Toyota May Expand Tundra Frame Recall

Toyota To Recall 2000-03 Tundras for Frame Corrosion Problem
By Joe Bruzek

Toyota has alerted dealers in 30 additional states that it is conducting a “Special Service Campaign” over the same 2000-2003 Tundra rust issue that caused the automaker and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue a recall in November 2009 in 20 cold weather states.

While Toyota isn’t calling the campaign an official recall, spokesman Brian Lyons said to think of it as a “heads up” for the other 30 states: 

“The service campaign could mirror what’s in the current recall, but final instructions won’t come until March,” said Lyons. 

Owners of Tundras originally sold or currently registered in the remaining 30 states will be notified by Toyota in the coming weeks. In the original recall, corrosion could lead to spare tires falling from the vehicle’s underside, as well as excessive corrosion affecting brake lines and fuel tank straps.

Total production of the affected model years amounts to roughly 400,000 units.

We’ll be following developments as they become available, so stay tuned.


When it rains...It poors!
Toyota's stuck in a friggin' MONSOON!!


Does anyone know how Toyota fixes this problem? Do they change out the frame section? swap a whole frame? Or buy the truck back?

There is no good way to fix this problem, I'm glad I don't own one of these trucks. If they fix them as they should, the truck will never be the same. It will be the equivalent of a bent frame repair. My shop has repaired frame rust before, it's a hard repair. depending on the severity of the problem and each repair is different.

How much more can Toyota take? The frame rot is an old hidden problem thats come back to haunt them. Imagine driving down the road and your frame breaks in half, or your spare tire falls off. Toyota is turning out to be a big joke! They have hidden defects for yrs by not reporting them and its coming to a head. They have bribed NTSHA officials, lied and are still hiding information. They are a corrupt co that builds inferior products and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Toyota the Ecoli of the Auto Industry!

How many years until they recall the new Tundras? I read on TH that the new Tundras were starting to rust, too.

could this be the end of toyotajoke conpany....?

dont miss the next episode.....

Toyota trucks have always had severe rust issues like that-its just that they sold enough of them now for people to notice.

TOYOTA = Ton Of Yellow Orange Truck Ash


"Toyota is turning out to be a big joke!"

GM is the big joke, they need Obama to come rescue them and accuse Toyota with no facts to back them up!!!

"They have hidden defects for yrs by not reporting them and its coming to a head."

And the big 3 have not?

"They have bribed NTSHA officials, lied and are still hiding information."

And the big 3 have not bribed the NHTSA? What planet are you from? GM and the UAW are doing a fine job of bribing government officials to get their way!!!

"They are a corrupt co that builds inferior products and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Excuse me? In a proper and real court of law for which those Congressional hearnings were not. In a real court of law most of what the government (GM) accused would have been cross-examined and thrown out!!!

You need evidence and I mean hard evidence, not what the media has sold your weak mind to be or the government is telling you to be, hard evidence with facts!!!

I still see none whatsoever, only accusations and sound bites for the media to run off with!!!

If you want a criminal organization, look no further than GM with their failed leadership, lose of market share because they could not compete, got their welfare check from the government that is still not enough to now the government is bashing Toyota to help poor GM!!!

GM deserves to FAIL, that is what capatalism and a free enterprise system is suppose to do and not reward a bunch of crooks that cannot run a comapny properly!!!

What is Toyota's share value when compared to the government's GM? Yeah, I thought so!!!

Toyota Death Watch..Tic..Tic..Tic...

Funny , Toyota even brought GM to a mass recall,the steering units in the GM compacts (Chev Cobalt Pontiac G5),are made by.. drumroll please....Toyota !!!

Toyota received many government loans,from the Japanese well as European brands received monies from their government..

The Prius was made largely of Japanese grant money (ie tax payers monies) Japanese government wanted the Japanese to be the first country to mass produce hybrids,they alotted Toyota and Honda with the majority of millions if not billions of dollars..A buddy of mine is from Japan tells me all the problems with Toyota in Japan,they love hiding the major problems and he drives an American vehicle here !!!

Toyota has major issues for many years...

Toyota/Honda ect...has had a free pass by the media/journelists because it is a import company,and in the politically correct world,you cannot say anything negative about anything ,especially from an Asian country.

The 90's 4 runner was a joke,headgasket and transmission problems from the get go ,rusted bumpers after 6 months !!

The late 90's until recently,3.5 million sludged engines in V-6 Camry's,Sienna's ,Lexus models and Toyota lied and said it was the owners fault,even when people had 10,000 miles on it and always serviced at a Toyota dealer !!

Tundra/Tacoma rust,balljoints,cracking tailgates..

Blowing up camshafts,bad drive shafts..

Sienna bad welds that popped open the front doors..

Echo floor boards rusted in 6 months..noted Toyota now changed its name to Yaris..

Now its Corolla has steering problems at highway speeds..

Excellerator problems,braking problems..

And they tried to say it was only the floor mats !! That Toyota fanboys/girls is why Toyota is the biggest lier around,many people DIED because of Toyota's many accident scenes had the people died and their Toyota floor mats were in the trunk,because they believed a lying Toyota company that said its products are safe,when all along they have no clue what the real issue is,floor mats removed dont help,the so-called pedal sleeve fix doesnt help either,that is 100% proof Toyota is a lying company that should be shut down and every Toyota ever made should be crushed !!!!!!!

Whenever I see a Toyota,I start to laugh to myself then look at the person driving the inferior Toyota and they do not look impressed..They are frightened to death,and I dont blame them..They are now upside down on their car note and cant sell it,nobody would buy it..I dont really feel for them but, maybe I should because they were misled by all of these brain washing articles of how reliable they are,when we all know Toyota's are lemons and death traps...time for toyota owners to park their clunkers and take the bus...I am still laughing at any Toyota fan,remember TRD is a great name for Toyota,its telling everyone its a real TURD !!!

I have an F-150 and it's a TRD (Toyota Recovery Device).
Like clockwork oxi strikes again on another Toyota article. My wife is smarter than oxi because when i told her that some people think its our government behind all these toyota recalls and her response was "then why is it happening in Japan too and in europe." That pretty much sums it up.

Frame recall facts, at least what they did here in NJ. My boss had his Tacoma in for this recall. They replaced the frame. First they offered him top value for it on a trade in, he turned it down.

The frame swap took the 2 weeks. The job would have had a cost of $12,000 if he had to pay for it and they offered him $8,500 on the trade in.

Despite all the bad press, people remain loyal to the Toyota brand. Even people who were wary of Toyota would still pick it over any US brand. Just goes to show how investing in a strong brand and delivering a strong product gives you some protection from disaster. My company In Context Opinion did video market research last week, and here are some snippets of what people had to say:

Not working Toyota haters out there:

Maybe you guys should write to Congress and the media to try a new approach to bash Toyota with!!!

These Prius incidents pop up AFTER a national exposure of accusations (no facts whatsoever), hmmm BS!!!

People blaming Toyota because they can no longer afford payments, driver error or want a quick buck!!!

I like how the media quotes a panicked driver. What complete lack of professionalism of the media here. You never publish what a panicked driver says, you wait a day or two till things calm down. Has the media not gone to phsycology 101 class?

This leads me to believe these are being staged or the owners can no longer pay their bills and want a quick out!!!

Forget Toyota. Chrysler's got the most problems.

Oxi, have you gone and interviewed these people or checked out their cars, or do you just make a 2 second analysis based on gut feeling?

@Oxi-dation - afraid to post your real name? There have been 34 deaths attributed to Toyota's run away accelleration problem. The number was 19 before all the media hype. That number is dwarfed by the thousands of deaths caused by GM, Ford, and Chrysler.
Remember Ralph Nader?
I'll just cut and paste some information on the infallable Detroit 3, well, actually Detroit 1 = Ford. GM = Washington, Chrylser = Washington/Italy(Fiat).
The domestics have been slow to fix problems and they also have tried to cover things up.
There are no vestal virgins in the corporate world.

Toyota's quality is still decent. The sad thing is that despite the problems they've had they still rate at the top end of the auto industry. These recalls will affect those ratings.

The NHSTA is far from being apolitical(without the influence of politics). THey cowtow to political masters and make decisions from political influence as well as in the interest of safety. The political side often overrules the safety side. Here is a a perfect example:

GM isn't paying any debt back yet. What they are paying back is akin to you or I having a 20,000 line of credit. We use 16,000 of the line of credit so we tell the bank: you can have the 4,000 back that we did not use. That does not constitute a loan repayment.

Here is a good link concerning the whole circus surrounding Toyota's problems.
Toyota sales are down 9% in the US. In Canada Toyota sales are up 25%. Toyota sales are up in the rest of the world. Some say the whole Congessional Circus has helped Toyota in other countries. I expected good things to come of of the hearings, but, its turned out to be a big joke!

More good news about GM:

GMAC bailout could cost taxpayers $6.3B

Now we are seeing more and more evidence of the root cause behind Obama's targeting of Toyota. That is because GM is such a mess to compete on a level playing field, the government has to come in and bash Toyota (the weak minded folks) to buy GM to help their failing cause!

Sad indeed!!!


If the government is behind the toyota recalls then why has these problems happened around the world, including Japan?
OXI stop avoiding the problem with toyota by talking about GM, I personally dont agree with the GM bailouts but it has nothing to do with the problems toyota is having.

If you still side with toyota after this then there is something wrong with you.

"Before leaving Toyota four years ago, Biller had a nervous breakdown caused, he said, by stress."

Disgruntled former employee stealing company documents, hmmm not very trustworthy individual. You cannot steal trade secrets and company documents, that is illegal and a violation of the code of ethics put forth by practically every major business...

Inadmissable in a court of law because he broke the law stealing documents. Not going to go far with that one bud. Nice try! Disgruntled former employee could have been courted by GM and Congress, never underestimate the power of the federal government when they want something!

It was made painfully clear at the hearings that a number of lawmakers do not understand the process. An exchange between Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) and Toyota President Akio Toyoda illustrated the problem.

Toyoda said that when his company gets a complaint about a mechanical problem, engineers set to work trying to duplicate the problem in their labs to find out what went wrong.

Norton said: "Your answer -- we'll wait to see if this is duplicated -- is very troublesome." Norton asked Toyoda why his company waited until a problem recurred to try to diagnose it, which is exactly what he was not saying.

Members of Congress are generally lawyers and politicians, not engineers. But they are launching investigations and creating policies that have a direct impact on the designers and builders of incredibly complex vehicles -- there are 20,000 parts in a modern car -- so there are some basics they should understand. Chief among them: The only way to credibly figure out why something fails is to attempt to duplicate the failure under observable conditions. This is the engineering method.

If you put a lot of parts together to form a complex electromechanical machine and make it talk to itself via software, it can behave, sometimes, in ways you cannot anticipate. It can fail for reasons you cannot anticipate.

That's the problem Toyota faces. And, after thorough testing by Toyota, NHTSA and garage mechanics trying to win the $1 million prize, no single answer may be found. Obviously, this will not stop juries from awarding damages in the liability lawsuits already filed.

Finally, Toyota can't say this, but I can: Some of the cases of runaway acceleration could have been caused by driver error. Think about the times you've been in an accident, a near-miss or -- more to the point -- a distracted-driving situation that almost veered out of control. You remember the white-hot spike of fear that shot up your spine. You remember the shakes afterward. But do you remember what you did during those few seconds of panic? Do you remember where your feet and hands and eyes went?

First, General Motors just recalled 1.3 million cars on Monday for steering problems. What? You didn't see that? Where were the TV cameras? Where were the righteous who demanded that, no, the American president of Toyota (Jim Lentz) wasn't good enough, that our "pound of flesh" must come from the "big man" himself - Akio Toyoda - so that he could be publicly humiliated last week? Don't dare think the government is going to slap GM after last year's bail-out.

Secondly, on Monday Toyota announced it will now sell any new car or truck to a qualified buyer by providing that person with a five-year, zero-interest loan. Further, Toyota will change the oil and offer complete maintenance for free for the first two years. And, yes, on top of that there will be rebates up to $3,000 on certain models. That's strong.

Listen, gunslinger, General Motors doesn't have bullets like that. Toyota's third-quarter earnings last year were $1.7 billion, exactly the same amount lost during the third quarter of 2008. The company also just sold 2.07 million vehicles from October to December so, with the recall embarrassment, now there is a firm-jawed resolve to make the overblown travesty "the mother of all recalls."
Right now Toyota is processing 50,000 recalled vehicles a day, somewhat easily, too, I might add. To do so, their dealers are loaning cars while repairs are being made, paying rental fees and even taxi receipts. The simple fact is that never in the history of the auto industry has there been such an intense response. General Motors, on the other hand, will not offer a similar assistance program to the 1.3 million owners in this latest recall because, quite frankly, it doesn't have the clout nor the "want to" that Toyota does right now.

Listen to this - J.D. Power has just announced the best luxury car in the world right now is a Lexus, the premium brand of Toyota that just dominated four of J.D. Power's five main categories. This week Consumer Reports, not a government agency but one of the most respected quality-assurance sources in our country, returned eight different Toyota models to its "recommended" list. Go ahead, look it up. While you're at it, buy the Consumer Reports' car annual; you'll see for yourself Toyota is a tight No. 3 overall while GM and Chrysler are solidly "dead last."

The more you wait, the more the ugly truth comes out:

Doctoring video to bash Toyota, way to go ABC News!

2-second video causes headache for ABC News

Even with all the recent troubles Toyota has had, they still overall are superior in quality and relieablity to any US auto maker. I own a 1983, 1996, 2005 Toyota all of that run like the day I bought them, perfect.
Good luck to all the folks that think otherwize...


STOP talking about GM, this is about TOYOTA! jeez

Why have you not answered my question.

If our government is behind these toyota recalls then why has it happened around the world.

If you can honestly spend your money on a vehicle built by a company whos owner cant even speak english then thats your problem.

Oxi must drive a Toyota and, by the way he's pumping them up, is looking to sell the old rust-bucket. My 92 Chevy has 200,000 miles on it and is still going strong. Buy a real truck the next time around. You won't have to sound like a shill for the company then.

The government is behind these recalls and they own GM, do you not understand?

By the way Toyota voluntarily recalled their vehicles, they were not forced to by GM!

Conflict of interest, under stand what that means!

Hey Bill, I just bought a 2010 access cab pyrite mica Tacoma 4x4 last month!

I sold my road racing 2005 Tacoma X-Runner and got a sweet deal...

I have seen my fair share of rusted out S-10's, Rangers and Dakota's, rust is a common issue up here in the northwoods, no matter the make!

I'd say a 9% decrease in USA sales for Toyota in February isn't too bad considering all off the negative publicity.
I don't think this will hurt Toyota in the long run.
It will make them stronger.
I would not hesitate buying a Tacoma. It's the only compact I'd consider buying. The Colorado/Canyon twins rate in the Top 10 (or botom 10) worse vehicles made.
The Dakota is an ugly joke.
I like the Ranger as it's a dirt cheep truck to buy, but it's uselss for me as it doesn't come in a crew cab. I had one and sold it because I had no room for my kids.
I like the Ridgeline but it isn't really a truck and is more expensive than a Tacoma.

I'm surprised Biller is allowed to practice law.
Client/lawyer confidentiality exists even after you no longer work for them.
If his documents show wrong doing by Toyota, why is it that he did not provide this evidence to the courts?
This is kind of like Monica Lewinsky not washing her dress after going down on Clinton.

toyota has the frame recall for the tundras and there are over 2000 frames that need done nation wide and they are only making 18 frames a month so thats 216 frames a year and over 9 years to get them all done at that rate. lol got to love them

Ok Toyota bashers; have you ever looked under a American built truck that is 10 years old. For example Ford or any of the GM or Chrysler trucks. They have there share of rust problems also. I am a technician at a repair shop and I have replaced a countless number of brake lines on Dodge and Chevy trucks, but you don't see those nice American companies backing up their trucks. I have had many Ford trucks in with holes through core supports and frames and cabs, again were is the Ford recall backing up there customers.

At least Toyota has the balls to admit their problem and are trying to back up there customers!

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