Mopar Bringing Regular Cab Ram Power Wagon to Moab

Mopar Bringing Regular Cab Power Wagon to Moab

The 44th annual Easter Jeep Safari off-road gathering in Moab, Utah, happens March 27-April 4. Chrysler's Mopar accessories and performance parts group is customizing several vehicles for the event, including this preview sketch of a regular cab Ram Power Wagon.

The production 2010 Ram Power Wagon is available only as a three-quarter-ton crew cab with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, so Mopar definitely has our attention with a shorter wheelbase version.

There's no word on whether Mopar's Power Wagon has the Hemi V-8 lurking under its hood or the 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 diesel. The diesel won't work in the production Power Wagon because its integrated winch blocks the inlet for the diesel's intercooler.

Besides the regular cab configuration, another feature we really like is the Mopar Power Wagon's styleside cargo box. We're thinking that could also work well for a modern Little Red Truck.

We'll bring you more information and pictures of the truck direct from Moab later this month. Stay tuned!


Jeep should get a version of this as a replacement J20 then I might just be all over it .

A short cab Power Wagon would be very interesting.

I like it!

Nice to see the return of the Power Wagon.

Nice to see that RAM is planning more Power Wagon variants. I'd like to see it in 1500 series, though I dont like the stepside box.

If Ram were to build a Power Wagon with a regular cab and a short bed, I can all but guarentee that it would be my next truck.

your a pansy if you don't want a crew cab truck. just think, your pullin heavy loads and got some sexy ladies in the back :)

YOU'RE and idiot for thinking that one's cab preference has anything to do with being a pansy. It sounds to me like YOU'RE not too secure of your manhood.

your right allen, you wear whity tightys. i wear boxers. go ahead and pick the cramped regular. the other thing in your pants i know is cramped as well lol.

i'm with Allen on this one. Your gonna look like a fool Allistar, when your crew cab with a long wheelbase gets stuck on the trails. then you'll wish you had a short wheelbase regular cab to get around tight corners and for ground clearance. plus a real man doesnt need a mega cab to show how manly he really is, you should know that Allistar. message me or allen if you ever want to graduate from 4x4 preschool.

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