Recall Alert: 2010 Nissan Frontier

Recall Alert: 2010 Nissan Frontier
By Dave Thomas

Nissan is recalling 4,038 2010 model year Pathfinder and Xterra SUVs as well as Frontier small pickups due to faulty fasteners in the airbag module and steering shaft. These two separate areas can lead to two different issues.

In the event of a crash, the front passenger airbag could deploy incorrectly. The fasteners in the steering column could come loose during driving and increase the risk of a crash.

Nissan will begin alerting customers in April. Owners can contact Nissan at 800-647-7261 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s hot line at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA]


Ok where's all the outrage and fingerpointing at Nissan for this terrible problem?
They deserve the same scrutiny as Toyota for this problem.
An airbag can kill you if it deploys wrong!

I haven't seen mainstream media chasing Nissan around!
Just frakkin' hypocrites!

I was finally going to buy a Toyota Tacoma this year. 2nd choice was a Nissan Frontier. Now both are in hot water. I don't want to become one of their quality control patients.

@xfleetmech- it's only a recall of 4,038 units. Every manufacturer has had huge recalls. Toyota seems to be the current favorite "whipping boy" of media and government.

Lou, i couldnt agree more, although im sure that I will get labled as a toyota fan boy for this...

Yes toyota does have a major issue, but the fact is like you said all manufacturers have had major recalls, I dont know if any have ever covered this many vehicles but they have had major ones. However for some reason the public really jumped on toyota. Maybe it was the delay in issuing the recalls, I dont know. Personally I think the saddest/strangest part about it is that people are purposely crashing their cars just to sue toyota. Sad because they are taking advantage of the company, and strange because of the risk of injury or even death they put on themselves. Either way I am not nor have a ever been a toyota guy, but just leave the company alone let them resolve the issue. All this recall bashing is just getting out of control.

@SilverHemi05 - Toyota does deserve some grief over their recalls but now all the vultures and freaks are crawling out of the woodwork. Here is a good link that proves your point:


Toyota deserves no grief!

Especially from a corrupt government that owns GM!

@oxi - Toyota has made mistakes which deserve scrutiny but the whole congessional hearing circus is just that - a curcus. Any company responsible for large recalls deserve some grief. Toyota has been targeted much more severely than any domestic would of been.

Ok where's all the outrage and fingerpointing at Nissan for this terrible problem?
They deserve the same scrutiny as Toyota for this problem.
An airbag can kill you if it deploys wrong!

I haven't seen mainstream media chasing Nissan around!
Just frakkin' hypocrites!

OK, How many have died that prompted this recall??? Didn't read of any. THAT's the difference between this and Toyota. Also Toyota KNEW they have some kind of problem (according to their documents) for some time and didn't act. Toyota's recall affects several million cars. Then there's their rusty truck frame recalls and in some cases frame holding up spare tire just drops on the road. So Ya Toyota deserves the attention it gets!!!

@supercrew02 - Toyota does deserve scrutiny but it's been blown totally out of proportion to what the domestics would of had to deal with in a similar situation. There have been 34 deaths attributed to Toyota's run away accelleration problem. The number was 19 before all the media hype. That number is dwarfed by the thousands of deaths caused by GM, Ford, and Chrysler.
Remember Ralph Nader?
I'll just cut and paste some information on the infallable Detroit 3, well, actually Detroit 1 = Ford.
GM = Washington, Chrylser = Washington/Italy(Fiat).
The domestics have been slow to fix problems and they also have tried to cover things up.
There are no vestal virgins in the corporate world.
Toyota's quality is still decent. The sad thing is that despite the problems they've had they still rate at the top end of the auto industry. These recalls will affect those ratings.
The NHSTA is far from being apolitical(without the influence of politics). THey cowtow to political masters and make decisions from political influence as well as in the interest of safety. The political side often overrules the safety side. Here is a a perfect example:
GM isn't paying any debt back yet. What they are paying back is akin to you or I having a 20,000 line of credit. We use 16,000 of the line of credit so we tell the bank: you can have the 4,000 back that we did not use. That does not constitute a loan repayment.
Here is a good link concerning the whole circus surrounding Toyota's problems.
Toyota does deserve to be in deep doo-doo, but these big recalls also show how complex automobiles have become. Many experts say that all of the manufacturers will be hit by huge recalls in the future. Why? Vehicles are complex with shared components.

Why doesn't anyone here care? 1) Because it's Nissan. They barely sold 28,000 Frontiers last year. Nobody cares. Really. 2) They know how to fix the problem and appear to be resolving it within a few weeks. The reason the media is jumping on Toyota is because their "floormat excuses" and "pedal fixes" aren't working. So, until Toyota can prove this situation is resolved, the public and media are going to be chasing Toyota around.

This link: provides information from a former Toyota "in-house defense attorney" about how Toyota operates. Interesting reading and it "fits" the pattern of Toyota behaviors and reactions to issues with their vehicles.

correction to link:


The reason the media is jumping all over Toyota is because they are under orders to do so from the government that happens to own GM!

Also it is because hungry lawyers want a piece of Toyota's wealth and because they are number 1 and poor GM is sagging!

Toyota doesn't have to prove squat. The government (run by career politicians aka lawyers) should shut their mouths and worry about paying their debts!

Over 40,000 die on the roads each year, nobody wants to talk about those figures but Toyota has a few deaths and the sky is falling! Pure BS...

Floor mats???? A recall for FLOOR MATS?? The whole excuse/explanation was lame. Who is going to believe drivers are so stupid that they can't see the dang floor mat under the pedal? Why not just tell buyers to remove the floor mats and we'll send you a new one? Something was fishy from the start. Fact is that toyota doesn't KNOW what is going wrong. Since it is sporatic and (in most cases) unreproduceable, they haven't been able to pin the problem down. Many have suspected an electronic issue, specificly with the computer or 'ECM'. But toyota has refused to believe ( at least publicly) that there COULD be anything wrong.
The latest incident of unintended acceleration the media has glomed onto is typical of toyota. Since they were unable to recreate the incident they claim it never happened, The guy was lying and made up the whole thing. Bull crap.

It took two British engineers to figure it out. EMI or electro magnetic interference. That is exactly why toyota can't reproduce the incident. In order to do so, they would have to be in the same place under the same conditions. Unfortunately we don't know where the eltromagnetic pulse came from so how could anyone possible reproduce it?
This is a big problem going forward with ALL carmakers. The more electronics you rely on, the easier it is to screw up. Who hasn't had SOME issue with thier computer? Software is notorious for it's flaws. Now your going to completely overtake a machine our LIVES depend upon with unreliable software and fragile electronis? Drive by wire is a TERRIBLE idea.


"Who is going to believe drivers are so stupid that they can't see the dang floor mat under the pedal?"

Have you seen how many stupid people are out there driving?

You have faith in a society that kills over 40,000 a year on the roads and their are no stupid drivers?

Drivers cannot even stay in their lanes, miss their apex's all the time, fail to yield properly, too busy on their cell phones, eating, falling asleep, reading, texting, staring at their mirrors insteade of what's in front of them, watching the scenary and on and on...

Yeah, stupid drivers are everywhere and the craziest part is a stupid driver makes a mistake on nhis/her own account and then tries to blame Toyota because everyone wants some of their wealth especially the lawyers!

Hmmm the guy in California and that idiot woman that hit the gas pedal instaede of the brakes, both tried to sue Toyota and get their 15 minutes of fame and both failed and their are more out there like that!

Stupid drivers, I see them everyday! You should too...

TY-An EMI incedent would indeed be reproducable. It is not impossible. FWIW Toyota is not the only manufacturer that uses electronics or a "fly by wire" gas pedal. My Titan uses one as do many if not all recent domestics. From what I have seen very few to no one runs a throttle cable any more. BTW the problem with a floor mat jamming the pedal is that you can't see it jamming the pedal until the accelerator tells you there is a problem. Floor mats causing accelerator problems ais also not a unique to Toyota issue and has been around for as long as there have been floor mats and gas pedals in cars.

Buy an older Chevy 4x4 There bullet proof and if one of these little rice burners gets in your way run them over
I had a Toyota and the brakes worked fine the engine was trash though,rebuilt three times-at last Chevy it's a monster
v-8 but 20 mpg and still kicks it real good

@David Johnson

And your credibility just went out the door!

Comments and concerns about "drive by wire". As some have said, it's NOT new technology. My son a CDL-A driver and certified heavy equipment mechanic tells me many of the Big Rig trucks on our roads today built back in the '90s are drive by wire. We don't hear about any "runaway" trucks do we? Toyota needs to be open minded and sort it out.

funny that you would say that cause you never had any credibility. Your comments are just hilarious.

@ Will - would you trust a lawyer that left a company and took documents that were the legal property of that company? There is also client confidentiality. Even if you leave an employer, you are still bound by professional ethics to maintain confidentiality.There are also professional standards in place that usually prevent one from representing new clients against a previous client. He would be legally required to report any obvious criminal activity that he encountered or had knowledge of. This guy is a bottom feeder looking for money. What this guy is doing is no different than Monica Lewinsky not washing her dress after going down on Bill Clinton.

Look, I can't even bring myself to read all these comments. Recalls are meant to address issues and make them right. That is why we have warranties and the like. So, good for Nissan for recognizing a pattern and informing their owners so that Nissan may fix it. RECALLS ARE GOOD THINGS. The unfortunate Toyota situation is not good for ANY car manufacturers and it was born out of antiquated business practices and the lack of involvement and oversight by the Toyoda family. I just wish everyone would quit their b****ing already and know that 1) Yes, Toyota screwed up. 2) Yes, their feet are being held to the fire. 3) Yes, their will always be recalls, it is in the consumer's best interest. 4) Yes, we will now see more recalls and they will now be publicized and it will sometimes just FEEL like more recalls because our awareness is greater. Wow, the energy expediture on some issues that have already been addressed and are simply a part of our existence at THIS time in THIS life could solve poverty, hunger, war, education, illness and the looming question of why we are all tainted with ADHD. This is my first blog comment, btw. 30 years on this earth and I am finally compelled to type my digital mind. Regardless of your opinion, which I do respect, please know that this statement is made from a place of light and love. Love only love. ILTL! (I Love This Life)

Well, now I do feel a little silly. The last comment seems to have been made in in March. Apparently everyone has quit their b****ing. Thanks, everyone, for being ahead of the curve (my curve). FYI, I work for a Nissan dealership and stumbled upon this while researching a recall question for a customer. Car companies are truly doing the best they can to meet their customers' needs and provide a positive ownership is the only way they will survive and they are well-aware of it. It is not like it used to be, the Wild West is now the New Age. There is good and bad in every direction whether it be in the car business, the grocery business, law, medicine, what have you. From my position, I have seen immense, positive progress in consumer interest and customer care. This is just one girl's opinion...

Actually a little apprehensive, too, if every month there is an increase of food like this. Of course, this will be a little more worrisome.

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Ignition has locked up a number of times and truck
Will not crank had to ca)l a wrecker once he got it cranked
Without bbq pulling it that time.

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