Big Discounts on Hummer H3T Pickups to Clear Remaining Inventory

Big Discounts on Hummer H3T Pickups to Clear Remaining Inventory
By David Thomas

After yesterday's announcement that General Motors will shut down the Hummer brand after failing to secure a buyer, the company has started offering massive discounts on 2009 and 2010 Hummer models still on dealer lots, which comes to about 2,200 vehicles, GM says.

Buyers can choose from either $5,000 in rebates on the 2009 H3T and $4,000 on 2010 H3T pickup trucks or zero-percent financing for up to 72 months for qualified buyers.

The 2009 and 2010 H3T start at $30,750 and $30,915, respectively. There weren’t significant changes between the two model years, so finding a 2009 would be worth the extra cash. We’d expect some dealers will offer their own discounts on top of the cash back from GM.

You can find a new Hummer in’s inventory by going here and entering your ZIP code.


GM should dump the H2, Keep the H3 and H3T, add a V6, add the H4, rename them and move them to GMC the truck division and market them accordingly. They need something to represent them Off-road. The Z71 package is a joke compared to other manufacturers...I am a proud GM truck owner...

I agree with Noel. It would be cool if the Hummer models were just moved over to the GMC brand...

rip hummer! now the brand is dying and so will the long haired wheeling freaks. good riddance. i used to be a part of the culture and now cant stand it thank god hummer will die. hummer owners feel as if they are a level above no more!! hummers are not and i repeat are not the only trucks that can wheel!!!!! good riddance now hummer can rot in hell!

I agree with Zach, H2/H3 owners are the LAST people you want around you on a trail ride. They represent the absolute worst part of the off-roading community.

I don't think GM should keep the brand alive.
The offroad equipment installed on the Hummer should be included in a real "offroad" package for Chev/GM trucks.

They already have an H2 it called the suburban.

H3T is one ugly truck.
Mish. Raider is another ugly truck.

in a couple of years, they will hit the used car market.
and that will be the time to buy for nearly nothing.

heh heh.

You knuckleheads think $1000 more incentive for a 2009 model vs a 2010 model is a smart idea? Wow. And you do this for a living?

If I wasn't clear, paying only $1k less for a 2009 Hummer vs a 2010 Hummer would be profoundly stupid.

Why dont they send them down under to us ozzie;s.
I was going to buy one when they were going to hit our shores now they finished we will never see a good size dual cab in Australia

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