What Weighs 6,000 Pounds and Can Fit in a Cargo Box?

What Weighs 6,000 Pounds and Can Fit in a Cargo Box?

Now that Chevrolet and Ford have broken the 6,000-pound payload barrier for one-ton pickups, we're wondering how many things fit in a cargo box that weigh that much? Dirt is a good start, as we found out during our road test of the 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty. A cubic yard weighs about 2,250 pounds and we dropped 2.5 cubic yards in the back with some room to spare.

What kind of three-ton stuff would you haul in yours?

[Hat tip to commenter CreigMac for the question idea]


It's not what you can put in the box it's the strenght of the truck.
I prefer to drive a pick up truck with a capacity of 6000 pounds with 3000 pounds in the box than the same truck with a capacity of 3000 pounds with the same 3000 pounds in the back.
Just for safety and durability that's the point.

Mother-in-law.. though it still comes close to maxxing capacity.

Broken up cemet from patio's will do it. Sod can too.

lets not forget blocks of Marble. Had a bunch of them one time as well.

Shingles, I can see one getting 6000lbs of roofing shingles in an 8' bed. I have a 2006 4x4 crew cab f150 with air bag helper springs and I had 44 packages (about 4000lbs) of shingles and they weight 90lbs a package and my bed is only 6 1/2 feet and I have a tool boxin the bed too so really only 5' of useful space. I shouldn't have done it but oh well, it was fine.

Damn! Put her on a car hauler and tow her instead. :)

2 pallets of Tile (3500 lbs a piece) thats a little more then rated, but thats what i'm doing with my 2004 Express van 2500, it handles well.

I would say Bob's BS would easily excede 6,000 pounds. But it would only fit in the back of a GM product. Ha Ha

Obamas ego...

Pallet/s of cement bags, Water tank.

Forgot about a sand spreader with sand.

Props to Ryan! "Obama's Ego"

You might need a gooseneck trailer to haul that amount bilge.

As many "Smart" cars as I can find. I pick them up with my hands and put them in the bed. I think I could get 20 in there.

Im building a Transformer...


Seriously though, scrap material (brocken cement, rock, dirt, gravel, small bucked logs, etc.)

Magnatrac Mini Bulldozer

An 8ft bed truck is basically designed to fit two standard American pallets perfectly. A pallet of spreader salt weighs ~2,500lbs. So, two pallets weigh in at ~5,000lbs. Throw a full 10yd salt spreader on the hitch and you're over 6,000lbs easy.

I know this because I used a setup like this this week. :-)

@Paul - I always wondered why a pickup had a 4 X 8 bed. I wonder how much a lift of plywood or lumber weighs.


I'll do you one better...John Mccains ego haha thats even bigger!

10 slabs of granite on an a-frame. 5 slabs on each side of the a-frame. I'll go for the Chevy Silverado over a Ford, due to personal experiece our Silverado trucks carry those heavy kitchens counter-tops across Southern California everyday.

Sand for the kids sandbox
Freshly cut oak logs
patio blocks

My old 97 Ford F350 handled two standard skids of pallet rack deck plating. It was in the 6 to pushing 7k pound range. Sagged a bit while they were in there, but it's a brute of a truck. Glad to see the newer models won't let me down!

I think Frank's Ford Fanboy ego would crush the suspension on Ford's new Super Duty.
Him and Bob together would crush a Mack truck. You throw Oxi in the mix and the space shuttle carrier would break in half.

Nothing...I use it as a commuter vehicle...

I carried 6k worth of batteries in my old '72 International Harvester 1310 Camper Special. It did quite well. This whole payload thing just isn't that impressive! But I've gotta give 'em kudos for trying!

Political promises.

Your buddy's couch. (at least it feels that heavy carrying it down several flights of stairs)

three quarter ton?.....the pic shows a dually....

i own a 2006 dodge ram...1500....."dont have much payload rating....but i loaded it up with a lot of fire wood....it was riding on the jounce bumpers.......but damn hemi would pick up as it if was nothing......

i also own a 1994 chevrolet k2500 std cab.....and i think i can only haul 2600 pounds....am not sure........CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG..

i hate it how truk makers whant their trucks to ride like a car...trucks are meant to work...not to haul groceries.....

thats alot of weight...jajaja!!

@billiejoe: Doh! That was a bonehead typo on my part. It says one-ton now.

20 rusted out Toyota Tundra's and Tacoma's plus all the other Toyota's that couldnt stop because of random excelleration and no brakes,could also fit a few Toyota cars and minivans that are shot due to engine sludge problems !!!

Heck even some Honda Ridgelines that burnt to the ground,with the smashed,burnt,rusted imports reduced weight of factory qaulity they have,who knows how many can actually fit in the box....

who would wreck a $60,000 dually truck to haul some dirt or stone? you'd have to be stupid. get a dump truck.

Status. Lots of buyers are gonna need an 8' bed for it!!

Holla @ Mike
I think the F450 is a ton and a half truck...so if the one-tonners can haul three tons, that should be no problem for the F450. Happy haulin'! :)

A Silverado 1500, like in the old Ford commercials of the 1980s, straight up the hill, LOL.

@Billy: The 2011 F-450 hauls less than the F-350.

There's really no reason to buy an F-450.

If you are towing the heaviest of trailers there is.

If you are towing it through the mountains.

The biggest difference is the F-450 is only available as a 4x4 long bed crew cab and the highest payload capacity F-350 is a 2wd regular cab model.

A 30"w x 36" diameter coil of steel weighs 5,700 pounds. This is not a large coil, so it would be pretty easy to overload a HD pickup of any brand.

Mountains or not, a F-350 can be overloaded if you are towing the heaviest of loads. It may not be for you, but a lot of F-450 and F-550 commercial customers have built their businesses around this configuration, so it’s important they have that.

"As soon as we got this truck, we slapped a 22,000 pound trailer on it and headed for the field...."

See. You can't do that with a F-350. It would be overloaded. F-350 only goes up to 21,000. That's where the F-450 comes in.


For the landscapers out there Put 2 pallets of Versa- lok blocks in the bed. the weigh around 2400# each.

I haul a water tank that holds 330 gallons of waters approx. 3300 lbs in my 02Chevy 2500.

I haul a full rick of wood in my half ton Chevy on a daily basis. I often times I wish I had a 2500 with an 8' bed so I could carry 2 ricks at a time. But you can't really beat the off-road prowess of my truck and that comes in handy when cutting in remote areas. At any rate, 6k lbs is pretty insane!

That's a lot of weight. I would go with the minority in congress. Those conservatives are the party of NO...so those egos are quite the mass.

The less Congress does the better I always say.

OK, it appears there are those who do have ways of filling a bed with 6K lbs of stuff. Can't wait for the next HD compairo/pictures!

Somewhat interesting side story.

In winter of 1992 I drove a Ford F350 with 7.3 E4OD tranny aftermarket ATS turbo installed, reprogrammed Ford Motorsports tranny ECU. Trip was from Anchorage Alaska to Boise Idaho. One heck of a trip weather wise for November. When I weighed the truck and trailer I about lost my lunch when the guys tells me 22,300 lbs. This was without me, wife three kids, dog and cat. I believe the trucks GCVWR was 19,000 lbs or so, it wasn't a dually. I was easily over 23K going down the road, combined pucker factor of 9.98

Even though I was in 4WD for the first 1000 miles or so, the truck made it with no issues. The current HD trucks offered by all manufactures make that 1991 F350 look a 1/2 ton in comparison. I would never recommend overloading a truck like I did, but it is amazing what you can do with them if you take your time and go smooth.

A 4x8 bed is useful for plywood but try some 5/8ths inch sheetrock. 60 sheets of that stuff and youre getting damn close to 6000 #'s. I had 45 sheets in a '07 Chevy v6 half ton and felt as if the truck was gonna collapse around every corner.

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