Road Test Review: 2010 Nissan Titan

Road Test Review: 2010 Nissan Titan
By Kelsey Mays

With all-new half-ton pickups from Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Toyota hitting the market since 2007, the light-duty truck segment is experiencing a wave of new products not seen since the early 2000s. Meanwhile, over in Nissan's stable, the Titan -- introduced in late 2003 with the ardor of a presidential bid -- soldiers on.

Kelsey Mays takes the 2010 Nissan Titan out for a road test and reports back about how it stacks up almost seven years into its tenure, starting HERE!


Needs a 3/4-1 ton version (including dually) with a diesel engine and maybe it'll look at it. Until then, mmehh...

Looks good tho.

nissan and toyota are venturing into american dominance. while yes, its a free country, and they can do what they please, but we all know that europeans and asians just dont know american heritage. they're better at subcompact, compact mid size and full size. leave the trucks and the suvs to the real boys. chevy dodge or ford can have an off year and still sell twice as many tundras or titans. but they must be smart because they seriously limit the production to like 30,000 at the most. enter at your own risk.......

Wow, those white face gauges remind me of 2002.

put in a renault v12, and you would something.

I wonder if they will ever update the 5.6L V8.

Nissan products have never been on my radar screen. An updated truck is long over due. Maybe they can partner with Mahindra since Dodge is happy with a 22% drop in pickup sales.

That was the most utterly depressing review I have ever read! In every way it talked about how the Titan was second tier to every other truck on the market. Yes I do like the Titan quite a bit, and yes I do believe that it is overdue for an overhaul so lets just get that out of the way. It doesn't change the fact that I think that was a horrid review. It was mostly stats of past reviews! I'm trying not to be biased because I like the Titan, I just think it was written badly. Does anyone else agree with me on this or should I just shut up?


this truck is starting to look like the dodge dokota??

I agree Billiejoe, this truck kind of does look like a Dakota...

If Nissan is serious about their trucks they need a redesign ASAP...

I still like my 05, but I need a crew cab now and will be upgrading to a 2010 very soon, it will be the first time I bought the same vehicle twice. I just offers everything I want in a truck. It tows my 5K bass boat well, its roomy, comes with a spray in bed liner, has a flat rear load floor for my dogs and is fun to drive.

To think they are into almost the 7th year of basically the same design says a lot about this truck wheather you like it or not. What other manufacturer has gone this long without any substantial updating.

The Ford Ranger hasn't changed in 20 years.

The Toyota 70 series has gone 100 years with no changes (slight exaggeration).

This truck doesnt get updated,because it doesnt sell.Like the Tundra,sales are meager,less than first year Edsel territory we're talking here.When they dont sell,they dont get frequent new generations.Look at the Yugo 45/GV...1980-2008!!

I purchased a 2010 Titan Crew Cab SE and so far couldn't be happier. It's a Truck. It doesn't pretend to be anything different. It is comfortable and handles well.
Perhaps it could use some updating...but with $4000 worth of incentives on any Tintan in stock (unlike GM trucks where it has to be on the lot the longest) how can you beat the price? They've upgraded the brakes and wnet to 4 pinion sider gears and new front transfer cases, so hopefully the ghosts of the past will be gone. I think the 2010 Titan is a lot of truck for the money. A solid value.

The competiition is still a couple of grand more with like options.

and yes...the review was surely not the best.

It may need a little updating but was well ahead when it came out seven years ago. I don't know what you would change. It could use a couple more MPG's and update the interior a bit.

Of the full-size trucks the Titan is the 3rd truck I would buy. First would be the Silverado then the Sierra. The Titan is the best off-road followed closely by the Sierra All-Terrain. The Titan pictured above is one of the better looking trucks on the market. But I frequently see Titans that look terrible. I don't know why.

I love the Nissan Titan, This really was a horrid and depressing review. The titan only needs a few updates, but still have a great looking and price for the truck
¡Viva Titan!

I agree that it was a lame report.

I'm very happy with my 2008, SE, crew cab, long bed. Great powertrain and handling. It drags 7K lbs of trailer up and down the road without breaking a sweat.

I agree that this article is on the lame side. But, considering the source, it's not surprising.

The whole "base price" statement in this article doesn't make any sense. Okay, lets compare a base model, regular cab with a V-6 or small V-8 to a base model extended cab with a large V-8. Of course the Titan is going to cost more in that type of comparison. Duh! When I got my Titan back in the fall of 2007, it was over $3K less than a comparably equipped F-150 and that was at MSRP. By the time I got to an "out the door" price, it was closer to $5K.

Next, the tow ratings on 1/2 tons today are a joke. In almost all cases, you'll hit the tongue weight limit on the receiver or the truck's GVWR before you hit the tow rating. Tow ratings more than 8K-9K lbs really aren't usable in the real world without a higher GVWR.

I'll agree the Titan is a bit "long in the tooth". Two years ago it was still quite competitive. But, the competition has surpassed it since then. Nissan is stuck due to the collapse of the Dodge co-production deal. The Titan really need a major refresh in 2008 or 2009. But, Nissan didn't do anything since the "Dodge Titan" was due out in 2010. Since that didn't happen, the Titan will soldier on for a few more years until a new model comes out. Maybe Nissan could slip in a badly needed interior update, a 6 speed tranny, and a few more HP before then.

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