2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickups Start to Arrive at Dealers


The Apple iPad isn't the only long-awaited consumer product that showed up in stores over the weekend. We've got reports and the first pictures of 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups arriving on dealer lots over the past few days, too.

Looking to check one out? You can find a new Super Duty near you by using our nationwide Truck Search Page.


I will be real excited when the new Rangers come out .

SWEET!! I will be checking my local Ford dealer for them!

your site is the best. It provides some excellent tools for reaearch and comparison. Thanks for keeping me up on the latest, including the distribution of the new Super Dutys

As consumers rejoice and mechanics cringe!!!

It will be intersting to see Aprils sales figures.

Too bad Ford decided to ship later built trucks to dealers lots and left earlier built loyal customer orders from January in storage.

I'm with Taylor on this one. Making big trucks is all well and good, but show me a good, high-quality American compact truck, then I'll be impressed.

This truck will all over the oil patch in alberta ford all the way this truck is just to sweet!!!

@ bill For a while the oil patch wasn't to fond of Fords for there ability to light the surroundings on fire. Check this out
Also heard that the DPF's would regen while the trucks were stationary, sometimes they would be parked in tall grass. Not good. Pretty sure they got that sorted out though. Love that video.

Yowza, I found a local 2011 F250 Lariat PSD for $63k.

@mike Do you know if the 2011 f150's are going to have the new 3.5 ecoboost and the 5.0 or are they not until 2012.

I am a Ford employee and the writing is on the wall,thanks to the environmentalists.I heard Ford is only going to offer a 155 hp 4cyl eco-boost in the F-150 in 2014,single cab 1 wheel peel.Democrats want it that way.Also the size is going to shrink all in an effort to go green.2014 will be the last year for the general public to buy heavy duty trucks,as the normal size we now have,as the green shift will be in full effect.We will be told to ride a bike or use a bus,and will not be able to own homes,buy our own food,grow our food as environmentalists are against farmers.Also a bowl hair cut for everyone and a grey jump suit,the left wants us to be all equal,and poor and not enjoy life..

@bobsled80: Th 2011 F-150 will have the 3.5-L V-6 EcoBoost. Not sure yet about the 5.0-liter but its very likely.


Thats the best tall tale Ive heard since Paul Bunyan. Got any more?

@smtrthnu - I'm with you on that.


Dude...wake up and join the rest of the world...It's ok to be GREEN...it will create jobs here in the USA. FORD will enhance there vehicles to comply...and all will be well.


Yippie! Love the fact the 2011's are hitting the lots! Might be time for a test drive...

@LeftLeaningLoyanna - what have you been smoking? Ford not venting exhaust gases from their engine test lab? Try not to post anything else. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself trying to think!

Bill, that truck had injector issues when the 6.4 liter came out which has since been rectified.

Will Ford offer its 4.4L V8 diesel as the base engine or option anytime soon in the SuperDuty line-up (2012-2014 model year)?

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