Video First Look: 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

Video First Look: 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

We've got a firsthand video tour of the all-new 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty that debuted at this year's NTEA Work Truck Show in St. Louis.

While most of the technical specifications of GM’s Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups are identical, GMC is adding a new high-end Sierra Denali HD model to its work truck lineup. It will come with a choice of either the standard 360-horsepower / 380 pounds-feet of torque 6.0-liter V-8 gas engine or the class-leading 397-hp and 765 pounds-feet 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel.


Well at least the GMC version is better looking than its Chevy counterpart!

Not a fan of painted bumpers but the grill is pretty sexy.

i agree with ryan, i dont like painted bumpers, just put chrome there. and i agree with d57h, gmc is a tad better lookin' than chevy.

I like the look of this new sierra.

ya, they finally did a little bit of catching up and made their first fully boxed frame, wo wo, Ford did this decades ago. and you guys remeber the chevy comercial where they made fun of dodge owners having a heaTted stearing wheel and therefore were wosy ass men who got manicures, so now they are doing the same thing.?..!. any1 notice a little bit of hypocracy here.?.

What's the big deal about this truck having a heated steering wheel? It's a Denali, which is the most high end model you can get in the Sierra so it's only appropriate that they offer this feature.

Steven, the point Eagle was making, was that GM TV commercials were attacking Dodge trucks for having heated steering wheels, just like they also attack Ford for the tailgate step. Though, now GM themselves are including a heated steering wheel in one of their trucks. I guess the tailgate step is also coming soon to GM trucks?
Personally, I don't care. I think these features are great. I wouldn't mind a heated steering wheel and a tailgate step. I am not a fan of the Denali "bling" look though.

Mike Levine,
It looks old. Do you agree?

that grille is sexy as hell, Truck looks great in the video, Thanks Mike.

Best looking Heavy duty on the road IMO

new frame, 765 torque with Denali class, sign me up !

Ford came out with fully boxed frame in 2004 for f150 only, and GM fully boxed frame in 2007 for half ton's only. This is a HD truck with fully boxed frame, and Ford still have C channel on their HD's.

Nice, the Sierra and Silverado with the Duramax/Allison combo are hard to beat. Great trucks.

@Alex, Yes I know that GM was attacking Dodge and Ford for their heated steering wheel and tailgate step. All I was pointing out that a heated steering wheel is a feature to expect from a high model like the Denali even as some people are attacking GM for copying Dodge with the heated steering wheel.

to me if you changed the red GMC letters to a blue Ford oval, it looks a bit like a superduty grill? I like it
Also I never knew Dodge (Ram?) had a heated wheel till the Chev ads pointed it out. Good spending of advertising $$ there.


Thanks for that info, i learned something new today !

Nice truck, the front bumper looks massive. Perhaps it's just the angle of the photo shot.
I've read that aftermarket upfitters don't like boxed frames as most of their accessories are designed for C-channel frames. Thats why Dodge chassis cabs are C-channel and Ford HD's as well. This might hurt GM/Chev sales.

I like it.

Mike L, you need to eat. J/K

Heated Steering Wheel is good, but how about a Cooled Steering Wheel? Steering wheels get hot here in the Summer, but of course this is California.

It would be cool if they offer this on California Trucks. Cooled Steering Wheel.

Who cares who copys who, I know I had my share of arguement towards GM but I now see them making improvements.

Nice car, I mean truck. Love the smaller grill on the new HD’s. Wrong move to stick with IFS. Leave it to GM to launch a $60,000 personal use pick up at a Work Truck Show. This is where you are supposed to show off your 1SA peg group, Summit White, rubber floor mat work trucks and chassis cabs. Isn’t it obvious to anybody else that GM is not the least bit serious about being in the commercial truck market, especially with a boxed frame? Good luck mounting a service body on a boxed frame. Dodge learned that lesson a few years ago. Hopefully the GM Chassis cabs will be C-channel. GM is still setting their priorities like it is 2003 where personal use pickups were flying out the dealership doors like they are free. Nice truck but wrong show for a Denali launch! The new Ram HD’s look better all the time.

OMG - the world is going to end. Frank said something nice about GM..... Has Bob changed sides too... HaHa. Seriously, I agree with Frank - who cares as to who comes up with an idea first. That is why copyright laws and Trademarks exist. If it isn't legally covered - it's far game.

Can they put the deisel engine in the Chevy Suburban Z71/GMC Yukon XL???

Mike Levine
GM said that 11 frame styles will be produced for 2011HD's ,
1. reg cab 8' bed 2wd
2. reg cab 8' bed 4x4
3. ext cab 6.5' bed 2wd
4. ext cab 6.5' bed 4x4
5. ext cab 8' bed 2wd
6. ext cab 8' bed 4x4
7. crew cab 6.5' bed 2wd
8. crew cab 6.5' bed 4x4
9. crew cab 8' bed 2wd
10. crew cab 8' bed 4x4
So what would 11th be? if it's cab and chassis then what's the difference?

I wonder if #11 is a C-channel frame?

This is the video you guys are talking about and another reason I will not buy from snobby Government Motors. They bash the other trucks for having something they do not have then they turn around and add the same thing they were bashing. Is that a manicure? What a jerk Howie Long and GM are! I hope they fail.

@Eric "Can they put the diesel engine in the Chevy Suburban Z71/GMC Yukon XL??? "

They probably could, but they don't seem to be willing to do so. Real shame, as I have an older diesel GMC Suburban and it's the best vehicle I've ever owned. I'd love to buy another one if they still made them.

I would give my left nut for a 4.5 Duramax Suburban Z71

Too pretty to work with and without chrome bumpers, any time you tap something, you'll be in the body shop.

@ Lex

the 11th frame is the reg cab, 6.5 2wd

I have seen many beat up Denali Sierra's and Yukon's, boy do they look horrid.

They made an error with reg cab 6.5 bed (HD) so made correction that it's going to be reg cab with 8' bed. Still i wonder where 11th frame is.

you no wy they put heat steering,so dodge people able to drive a gmc,and mabe they put a step for ford people ,lol

Looks good except for the plastic hood vent thing, looks tacky. Duramax/allison very good choice. New Ram HD Laramie is a bit nicer inside than this denali. Like the new grill. Good job GMC truck.

@ lex

thanks , didnt know that

It is true that it is difficult to mount many types of aftermarket bodies on trucks with boxed frame rails. This was a concern of mine when I found out GM was going to a boxed frame, even though boxed rails are substantially stronger than C-channel rails. However, I am told GM will offer cab and chassis models with C-channel rear frame rails. Best of both worlds.

Well thats what Dodge have, it's also fully boxed and their cab and chassis have C channel.

what percent of people acutally lift their trucks ? 10 % at the most ? I'd rather have a fully-boxed frame, which most people will love, then a few people bitching about it because they can't lift their trucks.

You can still lift your truck even if it's frame is fully boxed.

Aftermarket bodies like towing, roll-backs, dump, ect..

Chevy does not have a heated stearing wheel, only GMC. The Denali has had it since 2007--before Dodge.

"Chevy does not have a heated stearing wheel, only GMC. The Denali has had it since 2007--before Dodge". - aj

Really, I didn't know that. So GM mocked the product despite the fact they produce the same themselves. Ignorance is bliss.

Most advertising, regardless of brand is an insult to human intelligence.
I prefer a humorous approach that doesn't slag anyone. I love the Mustang/police chase Ford commercial.

Whats the big deal about that commercial? GM did not attack Dodge or mock anyone, the point of commercial was would you rather have heated steering wheel, or 21 MPG HWY?.

Hey Frank - further proof that Chev Silverado and GMC Sierra are separate truck brands. Chev doesn't know what GM makes and goes out and laughs at it. Throw a few more billion at them and they might get their sh-- together. Pathetic, really pathetic.
You guys are ruining this post with your anti GM posts. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
GM doesn't need help from me to ruin anything.... They do a great job all on their own. LMFAO

You guys must be extremely bored if your that worked up over a heated steering wheel. I thought the commercial was rather funny and not meant to be taken so serious. If the Silverado had a heated steering wheel I could see your point, but since it still doesn't I don't get what the fuss is all about. Even though they have the same parents the Sierra does in fact compete to some extent with the Silverado so I really doubt Chevy's add agency cared that the upmarket Denali from a separate division had a heated steering wheel when they shot the commercial.

I'd say those commercials are crappy. Who wrote them? BOB?
See for yourself..........

Only a Chev guy would say these commercials are not mocking or attacking anyone. I liked the commentary done by the talk show hosts. Funny.

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