GM Announces Best-In-Class Power Figures for 2011 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 Diesel

GM Announces Best-In-Class Power Figures for 2011 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 Diesel

Just last month, Ford announced that its all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel would pound out an incredible 390 horsepower and 735 pounds-feet of torque, giving the F-Series Super Duty best-in-class power ratings for heavy-duty pickups. Now, that short reign is over, according to General Motors.

GM announced that the updated 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups will make 397 hp (at 3,000 rpm) and a mind-blowing 765 pounds-feet of torque (at 1,600 rpm). That’s 105 more pounds-feet of twist than the 2010 Duramax V-8. We just warped our keyboard writing that.

The Duramax V-8, dubbed “LML" internally, is the latest generation of GM's HD diesel since it was introduced in 2001. Sixty percent of its parts are new, and Duramax chief engineer Gary Arvan said it will be 11 percent more fuel efficient than the previous LMM Duramax.

Duramax 6.6-liter LML Diesel

A different dyno-rated version of the 6.6-liter Duramax is offered in GM’s HD chassis cab and box-delete models. It’s based on the same new architecture and includes most of the same features as the pickup version, but it is engineered to meet federal certification standards for incomplete vehicles, including the incorporation of a different exhaust-gas recirculation system. It’s rated at 335 hp (at 3,100 rpm) and 685 pounds-feet of torque (at 1,600 rpm).

There are no changes in final power ratings for GM’s 6.0-liter V-8, which continues at 360 hp (at 5,400 rpm) and 380 pounds-feet of torque (at 4,200 rpm).

HD Pickup Truck Comparison Chart


Wow, ladies, calm down. First, GM has always waited on Ford to make sure they beat Ford numbers. That is what a coward does! After all they are just GM hype ratings. The truth always comes out when the trailers get connect and the Ford pulls ahead. The truth be known most people posting here have never pulled a trailer or even been in a HD truck. There is a VERY good reason why Ford dominates the heavy duty diesel market, because their pickups work best at doing the intended job and all the talk on the site or any other will not change that simple fact. 7 HP and a few foot-pounds more is hardly worth mentioning beyond a commercial or 2.


Ford copied ideas from the 4.5 duramax and put them into the 6.7 powerstroke.... so who copies now ?

second, didn't Ford wait on GM to realease their payload numbers so Ford could increase them ?? Both companies play "chicken" with each other to try to get the other man to blink first... Ford does it just like GM does...

C'mon get real guys, this is government motors we're talking about, as in MAJORITY OWNED by uncle sam.
These numbers are about as credible as the kenyan's campaign promises.

The shootout will tell the tale and silence all the brand loyalists, so please, put a sock in it till then.

PS, why is it always the bowtie boys who have the IQ's that match their shoe size???

Where did Ford get one of those 4.5L V8 Powerstrokes that never made it past pre-production, just so they could copy it? (The one that was predominantly designed by VM Motori)

I want to set one thing straight. GM makes the Duramax. Isuzu is gone. Isuzu had nothing to do with the new engine. GM designed the engine, GM calibrated the engine and GM is building the engine. So please stop saying "at least Ford had the balls to make a diesel in house" because GM did to.
Yes, Isuzu helped in the initial design, but the 2011 engine is all GM.

@TheRealist, if Ford really pulls ahead, then why in the 2007 HD shootout, did GM come out ahead of Ford in EVERY acceleration test?

First, GM plays the numbers game instead of trying to just do the best they can. It certainly is a cowards approach to wait for the competition to announce, how afraid must they have been? Ford typically wins the trailer comps anyway. Most guys on this site haven’t pulled a trailer and fall right into GMs number game hype. IF you really think 7 hp and a few extra foot pounds (on paper mind you) at those levels is even noticeable then go buy based on that! Ever wonder why an unloaded Chevy may out run an unload Ford, but the situation changes with a load???

Everyone in the world knowns: Dodge, best looking. Ford, toughest. GM, well neither good looking or tough. Who cars if GM ads CLAIM 10 or so extra pounds in payload.

Those are impressive stats. Based on the power of my 2008 lmm, this lml must really be an animal!

Whats with the Ford guys bashing GM saying that 30 more torque isn't a big deal when the Ford can haul more? Ford waited on GM to release payload/towing #s just so they could come out with a little more just like GM did with hp/tq. The ford suspension and frame didn't change, but magically there #s incresed just to sqeak out GM. They are just as guilty, and by the way, unless you buy a reg cab 2wd gasser dually, Chevy beats it in payload and hauling and who the hell buys that config anyway? As for the engine, the 6.7 Powerstroke is actually taken partially from the current Duramax and partially from the 4.5 baby max so if you look at the facts its clear who copied who. It'll most likely be a good engine because of it too, which is a good thing cause im praying for you ford guys cause i feels for you sinse Ford hasn't put out a good powertrain for a long time now.

The Realist,
Did you read my comment? The Ford (in 6.4L trim) did NOT pull ahead of the GM when loaded. Please educate yourself by looking at the 2007 HD shootout on this site.

Also, how do you know GM didn't do the best they could? Those numbers were probably set before Ford released their numbers. Do you really think GM would have stopped at 397HP if they weren't doing the best they could. In other words, if they had more room, but only wanted to beat Ford, I'm sure they would have hit 400HP. GM did do the best they could.

Just like everybody else, I'm going to put my two cents in on why GM landed on 397HP. In the HD game, everyone will tell you torque is king, not HP. I'd put my money on GM going for all out torque, with +30 over Ford being the good round number so they went with it and the HP landed wherever it landed, which, unfortunately was 3HP short of 400 so let the Ford guys go crazy with this one speculating that the Dmax has topped out. With the same base sinse 2001, the current Dmax is probably pretty close to running free, but not quite, which is a good thing and the more reason to buy it cause it isn't detuned very much. I'm betting that in a couple of years we will see an all new Duramax at 6.9L like the speculation this year. I really don't think it matters cause GM will undoubtably remain the power king at any cost, because the Duramax is and has been king sinse its introduction in 2001. GM will not give that up easily.

Isn't Fords diesel made in Mexico.
Atleast GM's diesel is made in the good ole USA!!!!

Should that take focus off the fact your truck is likely built in Mexico or Canada? I would like to see locally owned, 100% locally made with 100% locally owned suppliers that manufacture 100% locally. But nobody is going to win that one. If I think of a better argument that you can use to support Chevy's, I will let you know.

My truck was made in Flint Michigan USA!!!

Also my truck has 194000 miles on it with no problems.

My last Silverado was made in Canada.

Smart money says Ford beats Chevy with HP and Trq. by the end of the year with a cal update. The CGI block will be significantly lighter and more durable (look for Chevy and others to move to this on the next one). Rumors are MPG on the Ford is in the low to mid 20's highway and high teens while towing (and 4,400 more lbs than Chevy with less Trq ;). The lack of an SCR system will hurt Dodge because the system they use will actually drop fuel economy from what it is now while the use of an SCR will improve economy. This has been proven for years in Europe already. Not to mention in 2013, they will have no choice.

The real smart money goes to the proven engine, the Duramax, not the one thats spankin new and hasn't even gone into production yet. Seems like people have already made up their minds about the 6.7 PS. Hope their right cause that would be devastating for Ford to put out another turd.

Yea both companies have either a totally new engine or a 60% redone engine... no worries there!

Did anyone catch on the news today where some reporters got behind the wheel and squeezed out 29 and 34mpg's on the new Super Duty.

I'm not going to waste my time trying to prove which one is the better truck since that would be stupid since neither truck is out yet but I have said it before and I will say it again... If GM can't compete with fuel numbers like this, and since they already said they only got an 11% increase in fuel mileage which means they can't, they don't stand a snowballs chance in hell... unless the new PS turns out to be a dud. Time will tell.

haha yeah ryan i already tested them.... in my backyard too. chevy cheerleaders are worse then us "ford fan boys" haha

Ford had to release the HP/Torque numbers because the 2011's are already starting to show up on dealer lots.
It's easy for any of the manufacturer's to "up" towing and carrying capacities as they "over-engineer" the trucks to cope with the misuse and abuse of the motoring public.

kudos to chevy raising the bar on ford except the forgot on lil thing, according to the stats provided it seems the ford brings on all its might 200 rpm lower then the extra 7 hp chevy, i'm no rocket scientist but the 200 rpm lower difference would mean not having to wait as long for all the power to be there.

when is this horsepower/ torque war going to end. I mean how much power do you guy need to tow a realist size load and at a realist speed. why not just put a 625hp Cat and a allison 4000hs and get it over with. most every day delivery truck don't have this much power. where is the good fuel mileage the diesel pick up were know for. If you figure pound for pound towed and 18 wheeler is more efficient then any of these truck. Like said before where is the small diesel for the cars and suvs.

on star is just another way for big brother to watch every mile you drive wear you drive watch out for gm and big gov relations could spell trouble for free spiriting four wheeling hp to the ground men such as ourselves!

Muther Murphy, bunch of Bashing going in here eh? nobody builds junk, but some trucks have perks over others...there is a differnece between saying "Go duramax" and saying "Cummins owners are Homo's" get ur heads outta ur arses and mature a little bit boys...

i have an 04 f350 powerstroke 6.0, with 90k miles on it never seen shop, only done oily and fuel filter change, i got banks 6 gun and speedloader, tranny chip intake and 5in exhaust, i beat my truck up everyday and never seen nothing break well i dont know what ur talkin about 6.0 are junk lol, my cousin has 04 duramax first yr 60kmiles he got it he blown tranny and got new one and yr later tranny blown again. so tell me that problem gmc ur tranny junk. Ford is only one standin with no bailout

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