International Introduces New TerraStar Medium Duty at Work Truck Show

International Introduces New TerraStar Medium Duty at Work Truck Show

Now that GM has vacated the medium-duty truck market, International is looking to fill the void with its new TerraStar Class 4/5 work truck. The TerraStar was revealed this morning at the NTEA Work Truck Show in St. Louis.

"The [medium-duty truck] market is in turmoil," said Jack Allen, president of Navistar's North American Truck Group. "This is an underserved segment, and with this truck we're positioned to claim market share."

The TerraStar will be available with Navistar's 300-horsepower, 660 pounds-feet of torque 6.4-liter MaxxForce 7 turbo-diesel V-8 . It's the same 6.4-liter V-8 formerly known as the Power Stroke in the 2008-10 Ford F-Series Super Duty. International has enhanced the MaxxForce 7 to meet 2010 emissions standards with MaxxForce Advanced EGR -- an in-cylinder exhaust-gas recirculation system that doesn't require diesel exhaust fluid for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides. And it has added a compacted graphite iron engine block that saves weight while maintaining high block strength. The MaxxForce 7 will be paired with an Allison 1000 five-speed transmission. A six-speed transmission will be available later.

6.4-liter V-8 MaxxForce Engine

International is also studying alternative fuel options for the TerraStar. "Natural gas is a great opportunity," Allen said. "But at this time, we're not ready to make a public announcement."

The 10-lug TerraStar is closer in appearance to GM's discontinued Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC Top Kick than the Ford F-Series F-450 and F-550 and Ram 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs that it will compete against. Navistar says it has 28 percent better visibility and a 30 percent larger cab than the Ford Super Duty. Regular, extended and crew cab configurations will be available.

Initially, the TerraStar will only be available as a two-wheel-drive truck. All-wheel drive will be available in 2011.

Pricing hasn't been announced, but the TerraStar is expected to sell at a premium to the Ford and Ram Class 4/5 trucks. It will be produced in Garland, Texas, starting this fall.


What an ugly a$% truck!!! And with a PowerJoke to top it off???? What are they thinking?

Same old engine with even less power and more fuel consumption come on!!!!!!!! and what about a Lo-Pro option is that in the works or is it going to be a over sized truck with no capicity.

Sounds like John \Allen (previous post) is a ford salesman.

It will look way better in four wheel drive .

I would drive this over an ugly looking new Ford heavy duty !!!

Funny thing is I bet this engine works just fine without the Ford influence just like in School bus's!

Sorry International, I have to drive your POS trucks to do my delivery route everyday and the only good damn thing I can think of about the truck is that it has an allison tranny in it... other than that the trucks fall apart and should be regulated to the scrap heap. Maybe you should do a switch and buy your next Diesel off of Ford, I hear they don't have a problem building a powerful fuel efficient motor... LMFAO!

I guess that you could probably buy your own truck and pay the loan, lease, insurance, taxes, fuel, etc... But you probably wont cause you can't. Maybe a Hino or better yet a Isuzu might fit your style!

The long bonnet(hood) and very underpowered engine, would make it a miserable failure here in Australia as a MDT. The looks do not serve it well either.

Yuk! I didn't think International even existed anymore.

To Frank,
Wow, really..."you didn't think that International existed anymore" Come one, International is currently the number one truck in the Medium Duty Series. You probably still think that Sterling is in business too, sorry to ruin your Christmas but they went out of business. Granted this truck doesn't do International much justice, but you should really just pipe down and let the grown ups on here post comments.

@ Nick,

You took my comment too seriously. Evidently they still exist or else we wouldn't be reading this article. Duh!

By all means, enlighten me with you're "Grown Up" post.

"Funny thing is I bet this engine works just fine without the Ford influence just like in School bus's! - D57H

Thanks for bringing that up. If I recall correctly, are'nt these engine detuned for Medium Duty applications as opposed to Light Duty applications. That difference is night and day and we all know what catastrophic failure that caused in the Light Duty applications.

Just food for thought. Don't want to start a war ala Bush Administration.

BIG ...mistake...both Ford and GM have stronger trucks than this new truck from International ... I have a 2007 TOPKICK and it still run circles around this new truck from International

@hit country truck... yea you would be right I can't afford the lease or anything else you mentioned. Apparently my company can't afford to up keep these POS trucks either since we have been buying new Freightliner's for our medium and heavy duty applications the past two years now and Fords for our light duty applications. My company is world wide so its not like they don't have the money either...

if you smart,you get this truck for work,not the ford f450,this is not a pickup..boy drive pickup,man drive truck...

I'm impressed by the switch to a CGI block, and the emissions controls without DEF - as I remember, Caterpillar could not keep up with Navistar in emissions tech, and decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I like the look!

I'd like to see an extended cab version with a pickup bed in back ala "Big Red" that way I can avoid those pesky emmission laws.

Back @ Frank

After reading my comment yesterday I did fly off the handle a little bit. That was immature of me. I also want to apologize for ruining your Christmas by telling you that Sterling went out of business. The tiger got out of the cage. With that said, Shawn is an idiot.

Thank you

I love everything about this rig EXCEPT one thing...

The engine...but it is International's Navistar engine, the same one use on the 2008 - 10 Ford Super Dutys (2008, Mike Levine). However, I hope the engine has vast improvements over the one they used in the Super Duty.

@Billy: Doh! Thanks for the catch. Can't believe I said it came out in MY2007. It's corrected. Sorry about that.

For all you guys who think you know what you're talking about. You're wrong. This is a better engine that the ford's because ford never ever designed a powerstroke. They dropped an international engine into their trucks. We took a powerstroke (which is international) diesel and improved it for this truck. And you can't even compare a superduty ford to an international truck. They aren't in the same category. This is a 'truck', not a pickup truck. And to meet 2010 emissions, without the use of Urea, Ford and GM don't make a better truck. For all of you who have negative comments, that just shows how little you know about trucks.

and to D57H, as was already mentioned. Judging by the fact that you have an Allison transmission (which is only in med duty trucks) your opinion of international is meaningless. When you step up into the world of real trucks, and maybe even purchase one for youself (which i don't see happening to deliver catalogues), then maybe you'll understand what a POS is. But you'd have to drive something other than an international to have any qualified opinion. Not just the 1994 international straight truck you drive for lowes.

watch now,some ford lover for years power stoke was the best diesel ,now international dont build the power stoke ,they not good anymore....

I want to say thanks to Kenny. I can't understand all the bashing of a truck that is not even on the road yet. I find it very comical what LOS stated, about his trucks could run circles around these trucks. Have you tried it already? Again refer to my second sentence. These trucks haven't even been on the road yet. All you immature tough guys behind a computer screen, you talk a good talk behind a pc screen and that is it. Your definition of detune is different than what you are suggesting. More torque, less HP = longer engine life period, especially in the trucking business. Lower RPMS is a diesel engines best friend. Do any of you pay the repair bills? Why don't you all put your mug shot on the web so we can criticize you before we even meet you. Talk how f'in stupid most of you are and just plain immature. Go back to playing with your hotwheels now.

I, too, have an opinion... we've been using Kenworth's T170 Class 5 truck for last 2 years... 300 HP Cummins I-6 with standard engine brake, Allison 1000, Dana Spicer axles, and all aluminum cab FTW.

They have the right idea but are going about it wrong, ithink they should be using the DT466 IHC engine with a 7spd manual trans or 6spd auto trans . . .

and scale down the body just a bit, looks as tho they took a 22.5 truck and stuffed 19.5's under it . . .



Don't bash the hotwheels dude.

@ Andrew,

sorry, I should a said matchbox? Either way, lighten up and brighten up folks. Its a truck that fills a niche. They're not pointing a friggin gun to your head and forcing you to buy it.

@Nick... wow call me an idiot just because I stated my opinion. Yea, I wonder which one of us is the gown up here...

Last time I checked this forum was for anyone who wanted to comment about an article or anything on this site. Just because I gave an honest answer to someone else of what my company goes though with these trucks on a daily basis you have to go and call me an idiot? Do you work for international my friend? I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway whatsoever. The last thing I would hope to do is to get someones panties in a bunch.

@Frank.... Frank you tried to warn me about the GM cheerleaders, I'm starting to think that the International fan club of America is much much worse lol!!!

yeah ok truck, except for the silly egr emissions....International can't even get this motor certified to meet the new EPA standard...everyone else is using proven SCR technology to meet the new standards. International claims will meet the standard only because of their use of "credits" from the EPA for previous emission accomplishments. When those credits run out, they won't meet the new standards.

Read up on SCR vs EGR...

I think I will buy a few of these to replace the older smaller chassis trucks in my fleet. Ive been replacing the older Internationals in my fleet with brand new International DuraStars.

International created the diesel pickup market and saved Ford from disaster. They have built medium duty truck diesels since the 1960's and built diesels for all kinds of equipment since the early 1930's. Wasn't Ford that requested International to use smaller head bolts on the power stroke which was the cause of so much trouble?

Power Joke is right. Biggest maint. trucks I've ever owned. I'll supersize my small trucks with a 466 please.

Yes, International is using credits and so are the other engine manufactures. Wait and see how EGR vs SCR ends up. There is alot of unproven information flying around right now about both, almost feels like a Presidential Campaign

Four wheel drive will be an option in 2011

International are trying to get something called NC2 off the ground in Australia.South Africa, Brazil and China. They will have initially a CAT engine, then this will be replaced by a MAN Trucks developed Maxxforce engine. The indication is that the new engine WILL NOT meet Euro V regulations, like the CAT. All pretty confusing. As well for South Africa , Brazil and China no COE Cab available

Navistar has been using the Maxxforce 7, which is the new name for the VT 365, for years with great success. Many problems happened in Fords due to shoving it in a tight engine bay with increased HP, etc.

I personally never want to own a truck with urea can freeze, and it degrades after a few months...faster as the ambient temperature rises. Our wonderful government is requiring vehicles with such systems be programmed to run with reduced power if the urea is not doctoring the exhaust enough to meet emissions requirements on the road, aka the urea has degraded or the tank was filled with water. In my opinion, and that's all this is, the urea injection is just a crappy bandaid tossed on because they couldn't (or the associated price increase wouldn't allow them to) engineer the emissions system to take care of it like Navistar did.

Just my two cents...

This new truck should do very well in a few industries!

I will wait and see before I look too hard a this truck. I didn't do that with my Peterbuilt 325 and am very sorry I didn't. It is the best looking piece of junk I have ever owned.

i work at an international/isuzu dealership and we just recieved our first terra star, literally 5 mins ago. I am very excited about it having the maxxforce 7. now i may be partial on account of i own 2 IH scouts but i am also in the us army and we run freightliners and the only thing worth a damn on those is the series 60 detroit. you know to each his own but i will be a faithful IH'er till the day i am buried in one. International Harvestor, we race farm equipment

After seeing the CXT for the first time, just an overgrown pickup that cost as much as a truck. Then seeing the MXT at first, now that was more my style great payload capacity, but yet again I did not have a gold brick in my back pocket to purchase one. Now out comes the Terra Star just goes to show you that beauty realy isn't skin deep. Contrary to popular beliefe it does not have a Power Joke, It has a maxforce 7. It has the internationals injection system on it, not that waste of metal that ford puts on, that is the difference. Its plain, its simple, and the price is there. Its is being built like alot of other manufactures should be building equipment with the economy the way it is. Its Made for the working man. One other thing its the only truck out there that doesn't have a bladder of uren on it. But then again your just driving pickups, not a Truck. I own a 1966 Intl. crew cab with a fleetside bed I love it. I hope the next truck I'm driving is a Terra Star. Thanks Joe

It seems to me that alot of our competitors are nervous about the release of the new International Terrastar. Why else would they go through the trouble to visit this site and bash our truck. The bottom line is that truck is powerful, durable, and comes at a price worth its performance. Plus once its available in a four wheel drive the applications for this truck will be almost endless. If you are still unsure, then stop by your local International dealer and test drive one today.

Boy oh boy where do you start. I had the opportunity to see this truck last week in Peoria IL at the truck show . Just like everything this truck will find its niche. It's not a glorified pickup truck with all the goodies and gadgets that soccer dads have come to expect. The drivers side had a air ride seat and the passengers side had a bench seat. To be honest its really plain Jane. Put a little chrome on it and your set. I didn't drive it, but i have a feeling it maybe a little bumpy with its short wheel base. air ride and air brakes would be a nice option. The cab is plenty big enough for a 2 man crew. and with the big windshield you can see plenty. I have a feeling this truck will finds it's way into the truck rental fleets in no time. I've never owned my own truck I've always been the driver. Over the past 20 years I've been behind the wheel of Ford F-700 Chevy Topkick, freightliner FL70 and Business Class and Navistar. 4700 and 4400 They all get the job done. But as a 6'3 drive the cabin is what i look at and the Navistar 4400 is spot on. And it looks looks the cabin of if Terrastar is a smaller version of this. I too would rather see the DT466 what a great power plant this is. It's less than the 300 hp everyone thinks they need but it will scoot. At the end of the day its about the green in my pocked. knock on wood I've not had a road side break down in a Navistar

The TerraStar has many benefits, it has power and durability. 300 hp V8 w/ high torque gives prolonged engine life and its tilt away hood makes it easy for routine service. Inside can comfortably seat 2 - 3 people w/ more room than FL or Hino, the windshield is proven to give the most visibility out of its class. To me the look is exceptional but it is a working mans truck that will get you to and bring you back everyday; and priced accordingly!

neet to try a dodge 09 dully box an a higher up tool cadi look like a tool box added on a terra star .

even try higher raise back tailgate for dump truck options as well on the dodge box er terra star dump truck tool set up .

In the 1990s ford was the king of trucks, why? because they had a international, engine under the hood. 7.3L I still am running 2 out of 4. Well over million k. best engine I ever had. The 6.7L that ford has now is a joke I own 1, and it will stay at 1. Sensor and engine problems. What does ford know about building a diesel engine. notting! leave it to the guys that know international. Am running 4 class 5 4200s with refeere units no problems yet keep up the good work boys. Commenting about a truck not even on the road, pretty hard in my opinion. But it looks good

I have a 2012, since February, not problems yet, I got rid of a 6.0l powerstroke hoping to cure my problems, the fuel consumption is excellent and plenty of power to pull around a 63 boom and a 4300kg trailer.

Our company bought one of these 6.4 V8's after years and years of excellent service from the DT466. A big mistake. This engine has a bad habit of going into the EGR funk mode. Sounds like its about to throw a rod. Dealer says its normal.

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