Spied! Mopar Underground NuKizer 715 Jeep Concept

Spied! Mopar Underground NuKizer 715 Jeep Concept
Image: John Cappa, used with permission from JP Magazine

Yowza! In addition to the awesome coil-spring short-wheelbase Ram Power Wagon and long-travel Ram 1500 headed to Easter Jeep Safari, the rock-crawling gearheads from Mopar have also crafted the NuKizer 715 Jeep Concept pickup truck. It's been caught ahead of its official debut by the folks at JP Magazine.

According to JP Magazine, the NuKizer 715 "appears to be built on a military J8 chassis but has 37- or 38-inch BFG MTs, Dynatrac axles front and rear, an Advance Adapters Atlas transfer case, Hutchinson double beadlocks, a tuned 2.8-liter VM Motori diesel engine and some pretty sweet body mods. It's got styling from an the old Kaiser M-715. There's a real truck bed and a one-off grille and hood. It also has a couple inches chopped out of the windshield and a full convertible fabric top."

We can't wait to see the NuKizer later this week in Moab, Utah. We'll also spend some time behind the wheel.

For more pics, check out the rest of the article at JP Magazine.

[Source: JP Magazine]


aaaawww...sweet....what is the output of this diesel engine..?

@billejoe: The Jeep J8 we drove last year with that motor was rated at 174-horsepower, 339-pounds-feet-of-torque

Oh damn, that is hot! I want that more than a Brute!

Will it cost as much as Icon's FJ45 pickup?
It's a cool looking truck. I love the monochromatic look.
Chrysler should let their Mopar Underground guys run the company.

Great another Jeep pickup Jeep will refuse to make .

Jeep is really getting a reputation for showing very exciting concept vehicles that will never make it into production. What gives? Remember the Gladiator? That would have been a big hit, but instead Jeep gives us the Patriot. I guess if Jeep showed concept vehicles based on what they were actually going to build, they would be so lame no one would pay any attention to them.

SICK!! I want one immediately! 2.8L VW Motori diesel! Im sold. Ive always liked M-715, so this should be good.

Great more front straight axles...

The U.S. Military is going away with straight axle trucks for independent suspensions like the MTVR, LVSR and M-ATV, when will they learn?

"Great more front straight axles... when will they learn?"

Lets hope they don't, straight axles are better for what 90% of people use 4x4's for anyway. The military wants to be able to run 65 across the desert, most people using 4x4's use them at low speed through mud, snow or over broken terrain. SFA are stronger generally speaking, to make IFS makes it a lot more expensive (and probably heavier) and offer no detectable benefit over SFA at low speeds.

Jeep should build for example a Commander-based truck and they could make even more money than only with the iconic Wrangler but...that will means an internal war with Dodge Ram!

Sniff? Sniff? Are you going to the NY Auto Show?

Damn, that thing is sweet! Are the people at MoPar only those (with fuel in vains) in Chrysler, who understand the cars, exciting from driving?

@William Jefferson Clinton: Bill, is that really you? No, I wont be at the NYIAS this year but weve got folks there for it I can tap for help.

Another great concept, but will they build it? Chrysler, dont let this one get away! I still think the gladiator would be a great answer to the failed dakota.

It would be very cool to see some of these underground concepts make it to market!!!! Go MOPAR!!!!

I would love to see some of these underground concepts make it to market!!!!! Go MOPAR!!!!

Pretty sweet. But i just keep looking back on that Gladiator!

Damn! I'm not a mopar man, but I like that.

Hummer just said good by to us.
Jeep is struggling to sell the Wranglers in the face of rising gas prices.

Why are these people building more of these vehicles.
BTW, Nissan has announced pricing of 33K for its Leaf a pure Electric vehicle which can run for 100 miles on its battery alone. Go see it. Thats the future.

@Max Reid - we currently do not have the infrastructure to cope with the extra demand of "charging up" plug in hybrids. We can't even cope with the demand for all the electronic gizmos we currently use. No one seems to be able to provide the costs of recharging the batteries in these things. I know that in a cold winter when I plug in my 2 vehicle's block heaters I can add 100 - 150 per month to my electricity bill. The price of electricity will go up with incresed demand.

Woah!. Nice Truck. Why don't they produce this rather than those dumb Fiat-Jeeps? I want one in my driveway. Acutally, my trail. Either way NICE RETRO-TRUCK!

thats the best looking truck in todays lineup, no matter
what brand! if jeep fails to make this one they'll
miss a great opportunity to please a lot of people.
i want one!!!

I am sick of chrysler being afraid to build a cool jeep truck for fear it will hurt their dodge brand truck sales, for once Just give the public exactly what they want & accept that sometimes when you build something better that customers might switch models or brands , as long as you are the one making the dough who cares dodge chrysler jeep fiat , for which model they go> ....This JEEP TRUCK!!!!!!!Tired of seeing awsome concepts get drown before making it to production.I saw if you're scared chrysler how about a limited eddition half the units a year production for us dieharders!!!???!!!I second lettin jeep underground run the design & production department of JEEP!

I 2nd the motion! Mopar Underground should be in charge of the production vehicles and concept vehicles. Give us the NuKizer and J7 Stripper and while you're at it sell the J8 in the US!

Wicked cool. hey MUST build this !!!

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