Sources Say: GMC Sierra Denali HD Dually Planned

Sources: GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty Dually Planned

If a high-end 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 Heavy Duty with two rear wheels is good, then four wheels must be better. GM sources say an even heavier-duty dually version of the Denali is planned for introduction later this year.

The addition of the upscale Denali trim for the latest Sierra HD was announced Wednesday at the 2010 Work Truck Show, but it will be available at launch only as a crew-cab, four-wheel-drive, single-rear-wheel, three-quarter-ton model with a choice of either the standard 6.0-liter V-8 gas engine or the 6.6-liter Duramax turbo-diesel V-8 .

What does checking the Denali option box buy you? Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

The Denali option package has been available in the light-duty GMC Sierra 1500 since 2002. Pricing for the 2011 GMC Sierra HD pickups hasn't been announced.


I really do not understand GM thinking with these luxury HD trucks. What is the point? They would rather focus on bling and gizmos whilst International is filling the void left by the Kodiak and Topkick trucks!?!?

I drive a 09 GM hd truck, and nobody I who has one is wishing theirs had more chrome, or fancy wheels or 12 speaker stereo systems. How spend some money and get rid of the wax coated frames for a E-coat so the stuff doesn't rub off every time you put the truck on a lift. That would be much more useful than a 3 ton rolling bling machine


I agree that GM needs to fill the void left by the Topkick and Kodiak, but you have to understand some of the market...not everyone uses an HD truck purely for work related pruposes. Some people buy these trucks for their hobby needs such as towing a fifth wheel camper or towing their atvs or sleds. So why not have nice chrome accents and heated steering wheels when you arn't working the truck or taking it offroad or getting it dirty. I personally would never buy a denali because I use my truck as much for work as i do for play and don't care about chrome or car-like features, but some people do

I think it is a very good package.

The problem is they should have upgraded the front end a little more so people who look at it don't think it is old, and changed the interiors, the interior is virtually unchanged and looks like my grandma's 1992 Buick. I am not hating on GM here. I said I liked the package.

GM is adding the Denali trim level for one reason and that is to compete with the king ranch package from Ford.

GM always follows Ford.

Ford followed GM by building a truck in a first place.

@Ryan - the first pickup was based on the model T.

Exerpt -"The first factory-produced pickup was a Ford Model T Runabout with a cargo bed in the rear. Although it debuted in April 1925, many Model Ts had already been converted by owners to pickup truck use by 1918. Companies employing horse-drawn wagons to deliver goods and haul waste material recognized by World War I that motorized vehicles were a permanent fixture and were much cheaper to maintain than horses, thus paving the way for future mass production."

Funny how GM now is adding a heated steering wheel after mocking Dodge in a tv ad saying real trucks don't have heated steering wheels. What's next a tailgate step from GM? GM = follow the leaders (Ford and Dodge)

So I can buy a gas Denali HD with the 6.0 (360 hp and 380 ft/lbs) or the 1500 Denali with the 6.2 (403 hp and 417 ft/lbs). Hummm, makes sense to me.

I am a GM guy, and since they are government owned (partially) I think the general public should be making the decisions about their vehicles for them.

Give me a 1500 crew cab, 4wd, with a 6.5' bed and I will be happy. It is a shame that Ford is the only one that makes that configuration, although they are not common I see at least one a week (and not the same one). A Chevy dealer once told me that GM does not build this truck because something to do with GVWRs and EPA ratings. What I don't understand is how they can build an extended cab, long bed which would probably be a bigger truck then the CCSB(6.5')?

GM not building a 1500 cc with a 6.5 bed has nothing to do with GVWR or EPA ratings. It's just not a very popular configuration with the GM's, that's all. I agree that it would be nice if they had it, but it just does not sell as well as the configurations that GM has out currently.

Good idea GM, The King-Ranch needs some competition.

Great Package. A Dually Denali HD Diesel will cover much of what the Medium Duty used to & be much better when not towing. Now bring back the 4.5 diesel into the 1500 and really cover all bases.

If all you can complain about is the frame coating. I suggest a can of Daubert NoxRust121 to touch it up.

I have a 2002 1500 HD and am really happy with it. Only thing is that it has quite a few km's on it so I was thinking of upgrading....but can't find anything like it around now (in GM) since it has the 6.5 ft box which fits my ATV perfectly.

The 2500's are nice, but I would definitely be paying for the extra towing capacity etc. not to mention a harsher ride than what I need.

@ Quagmire, if your assumption is correct, why does GM still make an extended cab, long bed. I can honestly say that I have only seen 1 2007-present body style in ECLB on the road. Who cares what the payload capacity is if you can't fit crap in the bed.

I just think it is funny to see people load lumber longer than 8' in a 5.5' bed and it flops over the tailgate. You might as well buy an Avalanche, if it didn't cost the same as a Tahoe.

hey gm have a better puller ,so what is next,,the gadget..

Yes! Ditch the wax coating on the frame. Does anyone know if the 2011's will still use it?

"Good idea GM, The King-Ranch needs some competition". - jake

Good job GM, way to follow the leader.

I wish GM would bring back the 1500HD or something like it. I need a crew cab, but also need the 6.5 ft bed. But I do not need to tow or haul heavy loads. But do carry lots of tools for my profession.

I have over 160,000 on an 03 Silverado so I will need to replace it at some point.

Yes I could upgrade to the new 2500HD, but would cost more use ,more gas, and not ride as nice.. But it would be cool

@ Fred re: "So I can buy a gas Denali HD with the 6.0 (360 hp and 380 ft/lbs) or the 1500 Denali with the 6.2 (403 hp and 417 ft/lbs). Hummm, makes sense to me."

You drink too much GM kool-aid. The 6.2L produces those #s on PREMIUM gas only. On reg its @ 384 hp. Compare apples to apples. Plus for some reason over 8,500 GVW they are tested differently and the results are typically lower.

@ Quagmire re: "It's just not a very popular configuration with the GM's, that's all. I agree that it would be nice if they had it, but it just does not sell as well as the configurations that GM has out currently."

Bull crap. Ford sells @ 50/50 5.5 vs. 6.5 crew cabs. Yet even though GM has never offered a 6.5 crew 1500 you know they would not sell enough to justify? Quite the cyrstal ball you have. And don't tell me they used to sell 'em cause those were 2500 chassis and that 6.0L was the worst gas pig EVER. Not a 1500 chassis.

I think this is a good package idea. I see plenty of lifted GM trucks that are loaded to the gills with more chrome tacked on. If they can skip the middle man and make exactly what the customer wants from the factory then great!

Powerkid- show me a link that Ford sells as many 6.5's as they do 5.5"s in crew cab config. I seriously doubt that you are right about that one. The 6.0 was no worse a gas hog than Fords big gas motor. Oh that's right, they don't have one available in a half ton. I guess worst in class HP and a motor designed by the ancients is good enough for what is supposed to be the "king" of trucks.

@ G-String
- Here is the Link:
- The GM LQ4 6.0L that was available in the heavy half 1500 and 2500s PRE 2007 were absolutely the worst gas pigs in any modern truck of the last 15 years. They were in heavy trucks, but in any event the 5.4L in a F150 does much better.
- Yes 2007+ Gm has offered a "big" V8 in the 6.0L and eventually 6.2L. You are right there. And the 07+ 6.0L is MUCH bettr on fuel than the older 6.0L. So much so that I cannot fathom why anyone has bougth a 5.3L since 2007s came out. Well when I ask them its cause the 6.0L has such a poor reputation they are scared of them!

You are right about worse in class HP. (Will change soon here) But try to find a 6.2 non-denali on a dealer lot.... very hard. But in fairness, if I ordered one I coudl get one. Or I could wait until later this year and get one of two or three F150 with engines that'll outperform perhaps all of yours? We'll wait and see... Until then happy truckin'

I see more F150's with 6.5 ft beds than 5.5's in my neck of the woods. That is purely anecdotal. I like packing stuff in the back with the tailgate up. I have a steel "drybox" that would eat up 3 ft. of that 5.5. Like someone said, you'd might as well buy an Avalanche. I do think the Sierra is a good looking truck. It's much better looking than the Ford.

Well I wouldn't compare it to an avalanche. Thats a bit far. My best friend has one and we take turns driving going fishin and believe me, a Ford 5.5 has much more usable space behind the cab.

Amen, Power Kid. Amen. 2011/2012 F-150 or bust.

@ Power Kid "But try to find a 6.2 non-denali on a dealer lot.... very hard."

I just purchased a 2010 Sierra half ton with a 6.2 from my local dealer. They actually had 4 to choose from, and had 3 more on order that were due to arrive shortly. I had a 5.3 in my 2008, and i chose it over the 6.0L because the power difference was minimal, but the fuel economy was quite different on my brothers truck - who had a 6.0 in his.

I need a new truck to pull my fifth wheel, and I think the Denali will be the exact truck that I need. I don't use it for work, I use it for vacations, so the heated/cooled seats and all the bells and whistles will sell this one for me. I currently pull with a King Ranch, and only bought it because th GMC didn't have a comparable truck.

Now they only need to come out with something to compete with the SVT Raptor and I will be happy!! Perhaps an "SS" with the 6.2L in a regular cab with offroad suspension and some big mean wheels and tires? We can only hope.

Ever since the spike in oil prices a few years ago, I rarely see an engine bigger than a 5.3 in a half ton. I've seen 1 Denali in the last year.

I drive an 07 Sierra Denali, I don't work on a farm, drive it to a construction site or take it off road. I do use it to tow my 28' Sea Ray bow rider or my 30' travel trailer. and its all done in comfort and style with this truck, which is very capable of the tasks. Although, I don't see why anyone would by a 3/4 ton with 1) a gas engine and 2) a smaller less powerful engine than a 1/2 ton. So therefore I see a viable market for this vehicle, aiming at the individual(s) who wants to tow their whatever in comfort and style, and there are lots who do.

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