sticking, floor mat, rusty frames, crankshafts, etc..) please stop acting like its no big deal when yall honestly know they were built poorly. PLEASE PLEASE be realistic and be a big boy and admit these toyotas aren't as amazing as yall think.

@Marc - I suspect it is all 3 - 1.floor mat, 2.gas pedal, I read the accident report on the infamous Lexus crash in California - definite floormat. 911 tapes even have the occupants stating it was stuck.
The gas pedal - separate issue. Ford stopped production and sale in China of Transit vans with a similar design from the same manufacturer.
Computer - needs further investigation. Toyota needs more pressure applied to make sure this is corrected. Congessional hearings are scheduled for these problems.
I actually would add #4 - driver error. How many people cause accidents and blame the vehicle. This would account for a very small number of MVC.
Toyota needs to be held accountable, and deserve all the bad publicity they are getting.

The Tacomas have a similar issue that is widely reported on sights like ToyotaNation. In certain instances, the vehicle takes off - lurching forward. Almost all drivers - including myself - were at a dead stop when the car lurched forwad. I recognize that every company that builds mechanical devices will have issues and am standing by Toyota since the quality is still superior to other brands.


All the focus is on the mechanics of the gas pedal right now. But a few stories mention some still believe the problem lies in the electronic throttle system and not the pedal. Also many lawsuits filed site the electronic and not mechanical systems as faulty. Why isn't this getting more attention in the press? If this is true and vehicles continue to have this issue after having the pedal replaced Toyota will be in for more trouble.


Haha, your post is just too funny. Toyota's quality superior to other brands!

Man you toyota guys are something else. If this was a Dodge,chevy,Ford you would be all over this. Toyotas real quality is starting to come threw. I thought this was just a floor mant issue. It is coming to light in the media becaause Toyota knew about this for poss 2 years before finally doing somthing about it! I agree with Martok, Toyota is looking more like the old GM every day. They care about the bottom line first and foremost. And there quality is gone,junk, kaput. I would drive my Dodge any day and feel safer than a Toyota and it nev had a floor mat issue, gas pedal issue and rusted out frames.What rusted out frames! Come on toyota people what "quality" car maker has had this many major issues lately? And they call them reliable. They are getting everything they deserve, because they where the 1st in line bashing the domestics when they has issues. Yes they had issues in the past but they fixed theres. The domestics have caught up to Toyota and past them. That is why the Toyota cool aid is now sour and expired.

@Dave - statistically Ford is the only one that has caught up with Toyota. Ford is the only company poised to surpass Toyota in quality and global size.
GMC/Obama and Chrysler/Fiat have a ways to go.
If you look at JD Power or similar sites - Toyota still rates high, even with the current problems they are having. It is a sad reflection on the overall state of the auto industry.
I agree that Toyota has become the new GMC. Too big, too cumbersome, and spread too thin. Even their CEO has said so :quote " the outspoken Toyoda criticized his company's relentless pursuit of profits over quality and enthusiast products, saying, "Toyota has become too big and distant from its customers...we are grasping for salvation."
Don't whine about brand bashing. The vitriolic attacks levied at Toyota are much worse than any I've seen aimed at the "Domestics". It's a two way street. "Reap what yea shall sow."

I feel the same way. I think Toyota is just feeding the media and public a "line" to make everyone think they are doing the right thing by replacing these pedals. While in reality, they are scrambling and engineers are working 24/7 trying to find what the heck is really going on.

As the supplier (CTS) has stated, it is not possible for a mechanical failure to cause the car to accelerate (increase in speed). The worst it could do (assuming the driver did not mash the pedal to the floor in an attempt to unstick it) is stay stuck at the last position or slowly to return to closed throttle.

For now I will simply stay far away from any 2001 + Toyota's I see maneuvering in the same parking lot as me.

By the time Toyota gets done paying out all the wrongful death lawsuits it will be lucky to still be producing anything. The NHTSA already proved that Toyota has known about this problem for years but did nothing. Just another company that puts profits over human lives. Pathetic.

I give Toyota a lot of credit for correcting the problem so quickly (assuming that this is the problem). It is just too bad the precision-cut steel reinforcing bar will not help the looks of the Tundra at all. That truck is almost ugly enough to cause an accident on sight. Have you noticed a Tundra usually looks better AFTER an accident? Oh, please, Tundra drivers, don't have an accident on purpose just to improve the looks of your truck.

So how many Tundras have actually had this problem??

oxi, chris, 07 tundra, Ric17 and all you other brainwashed Pro-Tundra/Toyota fans out there. If you guys claim that your truck/brand has the best quality, explain to me this video:

Sure is a lot of toyoya employees trying to defend their poor quality vehicles here. Since this is about PU's lets look at the Tundra, possibly the worst full size pick up ever built. List of problems....massive engine failure after initial launch, frame rusting out after 5 years in snowbelt states. Spare tire falling out of carrier, horrible vibrations, bed flex so bad it damages cab on rough road. Horrible gas mileage, 11 to 13 mpg in city. Brakes needing replacement after 20k, and of course, gas pedal problems. If being a ugly truck counted that would go against them too. Toyota should have looked at the Titan, it's twice the truck. So about the "fix', toyota could not recreate the problem in the lab but they got a fix anyway...wd40 maybe? Or how about it's another smokescreen and this is a electronic problem since most reports say it just takes off on its own without touching the pedal. Give it a little time, this is just the beginning of this un-fixed toyota problem.

I'd say the best 1/2 ton is the Ford F150. It doesn't have the best looks, or the biggest horsepower, but it is the best overall package. Ford also has the most improved reliability of any "Domestic". That statement applies to most of their vehicle line. Toyota used to have excellent reliability. They still rate at the top end of the auto industry. It looks like they are in a downward spiral of General Motors proportions. Toyota beter get agressive and turn around the massive cluster fornication they find themselves in.

Info only, toyota has asked all of its employees to post "possitive" things about toyota and its products like they are a average joe toyota buyer, in as many blogs or comments sections as possible. Good idea, they are on the Titanic and it's sinking. Some people are comparing toyota to GM in here but GM never had to shut done operations by United States government order. I've driven a full size GM truck for 11 years now, it had one recall for bad tailgate straps and one for seatbelt anchor, mechanically it has had 2 problems, a new u-joint and a electric motor for a power window. It's not great on gas but still gets 15mpg in the city and 18 on the hw. A brand new tundra off the lot can't come close to its quality even being 11 years old.

This will shake up all manufacturers since most use the same suppliers. It will in the long run, improve the quality of pick-ups across the board. The Tundra right now has the worst problem with the pedals issue but Ford is having its F series trucks burst into fire due to cruise control problems. That makes both Ford and Toyota trucks below the quality of Dodge, GM and Nissan trucks which have not had as many quality issues. Buyers will steer clear of tundras and fords until they can clear up quality control/engineering problems.
Funny how no one is screaming at the UAW or production workers, when did they stop being scape goats?

Toyota will get through this, at least they are standing behind the product even shutting down production until the get the problem right. The Tundra is still the highest rated pickup by Consumer Reports for quality.

Meh, it's toyota's turn in the barrel and they certainly deserve it, but the predictions of their impending doom are funny.
They still have a looooong way to fall, to reach GM and the likes and it will take a lot more than this for me to drop them.
We have two toyota's and the 2001 has been an absolute gem and the wife's 2009 is still too new to know. It is affected by this recall and we have read a lot about it and neither of us is very concerned.

What goes up must come down, Toyota couldn't stay at the top forever, now its Fords turn to be number one in quality.

Toyota = D.O.A

I had 3 late model Toyota's my 2000 Tundra babied and had 5,000 kms when the engine started the piston slap noise,Toyota said it was normal and when I sold it at 70,000 it was real bad when cold even knocked when warm,not normal I would say...Sold it bought a new 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi,now with 173,000km and never any major issues at all !!! I also had a 1990 Dodge Ram that had 600,000km k and still ran strong when I sold it in 2000,it only had very minor issue's that any vehicle with high km has,never left me stranded,good ole' 318..Needless to say a new 2010 Dodge Laramie is on order.

My wife has a 2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl,so far with 140,000 km not miles km,new struts at 80k and going again. We had to put in a new transmission @102,000km, so I am not trilled about that,besides that it is a fairly good car,NOT trouble free and NOT reliable because a trans at 102k ? Unacceptable in my book !

We bought our daughter a new 2006 Toyota Corolla,so far we took it in for a cat conv really smelled when driving the car,the new one still smells a little.The car also runs rough at idle sometimes,no one can figure it out , only 17,000 km Yeah,she doesnt drive much but now insists on a new/different make of car as per my wife.

So how do these people claim to have not 1 issue with a Toyota.My brother in-law is a tech at a Toyota dealer (thats why we bought the Toyota's)and he tells me all of the new Toyota problems they have with its V-6 engines,sludge and transmissions especially on Sienna vans,and rust problems,cracking tailgates ect...these are major issues.I will never buy a Toyota again !

And the peddle fix has the Toyota techs confused and alot of them dont think that is the cure,or what the real problem is.Also,it will take several months to fix a car under the recall,also some have said that models as far back as 1999 may have this issue.So we will hang on and see what happens.So,logically dont buy a Toyota ! Well I do have 2 for sale,buy apparently not on the recall list so time to let them go .


The Ford cruise control thing was years ago and not any of the new models. Ford is being investigated for airbag issues with the 2004 to 2006 F series but not cruise control.


Toyota did not have a choice in the the matter of shutting down production. Since they did not have a fix they were obligated by law to stop selling the cars affected. And as for Toyota Tundra being the highest rated by consumer reports you might want to recheck that. CR just pulled their ratings for all of the models affected by the recall.

Saw a news clip I think on ABC nightly news. The North American President of toyota said, " I think we have the fix". WTF they think they have the fix? What is this Russian rulette with American lives?! first it was a floor mat issue, then they shortened the gas pedals, now this shim. Toyota people ask youselfs this. If it was just a shim, why wasnt this fixed 2 years ago when they knew they had a problem. why did it take 2 years for a shim? Tis is a guess,and my guess is this will not fix it, it lies deaper. My neighbor just traded his Toyota minivan in for a Chrysler,and his Tundra is next for a Ram. He does not feel safe anymore and is getting the run around by his dealer and Toyota.

I love it when the shoe is on the other foot. For years, these idiots (import fanboys) have endlessly trashed and ridiculed the big 3 for recalls and quality issues, but once something happens to Toyota it must be the US government interfering with them to make Detroit to look better, a north american parts company etc... and general whining over snarky comments that are only half as bad as the crap everyone has taken from them. You guys need to stop bitching.



I have a license to compete on road courses in competition and I am also a driving instructor with SCCA club racing.

Want to repeat your personal attacks?

All I can say is I am not a moron driver out there like 99% of the drivers in the U.S. out there. If my floormat got jammed, I would simply reach down keeping my left hand of the wheel and my head up and simply slide it back.

I am not the type that talks on my cell phone, eats or does not pay attention when I drive so if a simple little issue like a floor mat jam happens would be to panic and crash!

I am well above the general public when it comes to driving and I can smell a stupid issue like the floor mat one presents itself!


I think most posters on here simply fabricate their stories about owning Toyota's.

I can take a polygraph about my experiance with Toyota but what distrurbs me shows the ignorance and arrogance of people in the U.S.

Yes we are all brand loyal but some of the posters are and must be children on here. They present no facts and continue on with their fabrications.

All I can say Lou is I will continue to buy a Tacoma and I am planning a 2010 Tacoma 4x4 soon. The reason why is simple, Detroit offers NOTHING that can match what the Tacoma can offer in its configurations and styles.

In other words you have more to choose from Toyota than you do from bankrupt GM, Dodge or solid financial Ford!

So why would I even consider walking into their dealerships to buy an inferior small pickup?

Toyota is clearly the best in the world with small pickups and with all other makes planning to cut production I further have no confidence in what Detroit makes in this category!

I feel like alot of this stuff is over hyped as well. I asked earlier how many Tundras actually have this problem but no one seems to know.......

Ok first off who do you think in this known universe cares about your license’s, if you think no one then you would be correct.
So are you calling a well trained highway patrolman a moron who called in to 911 while his Lexus ES350 was accelerating out of control and told them “I have no brakes!” right before it crashed and killed himself, wife, daughter and brother-in-law.
If you have read one sentence about the issue you will know that it is much deeper than a floor mat and Toyota has known about this problem since 2001 according to the research that Motor Trend did and according to the NHTSA you can find that article on Motor Trend’s website. Also check out Car and Driver’s website because they did a very interesting test with a Toyota Camry. They tested the brakes with the throttle pushed all the way down to the floor and tried to stop it from 70, 100, and 120mph and they brought the car to a complete stop from both 70 and 100mph but only brought it down to 10mph from 120mph so this proves that there is a much deeper issue here then just adding a spacer and/or floor mats. But then again it would take some reading on your part to find this all out which by your goofy comments, you didn’t.
“I think most posters on here simply fabricate their stories about owning Toyota's.”
So because you haven’t had any issues with the few Toyotas YOU have owned than everyone else that HAS had a problem must be liar. That is an interesting concept, comical but interesting.
“Yes we are all brand loyal but some of the posters are and must be children on here. They present no facts and continue on with their fabrications.”
Even if facts are presented to you, you won’t acknowledge them as such, you would just and just comment on how awesome you are and that you are the coolest human being ever because you have a SCCA license.
“All I can say Lou is I will continue to buy a Tacoma and I am planning a 2010 Tacoma 4x4 soon. The reason why is simple, Detroit offers NOTHING that can match what the Tacoma can offer in its configurations and styles. “
Once again you are wrong because here are the facts which you won’t believe even if it hit you in the face but here it goes anyways. The F150 offers more different configurations than ANY (including Tacoma) other truck (go count them if you have to but it is true). Also on top of that with the F150 getting 21mpg and costing about the same price as a Tacoma and getting the same mpg’s why would someone pick a smaller truck over the full size for the same money, the Tacoma is a rip off. So with the F-150 receiving truck of the year’s honors from Motor Trend in 2009, scoring as a top safety pick by the NHTSA and J D Power naming it number one in quality, you will most likely choose your small Tacoma and that is your mistake.

I am not showing favoritism to any one brand just stating some interesting facts and I am sure oxi will come back with something that isn’t even true or about how amazing he is at driving.
Here is the Camry test:

Here is the Motor Trend article:

"I'll take my toyota with sticking accelerater,rusting frame and broken crank over any other vehicle"Sound like mindless religous fanatics.I see it alot and can only believe it is a result of stupidty or maybe excusing why they bought the thing.Examples, afriend that had the same year toyota pickup as my Chevy S-10,'85 that even with a frame that rusted all the way through and with less miles on it than mine,I had over 200,000 miles, said he thought it was a good truck.Huh?Idiots

Hey, I just heard on the news that NHTSA has not stoped looking at toyotas saftey issues, including electrical issues on this acclerating issue. And Oxi, this is not fabricated!

@Daniel - you've made some good comments. Your links are a welcome sight.
Most vehicle brakes will fail rapidly once overheated. The CHP Lexus crash is an example. Were other factors involved? The accident report points to a stuck pedal, combined with overheated brakes that failed. Here is the link to part of the accident report:
these are my observations:
1. The driver was a 19 yr. veteran of California Highway patrol.(Family on board - did this effect his judgement?)
2. Brakes show signs of excessive heat buildup consistent with a long period of hard braking (he must have "stood on the brakes to try to slow down).
3. The car was loaned to him - does this mean he was unfamiliar with the car?
4. The car had a "push button" start switch that must be depressed for 3 seconds to shut off the engine. Even if the driver tried to shut off the engine the car would have travelled the length of several football fields before it shut off. Apparently there was no attempt noted to try this.
There was no documentation of an attempt to put the car in neutral.
5. a.The car's floor mats were not properly anchored/clipped into place
5.b They were the wrong kind of mats for the car
5.c The bottom of the gas pedal was melted into the floor mat post crash
5.d The pedal is rigid with the only pivot being the main pivot
6.Part of the 911 call indicated that attempts to free the stuck pedal where made and failed.
The information from the vehicle data recorder has not been released yet.
Any death, for any reason is tragic, and needs to be investigated to prevent further loss of life. Toyota needs to be held accountable.
I see three problems facing Toyota:
1. stuck floor mat
2. failed accellerator pedal linkage
3. Unintended accelleration.
Toyota has addressed the first 2. When will #3 be addressed?
Consumer Report had a very good video clip on what to do if your accellerator stuck:

@Marc - Ford still has some issues with the cruise control switch. I read that despite issuing multiple recalls there are still 50,000 vehicles that still need repair.

@Andy - quote "That makes both Ford and Toyota trucks below the quality of Dodge, GM and Nissan trucks which have not had as many quality issues. Buyers will steer clear of tundras and fords until they can clear up quality control/engineering problems". Have you been reading through the posts or done any research on your own? Ford is at the top of the industry in relation to quality and reliability. Surprisingly enough, Toyota still is near the top as well.
The industry average for problems is around 177 dealer visits per 100 vehicles.
I believe initial quality (6 months) is around 122 visits per 100 vehicles.
That sucks regardless of what brand you buy. The auto industry as a whole needs to get their acts together.
Toyota used to be excellent. They got fat and lazy sitting at the top. GMC did the same.
Ford is on the way to the top.
I find it amazing that they don't seem to learn and keep making the same mistakes. My hope is that Toyota's giant mess become a wake up call for the entire industry.

It is great that the company is taking no chances in compromising with the safety of its consumers. This will help add credibility to the Toyota name.


Comparing a Tacoma to a F-150? Why can't you compare the little Ranger to the Tacoma? Maybe because the Ranger does not offer the customer as many options and configuration, so naturally you have to site your precious F-150.

Ford has really nothing that can compete against a Tacoma head on!

A Cali. highway patrol officer that does not know how to put a vehicle into neutral while keeping the power on to steer with, that does not know how to use the brakes and trying to shave speed by controlled drifting, etc... YET has the time to call on a cell phone... note he could have slammed it into park and pulled the parking brake also or do a controlled crash to shave off speed and impact!

Wow, the more you look at it, this Cali. patrol man LACKED proper driving skills. He panicked like most idiot drivers out there would and caused a horrible accident and death when he could have averted one IF he was a better driver!

I teach people how to road race at high speeds, trust me when I say this patrol man was a danger to himself driving!

I once did a controlled drift to reduce speed at over 70mph I drifted my truck sideways down the middle of the track keeping the throttle down to shave that speed. I got it down to around 30, only put 2 wheels into the grass and finished my lap.

Most idiots would have released the throttle and most likely tried to hit the brakes and then she goes round and round and crashed into the wall...

I have seen it first hand doing flagging and communications with SCCA as well as a driver instructor!

Don't hate me because I have a competition license and know how to handle speeds in excess of 130mph on a live road course!

Obviously you either don’t fully read what I post or you just don't understand English. I will spell it out for you since you clearly didn't get it. The reason I compared the F-150 to the Tacoma and not the Ranger is because of the price of the vehicle, which I’m sure everyone else understood on here except for you. Also thank you for not disappointing me with all your useless references to racing and how truly amazing you are. The question you don’t seem to comprehend is this: Why does Toyotas small truck cost so much? It costs as much as an F150 which is a full-size truck and gets about the same gas mileage which is the reason I didn’t compare it to a Ranger. The Ranger costs much less than the Tacoma, so for money it’s not a good comparison.
I do not hate because you have a competition license. I am merely stating how no one cares and that it has absolutely nothing to do with anything we are talking about on these message boards. Did you even read the articles that I left on my last post?

If only the government would not think about CAFE for a moment and look at more important aspects of cars like proper assembly of brakes and accelerators and other mechanical components...I want to know I can drive a car without an airbag exploding in my face or the engine catching fire or the accelerator becoming lodged into the floor, etc. Then I can worry about the fuel economy of my car. That said, I'd rather pay more for gas than pay for an automotive defect-related funeral.

Wow Oxi, you are truly heartless what else can I say. and Danial was comparing the F150 to the tacoma because you can by a lot more truck for the money. I f somone where to put a full size truck next to a small truck and say, "Both these trucks get the same gas milage and also cost the same which one do you want". I would pick the F150, and also its a better truck compared to a Toyota. and Toy service center- Toyota is taking no chances of compromising the saftey of its costomers? They knew about this issue for 2 years! Come on!

@ Daniel & Dave
I would have to say I agree with you guys on this one regarding the cost of a Tacoma compared to not only an F-150, but also a Silverado or Ram. Why would anyone pay for something that costs the same and does less than a full size REAL truck? One of my friends has a 4 door TRD Tacoma, which I’ve ridden in, I am one of those that say buy what you want and be happy, but this makes no sense to me. He gets about the same gas mileage as my ‘08 1500 Silverado and can tow and haul much less. That’s not including the interior space and 6.5 ft bed I have.

@ Oxi,
What is your deal with spouting off your resume every time you comment on someone else’s post? I mean good lord man I can’t think of anyone that cares how you drive your truck, which to me sounds about as useless as a car. Why don’t you go find an SCCA racing website and comment, maybe someone there will care about your supposed skill set. This is a website for truck guys, which to me you obviously are not. If you were then you would have a valid argument about the ongoing conversation, not running off at the mouth about what you supposedly do on the weekends.

STOP DRIVING NOW: Owners of recalled TOYOTA cars being told by feds to seek repair immediately...

Transportation Secy: Don't Drive Recalled Toyotas
LaHood Called Automaker 'A Little Safety Deaf' During Probe Of Problem


I am trying to show you guys this state trooper was an inexperianced driver and lacked basic skills to drive properly normally and under diverse situations. I think California should retrain their troopers and have concerns about their abilities to not handle situations and handle high speeds!

I release my resume because I am not your typical driver, I have competition licenses and am a highly experianced driver, an expert if you will. Basically I am not blowing smoke, I speak from experiance!

And I run my pickup truck on road courses at high speeds, so I know quite a bit how a pickup can handle on road courses at high speed as well with my desert off-road racing background know how to survive the toughest off-road races.

I am a highly experianced driver you guys can all learn from and when I smell something fishy, I will let it be known!

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