Future Truck: 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Future Truck: 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Rendering by Mark Stehrenberger for PickupTrucks.com

Because GM has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to redesign its full-size pickups, we asked renowned automotive illustrator Mark Stehrenberger to take a stab at what these trucks could look like when they debut around 2013.

A few weeks back, we showed you the next-gen GMC Sierra 1500 half-ton. This time, it's the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

A significant influence for the future Silverado is likely to be the 2003 Chevrolet Cheyenne concept pickup. Its breakthrough styling was based on past Chevy trucks that included the 1955 Cameo, 1972 C10 Cheyenne and 1988 C/K Silverado, because each of those trucks shared a "common design vocabulary that was pure in form and purpose," according to GM.

We've also heard buzz about a new production vehicle that might shape the Silverado's skin: the Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro combines retro styling with aggressive modern cues to create a unique shape in that long-running sports car's heritage. It's finding its way into other vehicles, too. The upcoming replacement for the Chevrolet Malibu full-size sedan will show off elements of Camaro in its taillights and C-pillar. So, with both the Cheyenne and Camaro in mind, here's a potential styling direction the Silverado could take that makes it more aggressive than today's truck while carrying forward traditional Chevy truck DNA.

We're told by sources that the Silverado will look significantly more different from GMC Sierra than it does today.

A sleeker exterior is expected to contribute to improved gas mileage. GM is also studying whether automatically opening and closing the grille inlets of its full-size pickups could improve aerodynamics and mileage.

Powertrain improvements are expected to include wide use of direct injection across the Silverado's engine lineup, including, we're told, a (maybe 7.0-liter?) new large-displacement V-8 gas engine. GM's next-generation full-size hybrid technology will also arrive by 2013, with stronger, more efficient electric motors and batteries, giving the gas-electric trucks up to 50 percent better towing capacity.

Like their 2011 heavy-duty brothers, the next-generation Silverado and Sierra light-duty pickups will ride on all-new frames. Expect the HD pickups to receive new sheetmetal that's similar to the light-duty pickups.


A Solid Front Axle would be fantastic. However, GM doesn't even Offer a SFA in their Heavy Duty line. They'll never compete in that truck segment again since both Dodge and Ford give you a SFA. GM still uses that chintzy torsion bar suspension to cut costs. Heck, look at their frames! Even the new one hangs down from the body in that stupid low slung fashion and sticks out like a sore thumb. If they don't give you a real axle in a heavy duty truck, they'll never give us one in a 1/2 ton. The last 20 years has been a sad time for Chevy truck guys.. What's left of them.

Why the hell would Chevy want to put a solid front axle under the 1500 Silverado?

Why can't Chevy make a good looking truck? Well hold up, they don't have a good looking VEHICLE now! Ford and Dodge looks keep it classic. I hope to God this ain't the next "SILVERADO." (Clearly, the name doesn't even fit the current model!!!) GM would do better if they just went back to the 1980s era body styles and made new powertrains. GM interiors are so dull too! They've had the same interior in their trucks since the mid 1990s models! I'm a Ford man and always will be unless Ford makes something gay looking like this Chevy. To even make a current Chevy look good you've got to lift it and put aggressive tires on it. Then it still doesn't look all that great! But, everybody should just buy American like Ford and Dodge. By the way, TOYOTA SUCKS!

@Nunya, I highly doubt the 2013 Chevy Silverado will look like what's in the picture. All that drawing is is just an artists rendering of what "he thinks" the next Silverado will or would look like. I don't know if you've read some of the previous posts, but some think this artist is living in the past b/c his rendition of the 2013 Silverado strikes a resemblance to the Ford F-100 concept and the Toyota FTX concept.

Whatever Chevy does - get rid of the incomplete front bumper. One of the worst design ideas of all time. Men want their trucks to look tough. Go back to some of the basics.

Johnny is Dead On in his comment!! And I agree that the last good looking truck Chevrolet had was 1998. It was also the last generation of Chevy trucks that had sturdy sheetmetal and a sturdy interior. From then on Silverado's have become a joke. From their ugly looks, to their low 'Girly' ride height, to the cheap rusty rotting sheet metal, to their dimestore craptastic interiors. I think they got a good deal on some cheap plastic from the local recycling centers..

And why do they all sit uneven? The front sits way too low.. I don't want the jacked up hotrod look on my truck GM! Either way that Incomplete god awful 3 piece bumper has to go and NOW. Not 3 years from now. Put the GMC Sierra bumper on it or something. Chevy has destroyed it's truck legacy and they need to fix this stuff before it's too far gone to save. And that flared bed on the Chevy is just terrible. You don't flare an Entire Bed. Time to fire these moron designers and get some real truck guys in the Chevrolet department. Men want real trucks. Something Ford and Dodge have figured out.

I'm a diehard Chevy guy, and I admit that even though the current Silverado bodystyle came out in late '07, it really does look old. And while the current truck may have certain new advances over the old C/K and the '98-classic '07, I still prefer the C/K series as it's still a damn goodlooking truck and they are tough as hell.

I like the new look, good curves, i like to see one with the 572 eng. victory red with the black strip and black and red int. lookin good GM i hope to see more.

I'm in the market for a pickup and always liked Chevy. I went and looked as new ones for about $38k and the whole inside was the cheapest plastic I've ever seen. The dash and doors were horrible. The seats were cloth and the center portion was about as soft as a 2x4. It just shows that they have dropped the quality out of the brand for profit. I bought a new Chevy in '97 and the cloth felt great and the dash and door panels had a softer plastic material that actually felt okay to touch. These new trucks are just awful for the price. I guess I'll go look at other brands and see if they are the same.

I'm sure the actual model from this drawing will look very good, hopefully there will be a new erray of exterior color choices to go for on the 2013 truck, maybe Brick Red Metallic, Onyx Black Metallic, Royal Blue Metallic, or even a Silver Green Metallic for the Hybrid or Southern Comfort models, no matter what the outcome, I'm looking foward to replacnig my 2007 model in the next 2 years.

Has any checked out the 2012 Colorado replacement- googled under : "2012 Holden Colorado", the truck looks good and may give us a better idea in terms of styling from the front end at least, of what the next generation Silverado will somewhat look like.

far behind ford

This looks like a bigger knockoff of the cheap small truck that chevrolet has now that looks like it was made in tiawan.Please make a truck like you guys did from 1988 to 1999 that will last.As a pearson who loves GM this looks like a obama motors vehicle!I have a 2004 GTO I purchased only because I thought that the workmanship was top af the line.I was so happy with it I decided to store it and it only has 1006 miles on it.In 2009 I purchased a Camaro SS and again I was impressed.Please remember some guys work with their truck.This picture looks good but what you guys sell for 65,000 will be too far out of reach for a real working man.and that 1997 wan't look too bad.Do the right thing!

if this is the future of chevy,ill say .....no thanks and buy a jeep.this truck is a honda ridge line extended. if i want a honda ill buy a honda.

be nice to own but wudnt be my first choice......looks like a ford body!

Love it would buy one asap!!

is this a "GM"interpetation or just and artist?

this truck is cool.I hope they put a concel in it with a automatic on the floor shift. ford has had this for a few years and people like it. If they build this truck I will buy It as soon as it hits the dealer floor.

They are redesigned to become less wind resistant and more fuel efficient it may be an ugly idea but its the future of all vehicles. Less curves in the ehicle design obviouly work better

Ugh...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...

I hate it. It looks like there is too much car concept put into this "future" design making it basically useless. We need a real aggressive for real life use type of design. I would personally like a truck I wouldn't mind taking outdoors and hauling wood or other materials and not being afraid of putting a scratch on it. I love the 2011 headlights being able to see god n everything but even that body design is kinda weak. If I am gonna spend that kind of money on a truck then I want something actually useful.

I love chevy but this concept needs to be trashed. Get away from the car look. It's a TRUCK for gods' sake!!! If the designer can't come up with a REAL truck then fire them! I would. I've got a 70' chevy pickup and a 99' chevy tahoe and my mom n dad have two silverados', one 93' and one 07'. Plastic is not the answer. Go back to American Steel. I would take the seat design of my tahoe with the material design of the 07' and the ride height of the 07' n body of 70' or older and the headlight design of the 07'. That would be a truck. I'm not payin $20,000 and up for plastic bs. Until then I'll just redesign my own chevys'.

I thought it was a Honda Ridgeline!!! That thing looks ugly.

And metal weighs too much! So u keep redesigning your vehicles...id love to see that..looks like the hillbillys came to town...

The new look is much improved over the bloated pregnant jelly fish look. GM would benefit from taking a page from Ford's design book. Ford design is slim lean clean and mean. A 2009 F150 standard cab with the small side rear window in red is a top pick.

I am a proud owner of Chevy's. I am happy with them with some complaints. They look great inside and out. I have in the past 4 years owned a lot of chevrolet trucks. I have owned a 2004 Colorado, a 2008 Colorado, a 2003 3/4 ton 2008 Ford 6.4 twin turbo (REALLY LOL), a 2009 Chevy 3/4 ton 4 door LTZ, a 2009 3/4 ton crew cab, a 2008 1 ton dually (that just blew up with a miere 150,000 miles on it!) And traded the blown up 08 in on a 2011 gmc 1 ton flatbed that has the work package on it. I do think the work packages are a little cheesy but they are work trucks too. What does everyone expect to drive a cadillac but with a traverse price tag. Common, I decided a long time ago that I would not put myself in a guzzeling dodge, and after having the redesigned f350 new biggest baddest truck around (so they all said) I won't go to anyone else! After sitting in a blown up 1 ton ford for a whole night and getting only 17,000 for trade in on the piece, after 3 motors, fuel pumps, ya I think I may have gotten a lemon, but ford did not stand behind their product!!!!!!!!! Chevrolet is where it is at. I do how ever have a couple beefs with the new diesel's though. I wish they would test them out better instead of selling us overpriced junk that gives us an "Engine power reduced" because our fuel is not clean enough to support all of the junk they have put on these new "fuel efficent" trucks. I have to say, I know the government is forcing them to do all of this, but please fix the current problems with your new urea system and this particulate filter problem before changing the design. Or please feel free to let me try a couple and I will give a good run out of em for 150 k and I will tell you if they are any better:) I have had all these trucks rest assured if they are getting rid of the colorado they will be producing something soon. They always have a need for a small pick up type like those. I sure hope that my o9 3/4 ton lasts longer than my dually did, and if it doesn't I am closing up my business. I will not drive trucks that are not trustworthy. Please if I can say one thing... Please fix the fuel problems before putting them on the market. We love and have trusted your trucks for years, please don't dissapoint us! Thank You:)

There have always been, and always will be, a bad apple or two. For the most part though, Ford, General Motors, and Ram ALL put out some great trucks. There are many, many more; abused, beat, and punished pickups on the road, from these companies, still asking for more than there are "lemons".

The key word we should look at here is they put out some good half ton trucks. The diesels are all having problems from 2008 and above. I just wish they would fix and put in the effort into fixing current problems. To be honest who cares what the truck looks like as long as it lasts and is reliable, I guess that is the point that I am trying to make here. They are all putting out good half tons. But their diesels right now are all junk. I know I use them, as well as the coal mines where I live. Fleets of them, and they start having problems at a little 3,500 miles. They are just off the floor lol. I just hope they are able to produce long lasting trucks soon.

dodge looks way better always

how long will it take till we get a damn new silverado. damn making us chevy guys switch to ford or dodge. or even to-yo-tah. hopefully we get the new and improve body style by 2011. I know they said by fall of 2012 but man you gon make me wait that long. gm speed things up a bit. you make good trucks, but you making wait to long for this new bodystyle. what happen to getting a new design ever 4 years or so. now i gotta wait a decade.

I saw this article at another website. Here is the link

The sleek look gives this truck many different possibilities to look beautiful no matter what you decided to do to and where you wasn't to take it!!

There's a couple standards I expect in a truck - a traditional looking bumber on the front, and on the rear. Change it up all you want in-between. Looks like Chevy might get a few buyers back from GMC with this bodystyle - but it doesn't matter, they're all the same.

If this truck comes out, i will go buy a dodge before i but this truck, damn you chevrolet you have a good thing going with the truck you have now!

As a chevy person I dislike theere concept of the 2013, chevy needs to stay american. and as a another question is there gonna be a 4.5 diesel 1500 on the market soon?

This thing looks nice I might be a 10 year old but I know by all the truck I've seen this thing need a longer bed

Guys this is not even close to what the new silverado looks like. I promise its a very clean and fantastic style truck. I work for GM and this is a sketch thats been released from the same guy who always does these. Expect some major changes for the new silverado and sierra. They are both going to be big sellers and the body style is amazing!! I cant wait myself. Fall of 2012 it will be on the ground first release will be the Crew cab Z-71 on both models with new engines and promises up to 26 mpg.

Z-71 is joke and still will be in the Fall of 2012!

The next generations of GM trucks will look crappier than they already are!

@GM Desk Help- Gm should postpone the 2012 date to 2020 because that when they will sell all of their 2010/2011 back stock they can't sell now. Back to the old ways of just puttin them out!!! Headline GM bankrupt 2025!!!!!!

This reminds me alot of a Ford especially the top of the cab and bed... if chevy starts to look like ford like this concept they will deffinately go down some notches in my book. the front end looks sound though, if they put that on the current model i think that would be a really nice truck. the current chevy models have a beautiful body the only thing thats questionable on them is the front end, it's alright but deffinatly could be better. i have a 2009, 2003, 1992, and a 1986 silversdos, well the 86 is a custom deluxe but same thing. personally the 03 04 models were beautiful if chevy went back to something more like that it would be awesome. A big problem in my book in these newer trucks is all the computer stuff they do to them and i hate the traction control in my 09. i know you can turn it off but it seems like it still kicks in a little. my 92 i never got stuck that thing is a beast and newer truck are girly compared to the older ones. ive seen people try and go wheelin with the newer models and the minute this one guy started goin through a pretty good sized puddle, that my 92 has no problem with, the motor shut off and he hydrolocked his motor. i would have to be absolutly crazy to try and take my 2003 or 2009 off road and i hate that, not that i would but the fact that if i tried they would get destroyed.... sad

To be honest, I dont like it.
What about the ZR2 concept, that is bad ass.

At first glance the front of it reminded me of a Cadillac

I think people need to realise befpore coming to conclusions that "trucks are becoming more like cars" that concept quite often only are toying with designs or potentially showing what things to expect. Also to note is that this is purely a rendered picture and is not representative of the design.

So dont get upset just yet if this isnt what you were expecting!!

I have full faith in GM that the trucks are gonna come out looking great and as trucklike as ever.

do not like the cab or the flares the front looks great. like to see the back of the truck. not real keen on the new look. will take some getting use to. raise the cab a little and throw away the flares and you got a truck people will like

Truck Looks Nice. Would Like To Know When They Come Out

This truck speaks for it's self. UGLY! I am a young guy and my whole family has had a chevy truck in their drive way at some point and time. Heck my first truck that I'm driving to high school is a 2003 silverado. My gosh I am all for having a big engine, hard working, all American truck. But this thing... Really? It looks like a Chinese moving van. I am all for making new engines, chassis's, a nice design, and keeping the signature chevy look to it. Please Chevy, don't let me down... AND BRING STANDARD TRANNYS BACK!!!

This truck looks like the Ford F-150 and the Toyota Tundra had a baby. Don't like it, very ugly. I've been a Chevy man all my life, very disappointed.

wow , nice looking , and ill be 50 yrs old , great looks , we cant change on how the times are changing , one either likes it or not , chevy will always get people to buy there autos one way or another , i have had 6 chevys and this new truck is great looking , yes we use them for trucks , but why not have a little flare to go with it , good job Chevy , u have my vote . When i always buy a new truck , i have to add nicer and bigger tires , and chrome to it and a few other things , this looks to be good to go right off the line , just plz , have a few more opions for the outside of them. , love to see this truck come to life

I think this is a great looking design for the GM Trucks of the future

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