2011 Ram Chassis Cab Work Truck Pricing Announced

2011 Ram Chassis Cab Work Truck Pricing Announced

Pricing for the all-new 2011 Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cab models — which get new sheetmetal and interiors shared with the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty pickups and 2009-10 Ram 1500 — start at $28,550, $37,265 and $38,975, respectively.

Those prices include the 6.7-liter Cummins six-cylinder diesel as standard equipment on 4500 and 5500 models. The Ram 3500 Chassis Cab comes standard with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 gasoline engine.

Chrysler says the Ram Chassis Cab trucks have the lowest base prices in the segment and the best powertrain warranty in the industry: five years/100,000 miles. The company also says it’s not marking up the price of the diesel, following Ford’s earlier lead on the 2011 F-Series Super Duty.

Standard features include more interior storage, more rear-seat crew-cab legroom, full-size rear crew-cab doors, standard power door locks and windows and quick access to engine hours, transmission temperature, oil temperature and emission system information.

At the same time, Ram increased the Chassis Cab's axle ratings and gross vehicle weight ratings, yet retained the same proven chassis and powertrain. Upfitters will also find plenty to like, with integrated auxiliary switches, single-set power take-off (PTO) speed and torque converter lockup in PTO mode.

The Ram Chassis Cab is the only vehicle in its segment to offer a manual six-speed transmission standard on all diesel models. Ram Chassis Cabs also have the largest standard fuel tank in the segment at 52 gallons.

All Ram Chassis Cab models are available in two cab styles, including regular cab and the all-new, full-size crew cab. Extended cabs are not offered.

Three trim levels are available: ST, SLT and Laramie.

The all-new 2011 Ram Chassis Cab lineup arrives in dealerships in the second quarter of 2010.

[Source: Chrysler]


Good news for the best work trucks in the business!!!!

Sounds awesome! Nice report Mike. Thats one of the best looking work trucks ive ever seen. Im liken the 52 gallon tank standard. I thought the 38 gallon tank on my 03 Super Duty was big! But its only a F-250.

Anyway, great truck!

52 gallon tank!?!? WOW. And it looks good to! Before the came out with the chassis cab I was always a little bit bummed out about it because the other truck did offer chassis cabs. Now they need to bump the power numbers up to compete with Ford and GM again.....

im sorry, but you can keep the six cylinder diesel. i keep the 8 cylinder gas lol. diesel isnt worth it anymore. it would have been if not for the new emissions. thats why diesels turn me off. all this power and torque, but yet the government wants to restrict it, all because of a few black smokes?

Nice picture..... fake...... but nice. Dodge work truck. isn't that an oxymoron?

Maybe they can regain and retain the lead in this segment. Do you know if it will continue to be offered as a STERLING or did this dissolve with the Daimler deal?

will DODGE/RAM are going to concider putting this truck to some mass production...

i think it would out tow out haul and out run every FORD and CHEVY...


John Cressy
I think that Chrysler had to shut down Sterling when Chrysler went bankrupt...Freightliner Bullet anyone?!

I believe Billy is correct, Sterling is gone.

Chrysler did not own Sterling. Sterling used to be Ford's heavy truck division, until Freightliner (Daimler) bought it in '97 and renamed it Sterling. They only made Sterling versions of the Ram 4500-5500 so that the GCVWRs could reach CDL limits (over 26000 lbs combined). Daimler shut down Sterling due to the economic climate (that's what they say anyway). But knowing Daimler's history with Chrysler, they probably spent every penny made on a Sterling truck for developing their over-hyped, over-priced cars. Daimler loves a cash cow.

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