Video: Mopar Ram Runner in the Utah Outback

Video: Mopar Ram Runner in the Utah Outback
Photo Courtesy of Four Wheeler Magazine (see more pics!)

We've already given you an overview of the Mopar Ram Runner project truck. Want to see it in action? Look no further. We've got video below!


I could go that fast in my stock F150 maybe even my wifes corrolla. Its good to see the Raptor has nothing to worry about with that truck.

That video was a let down. I wanted to see it blazing up the trails. Not slowly clamoring over sand padded terraces. They could have pushed that truck 10x harder.

I'd put my money on bobsled80's wife's corolla!!!!!!!!

you realize the raptor is very slow the power wagon out runs it

Just think if you did have the Corolla for use in Baja you would not have to worry about stopping or touching the gas pedal at all! LOL It's only a matter of time before we see these 09-10 RAM trucks used by Kore in actual races.

nice but not anywhere as capable as the chrystler fans were suggesting. this still lacks the components to fully match the raptor. As usual Ford makes the best all together put package and quality for the price. This was non other than a failed attempt by chrystler to try and match the raptor, now lets see that rumor of what gm's got to bring to the plate.

EaagleXYZ: So you are basically saying you know nothing about what you just looked at and are letting blind brand loyalty make you think the Raptor is the king. Actually compare the specs of the two trucks and you'll realize how dumb you sound.

Mike are you guys goanna do a Raptor & Ram Runner comparison like you did with the Raptor and PowerWagon?

I think it would be cool its apples to apples with these two trucks!

@chd. your main argument is putting words in my mouth that aren’t there, how original. did you not see the previous post where even mike admitted as great a truck as this seems to be there are still some components missing that can't match the raptor. Every1 has a favorite brand, mine used to be gm, but I have since grown up. Its more than just any type of brand loyalty you can name, its what the vehicle is capable of and how great a vehicle it can be. like you don't have a brand that you tend to favor over another brand, that's probably why you commented me. Hypocrisy to be exact. you want to hear some of ted & mikes comments, here they are from the previous post.

"No way in hell is a base Ram with a bolt-on kit comparable to a Raptor. A Raptor is only about $3K more than a comparable F150 FX4, so a base Ram is still going to be missing about $10K in options as compared to a Raptor.

If you want to make a base Ram comparable to a Raptor, you need more than suspension. How about flared street-legal fenders, increased cooling, heat extraction, off-road control modes, downhill control, aux electrical, heavily side-bolstered seats, and on and on...

BTW, what makes you think towing and payload ratings won't decrease when you swap out longer arms and install more compliant shocks?"

"Good points. There also wont be an Off-Road Mode that changes the transmission and brake calibrations for optimal performance off-road."

now rather than calling people dumb with no reason to back it up, use the facts to explain to people what it is you are trying to say. and mainly what I was saying was that this Dodge Ram Runner is not exactly able to match the Raptor. The Raptor is a legend in of its own and even if or when another project is able to beat the raptor, the raptor will always be known to of opened the door to amazingly stock build prerunner trucks.

@Evan: Not sure yet. Certainly sounds like an interesting idea though.

@ EagleXYZ In yout first post you claim the Ram is not anywhere near as capable as the Raptor and that this is a failed attempt to match the raptor. I would have have to agree with chd about your blind loyalty. How can you claim that this is a failed attempt when this kit is not yet available to the public and no real independent testing has been done. Do you no something we don't? Also consider the fact that the Ram has coil springs in the rear which is an advantage when it comes to a prerunner. When you make claims like that, don't don't compalin when people call you on it. I don't know which truck is better and neither do you.

It's hard to tell from the video as to how fast the truck is going. The trail is badly whooped out. The suspension does do a good job of soaking things up. It looks wider than the Raptor in front. I like the tube bumper. You can now order a similar bumper for the Raptor. I'd love to see a head to head comparison.

@jordan. Its not blind loyalty. Its from what we have so far. from the info that we do have from its a Ram with good suspension and not as much as a change from its original self as that of the raptor from the original F150. from previous posts we know so far that this ram doesn't have as much options as the raptor as well as off-road switching modes and other modules. When this Ram was first rumored about it was said to be in comparison with the raptor and how its going to squash the raptor but so far this ram is lacking the options and the package that the raptor has. Yes, I do agree that a prerunner does have more flexibility advantages with coil springs, but coil springs I just have a weird feeling about in trucks. Yes I do agree the ram does look a little bit better (copies the looks of the 05 super duty with some changes including slanted headlights) but again the all together put package and the options of the truck are to be looked upon as well. I just don't see this as a raptor competitor as much as other people do. although this ram with the Cummins engine would work well, without it well no. but get what I am trying to say.?.

Coil spring I like when I drive cars, when I drive any truck I like to have leaf springs although dodge does have more of a comfortable ride, but haven’t gotten to drive the newer f150. also look at this.

Seriously, crawl back into your caves Ford trolls.

The Raptor has a measly 11" front travel, that is pure weaksauce for a "race" truck. This has 14" which is better but not fantastic. Raptor has 13" in the rear and this has 14". This has 3.0 Foxes vs 2.5 on the Raptor. Variable rate coils front and rear. 390 hp. Available in any cab configuration. Offroad modes? Do Score trucks have Hill Descent Control? Come on...

And is there a problem with building your own setup? If you can't swing a wrench you have no idea what these trucks are for anyway.

After owning many trucks (including a Carli 3.0 suspended Cummins powered Ram 2500) I've come to the conclusion that in the last decade the Ram is the enthusiasts truck with the performance to back it up, and the Ford is the cookie cutter for people who buy what their daddy bought or believe the Motor Trend subjectively tests pickup trucks.

@bombsquad - if you are handy with a wrench then a kit is probably the way to go. You can tune the truck to what you want. It will be interesting to see how much this kit will cost. The shocks run around 1200 a piece, but the ones on the Fox site are externally adjustable. I can see why Ford and Dodge would offer "internal bypass" shocks. Too many people would screw up the settings trying to tune them.
You'd need to price out, paint and install wider fenders, and/or wheel flares. Add clearance lights, and buy tires and wheels. You might have to look at a shift kit tuned for desert riding/racing,and e-locker for the rear. The truck might not be street legal. Does this kit void the factory warranty?
I will wait for more information on the kit, and any extra parts needed to complete the package before I'd be willing to say this is better than a Raptor with factory warranty.

One more thing - this truck has 15 inches of travel not 14. It's can provide 17 inchs of travel but the CV joints become "unhappy" at 17. It's therefore limited to 15.
Find a GM kitted like the Ram, and test them with the Raptor. I'd even go one step further and get an F150 and put an aftermarket kit on it as well. That would be cool. It would help end the whole " I can build a better truck" argument.

@bombsquad- we take my F150 deer hunting in the rough terrain areas because my Daddys dodge bottoms out the front end on every bump. Dodge is to worried about making there Grocery getter 1/2 ton ride smooth that they cant be taken serious as a real competitor for the Raptor.

@Eagle xyz That was a nice little Ford propaganda video. I'm not buying it. I recall reading in the light duty shootout on this website the the ford suffered from some bad wheel hop due to those long springs. That part about coils not being proggressive link leafs is pure crap. All you have to due is have the coils closer together at one end and presto, progressive rate coils. You can even have a progressive rate single leaf spring. Most of these trucks run around with nothing in the back so you might as well get the best ride you can. The fact is Dodge switched to coils with out losing load capacity and they increased the towing in 2010. I really don't see the down side to using them in light duty trucks. If you haven't driven a new Dodge, you should. The ride is awesome. And remember this is Dodges first crack at this system. They can only improve it and it works pretty damn good right now.

@Bombsquid - I've come to the conclusion that in the last decade the Ram is the enthusiasts truck with the performance to back it up, and the Ford is the cookie cutter for people who buy what their daddy bought or believe the Motor Trend subjectively tests pickup trucks.

There are not to many Dodge enthusiasts out there - 20 % drop in sales. That sounds enthusiastic.

Toyota Tundra and Tacoma outsold Dakota, Ram 1500 and HD.
That sounds enthusiastic.

Soon to be Italian owned.
That sounds enthusiastic.

Soon to be an out of business collector's item.
That sounds enthusiatic.

So much for "cookie cutter" Fords.... Number one in total slaes. That is where the real truck enthusiasts are. They know a winner when they see one.

That is one bad ass truck. As with all other mopar products if dealer installed would be covered under warranty. There may be different versions of this lift system though. Like a mild version not requiring fenders and a full all out version requiring fender replacement. Sure like all these new products out of the mopar camp.

Cute Looking truck

Ford propaganda video.?. They were just simply emphasising the facts. Even when you buy the dodge it warns you not to put a camper on and issues with the center of gravity and control. when your own dodge warns you about itself, you really have no ground to stand on.

dodge started using coil springs because "not alot of people tow 10,000 lbs trailers.

they want you to look at the heavy duty 2500 and 3500 rams.

it just makes sence to haul a 1 ton or more in a 3/4 ton rather than in a 1/2 ton rated to haul 1 ton.

it is safer. bigger brakes and more severe cooling.

but it would be awesome if they offered a 1/2 ton heavy duty

with leafs and solid front axle....





@Tony: Regarding Toyota vs Dodge sales... Dodge sold over twice as many Rams in 2009 as Toyota sold Tundras. So far YTD in 2010 they're still outselling the Tundra by over 2 to 1.

Tundra sales were down over 42% in 2009. Ram sales? Only down 28%, the smallest drop of any full size truck in 2009.

As far as enthusiastic goes, the Dodge guys I've known have indeed been more enthusiastic about their trucks than the Ford guys. Toyota sells a ton of Camrys and Corolas but I don't know anyone in their right mind that would call either of those cars and enthusiast's vehicle, so sales #s alone definitely reflect owner enthusiasm.

For Ford vs Dodge, they both make great trucks IMHO. They've got great diesels and solid front axles in their HD 4x4 trucks. Both companies offer purpose-built enthusiast market trucks in the Rapor and Power Wagon, albeit different enthusiast markets. Dodge currently doesn't have anything that really competes with the Raptor, and Ford certainly doesn't have anything that can compete with the PowerWagon.

@JasonW - you must remember that Dodge sales include 1/2 tons, 3/4 ton, 1 ton, and chassis cab trucks. Toyota only makes a 1/2 ton Tundra, and a compact(sort of) Tacoma. It would be interesting to see 1/2 ton sales only.
2009 sales show that Toyota (total) pickup sales outsold Dodge Ram (total) pickup sales. The current stats for March paint an ugly picture for Dodge = 18% drop.
The much malligned Tundra showed a 11.3% increase.

You rare Dodge fanboys can grab your purses and go home. Take a Ford home as Dodge won't be around much longer.

@ Eagle XYZ I call that video a propaganda video because thats all it is. Of course a Ford engineer would find faults with what the competion builds. These are the facts acording to Ford. I think their opinion is more than a little biased. I'm a mechanic that works at a Dodge dealership. When we do a predilivery inspections we have to remove all the shipping papers and plastic from the vehicles. I have PDIed several 2010 Ram 1500s and have found no warning papers about hualing campers. That is news to me. If any Ram 1500 owners out there have seen these I'd like to know. I wish the video would explain in more detail why coil springs adversly affect center of gravity. CoG is based on the hight of the vehicle in question. A truck will have a higher CoG compared to a car of equal weight. The Ram also has a anti roll bar on the rear axle which adds stability when cornering. Given the trucks are similar in height and weight CoG should also be similar. Like I said before, I'm not bying it.

Slim it down to the Dakota and drop a turbo diesel in it and you might have a truck I'd buy.

@ Jordan, alright well if you havn't been able to find it then you have proven your point, but that won't prevent me from looking it up and checking the glove box myself.

@Chd, @Jordan, @BombSquad, and @JasonW I agree with all you, in everyway.

@Tony, are you retarded Dodge isn't going out of business! They are in it still. Hell if Dodge is going out of business that means Ford and Toyota are too cause all three are doing great. Plus Dodge isn't about to be Italian OWNED, Fait only has a very, very small share in Chrysler Corp.

@Lou, @JasonW was talking about 1/2 Rams. Toyota can't compare with Dodge. Period. American trucks ( Dodge, and saddly yes, Chevy and Ford too) dominate Asian trucks in everyway possible.

@bobsled80, my cousin's F-1Shitty bottoms-out, hell i don't know, everytime he hits a bump.

@EagleXYZ, you're a tipical Ford supporter who doesn't know a thing about trucks hell even your own Ford for peets-sake. Sad. Really sad, man.

Ok....this is a cool truck nd all...nut still...u have to buy the kit separately!!!!!!!! With a Ford F-150 Raptor SVT u dont have to buy ne thing cept the dang truck...everything is installed on it in the Factory!!!!!!!!! The only thing u could buy if u wanted to would be the light bar and the lights tht mount on the front bvumper. I mean come on guys...u cant get ne better than tht. Dodges are good trucks nd all i guess but im a Ford guy and im stayin tht way. FORD= For Off Road Driving!!!!!!!!!!!

Both the Raptor and the Ram Runner are cool. Me personally, I'd rather drive a Ram. This being a kit doesn't really turn me off either. Honestly, if you were going to use either truck for what they are actually built for, your eventually going to break something, and you better know how to use a damn wrench

This video was not a show of the truck, more so, the driver. obviously the truck would go faster, the driver was probably going slow. a ram with a hemi under the hood whether it be the 5.7 or the 6.1 would blow away your panzy-ass POS triton engine any day

yes you have to get the kit separately but this is a prototype to be made off the line. its only a matter of time before this is made in bulk. and when it is i guarantee it will have similar components to the raptor.

It goes to show that the Ram Runner not being street legal goes to prove that it is a well built monster and the Raptor wouldn't be able to keep up with it. Now granted Dodge should have put another engine in it like the 6.1 liter hemi insted of the 5.7. Don't take it the wrong way I do like Ford but the Ram is a well built monster yet again and would run over the ford anywhere any time and run circles around just like the Dodge Challenger does the Ford Mustang.

This truck is still being developed so is the 6.4l hemi ford docent stand a chance. Like always dodge guys will take it further and faster than any other. What do sales have to do with how much better of a truck this will be than any other? Dodge will always dominate you'll see

bombsquad is the only person here who knows what hes talkin bout. @EagleXYZ off road modes? really? u dipshit..

and bfg ko's? shittiest tires on the planet..

and face it the raptor is damn ugly. but i'll admit, for use as a truck (towing, work, etc.), the raptor is a bit more practical, but the two are, well, sposed to be off road trucks. and in that area, the ram annihilates the ford. fords could be built by damn stupidass VW engineers. they give you NO room to work on them cuz they cut corners, and no one rlly likes the annoying sound of the oil comin up from the pan ery time u start it (if it starts)

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