Video First Look: 2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van

Video Walkaround: 2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van

At last year’s NTEA Work Truck Show, we took you on a video tour of Nissan’s NV2500 commercial van concept. This year, the company brought the production version. It’s the first in a lineup of full-size body-on-frame light commercial vehicles that Nissan is expected to build and sell for the North American market.

Here's a first-hand video tour of the 2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van from this year's NTEA Work Truck Show in St. Louis.



Fugly with the high top, but better than a Transit Connect.

Give it 4x4 like the pickups and a good small diesel and I'll buy it. It isn't the nicest looking truck, but I do like the long nose design. Anyone who has ever worked on the engine of a diesel Econoline van knows that short nose makes it a real pain in the butt.

On a side note, will it only be available in a commercial van or can we expect passenger van versions? If they do make it in a diesel/4x4/passenger version, I could see replacing my Suburban with one

I hate the long nose, also it would be harder to park it with that nose. Did Nissan use those headlights from GMC Sierra?

The high roof version with a small diesel would make a great camper.

No diesel, no deal. I don't care about looks. I care about functionality, duribility, and cost, cost, cost. It's about the bottom line.

I understand the long nose, but it didn't have to be so long, the Titan front end is like a foot shorter and the engine is in front of the firewall.

They should do ok as long as it's price competitive with the likes of the too narrow sprinter van. Strange how they chromed-out in the front. Little cummins would be nice! An extended length would be a negative with the long snout.

Front end looks alot better then Nissan Titan

I like the look! Its a pickup crossover. High roof will be great to replace my work pickups, tired of stuff stolen out of the bed. I used to own vans, but there hasn't been a new one from Ford or GM since the early nineties. Domestics need to get with the program.

Nice job Nissan. Love the console as well!

This aint no minivan - its a MAN-ivan or MAX-ivan or something this that and other. Now I can crush my Honda Oddessy and get a REAL MAN's van!

This van may not be the best looking, however its immense functionality makes up for that. I truly believe that they built this van Around functionality instead of just building a van and Placing functionality in it.

Doesn’t look like a bad work vehicle. Reminds me of the Pre-1973 Chevrolet and GMC Panel vans that were Suburban based. Funny those, long nose panel vans were scrapped in favor of short nose vans that had shorter turning radius and more cargo room, now Nissan has the notion engine noise is more of an issue than turning radius. It will be interesting how GM and Ford respond to this product or even if they will. It looks better than the Titan though!

Ummm its NOT just the engine noise with the doghouse vans--it is safety--the firewall is not just called that to be cute--fiberglass does not hold fire out for but a few seconds. It is also about sealing properly - and most dont--there is a fair bit of air pressure trying hard to drive the hot engine air into the van cabin. And CERTAINLY it is about maintainance--the NV is NOT gonna be a semi pulling a huge single trailer swinging wide--and even they seem to get around in the tightest of behind the ol market roads. Think of the extra length like you are towing something--get the front headed right and all the rest will just follow right along.

Sad, that you could not show a passenger equiped van.
This van is ugly. I want nothing to do with it. Oh well, back to Dodge or Ford

I really like the Nissan vans. It would be great to have the high roof van with passenger seats.

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