Video: Big Trucks of the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Video: Big Trucks of the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

After checking out the introduction of the new 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty pickups, we thought we'd take you on a video tour of some of the biggest and craziest trucks that showed up at this year's Chicago Auto Show.


The CXT is purpose built to compensate. It's fueled by pure testosterone.

I thought International stopped making the CXT, MXT, and RXT. The "BigFoot" Chev was unreal.

Too bad that Big Foot Chevy was put together with duct tape:

The Chevy Big Foot aint no Raptor. That's for sure.

Yeah... it's better. The Raptor is overrated.

@Greg - that would be very embarrassing for Midwest Four wheel Drives (Bigfoot Inc). Looks likes the shocks broke off from the mounts.
Lesson Learned - Stick to Fords.
@Quagmire - why do you say the Raptor is over rated?

Raptor versus lifted pickup (5 inch lift and 35 inch tires)
1.You can hit a steep hill faster without loosing momentum from bottoming out. The Raptor's suspension will allow the tires to stick to the ground allowing better grip for the tires as you climb the rough hill.
2. Mud bog - advanced suspension can take hits better therefore you don't loose as much momentum, tires follow irregularities better allowing better traction.
3. Rock crawling - unless you have a PowerWagon the Raptor's suspension gives you an advantage. Raptor has more travel and can soak up hits better than stock truck.
4. Raptor is wider - only disadvantage is on a super tight trail. Width means truck less "tippy" can drift corners better.
5. The Raptor's locker can stay engaged in 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive up to top speed. Better traction anywhere. Can't say the same for any other stock truck.
6. Raptor has an offroad mode which changes braking and engine power characteristics. Truck performs better offroad.
7. Raptor has Hill desent mode that works foreward or in reverse. Nothing scarier than not making a hill and having to back down.
8. The Raptor's tires are "35"s. Don't know of a stock 1/2 ton that will fit "35"s.

The only place a Raptor can lose if a squid is driving it or you are racing on smooth, flat ground.
The only other disadvantage to the Raptor is that it has a very low carrying capacity and towing capacity.
The reason for the Raptor's poor carrying capacity is becasue stiff cargo carrying springs inhibit or restrict rapid wheel travel. It's a trade off. You want rapid wheel travel to soak up hits or terrain irregularities. The Fox shock provides the control to that wheel travel.

lift kits: This was for for a minimum of 5" of lift. They ranged from 2,000 to 4,800 dollars depending on the components.
I looked at Fox shocks and ones similar to the Raptor's ranged from 500 - 750 dollars each.
An electronic locker was around 800 dollars.
35 inch tires ran around 200 each.
That would put a "do it yourself" pickup at 6,000 - 9,000 dollars of modifications. This is assuming you are handy with a wrench and did the work yourself!
If you started out with an XLT Lariat, or Laramie Dodge you'd rapidly excede the price of the Raptor.
You'd still be without "offroad mode", hill desent, and best of all - a factory warranty.
The 5.4 has less power than other comparable trucks but one would be better served by starting with a Raptor and adding a factory supercharger that comes with factory warranty than going to an aftermarket suspension on a "regular" truck.

It looks like they learned their lesson and went back and redid the suspension mounts before the show. In the video the shocks are held on by cap screws. Now they have hardened mounts. Should handle some impact now. Wouldn't waste the money though.

@ quagmire Okay "chevy" man! Where is Chevy's Raptor beater?Does not exist! Ford took a chance, and by the looks of it , it was a chance worth taking. A FACTORY truck that can be punished offroad and not break. I detest American made trucks, because I've owned them! The Raptor is the ONLY truck from the American brands I would even consider.Obama Motors {G.M.} has lost their originality,and passion for creativity.Put that in your Chevy and smoke it!

Lou, you are correct. International stopped making the "XT" family of super-sized pickups in 2008, as did GM with the Kodiak/TopKick. Now Ford discontinued or will discontinue the F450 pickup for 2010 (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm guessing this isn't the market for pickups greater than one ton.

Wrong. The 2010 F450 is already out now. The new 2011 F-450 will be out in the Spring.

lou you must have no idea about wheeling. that pos raptor wouldnt last on a trail. and something i need to correct you on is your #2 point mud bogging?? with that??? HA number 1. those are custom 315 tires they are 33 inchers not true 315 which are 34.5 inchers 2. the transmission would bog down and you would get stuck 3. bfg all terrains suck and spin spin spin in snow and mud. oh and not to mention bfg all terrains in a 315/70/17 which are the tires on that truck correct me if i am wrong...are not rated for severe snow!!!!! and who cares if you can use the locker in 2wd you arent going anywhere tough rough or out of the way without a front locker. and by my counts there are only 2 stock trucks on the market with front and rear lockers hummer h3t and the powerwagon those are the only two trucks i would ever consider taking off road stock from the factory.

@Zach (I am full of)#2,

44.6 - for someone who brags about his mad trail skilz you would expect him to know 315 does not necessarily equate to 34.5 or 33. Regardless you are accusing BFG and Ford of misrepresenting the tire size which is illegal and dangerous. Everything I see points to these tires being 34.5inches. Prove otherwise.

Pi - The 6 speed transmission has a nice low first gear. if it bogs down then any other tranny will first. Perhaps you can explain to me why an uparmoured M1113 with 160Hp and a 4 speed wont bog down yet the Raptor will.

6.02x10^23- Also explain to me how a vehicle with a suspension rated for 100 mph jumps, class leading ground clearance, electronic lockers, hill decent, multiple offroad modes, the strongest half ton frame and which has pretty much been recognized by the industry for being the most capable stock offroad vehicle is not, as you put it, able to last on a trail. And cut the crap about front lockers. We all want one but up until a few years ago they were only available as aftermarket. Any locker is better than no locker but neither guarantees success on a trail.

@smtrthnu - thanks - I couldn't of said it better myself. If you spent more time in mud than sand any offroader would get "mud" tires. The Raptor comes with a "sand" tire. 315/70R17 BFGoodrich All Terrain TA/KO tires, Nominally 35 inches in height.
By the way - what tires are on the Power Wagon? BF Goodrich 285/70R17 All-Terrain tread. Nominally 33 inches, these tires are actually just a tad over 32 inches tall at standard pressures.

THe Raptor, Power Wagon, Hummer H3T are the most cabable factory trucks out their. Buy the one that suits your wants and needs. They are a better deal than aftermarket as you get a full factory warranty. If you think the Raptor is underpowered, well, wait for the 6.2 or put a factory supercharger on it (still with warranty).

Many guys are saying a "stock" lifted truck would spank the Raptor.

That would make a great test.

Get a Raptor, Power Wagon, Hummer H3.
Then get some "stock" pickups and add aftermarket accessories to them.
See how much it would cost to build a comparable rig to the baseline trucks (Raptor, Power Wagon, H3T) and then test them all together.

Kool the truck at the top is Oshkosh's M-ATV and for those that still have straight axles, this beast is fully independent, 16 inches of wheel travel and is exactly what the military seeks!

Sorry, straight axle vehicles for the military are starting to become last centuries vehicles, if you seek speed and mobility, independent suspensions is the way to go!


The Power Wagon has twice that.

@James - Thanks

@ oxi

Independent can be made strong for a price. No comparison as to what's on GM trucks though.

Articulation is a different form of wheel travel. It only comes into play at slow speeds. Thats why rock crawlers use solid axles. 16 inches on the M-ATV is not dependant on what the other wheel is doing.

Your 2011 F-450 pickup is not the same beast as the 2010 model. Ford got too many complaints about hard ride and low top speed (due to the speed rating of the truck tires) so they have basically changed the 2011 F-450 pickup into a slightly uprated F-350. Ought to make most of the customers happy. I think all Ford needed to do in the first place is make the 'F-450 Super Duty' badges optional on the F-350. GM will pretty much equal the F-450 pickup's capacity with the 2011 3500 HD's.


The Power Wagon could not handle the speeds off-road that the M-ATV can handle...

The PW would break it's little axles hitting the bumps!

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