More Details Emerge About Long Travel Mopar Ram 1500


We’ve got a few more details about the long travel Mopar Ram 1500 that Kent Kroeker is building for the Easter Jeep Safari. This comes straight from Kroeker via a post on and also in a picture posted on the site.

The Ram 1500 will have 15 inches of suspension travel up front and 14 inches in back, using 3.0 Fox internal bypass shocks fore and aft.

Here are the details from Kroeker: “15-inches front travel with functioning 4WD. 14-inches in the rear. We could have gotten 17-inches from the front, but the inboard CV [joints] were unhappy, so I [limit] strapped it at 15-inches. Wanted more from the rear, but didn't want to [cut] through the bed. The 3.0 Fox internal bypass shocks work very well with the OE coil setup in the back.”

Kroeker has also increased the truck’s footprint for greater stability off-road. According to Kroeker, it has a “90-inch track in front and 87 inches in the rear.” That’s much wider than the stock Ram’s 68-inch front and 67.5-inch rear.

An unofficial picture of the front suspension also shows all-new custom upper and lower control arms and remote reservoir front shocks nestled inside a coil spring. There’s a large fender flare to cover the truck’s wider track.

Our interest level in this truck is rising. We’ll have full details when it’s officially revealed next week. Stay tuned!

[Source: Race-dezert]


Nice! Tho I personally have no need for a truck like this it will be cool to see and show "RAM" versatility in the truck market!

That is a 2500 chassis. Close but this one will have a coil rear with allot more flex/travel!

@D57H: Check again. It's IFS, not SFA.

Also, the 1500 trucks have a honeycomb grille, like the truck pictured. 2500 and 3500 trucks have crossbars.

No that is a SFA truck See the bright front track bar? And that is a 02-09 body style not a 2010!

P.S. I am talking about ARON post BTW :)

@D57H: Whew! I thought I was losing my marbles! I'm referring to the truck pictured on this page, not Aron's link. :-)

Pretty much what I thought it was going to be. No way this makes it to production. I really doubt you will see these conversion parts a MOPAR dealer anytime soon either. Just a rolling advertisement for KORE and Ram with no real work functionality. What makes the Raptor unique is it is livable every day and can still be used as a truck. From what I read here, this Ram is turning into more of a specific prerunner. Cool stuff, but no Raptor killer.

The big question is if this thing is capable of becoming a production item ?

so after the new shocks, how much higher is it sittin' up?

Bout time some serious desert type suspensions to show those wimpy straight axle front guys what a real IFS truck can do!

That would be both slow and higher speeds off-road unlike the straight axle guys that can really only do the slow stuff...

I think the raptor looks amazing and I can only imagine what this is going to look like.

It's 22 inchs wider in the front. That can't be street legal? The Raptor is 7 inchs wider . Can't see the suspension on this truck being available as a kit, unless you race and trailer your truck. I am looking foreward to seeing the finished truck.

hey oxi...why don't you tell all these guys they should stay in the slow stuff, since they're sfa rigs suck so bad at high speed runs! lol

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