There's a New Hoss in Town

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty FX4 Hoss Edition

We can’t share our first drive impressions of the new 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty until 12:01 am Monday March 8 but that won’t stop us from showing you pictures of the stout F-250 FX4 Hoss Edition project truck that provided off-road support.

Some of you may have seen an earlier edition of the Hoss Super Duty online or in magazines. Ford’s engineers created it as a one-off hardcore rock crawler that was armed with a 362 horsepower and 457 pounds-feet of torque 6.8-liter V-10 gas engine, aggressive departure angle bumpers, 17-inch wheels with Pro Comp Xterrains mud terrain tires, a winch and a custom locking rear differential. But cool as it was, the Hoss never made it to production as a challenger to the heavy-duty Ram Power Wagon.

Enter the new Hoss Super Duty. This time around it’s equipped with Ford’s new in-house designed and built 390 hp and 735 pounds-feet 6.7-liter V-8 Power Stroke turbodiesel, 17-inch wheels with BF Goodrich mud terrain T/As and a new factory-supplied rear locking diff that comes standard on the FX4 model. If the bumpers look familiar, that’s because they were recycled from the previous Hoss Super Duty.

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty FX4 Hoss Edition

During the ride and drive, the Hoss was called for duty while we were waiting for our turn on the off-road course. A standard FX4 found itself hung up on some boulders and the Hoss truck pulled it free.

Could the Hoss Super Duty find its way to production? For now, there are no plans, according to Ford execs on the drive.

Ford has made all kinds of buzz with the F-150 SVT Raptor go-fast baja-style truck. A heavy-duty pickup with a solid-front axle and a rear locker would be a tremendous counterpart. If you like the Hoss rig, let Ford hear about it here. Or buy a new Super Duty and make one yourself!

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty FX4 Hoss Edition


Can't wait to hear the first impressions. What's the reasoning behind waiting??

Th Hoss is a great idea, I hope if Ford makes such a truck they offer both the 6.7L Powerstroke and the 6.2L Boss. That having been said, I have to admit that after seeing more and more pictures of the 2011 Super Duty it is really starting to look like a dated design. It has not changed all that much from 1999. The 2011 update will hold it for a few mor years, but Ford needs to start thinking about an all new Super Duty soon.

This would be a great addition to the ford truck lineup.
I know of a lot of people that would purchase this truck over the regular FX4 which is not much more but a few doll ups, some rancho (branded) shocks and a sticker package.
There is no reason that ford should let dodge have the only workhorse crawler. The only thing I would do is make it standard with the 6.2. Some people just do not want to pay the extra for a diesel. I own one now, and I do not know if i would pay the additional 6-9K for one now. A 6.2 with some lower gears would be the ticket. As a Ford lover that has owned over 15 Fords (6 now) from a 72 Torino to a '07 Outlaw PS...this is something Ford needs to build.

Bring it to the market Ford! Especially with diesel engine.

Great idea, but it looks like the suspension on that rig is stock with some off road tires and different bumpers for greater clearance. I do some mild off roading up in Gorman, CA from time to time and the solid front is a real spine destroyer. Just going 30 down some dirt roads, I think the tires are going to come flying off even though I have the so called "off road" FX4 package. I agree with CRB, there needs to be a complete redesign soon; the biggest thing Ford needs to change is that front suspension.

Oh.. no.. you needs to change the front suspension?? on a heavy duty truck?? And they realy dont need to make any changes on body style..with deeper bed or raising the belt line on this truck would be F-150
not so crazy about deeper bed it just dont look right.

those headlights on the superduty are wayyyy too big for me, some time,,,, go big or go home,,,,isnt the best way to go

They absolutely do not need to change the front suspension!! Solid axles are the way to go. I would have a hard time considering one if it had IFS. Which is exactly why I don't own a chevy.

If I had my choice of two trucks to own for the rest of my life, they would be a 2500 Suburban with Gm's 4.5L diesel and this Hoss Superduty in a regular cab/manual transmission configuration.

The chance of either happening is probably pretty slim, but a man can dream I guess.

I saw a brand new 2010 Power Wagon the other day. Man, what a good looking truck.
Ford get someone to design a new body without the ugly grill and stupid headlight/turn signal assemblies. I find it hard to believe that such an ugly truck can sell so well.
I guess from a workhorse perspective - if you are driving it, you can't see the ugly front end, and if you are out of the truck you are working out of the back. i thought diesels were not good for offrading..."because of weight".....f'ing copy cats....i never buy that s'///it

Holy Crap I want that so bad!!!! That is a beast!!!

Build it!!!

I wonder if March 8th is day Ford will have build & price up for new SD on website?

A well designed IFS is ALWAYS better than an SFA, period. Unfortunately, we have yet to see a well designed IFS on a full size 4X4 pickup. Hopefully, GM will surprise us in 2011. Hopefully........

New F150 in 2012... LOL

Built it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

build it, that is just want I am looking for. NO IFS.!! It is a heavy duty truck and you need the SFA.

Is it just me or are those headlights the god awfullness things you have ever seen. Best headlight design was late 2003-2007. These things are just huge and look like they take up half the front quarter panel. It is a good looking truck from the rear and side; but this truck is a Butterface.


And offer a similar package for the F-150... something a step up from a standard FX4.

I have an 02 F250 SD Crew 7.3L PS, setup very similar to this Hoss. I love it, but the F-150 has more maneuverability...

Build it and they will buy it. How about a Supercab shortbed with 37" BFG Krawlers? Lockers on both ends and a softer suspension? Gas & diesel option? 5.13+ gears and a 3-1 low range? IFS on its best day will never equal a monobeam front axle for rock crawling and extreme slow speed off-road usage. The front axle under Ford's 4x4s is why Ford is the #1 seller.

I think If they made a truck like this with the addition of a front locker, and a nicer looking rear bumper, sure, it would be a great competitor to the Power Wagon. The option of the new gas motor would be great. This truck already has the demand if it would be offered, why not make a limited build to try and see , like make it as exclusive as the Harley Davidson Edition or something . Contractors and forestry guys would LOVE this if it came in a basic package instead of a fully loaded truck with leather and all the other usual add-ons.

The hoss seems cool but I would never buy one.

I don't think the superduty needs to be completely redesigned anytime soon. I wouldn't mind if they kept it longer than the ranger design. Just keep updating it and making improvements where you can. But I agree about the headlights. They need to be changed. It will continue to be the number one HD truck as long as it has a good powertrain. I'm pretty hopeful about the 6.7, but the 6.4 and 6.0 were big dissappointments.

You can bet I'll be checking this and ford's website a little after midnight on Monday. The only reason I started checking this site 6 months ago was to learn more about the new superduty. This is an awesome website though Mike you do a great job of keeping us updated on all the pickup news.

i think i like the way the HOSS version sounds,, specially when i have been called HOSS for over 19 years,, im 6.1' 290 and i like the way it sounds,, HOSS

"I saw a brand new 2010 Power Wagon the other day. Man, what a good looking truck.
Ford get someone to design a new body without the ugly grill and stupid headlight/turn signal assemblies. I find it hard to believe that such an ugly truck can sell so well.
I guess from a workhorse perspective - if you are driving it, you can't see the ugly front end, and if you are out of the truck you are working out of the back. - Lou


Since when are trucks suppose to look pretty?

This Hoss truck is sexy badass! BTW SFA is the way to go on HD pickup; however, I can do without the manual locking hubs...can't find them underneath all that dirt!

If Ford wants to build an offroad killer, they should build the retro Bronco with a small diesel. While this truck has some neat stuff, most guys will by what ever model flips their skirts up and add what they think is best. Most trucks should be stripper models, so they are cheap to buy and the aftermarket or Ford dealer can fight to sell the add-ons. Even the Dodge Power Wagon isn't the beat all. You can't get it in every body style. Why? So give me a low cost F250 XL with a diesel and cruise control. From there I have my own ideas about bumpers and tires and suspension. Either that or the factories should have direct access so you can email them with what you want and they could throw it on there.

Any news regarding the winch?

The second picture looks awesome. One thing I do not like are the red tow hooks.

Build it, is right. Let the wars continue. And I agree the solid axle stays and the bed should remain as it is. Deeper would look awkward and is not necessary. Also – give it a little lift.

Frank are you kidding? a truck doesn't need to look "pretty" but it doesn't hurt to make it look cool. I like the truck and I don't think it needs to be completely redesigned, but those headlights just look disgusting.

"Frank are you kidding? a truck doesn't need to look "pretty" but it doesn't hurt to make it look cool. I like the truck and I don't think it needs to be completely redesigned, but those headlights just look disgusting". - beeb

Yes I was kidding. Lol!!

People, seriously?? Why the hell would you want IFS?? Oh whats that? The ride is a little bumpy? Oh I am so sorry, maybe when you get home you can soak your sack of bones in a hot tub and put a ice pack on your ass. Do you want some cheese with all the whining??? Get over it! And I sure as hell don't go 30 MPH on a bumpy dirt road, I haul ass going 60+ MPH, everybody knows the faster you go the smoother it is. The SFA is a huge plus, if you take that away then its just a big truck like SUV. Obviously those who want the IFS dont use and abuse their trucks. I sure hope Ford doesn't EVER go IFS.

As for the Hoss edition, that would be cool and well worth it, I hope they build it. This is what a truck should look like. Maybe have a small suspension lift good for about 2 inches and just a little bigger tires and it'll really look good as well as perform.

Yeah the new Ram obviously looks more modern and more sleek as it has only just had a complete overhaul. But it doesn't look as tough. I do think the lower total height of the window gives it a more masculine design on the door skins, which is where the Ford is aging. But sitting inside the Ram, you quickly realize the bottom of the window isn't higher up so much as the roofline has been brought lower. I like the headroom you get in the Ford. The practical advantage it would give the Dodge is lower drag coefficient. I hope when the Ford get's the complete new body style, that it is still a truck, and they don't try to make it girly like the Tundra. :)

Build it - yeah right.I think ford has gone off the deep end with these super duty trucks.What would this supposed hoss cost maybe in the 70,000 dollar range .The new 2011 supers are going to go for somewhere north of 60,000 loaded already.Who wants to mortgage their house to buy a truck.

Right, no serious heavy duty off road truck would ever have an IFS system. No doubt. Yessir. Uh huh.

LOL Super Dutys look like they have Bratz doll eyes!

Build that sucker!!!! Love the front bumper. Blends well with the front sheetmetal and grill. Get Ford to lift it another 4 to 6 inches and stuff some 37's under those fenders. Then install a gullwing rear bumper and you'd have one heck of a package.

Please build it Ford.!!!!!!!!!!

Build IT!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for Ford to build this with the diesel! I hope they go forward with it.

I'm guessing the reason behind the wait is because of how the launch was set up. It was a 4 day event, with new groups coming in each day to ride and drive the new trucks. They probably didn't want the earliest group getting home and getting the good story before others had even gotten there.
Might want to read this Bob. Explains the cheapness and shortcomings of GM IFS. Your link is akin to comparing a cub to the space shuttle because they both have wings.

Words can't even describe how much better the front end of the 2011 SD looks when the grille has a body color surround instead of chrome. They should all look like that.

"A well designed IFS is ALWAYS better than an SFA, period. Unfortunately, we have yet to see a well designed IFS on a full size 4X4 pickup. Hopefully, GM will surprise us in 2011. Hopefully........" Big Bob

I agree with this; a well built IFS is a better, more livable design then an SFA. Why do you think the H1 Hummers use them? They offer best wheel travel to bump absorption balance that you can have. They also can be as strong and have better road manners.

And a lame truck keeps getting lamer.

What a mediocre, ugly appliance.

Solid axles require less maintenance. Independent axles on the front can often require more wheel alignments, and tires can often be prone to uneven tire wear. I can see why Ford went full independent on the Expedition, IFS on the F-150 and solid front and rear on the Super Duty. Nothing is best in every single area.
The Chevy ride's smoother than the Ford unloaded on paved roads only. Off-road the Super Duty is actually smoother. As for the 2011's, if anything changes - looking forward to the shootout!

Alex- How do you figure it rides smoother off-road? Judging by all the research I've done I've only found that they are smoother all around than an SFA. With all the new technology being introduced into the IFS's these days they really suffer little to none of the issues you mentioned, I'm not saying a SFA isn't a better application for you, I'm just saying that it is an excellent alternative to a SFA for most people. Personall, after riding in a SD and an HD, I have found that they perform the same. But that's just me.

G-Street, I actually thought it would have been the opposite. A friend of mine who is in construction, and he admits he is partial to the Chevy's for their looks. He said to me "I drive these trucks a lot more than you do, and the Chevy's front end gets knocked around on the rough roads, where as the Fords just take it and keep going" he said that alone convinced him his next private purchase would be a Super Duty. But he did insist the Chevy's were smoother on the road. That I can agree with from personal experience. I told him I was really surprised the Ford felt smoother off-road, because if I was to guess which truck would be smoothest off-road, I would have said the Silverado 2500 HD with the Z71 package. I've only driven both trucks on road, and yes the Ford feels more truck-like, the Chevy is way smoother on the road. I agree with you, that IFS will suit most people better, most of the time.
Looking forward to Mike's thoughts on what is best for each situation.

If IFS may have applications that is superior to SFA, but I would guess that the best, state of the art independent front suspensions, don't include torsion bars.

LOL The dirt makes it look rusty already....or is it rust?

You GM guys can keep your IFS and cushier ride. The money i make replacing front end parts on your trucks pay for my ford. I would not want anything but a solid front end on vehicles this big and heavy. Everything about the front end just lasts longer-be it tires or front end componets.

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