Update 2: February 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

 January 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in February 2010

No. 1: Ford F-Series
60,525 +23.9% YTD
February 2010: 32,895
February 2009: 23,614

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
42,594 -2.7% YTD
February 2010: 19,822
February 2009: 19,788

No. 3: Dodge Ram
20,224 -26% YTD
February 2010: 10,267
February 2009: 14,488

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
15,072 +1.3% YTD
February 2010: 8,325
February 2009: 7,874

No. 5: GMC Sierra
13,567 -5.9% YTD
February 2010: 6,296
February 2009: 6,400

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
9,372 -23.7% YTD
February 2010: 5,468
February 2009: 5,726

No. 7: Ford Ranger
7,849 +22.4% YTD
February 2010: 3,706
February 2009: 3,597

No. 8: Nissan Frontier
4,487 +39.3% YTD
February 2010: 2,532
February 2009: 1,617

No. 9: Nissan Titan
3,213 +8.3% YTD
February 2010: 1,721
February 2009: 1,508

No. 10: Chevrolet Colorado
3,186 -37.5% YTD
February 2010: 1,247
February 2009: 1,685

Notable Items:
- Chevrolet Colorado slips to the number 10 spot behind the Nissan Titan
- Through February, Ford F-Series trucks are outselling combined sales of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra

Update 1: March 2, 2010 6:37 PM Pacific
Fixed sales reporting errors as originally published

Update 2: March 2, 2010 6:50 PM Pacific
Fixed rank ordering errors


If I had any money to invest I would invest in Ford. It seems things are looking really good for them, and with the awesome new engine choices coming up, It seems it can only get better.

Most Notable Achievments remain the same: Ford, Nissan.

sweet the ranger outsold the tacoma, yeah ford! i knew you could do it!!☺

Something wrong? I only see figures for January.
Ranger outselling Tacoma? look again.

Nope, sorry. The ranger didn't outsell the Tacoma. And GM is still on top! Call them "government motors" and make fun of them all you want but people still know a good truck when they see one, and that's why GM continues to sell more than everyone else.

ERROR: Feb sales are the same as Jan:
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in January 2010

No. 1: Ford F-Series
27,630 +9.5% YTD
January 2010: 27,630
January 2009: 25,237

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
22,772 -5.1% YTD
January 2010: 22,772
January 2009: 23,987

I wonder when the #1 brand versus #1 Corporate sales bash fest will start? Lets get it over with now:
Ford F series #1 brand p/u sales
GM Corp. # 1 p/u manufacturer sales.

Now we got that out of the way -

Another crappy month for Dodge. What gives?
Toyota - apparently USA sales are down 9% accross their entire line, but I saw a story where they were up 25% in Canada.

Ford - are you going to kill the Ranger with the sales increases we are seeing?

Fordgirls must be getting nevous, if ford is all that now why did they only sell 5000 more trucks than Chevy? And that included their f150 thru f950 semi's! Ford still didn't outsell gm pick ups again for the umpteenth month.
Toyota needs to park the tundra, what a waste of time.

Well I read in the news today that Ford was the number one automaker for the month of February in the US. They even beat GM in total sales for the first time since 1998! Beat out Toyota to. I guess if you build crap there is only so much BS that people can buy or be willing to take... hear that GM your days our numbered! Go Ford!

@Quagmire Ford sold 31,773 to GM's 31,982... total difference is only 209 trucks WOW! It took GM 3 trucks lines to go against Fords 2. Hey look at that Ford had sale increases GM had sales DECREASES... wonder why? Bwahahahaha


I'm worried about you're grammer. GOOD LUCK!!!!

No, they don't count up the F950.

LMAO @ Quagmire.

Well I guess we can't use these numbers until we get the right ones so now no one can complain just yet LOL


not that i really care, can anyone find the numbers for half ton. 3/4 ton and 1 ton sales for ford and chevy

hell, if gm changed the name of the former kodiak to silverado, that wouldve helped chevy in there sales, we all know how ford minipulates everything, like their tow numbers, not ford bashing at all guys, so calm down, ill only drive chevys and my best friend will only drive fords, we were both roomates in college and it was great because we learned alot about each company and grew to love them both, as long as its american, its good with me

or are these sale numbers just 1/2 tons, 3/4tons, and 1 tons? im just not possitive, i was just asking, i wanted to see if the 450 was in there, beacuase i think i read somwhere it sold 5000 units this year

Guys I'm really sorry. I've been offline at the Super Duty intro all day today and asked someone to stand in for me with this post. They apparently didn't deliver. I'm going to fix right now.

Please know that I'm really sorry about this.

- Mike

Actually its perfect Mike because now its after dinner and when the GM fans see the numbers for this month they are going to hurl. Trust me I have seen them.

OK - the numbers and dates are all updated. Again - really sorry they were not correctly reported initially.

Position 4-7 need to be revised. The total sales count shows that number 5 should be in 4th position and number 7 should be in 6th. BTW thanks for the updated information.

Also I assume Ford counts the F150 - F450 and GM/GMC counts the 1500-3500? Any idea how many F450's were sold?

wow.... Ford is doing something right to get those kind of numbers. Is there any site that breaks these numbers down as to 1/2 ton sales, 3/4 ton etc and also fleet and rental sales?

F-Series is outselling Silverado AND Sierra COMBINED!!!! So much for GM's 2 brands outselling Ford's 1 brand. The times are a changing!

@Paul Holland: Thanks for the catches! My fault rushing to correct this cluster today. Yes, Ford does count F-450 pickups. Ford doesn't say how much they've sold. My guess is several hundred units at most.

so hopefully this finally puts a rest on the overall sales figures both ways. Ford outsold GMC and Chevy in truck sales (including ranger and colordado as well).

I'd like to point out that aside from the F-series. Compact/Midsize trucks are the only trucks that sales went up in. Especially the Nissan frontier hoo hoo!! And they want to start phasing out smaller trucks. Bah!!

Hey what happen to all those GM fan boys? Kinda Quiet now ain't ya all... Its ok I have a shoulder you can cry on! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

FORD RULES and GM Drools

So Ford fans can combine the Silverado/Sierra sales when they want to make GM look bad, But GM fans can't combine the sales of the two when we try to prove a point ?? yea that makes sense...

and not really suprising, The F-150 is brand new, The Silverado and Sierra are 3 years old....

Define brand new. The 09 F-150 is 2 years old and a refresh of the 2004 model.

So GM fans can whine and moan about combining GM and Chevy sales month after month, but when Ford fans throw it back in their face it suddenly makes no sense? LOL.

hope to see Dodge sales go up and ford sales decrease..


how is the current F-150 2 years old ? They just released it last year....

Fords fleet sales were up 74% for February, I think this figure speaks volumes. I was talking to a guy the other day that said his construction company just bought all new Fords. I asked him how they liked them and he said to be honest they have been one of their most troublesome trucks but the fleet programs were simply to good to pass up.

GM fleet sales were up 115%, wonder how much went to the majority owner.

It was released in 2008. 2010's are out now and the 2011's are coming. Either way, calendar year or model year, it is not brand new. Pay attention.

Dave, You are right. The 2010 F-150 was out in the spring of 2009 and the 2009 has been out since 2008. People still think the F-150 is brand new because the F-150's look so nice and modern and updated and people are used to GM putting out the same trucks year after year that with 1980's interiors.

Toyota Tacoma, out selling the big 3 COMBINED in sales!!!

Nice to know I added to that impressive figure with my Tacoma purchase on 2/27/10...

Tacoma is the best truck in class period!

This is why GM guys can't believe the F-150 not brand new. Their own trucks look like 1980's vintage. So because GM hasn't gotten out of the 1980's, everyone else's trucks must be brand new.

Old fashion exterior:

1980's interior:

If the F-150 being "brand new" was the not surprising reason for increasing sales, why has the new Ram lost sales?

Just when Ford sales goes up all the Ford fanboys are super happy to FINALLY see that Ford outsold GM YTD so far. With this ecomony, Big companies cut their budget by buying CHEAP trucks (ford of coarse). Nothing to be proud of. If Ford was really that great then there would be no need to bash rest of the trucks!!!

Chrysler sales were up 17 % in Canada and the Caravan and Ram were on the top 5 best selling list !! Only manufacturer to do so,though Chrysler is Canada's number 2 best selling brand..What the hell is wrong with the U.S..

Oh yeah,Ford and GM trucks are mostly fleet sales..Dodge trucks are mostly private sales..that explains the weak numbers in the States,though stronger than January !! In Canada the Dodge Ram is a strong seller,glad I live there,though a dual citizen (1/2 American 1/2 Canadian) I prefer to live where the Dodge Rams are Rampant !!!!!

Ford Ranger +22.4%
Nissan Frontier +39.3%
No. 4 in sales: Toyota Tacoma

and American manufacturers want to drop small trucks from their linup? Stupid.

Why did you give Nissan your personal most notable achievements award ? Combined Titan and Frontier they were only up by 1,128 units...not that great in my book !! But I guess it up ?

If you are a Toyota fan,the Tacoma is selling but the Tundra is dying,should not really to be excited about that if you are a Toyota fan....though kind of funny with all of Toyota's reliability issues it is even bringing GM down..Yes the Chevy Cobalt,Pontiac power steering unit is built by Toyota !!! LOL !! Jtekt is owned by Toyota and its making junk parts for GM !! and Toyota !! LOL !!

Something that I think that would be interesting to see with this information would be inventory numbers for the same time period. From where I live in Oklahoma it appears that Ford was the one expecting growth and increased supply to accomodate the increased demand. I do not know how readily available this information is, but I do think it would give a different perspective as to why the increases.



You are so right about the sale of small trucks. Alan Mulally over at Ford better re-think things about dropping the Ranger. Why would you get rid of a vehicle that has been so successful over the years. The Ranger hasn't had a complete makeover since 1998 so all of the tooling costs have been paid for a long time ago. Alan needs to go back to Boeing because he's definitely not a car guy.

I often hear about the paid for tooling, but doubt it's true. Even if they do still use the same stamping dies, which I doubt, there would have to be enough wear to be noticeable in fit on the vehicle. At one time it was a very beneficial vehicle to offset fuel economy losses on trucks and suv's, but it sold in much larger numbers. I think Ford may have even lost money on the sales back then, so it probably never was a profitable vehicle for them. Even so, having bought 2 myself, I for one would not welcome its demise. Kinda still miss the 2000 4.0 ext cab 4WD. I couldn't wait for snow and it never disappointed me.

Karl actually the Ranger was the same since 1993 !!!!

The Econoline Vans since 1992 !! Thanks to Dodge in not making a fullsize van since 2003 the sales went to Ford,and rightfully so,with the GM vans wierd looking near roof mounted taillights..go Ford Econoline !!!

Even as a GM guy, I have to hand it to Ford. Alan Mulally has definitely done a great job at Ford to be able to revamp the lineup the way he has. I'm not a fan of the looks of the Ford Trucks, and I'll always drive a GM truck, but for this month, they beat GM in sales. I did the math. I'm hoping the 2011, and 2014 GM trucks will bring them back to the top.

I personally think GM needs better marketing. Chevy and GMC commercials are just not quite there. We don't have Mike Rowe to help out. It not fair I tell you!

Karl, saying Alan Mulally doesn't know how to run a car company is a bit silly. The public always thinks it has a better idea. They would keep the Ranger. But Ford isn't going to reveal what it is going to do, until it gets revealed. A possible scenario could be that F-100 replaces the Ranger? Just because the public doesn't know what Ford is doing, doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. I hope they do replace the Ranger with the F-100.

Why did you give Nissan your personal most notable achievements award ? Combined Titan and Frontier they were only up by 1,128 units...not that great in my book !! But I guess it up?". - Dodge

Nissan did not have a YTD percentage decrease. I now see Toyota at 1% so that is a notable achievment.

As for the others, well mazel tov on their downard spiral.

So far, I'm loving the excuses from the GM Cheerleaders.

"Karl, saying Alan Mulally doesn't know how to run a car company is a bit silly. The public always thinks it has a better idea. They would keep the Ranger. But Ford isn't going to reveal what it is going to do, until it gets revealed. A possible scenario could be that F-100 replaces the Ranger? Just because the public doesn't know what Ford is doing, doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. I hope they do replace the Ranger with the F-100". - Alex

Ford will bring the Global Ranger. I seriously doubt they will kill the Ranger. The Global Ranger will be competitve to the Tacoma.

Frank and Dave are killing this blog with their anti GM comments. 1990's interiors? Yeah right! GM interiors are the best and have Onstar. Enough said! The bailout money is being paid back so don't even go there. GM will be back when the new model comes out in 2011 and whoops Fords butts! So enjoy this little victory because it won't last long. GM will win the war. Boo yah.

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