Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon

Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon
Photos by Glenn Paulina, KGP Photography

That didn't take long. Earlier this morning we showed you a preview sketch of the awesome Mopar Ram Power Wagon that's headed to Easter Jeep Safari later this month in Moab, Utah. Now, our spies have snapped pics of the real deal, and we're even more in love with it then we were a few hours ago.

This is not a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor fighter. This is a ground pounder. Check out that ground clearance for rock crawling and the aggressive approach and departure angles!

The production 2010 Ram Power Wagon is available only as a three-quarter-ton crew cab with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, so Mopar definitely has our attention with a shorter wheelbase version.

There's no word on whether Mopar's Power Wagon has the Hemi V-8 lurking under its hood or the 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 diesel. The diesel won't work in the production Power Wagon because its integrated winch blocks the inlet for the diesel's intercooler.

Besides the regular cab configuration, another feature we really like is the Mopar Power Wagon's styleside cargo box that looks like it came from a short bed Ram HD dually. We're thinking that could also work well for a modern Little Red Truck.

We'll bring you more information and pictures of the truck direct from Moab later this month. Stay tuned!

Spied! Mopar Ram Power Wagon


@Dave S - this is a "one off " vehicle, a purpose built show unit. I can't see the comparison to a Raptor in any shape or form.
To quote Frank:"I really like this truck a lot. Please don't ruin that."

I was looking at some pictures of Ram's 3500 duallie. The "stepside" box on this truck looks like it's using the "duallie" flares. What do you guys/gals think?

@Lou: Agree.

Ford is S*** - You really do have no clue don't you? While the Raptor probably did not take 5 years to develop, it is more than a factory installed kit made by an aftermarket company. The only stuff made a true aftermarket company was the shocks. The suspension is made by Ford, body by Ford and so on.

FWIW I would take a Raptor to handle Power Wagon terrain before I would take a Power Wagon and do 90-100mph prerunning. Only big issue off roading with the Raptor is the width. Power Wagon is totally not designed for speed at all.

finally! taking a reg cab and doing something with it. Has that old power wagon look (kind of) in the back. BUILD IT!!!!!! Maybe not QUITE as huge, but close to that would be premo!!!!!!!!

Ya, this truck looks the best. It looks so mean, love it. Put a Cummins in it, please.

This is the coolest truck I have EVER SEEN! Seriously!

RAM totally fixed all of the problems with the regular Power Wagon - namely its length and lack of ground clearance. Not to say the Power Wagon isn't already a great truck. It already has the awesome equipment for off-road use, but its puny 33 inch tires and ridiculously long wheelbase makes it nearly unusable on real-world trails.

I can't wait to see this concept truck at Moab. I'd give anything to see it on dealer lots, EXACTLY as seen here!!!

Are these power wagon's actually coming into production as a single cab, and if so how much for?
Thank you.

no wonder why japanese car maker gives american an ugly looking cars...what's wrong with your eyes people? this is an ugly looking truck!

All these comments with most of the negative showing complete lack of knowledge. Specialty vehicles do sell and springboard other advancements, see Vipar, ZR1 Vet, GT40. This truck is made for serious off-road adventures; the Rubicon of trucks. Looks like the best approach and departure angles of any factory truck by far. Coil spring suspension will allow for best articulation. Big tires without massive lift helps keep CG low(er) which will allow for better control on and off road compared to modification required to Raptor of Chevy to accomplish the same thing. This one is obviously not meant for speed. For those that have never been rock crawling, the ability to do thing at low speed is the key. They call it CRAWLING for a reason.

all you need to do. get a regular short bed from the same generation and throw that sucker right on there. just make sure it would fit first and it would look sick! modify it to fit if it doesn't cuz i'm with the general consensus, that bed is really bad. from the front, oh yea.

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