Video Tour: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty

Video Tour: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty

We've told you all the changes and enhancements that Chevrolet has given its 2011 Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 pickups. Now, here's a first-hand video tour of the truck, its new frame and updated 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel.



WOW I'm speechless very impressive Ford should respond soon if they don't want to loose market share.

I don't think Ford will have any problems outselling that IFS junk.

Well, I'm not a GM or Chevy guy but I like what i see here. To start, A nice METAL front bumper is always a great way to start building a pickup. The frame looks massive and upgraded, I sure it will pull a small home off it foundation.. and I have to admit that I like the wheel design better then that of the Ford Super Duty. Time will tell if GM has improved its quality. We will need to see how durable the new motor is . I think this truck will give the new Super Duty a run for its money. Whats needed is a reskinning of the new truck. Looks to much like the old one.

Thanks for the video. I read in your write up about the new 3/4 ton that a regular car short bed two wheel drive will be available. Is there going to be a four wheel drive available as well? That will be one heck of a hot rod in the two wheel drive set up, but four wheel would be great. It is a shame that they were not able to do a redesign on the exterior and interior some, but as the saying goes "it is what's on the inside that counts."


The front bumper was a huge improvement, while im sure the budget had something to do with a complete reskinning. But, its whats underneath that counts, and these trucks are improved all the way around, so no complaints here. Look for new sheet metal around 2012-2013 with the half ton counterparts.


"IFS Junk" ???

that didn't seem to hurt GM when it was wooping fords A$$ in the diesel shoot-out on this site....wouldn't be suprised if it happend again on the new shoot-out...

and BTW since 2001, GM has gained more market share in the heavy-duty segment then any of the big 3....

Thanks for the video mike, the truck looks great !

Looks to me like we have nothing but good choices here, I notice the Chevy has the front spoiler thing just like on the new Super Duty, both engines appear to share very similar technology, and will probably get similar fuel economy. 400HP/750lb-ft with 25+ mpgs. It looks like the Chevy still has inboard rear shocks? I am still partial to the Ford, but I don't think you could go wrong with either. Thanks Mike for your hard work on covering these new trucks.

Question on what Dan mentioned....are the bumpers actually made of a substantial thickness metal, or is it that tin junk they used on the previous trucks? That's one of the things I don't like about GM trucks, their bumpers are little more than sheetmetal and dent at the slightest tap. You get a much more substantial bumper on even an F150 than you do on GM HD trucks.

Next question, it was mentioned before that GM had something special up their sleeves in the way of a higher performance gas engine (I think 7.0Ls was the number thrown around). What ever happened with that, as I only see two engine options listed?

Finally, like Brian said, will a 4x4 RCSB truck be available? If it is, I'll take two set up for plowing.

Looks like GM aka. Government Motors has stepped up to the plate & just might be able to score a double or triple with this truck! I am not a fan of IFS in a HD truck. It all comes down to what you prefer as they all will probably have similar power HP/TQ ratings.....

Getting Better. I'd take the better ride and handling IFS any day over the solid axle. I'll even be civil to fellow blog readers and not mention anything about redneck noise.

DEF tank looks huge. More expense to fill that baby.

I have primarily been a Dodge guy. Drove the new Ram HD and did not like it anywhere near as much as my 07 with the 5.9 Cummins. Will never buy a Chevy until they get rid of that lousy IFS setup, has no reason being on an HD pickup. I really think this time around, Ford is going to have the best overall package.

But, for the mean time, I am happy with my non emissions strapped 5.9 Cummins which has been flawless to this point. Will not look at any new truck until they can figure out how to handle emissions without costing us, the consumers, all the headache and $$$ as real world testers.

Boy are there a lot of pig headed bloggers here that think that a heavy duty truck won't work with a IFS front suspension. Do everyone here a favor and buy what you want, but leave the rest of us that like the new improved Silverado alone to enjoy it. Those Ford tailpipe humpers sound like little whinny babies that cry and complain about a IFS suspension. Quit your whinning and SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES! I'll take the superior ride with a IFS over the straight axle any day.

By the way, the New bumper looks great and love the fact you can now get up to 20 inch wheels. Great job GM!!!

Did ford show there new 2011 super duty at the auto show yet?

A whiner telling everyone to stop whining! Nice one Bob. Bob, people are allowed to express their opinions, whether positive or negative.

I think the Ford has appeared at every auto show since when it was unveiled at Texas State Fair. I saw it at the Salt Lake Auto Show, though they were not letting people inside.

@bob-If I want superior ride I will buy a cadillac.Everyone who knows trucks knows chevy is a driver and ford is a WORKER period.Chevy and gmc have always been a car with a bed on them.

@ Ernie, Odd that you would like the 2007 better than 2010 Cummins. I found the new one much more comfortable, better ride, Much nicer Exterior and with the exhaust brake it makes better towing on grades than 5.9. Get 19mpg (combined) with new one and 20mpg withold 2006 5.9L. 2010 6.7L Cummins has really improved over 2008 and 2009 models. I also have 2007 Duramax and don't mind the IFS, makes a good highway hauler, but for off road towing and work i do prefer the solid axle in the Dodge.

A lot of guys bitch and complain about the IFS in the Chev. Only one guy posted a reason - too much sag with a snowplow. It looks like Chev beefed up the front end. I haven't heard of any problems with Chevs front end. I have a few friends who own them and have no complaints. My brother hated Chevs and was pissed off when the company he works for bought a fleet of them. He complained about whimpy IFS and poor ground clearance.It's been almost 2 years that he's been driving them and admits they are okay trucks. He hasn't had any problems with the front ends. The current one he has has a tranny leak that they can't seem to fix. He had a different one that had a fender almost fall off due to broken mounting tabs. Each Chev crewcab (gas engine) he's had are "bush" trucks. Most of his driving are on logging roads. He's driven every major brand and they all start to fall apart around the 60,000 mile mark.

Plain and simply if you buy a new truck you are going to get ripe off

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