Sources: Ford Plans Power Increase for Power Stroke V-8 Diesel

Sources: Ford Plans Power Increase for Power Stroke V-8 Diesel

Is Ford about to power-up its all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine in response to GM's recent announcement of best-in-class power ratings for its 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel? Sources say we could see Ford do exactly that within the next year.

In February, Ford announced the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 for its 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty will pound out 390 horsepower and 735 pounds-feet of torque; earlier this month, GM announced that its 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups will make 397 hp and 765 pounds-feet of torque.

According to our sources, Ford isn't about to settle for second place.

The 6.7-liter PSD is a clean-sheet design with lots of headroom for higher power settings, while the 6.6-liter Duramax is based on a legacy architecture that's right at the limit of its performance envelope.

Bragging rights in the heavy-duty segment are critical because almost every truck is used for towing and hauling on a regular basis. More power can mean greater confidence in moving big loads.

How high might the 6.7-liter V-8 jump to? We're told to more than 400 hp and over 775 pounds-feet of torque. The difficulty is striking the right balance between any power increase with fuel economy and emissions regulations.

The 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty is expected to go on sale in April with the power ratings already announced. If a power jump does occur in the next year, early buyers might not miss out. We're told that it may only require a reflash of the software in the 6.7-liter's engine control unit.

Stay tuned.


Yes!! I figured ford wouldn't settle for GM being better with any numbers including power and towing numbers. Gotta love a little competition making trucks we buy even better

I liked what I read about the fuel economy of the 6.7. I hope Ford does not give that up for an unnecessary power increase. 390HP/735 lb-ft is a crap load of power, and a CGI block would be indestructible. Bring on the extra power if there is no compromise on fuel econ, drivability and durability.

yes, I agree do not up the power if it sacrafices fuel economy, hell i was plenty happy with the 570 lbs ft my 6.0 put out. besides with the new 6 spd 3.90 first gear as opposed th the 3.10 in the allison, it will be plenty enough alone to wax it, even if power remains the same.

Interesting I guess GM will boost the pulling numbers next to compare with this. I hope this doesnt hurt the fuel economy or stress the engine too much though. I bet Ford did their home work on this though.

Well here we go! Looks like Ford and Chev are going to switch places next year with Towing/Payload and HP/TQ. Ford will up the power on the underated new 6.7 and Chev will up the Towing on their underated chasis, effectively switching up the HD game! Love the competition. It'll be wierd with the DMAX no longer being the power king, but before I go that far the 6.7 still has a lot of proving to do, we don't even know yet if it can run with the current DMAX and it really has to prove itself in the durability department where the 6.0 and 6.4 fell seriously short. It'll be interesting I'll tell you that. With Chev being on the top end of the DMAX I can't wait for them to answer back by taking the baby max design and producing a 6.9 version of it like what was rumored for this year. And I'm sure with all the heat Ford is taking on the ancient design of the SuperDuty that they will be forced to do an all new SuperDuty to compete with Chev's new chasis. I know you Ford boys will hate it, but my money says they'll have to go boxed in the near future to get to the strength the Chev chasis now has. Can't wait to see what happens next though!

As GM said in a previous pickuptrucks article, "We’ve stretched this rubber band pretty tight." Ford knew that GM was going to overstretch their engine just so they could say they were better than Ford. So Ford played possum and put a number that was low but just high enough to overstretch the old GM engine. Now Ford will go in for the kill.

Higher numbers + Untested engine = might be disaster.

Ford should give it a couple of years before trying this.

Never saw that one coming (Ha Ha) .

I agree with you Greg, it's Ford's turn to go a new chassis and body on the Super Duty. I just don't want change for change's sake. I hope Ford keeps the higher roof line, Unlike Dodge and the artist's rendering of the 2013 Silverado. Boxed frame with outboard rear shocks like on the F-150 might help it?

"Hmmm", hasn't Ford been testing this engine? Untested is different from unproven.

Ford already outsells GM in the heavy duty pu truck segment but lags way behind in the half ton against Chevy so was this just a GM ploy to get ford to spend more money and add to their debt load that is so high? Will it change sales figures for either of the 2...I doubt it but Dodge is most likey sitting back and waiting to see the dust settle then pass both of them.

We can now Build and Price the new 2011 Super Duty with the 6.7L PowerStroke Diesel on Ford's website!!!


ur right, and huge props to them for not increasing the price. Thats a great thing they did that for the customers.

Im HUGE into the diesel performance world and I can tell you that engine has easily TWICE the horsepower thats advertised by Ford. Though, at those levels it wont meet emissions or be able to have emissions equipment on it, but I dont want that crap anyway!!!

The last 6.4L Powerstroke made by International could go from a stock 350hp/650tq to 600hp/1200tq with just an intake, exhaust, and tuning upgrade!!

The new 6.7L is all Ford, but the tech. is similar.

Ford could blow the Duramax away easily.

I want to see Cummins answer to this. I now the 6.7L Cummins is rated to 750lb-ft in commerical trucks. There is talk about the new Cummins using twin turbos and over head cam(s)!!

i keep hearing that the 6.4 was a poor performer, or lacked in reliability. The only thing i have heard was very good things, minus fuel economy but that is strictly the DPF. Use a chip and delete the DPF and the fuel economy jumps to 20+. i've seen this on multiple trucks. i also work for Florida Power and Light, and again i haven't heard any major issues to the 6.4. Just Fuel economy.

That shouldn't lead to the bashing the 6.4 gets. i am looking forward to the 6.7. i do like the sharper lines on the 08-10 trucks over the newer trucks.

u just watch, gm will come around from the back side with a bigger stronger block with tons of more horsepower to go around just to settle the score. if ford thinks its something special, cuz it can design and bore out a block to give some more displacement, they better hold on and just try to predict the future. Heck if chevy wanted they could reserect the drag racers long time fav. the 454 platform. A year of testing and fitting to the new silverado and a few spins on the dyno and they would have something.

It's amazing that a 2009 Freightliner with an inline six cylinder engine, producing 230 hp can pull 80k pounds all day and get 6 mpg while doing it. So why does my little truck have to have 400 hp? Let the buyer add the power. Remember speed/power cost money. How fast can you afford to go?


That's hillarious. Ford was just fishing. Guess we discovered GM didn't feel comfy with hitting 400hp.

Durability and power is related increase the power the durability drop. Look at marine engine rated for continuous use at full throttle a 6.7 engine will put a maximum 250 hp and will last forever even if the engine is working hard (a boat is very hard to push engines work hard all the time)

Or Ford should sell a high power version and a derated for those who prefer bulletproof industructible engine.

GM will need to design a new engine in a couple of years...

FORD will kee upgrading the 6.7L

DODGE/RAM will sport a new cummins.....

will something like MDS work on a diesel?

anyway i can see ford hitting 800~850 tq and 400~420 Hp

We are well past the point of needing all the power any of these trucks make.
I'd love to see a "miles per gallon" war in the 1/2 ton and HD ranks as opposed to a HP/Torque war. I don't need a 400 hp pickup, but I can use one that gets 30mpg in a full size platform.

This is getting stupid. And yes, Ford ought to see how reliable the new Powerstroke is before they get too crazy with it. Remember, this really is Ford's first attempt at designing and manufacturing a high powered diesel engine.

Couldn't agree with you more. This new Power Stroke has a LOT of proving to do. Ford's testing doesn't mean anything and any real truck owner knows that. They obviously have lots of room to play with here in this new PSD, but they really need to chill out and let the engine prove its reliable first, then worry about outgunning the DMAX. On the other hand, they don't have very long before GM will have the next gen DMAX 6.9 out that you can assure will be dominant because there is NO WAY GM will let ford out power them; just like Ford will never let GM out tow them. Honestly, I think Ford knows GM will answer back and they really just want to get some shots in before that happens so I'm betting they will gamble and just pump the crap out of this 6.7 and hope for the best.

How much faith can you put in a product when its manufacturer is already planning improvments by the next model year on trucks that aren't even for sale yet? Of course Ford claims that all 2011 PSD trucks will be flashed for more power when the 2012's come out. Who would buy one knowing that next year they will be better? HD trucks are making their predecesors obsolete faster than the computer industry. You think with all testing ford has put into this engine that it would be a decent power plant for more than one year before changes are made to it.

"Ford already outsells GM in the heavy duty pu truck segment but lags way behind in the half ton against Chevy..."


The F-150 has been a best seller and consistently outsold the Chevy 1/2 ton for at least the last 30 years. Do a Google search on Top 10 best selling cars, get your fact correct before you make statements like this.

# @BigBob

Your are forgetting one vital thing.

The Duramax 6,6-liter is almost at it´s limits as a oldfashioned greyiron block but the Ford 6.7-liter comes with a CGI-block that is in the beginning of it´s use. That superblock can stand a lot more stress.

Super Dupper!

i feel outdated with my '01 f150 with the 5.4l v8. its nine years old and only pump out 260 hp and 325 tq.

I don't know about everybody else, But I'm not a millionare!
Has anybody priced these trucks?????? 50K, 60K that's a 1,000.00 payment a month for 6 or even 7 years!!!!!!! for a fully loaded diesel crewcab dually. then to top it off a vehicle is one of the worst investements, as soon as you buy it and drive it off the lot, it's worth 10,000.00 less than what you bought it for! this crap is rediculous! I think I'll stick to my 05 pre-emission diesel truck.! I have an intake, exhaust and a custom tuned chip. I tow a 17,000# gooseneck trailer and still get 17 MPG while doing it! unloaded I get over 20 MPG!

"Ford already outsells GM in the heavy duty pu truck segment but lags way behind in the half ton against Chevy..."


The F-150 has been a best seller and consistently outsold the Chevy 1/2 ton for at least the last 30 years. Do a Google search on Top 10 best selling cars, get your fact correct before you make statements like this.

The statement made above is by a ignorant Ford lover that thinks the Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck for 30 plus years, NOPE! The best selling half ton over the last 10 years has been the Chevy Silverado and NOT the "try to run Ford F-150"! I've said it before and I'll say it again, when ford claims best selling truck for 30 plus years they are referring to f-series and not f-150. Do you got that ford lovers or does your brain on drugs not comprende?

Oh we missed you Bob. I guess you had to wait around until there was another Ford related article to post more of your usual BS. And yes we remember you complaining about when "Ford fans" post about Fords on Chevy related artcles. Of course your own rules don't apply to you. I guess that's a troll's own prerogative. Right Bob?


Since Ford, GM and Dodge combine their light duty and heavy duty sales into one number in their sales reports, vehicle registrations (provided by RL Polk) are the only way to breakout sales of half ton trucks to see who's the top seller. Final 2009 calendar year registrations reveal that F-150 sold 274,894 units (retail + fleet) and Silverado 1500 sold 232,176 units (retail + fleet). By the way, looking just at just retail registrations F-150 sold 222,557 units and Silverado 1500 sold 198,285 units.

Sorry to break the news to you but F-150 EASILY outsold Silverado 1500 in 2009 and 2010 is more of the same.

Get your head out of the gutter. The Ford 6.0 ran for 5 years and a side from parts such as EGR cooloers and injectors, the motor ran superb and continue to run true for the hundreds of thousands of fleet and personal users.

You people need to know how to own and take care of your vehicles. PERIOD.

I knew this engine had more in it from the factory. When a manufacturer designs a brand new engine, they always leave a bit of room for improvement over time. It's a neccisary requirement of an engine being able to survive more than a year or two, as you don't know what the future will bring.

I'm sure they can pick this engine up a little bit power with no discernible effect to reliability, emissions, or economy. The problem though, is they are basically speeding up their timetable a bit. Therefore, changes that they were probably going to do in 2013/2014 will be done in 2011/2012. Not really a big deal, but it means they might have to speed up development of this next generation of this engine a bit.

Red Ford,

thats not true, Ford almost always outsells GM when it comes to 3/4 and 1 ton pick-ups.. But when it comes to 1/2 ton trucks, besides last year, GM pretty much always outsells Ford in that class of pick-up.

Should be interesting to see Fords new numbers, with the way their last two diesels have went, I think the smart thing for them to do is wait and see if this engine is any good.. but eh what do i know.

Usually when the state, county, or utilities companies buy trucks they go by "low bid". That's why Ford sells a lot of cheapo work trucks, which bump their numbers up. Ford isn't the best, they're just cheap.

In the heavy-duty segment, where only Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC compete, the Ford F-250 three-quarter-ton and F-350 one-ton trucks continued to rule the pack with almost 50 percent market share and 65,868 units sold. The Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500, in second place, picked up 2.2 points of share, the only heavy-duty truck to do so. The Ram HD sold 35,916 units. Combined sales (41,004 units) of the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD weren’t enough to catch Ford’s HD pickups. The Chevy lost .8 points and the GMC was off .9 points of share.


All this horsepower increase is crazy! All this competition is going to lead to recalls later on down the road a piece. I agree with Lou's comment around midnight. I could do enough with an old HD; I don't need to tow a whole Walmart store from here to Timbuktu! It should be about which big rig gets the best miles per gallon. Yall don't want me to get a teeny-bopper Mahindra truck (if it's on sale).

"Usually when the state, county, or utilities companies buy trucks they go by "low bid". That's why Ford sells a lot of cheapo work trucks, which bump their numbers up. Ford isn't the best, they're just cheap". - Bill

Wrong, this applies to all brands. Not just Ford. I do believe you're head is far up that dark hole.

"Yall don't want me to get a teeny-bopper Mahindra truck (if it's on sale)". - Billy

By all means, do it. Like if anybody is holding a gun to you're head. LMAO!!!

Sweet Jesus I have driven 18 wheelers with less horsepower than what these trucks are getting now. Don't get me wrong you can get 18 wheelers with 500 and 600hp now but this is getting crazy. Don't get me wrong I love the Ford vs Chevy thing but now these numbers are getting crazy! I do love the fact that most test drives I have seen about the new SD state that the truck is getting 24 to 29 MPG. Thats the numbers I want to see go up right there lol.

Trucks are not $50 to $60 grand. That is MSRP and for a fully loaded King Ranch for instance. Nobody pays MSRP. There are discounts which typically add up to 20% off. Then if you are smart, you will have a down payment, and also a trade-in. Hence, the price and payment will come down significantly. Stop fooling yourself. Trucks didn't just become $50 overnight. The 2011 truck that loses money driving off the lot did the same in 2005. They have been priced this way for awhile now, maybe a few thousand more for added features but very similar. Maybe back in 1990, they did not cost as much but that was 20 years ago. You didn't have a $1000 payment in 05 and you won't have one now unless you foolishly pay full msrp and buy beyond your means (ie. fully loaded crew cab dually) with no money saved for a down payment or a trade-in. Buy what you need. Buy what you can afford. If you can't afford, that is a different story entirely. Stop whining.



By the way, those dually fenders are hideous.

Just another post for a bullet proof engine with solid reliablility and good MPG before more power...what Ford has now is enough for the average user.

Power hounds can go to town with aftermarket mods.

Couldn't GM just be saying that the Duramax power peaked. I mean GM knew ford would be increasing power for 2012 to beat the duramax, and by saying the daramax is tap out, ford might not be as aggressive on 2012 power numbers. Just a thought

"Usually when the state, county, or utilities companies buy trucks they go by "low bid". That's why Ford sells a lot of cheapo work trucks, which bump their numbers up. Ford isn't the best, they're just cheap"...

Actually, the GM "HD" ACTUAL payload sucks more than their advertised payload. There are very few "HD" GMs out there with utility boxes and wrecker platforms on them because the suspension and frames are so weak (or as they would say - "HD"). So businesses buy Ford and Dodge because the trucks can handle the work and not worry about crushing the suspension in them.

But according to your logic - they could spend more money on GM trucks then not put any boxes and platforms on the trucks... Wow - a fleet of expensive grocery getting GMs! That's what every wrecker company needs.

More power? I’d rather they concentrate their efforts on reducing weight while maintaining strength.
Initially I could not stand those dually fenders, however the more I look at them the better looking they get. It appears Ford took the “form follows function” approach to their design

do you thing gm give the real number,,,this is marketing just watch...same whit ford...

Ok so now were gettin into bigrig power....Who needs this much stock power to the same amount of work? When the cummins came out in the Rams in 89 it was rated at 130hp and 400 ft/ per a past article, peopole would load these trucks with a gross combined wight of 30,000lbs.....and it was not a question of weather it can pull it.... but could it stop??

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