Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon

Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon
Photos by Glenn Paulina, KGP Photography

That didn't take long. Earlier this morning we showed you a preview sketch of the awesome Mopar Ram Power Wagon that's headed to Easter Jeep Safari later this month in Moab, Utah. Now, our spies have snapped pics of the real deal, and we're even more in love with it then we were a few hours ago.

This is not a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor fighter. This is a ground pounder. Check out that ground clearance for rock crawling and the aggressive approach and departure angles!

The production 2010 Ram Power Wagon is available only as a three-quarter-ton crew cab with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, so Mopar definitely has our attention with a shorter wheelbase version.

There's no word on whether Mopar's Power Wagon has the Hemi V-8 lurking under its hood or the 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 diesel. The diesel won't work in the production Power Wagon because its integrated winch blocks the inlet for the diesel's intercooler.

Besides the regular cab configuration, another feature we really like is the Mopar Power Wagon's styleside cargo box that looks like it came from a short bed Ram HD dually. We're thinking that could also work well for a modern Little Red Truck.

We'll bring you more information and pictures of the truck direct from Moab later this month. Stay tuned!

Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon


I'll take it.

it looks so awesome..!.

bumper/winch. the way to go.

I'm usually not a fan of ANYTHING Dodge-related, but this truck looks pretty sweet. I just don't like the rear-end, though...

Are you people for real? Is this some kind of practical joke? My eyes are currently bleeding that thing is so FUGLY!

@ fugly. Even if it needs a new paint job it still is 100% better then anything GM and Ford are going to offer.

Good Job Mopar!!!

I'm not a Dodge guy, but that thing is cool. Can't say it would be good for anything other than a toy to most, but would def be sweet to take a ride in.

Over at allpar.com they have a bunch a pics of it. Exhaust pipe is small and dumped over the rear axel. This is telling me that it is a HEMI. I also noticed in the pics that it has coil over rear suspension!!! I'm guessing barrowed from the 1500. That thing is going to have some serious articulation, especially with the disconnecting front sway bar.

Man, that is sweet!

That thing would be kick ass out on the trails. Those are some big meats on there, look like maybe 37's.

good lord, how big are those tires?

I'm thinking it has a 6.4 Hemi! Oh baby bring it on!

@Nice Ride
Even if it needs a new paint job it still is 100% better then anything GM and Ford are going to offer.

Umm, hello.... Ford Raptor will definitely give it a run for its money.

Not a Dodge fan myself but definitely interested in more info.

That is just your opinion. A very FLAWED one though.

Looks like a great platform to build a new series of Macho Powerwagons ala 80s "Simon & Simon"

Needs more diesel. Even a 3.5 diesel out of a sprinter van would be cool.

I love it!!!!!

This truck is ugly !!! Dodge or this car company wont be around 5 years from now !!

@ Bill

Don't be upset that GM does not make something even remotely this cool. You only need to worry about you own favorite failing company!!!

On a side note this truck with a Cummins 5.0 V8 would put the icing on the cake for me!

My comments were only toward fugly. Not refering to performance of the vehicle. Only toward the looks of Ram, GM, and Ford.

BTW the only thing the raptor MIGHT be able to beat this at is pre-running.

Those are 40s on the truck. ;-)

This is proof that Ram is not the best looking. That is one of the ugliest trucks I have ever seen.

But it is still better looking then any other truck that GM or Ford offer.

In YOUR opinion it is.

The would take a Raptor, F-150 or Super Duty over this hideous looking truck.

I would also take a Sierra Denali over this.

yo bill youre just jealous because you have to drive chevy, ram is way better right now so you should be upset. Dodge has alot of fans so they will last forever. Dont get stuck on name give everyone a shot may the best truck win!!!!!!

"This is proof that Ram is not the best looking."

That is YOUR opinion.

I would bet most people in this world, who arn't mindless brand loyal freaks, will tell you this truck is, head and shoulders, better looking then any other vehicles GM or Ford offer.

The only purpose for this truck is to show that mopar can make an serious off-roader that can hang with super modded jeeps. Of course they arn't going to make it look like there laramie line.

One thing is for sure this truck is just as good looking as the Raptor.

I like the idea of being able to buy a HD truck in a regular cab/short bed 4x4 configuration. It's a good configuration for off-roading and plowing, as well as running at the drag strip.

I love those blackout style headlights. I hope they make it into the Mopar Performance catalog.

That is one cool looking truck. I've always loved styles that get rid of chrome. The stepside box suites the look.

I agree totally! This Dodge-Ram looks terrible. Singe cab models do not sell well, the bed is completely useless and too narrow, huge tires are ugly and makes it look top heavy - wouldn't want to take a corner to fast and tip over.

It is just a waste of rare engineering resources, money and time that should be spent on broader market appealing product, not this niche crap - the end of Dodge is nearing. When they come back asking for another bail out in five years, let's just laugh them out of Washington!

Lovin' everything except the 'styleside' bed, make it flush with the cab and it's the best looking truck i've seen hands down.

Great looking truck, except I'm not a fan of the Styleside bed. It needs to be flush with the cab, then I'd really like it, even if I'm not a dodge guy!

Well, it seems like a good idea but I'd hate sidehilling in it. I can't imagine how hairy it'd be on something like the tipover obstacle. The thing needs a roll cage ASAP. By looking at it, it's a custom build one off like the Tonka Ford was. I'd bet anyone here a crisp 50 that it'll never see the dealer lot in that configuration. Neat idea, poor execution. It'd be flat out dangerous on the road. It wouldn't handle speed offroad worth a hoot either. I'm scratching my head for the purpose of it. I'd get the stock Power Wagon instead.

After looking at this thing, I would expect to see this at the circus with some clowns to be popping out of the cab.

This is a car guy opinion, I love any motor vehicle that can thrill in acceleration and the twisties, and frankly I'm seeing way more raw fun in the Ford SVT Raptor. I acknowledge that, maybe this is what Chrysler needs after making completely lame ducks like the Caliber and Sebring... plus the Ram which, God bless its soul tried to give the whole Chrysler lineup a facelift to look like its graven image.

@ R.U Sirius

I am a car/truck guy,I also love the twisties and excelleration,thats why I have a mildly done up Dodge Ram SRT 10 !!
This Power wagon is made for off road use,not going 70 mph in a 20 mph curve ! By the way Chrysler always got screwed by Mitshubishi,80's,90's (lemon mitshu motors and trans)00's..Caliber and Sebring are based on a Mitshubishi platform and it gets bad reviews,its 4 banger is a joint venture by Hyundai/Mitshu thats why they are crap !!

Nice truck,people spend big money jacking these things up anyways,why not have an option from the factory !! Then make one that will crap all over the Raptor with an embarrassing name like Raptor,clowns will come out of the Furd.

That thing is miles beyond ugly.

Mopar's answer to five years of SVT Raptor development is to slap a lift kit and big tires on one of their off-the-shelf trucks? Really inspiring, guys.

Ford's concept behind the Raptor is to build a well-engineered truck to appeal to the 16 year old in all of us. Mopar's idea is to actually hire a 16 year old to design the truck.

The result is laughable.

I think most of you are missing the point here. This isn't a truck that is intended for production, it is a one-off show truck. Show trucks are typically extreme, take a look the Chevy ZR2 concept from SEMA or the Ford Superchief for examples.

The real production PW is as well designed and executed as the Raptor, though it's intended function is quite different. IF Chrysler were to build a single cab, short bed PW, it would be mechanically identical to the current PW.

unless you are a border patrol chasing mexicans then u dont need the the raptor!

to me the PW looks and seems more capable its heavy duty means it can take severe abuse.
and has not been put togerther with gorilla glue or tape like the raptor has.

the raptor....hmmm...all ford trucks look the same all square in the sides and little chrome here and there, a little bit of bragging and then you are set. 32 years in a row bringing you the very same looking pick up...

Eyes rolling.

Why is everytime something comes out, which has higher quality and/or performs better then Ford's equivalant, the only argument mindless Ford guys have is basically, "Well ours is a Ford so it is better."

I bet the only thing a Raptor could do better then this CONCEPT truck is corner at high speeds.

Mike already showed us that the PW can out excelerate a Raptor. I bet fuel milage is damn close. The PW can tow/haul more then its HD counterpart can. Plus there is no way a Raptor can go were a PW can. Just admit it already Ford guys, Ram has a better Pickup.

Ted, if you think the Raptor was develped for 5 years then you need to start thinking, rather then typing. All "Ford" did to produce this, is get an aftermarket parts company, which already makes a Pre-running kit, told them to make it cheeper and slapped it on the F-150. There was NO DEVELOPING about it.

The only thing that Ford takes five years to develop is there engines. Anybody driving that 6.2 yet? OH WAIT!!! It still isn't in any vehicles on the road. Good luck, getting that decade of your life back, waiting for that engine.

You can't afford either of them, you won't drive either of them, so what does it matter? Gosh that is an ugly POS on that pic.

Back to the topic at hand.

"Those are 40s on the truck. ;-)" - Mike L.

Wow, that is cool. I love them 40's.

They need to make trucks like this on a mid-size platform so they will fit on the tight wooded trails here in the northeast. The current powerwagon is a beast, far too long and wide for the wheeling I do around here. The raptor is awesome but also way too wide and not designed for the narrow trails.

This concept dodge is bringing the size down which I love, sign me up for one!

This will bitch slap a raptor any day!

It's a cool truck, I agree that it would probably be "tippy".
I am always puzzled by the comparisons of the Raptor to the Power Wagon. They are both 4x4 trucks, but from there they go their separate ways.
One is built for crawling and the other is built for speed. The Power Wagon would pound itself to death in the Raptor's domain, just like the Raptor would fail in the Power Wagon's domain.
If I were looking for a truck to carry cargo or pull heavy loads, I'd by a Ram diesel p/u and put a small lift kit and 35's on it. I've only seen one Power Wagon used for work but I've seen hundreds of "mild to wild" lifted Ram diesels.

@Dave S

I really like this truck a lot. Please don't ruin that.

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