Future Truck: 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Future Truck: 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Rendering by Mark Stehrenberger for PickupTrucks.com

Because GM has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to redesign its full-size pickups, we asked renowned automotive illustrator Mark Stehrenberger to take a stab at what these trucks could look like when they debut around 2013.

A few weeks back, we showed you the next-gen GMC Sierra 1500 half-ton. This time, it's the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

A significant influence for the future Silverado is likely to be the 2003 Chevrolet Cheyenne concept pickup. Its breakthrough styling was based on past Chevy trucks that included the 1955 Cameo, 1972 C10 Cheyenne and 1988 C/K Silverado, because each of those trucks shared a "common design vocabulary that was pure in form and purpose," according to GM.

We've also heard buzz about a new production vehicle that might shape the Silverado's skin: the Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro combines retro styling with aggressive modern cues to create a unique shape in that long-running sports car's heritage. It's finding its way into other vehicles, too. The upcoming replacement for the Chevrolet Malibu full-size sedan will show off elements of Camaro in its taillights and C-pillar. So, with both the Cheyenne and Camaro in mind, here's a potential styling direction the Silverado could take that makes it more aggressive than today's truck while carrying forward traditional Chevy truck DNA.

We're told by sources that the Silverado will look significantly more different from GMC Sierra than it does today.

A sleeker exterior is expected to contribute to improved gas mileage. GM is also studying whether automatically opening and closing the grille inlets of its full-size pickups could improve aerodynamics and mileage.

Powertrain improvements are expected to include wide use of direct injection across the Silverado's engine lineup, including, we're told, a (maybe 7.0-liter?) new large-displacement V-8 gas engine. GM's next-generation full-size hybrid technology will also arrive by 2013, with stronger, more efficient electric motors and batteries, giving the gas-electric trucks up to 50 percent better towing capacity.

Like their 2011 heavy-duty brothers, the next-generation Silverado and Sierra light-duty pickups will ride on all-new frames. Expect the HD pickups to receive new sheetmetal that's similar to the light-duty pickups.


Much better looking then the current model.

Looks ok, but trucks are becoming less like trucks every generation.

I like it better than the current model,only because it's starting to look more like a Ford lol.

I don't like the styling. Why does every Chevy have to have the same funky grill design? How about a simple truck with some quality materials. I hope the dash design is not too

Keep in mind that this image is pure speculation, and nothing official from GM.

FUGLY.. and I am a chevy guy. If this is the next gen Silverado I am staying the hell away from it.

i actually like the style of the current generation but i'm waiting for new powertrains. i always believed the Vortec engines were car-based engines with not enough low-end grunt. there's no way Chevy/GMC should be behind Ford on power. direct-injection and slightly larger displacements are the way to go.

I'd buy this truck in a heartbeat!!!!! I love it!

I know this is just an artist's "guess" at what the Silverado will look like, I think it's ugly. This drawing still has the "incomplete" bumper look. That has to go! It looks like they ran out of metal and added plastic to the bumper ends. I liked the artist rendering of the GM Sierra a while back.
I doubt this is what the new Chev would look like. I'd expect to see a "refresh" or an "evolutionary" step foreward from the current Chev/GM products. Offer a 6.5 bed and I'd consider a Sierra. I've seen a few monochromatic Silverado's that looked okay.

Front-end with taste of Camaro grille not bad, but the rest of the body...no thx! Classic truck instead of future hype...

Ouch! I do give credit to the aritst. I really like the shades of gray. Nice color.

why does every concept truck thats drawn like this have to be so damn ugly and not even look like a truck we all know the only thing the real 2013 might take from this is the grille the body line will never happen and if it does than gm is dumber than i could have ever thought

Concept drawings all seem to have two things in common that never make it anywhere near production:
Unrealistically low rooflines
Ridiculously proportioned wheels and tires

Other than that I see the grill from a Lincoln MKX.

The truck has to much chrome on it. Especially those huge rims. Some chrome is ok but this is just over doing it.

Im not a huge GM fan but I have always wished that GM would come to their senses and produce the cheyenne. Though i doubt it will have all the cool features, I have no doubt this truck will will be the best selling silverado of all. I like the current model but this thing kicks ass!

but if you look ford f150 is more like a truck but for pavement only,,,tow something not to big,and dont go to the mud...

Can't wait to see production version.

I'd copy and paste that front end to the current model. I know this is a concept model...but I hope that the production model looks better. Looks like a Nissan Titan Crew Cab with a Ford F150 engine clip and a neo-Hummer bed.

With 12 new chevy trucks since 1995 for my landscaping biz...with no problems, all with 175,000 miles then sold or traded in I know chevy will alway do me right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think it looks decent.

but it looks like kinda more future-like....are we ready for such a big change?

wow?@#@! a 7.0L cant wait to hear more about this mean machine..

I looked in the toilet bowl(after a party night),and I have seen Chevy's next truck !!

I'd buy this truck in a heartbeat! I love It!

i like this truck. i drive an '01 f150. if this makes it to production, i will make a serious consideration for this. by the way, how much performance and gas mileage is lost by those twenty something inch tires and rims?

Boy my 09 dodge looks better all the time great looking great performance , the present chevy looks better but this is just a sketch ..

Its about time they changed the truck.I like the styling of the current ones but the main thing is i hope they focus more on the interior.The current GM trucks are the cheapest cheesiest looking interiors on the market.The car line follows trucks as the exteriors look awesome but the interiors are just dollar store cheap. Get with the program GM.

Stehrenberger is a talented artist no doubt, but those concept drawings are pure speculation and usually far off the mark. Wait and see. Also, I see very little chance the rumored 7L will ever be used in the 1500's.

I own a 02 GMC Sierra. I'm the second owner msince 05 and couldn't be happier with it. I don't understand why these newer 1/2 ton trucks have to look so huge. I parked next to a newer Chevy and it made mine look like a toy. I can understand the HD trucks being that size. I find my interior to be comfortable and gas milage and power is more than adequate ( standard cab, 4.8 V-8) for what I use it for (pleasure with occasional towing). I really don't think light duty trucks don't need to be as big as they are.

Wow is this bad. Why is it you have to go back 2 generations to 1998 to get a good looking GM truck? LOSE that gaudy 3 piece bumper! My goodnes, a chrome strip with plastic end caps is embarassing. Why can't we just get a bumper like GMC uses? Heck for that matter the sheet metal design as well.. Those headlights are straight off their SUV line and the bed is Hideous. Since when does a bed end right behind the wheels? And is this some half breed step side or what? Follow that body line from the front fender ALL THE WAY to the back of the truck and make a nice wheel well opening. No more of this cartoonish flared bed garbage. I know this is just an artists rendering but I hope the new Silverado has nothing in common with this except for maybe the cab. I'll stick to Dodge or Ford next time if this is what they've got. I wonder if they'll quit buying their interior parts from the Dollar store? Their cheap plastic interiors have really destroyed their legacy as 'Chevy Tough' and 'Like A Rock'.

@Big Bob: You're correct. The 7L would only be for HD pickups. Sorry that's not very clear in this post.

Looks like GM is trying to copy the Toyota Tundra. How much you want to bet the production model still looks like a crappy Chevy as usual?

Pick up trucks used to look good...not any more.
Big three had very good looking trucks in mid 1990.

Instead of Camaro styling ques, how about the '67-'72 Chevy and GMC pickups? Those ought to be GM's inspiration for new truck designs.

i like what i see ,nice truck great timming i hate the current GM trucks

I hope that great story for tomorrow is about the future F-150's. But it will probably be about another Toyota recall. Bummer.

@Rich1, How is GM trying to copy the Toyota Tundra? This is just an artists rendition of what he thinks the next Silverado would/will look like. Even in his rendering, I see no styling cues from the Tundra.

Why does Chevy have to wait til 2013 to put an all new frame under the Silverado? Why can't Chevy just go on and put a newly improved, redesigned frame under the current truck to make it stronger and more capable, therefore following in the same footsteps of the Chevy HD?

Bring it out from the start with both the new second-generation dual-mode hybrid system and the option of the 4.5 liter Duramax diesel engine........and make both options available in the Suburban and Yukon XL.

Once again Chevy makes the UGLIEST damn truck on the road. They must like being second best behind Ford.

Steven - Take a look at the Toyota FTX concept (the vehicle that the current tundra was based on). This new Chevy look (artist rendering or not) has unmistakable similarities. Although I admit the grill and side mirrors are unique for the Chevy :) .... Toyota released the FTX concept in 2004. This artist must be living in the past.

@Rich1, After looking up pics of the Toyota FTX concept, yeah you're right, this artists rendition does look like the FTX concept. After seeing pics of the FTX, it does seem like the artist just drew out the basic FTX bodystyle and just gave it a frontend to make it look like a Chevy. If this artist is so renowned, I'd think he would've done a rendition that is original and not copying from any previous concept truck designs whether it be from Chevy, Ford, Dodge or Toyota.

Not to bad.. But it never ends up like the drawin Board. That bed looks like its shrunk in some.. 5FT Bed. I would have to wait and see this Baby.. GMC also looks good too. Wonder if the 5.3 Litre still be around, probably the 6.2 version!!! COOL!!!

I've heard there may be a 5.5L DI V8. The Denali XT has a 4.9L DI V8, I wonder if that will be a future engine. DI on its own doesn't seem to do a whole lot, but any bit of improvement helps I guess, just as long as the added cost doesn't outweigh the improvement.

The first company to offer a small V8 diesel (or inline 6 cylinder diesel) in a half ton truck is going to take the cake. We are waiting.

I suspect Chevy will seek more design clues from Chevrolet Kodiak / GMC Topkick lines and hummer in future trucks.


reasons are its more trucky and
they can reduce the frontal area and improve aerodynamics
Still they can use the macho design clues (not just boxy )

I am not a huge fan of this look, but it really doesn't matter because GM always takes the safe road. I remember seeing the Colorado concept on this website and I would have bought something similar to that truck. But, GM had a better idea and built the tinny, cheap interior others have noted and laid an egg. I ended up buying a 2004 Tundra DCab and I"m happy with it. Every Colorado I see reminds me that Lutz and his design guys need to retire or GM will stay the slow evolution process that has kept them barely churning along.

Will there be a Suburban and Tahoe based on this? Seems like the current Suburban is smaller than the current one. That roofline will make it smaller again. I wonder if the next Suburbans and Tahoes will have IRS.

Is it me or does this look A LOT like the Ford F-100 concept?

@Josh, it not you it does look like the F-100 on the bumper where the Fog lights are... LOL Still looks good. Way better than the one now...

The same guy sketched the Silverado and F100. You'd think he'd come up with something different.

I'm I Chevy guy but this is ridiculous. I'm gonna want a brand new truck by 2013 and as much as I hate to say it, it's not gonna be a Chevy if they start doing this Toyota/Ford BS. Lets stay American and build them like they used to. A solid front axle would be nice too...

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