Video Tour: 2010 Work Truck Show

Video Tour: 2010 Work Truck Show

Work trucks may sit at the periphery of most people's awareness as they go about their daily lives but without these trucks, and the workers who use them, our lives would be a lot tougher.

We take a close look at some of the most interesting commercial rigs and equipment that were on display at this year's Work Truck Show in St. Louis.



Those are some beautiful trucks! Excellent report Mike!

The Ford Transit van NEEDS a inline 4 cylinder diesel!! It would sell so much better, plus the alternative fuel options for a diesel engine are almost limitless :)

Wonder what the new Terrastar will be like. People are probably gonna bash it and the 6.4L MaxxForce7 (Powerstroke).

The 6.4L Powerstroke with just an intake, exhaust, emissions crap deletes and tuning can make 600hp and 1200lb-ft of torque. MPG will be in the 20's with the mods I listed with an econonmy tune. I know its not that pratical for a work truck, but just saying guys...those things are beasts!

Mike, do u eat??


Amazing trucks however, the quality of the video we now see has seem to degraded. This seems to be caused by what looks to be a switch in media players. Although Youtube has its shortfalls it offers a better quality of detail displayed in 1080, 720, and even 480 which offers slightly better quality than this.

I'm not complaining of extreme video degradation, just that.. HD Trucks look better in HD :)

@Jay: For the record, I agree.

Video keeps stopping on me at about 1:32. All I get is "It runs on compressed n-"

Compressed what Mike?? COMPRESSED WHAT???

@HeyHombre: Try it again. I just inserted the YouTube version.

I liked the video. It's amazing as to what they can do with LED lights.

Thanks Mike! Cool video! Lots of neat stuff!

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