First iPad Installed in a Toyota Tacoma

iPad Installed in Toyota Tacoma

We were wondering who would be first to install an iPad in a car or truck, and it appears to be SoundMan Car Audio in Southern California. They've just uploaded a video clip to YouTube that chronicles the integration of an iPad with a 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma.

According to SoundMan's website, "We chose to use the iPad as the only source for the vehicle's entertainment system. The dock connector will plug into a cable that runs to a Onkyo ND-S1 which will send the digital signal from the iPad directly into an Audison Bit One. The Bit One will then act as the D/A converter, and will also process the audio signal. The Bit One also has a great controller for adjusting the volume and audio settings. The amplifier we chose is the McIntosh MCC406M."

The results so far? The install looks solid. The iPad fits snugly in the Taco's center stack. For more info, check out the video and SoundMan's website.

[Source: SoundMan Car Audio via Jalopnik, Carscoop, Autoblog]


so every time the turck turns or tips over the screen will keep changing like the iphone?

Oh sweet! I wish I could do this, but I don't exactly trust everyone that walks around my neighbor hood. One question though... How are you gonna upload new music to it?

Some people have more money than brains, wish I was one of them.

This could be extremely useful for off-road purposes if someone took advantage of the iPad's (or iPhone's) accelerometer hardware and created a app that sends visual information on tilt, angle, etc...

So if the brakes stick and thee you loss control is there an app for that?


Do you work for GM or the Obama administration?

Over 40,000 die every year on U.S. roads, so do not think for once driver error can and is the root cause!

Learn to take a statistics class and learn how to manipulate data like the DOT is doing to win for GM and more money in their back pockets!

Yeah good luck with that, I imagine the driver will be able to keep his eyes on the road for about 1 out of every 10 or 11 seconds trying to operate that thing.

That looks like a very clean installation. It fits in seamlessly. I wonder if you can get a GPS app for it seeing that it has Bluetooth. Can you take it out whenever you want to without any hassle?

Oxi- So, the people who died in Toyota's, that could have been fixed, don't matter? Would it not have been a good thing if they didn't die? Toyotas' flawed design isn't to blame? It's okay for people to die needlessly? Okay cool, glad I understand your point of view.

By the way- No one, particularly women, like conspirators.

Lee- Funny joke! At least you could download the instructional video of how to shift your car into neutal to avoid a crash. That would be a great App.


"By the way- No one, particularly women, like conspirators."

By using that term you are a sheeple...

Innocent until proven guilty (in a real non-GM influenced court of law) but you assume guilt so you cannot sit on a jury thus your opinion is soiled as to your personal views and cannot be trusted as FACT!

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