Ford Demonstrates Trailer Sway Control for 2011 Super Duty

Ford Demonstrates Trailer Sway Control for 2011 Super Duty

Given the increasing trailer-towing capabilities of full-size pickups, one of the most notable new safety features introduced in recent years is trailer sway control, as demonstrated in a video from Ford.

Trailer sway is a dangerous condition that causes a trailer to fishtail back and forth while it’s being towed. It’s typically caused by improper weight distribution of the load carried on a trailer, either too far back or too much to one side. If not controlled, it can pull a truck and trailer off the road.

In 2009, Dodge and Ford introduced trailer sway control on their new light-duty pickups. In the Dodge Ram 1500, its stability control system was enhanced to automatically counteract unintended trailer motion by using the truck’s antilock braking and traction control systems to apply individual wheel brakes and/or reduce engine power. It works by asymmetrically applying brake pressure on the tow vehicle’s opposite side to counteract sway.

The Ford F-150 uses a more sophisticated trailer sway control system. By taking advantage of its integrated trailer-brake controller and roll stability control, the F-150 can apply both its own brakes and a trailer’s electric brakes without the driver's intervention to stop sway when the vehicle senses excessive rear yaw input from the trailer.

For 2011, Ford has added trailer sway control to the new F-Series Super Duty pickup, something that the current 2010 Ram HD and 2010 GM HD pickups don’t offer. It works similar to the F-150’s system.

Ford’s demo video shows the trailer sway control being used for the new Super Duty and compares it to the competition.

Trailer sway control isn’t expected for Ram HD pickups until the 2012 model year, when federal law calls for all cars and light trucks to offer stability control as standard equipment. The new 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups that are scheduled to go on sale this summer will have trailer sway control standard.


So Ford just demonstrated that there truck can pull an improperly loaded trailer better then a Chevy or Ram.


So, if it can pull an improperly loaded trailer better, would you like to take a guess which one pulls the properly loaded trailer better? Maybe they are shown in the extremes so you can actually see which one is better. If you weren't self-admittedly stupid, this would be obvious.

Think real world testing , I have seen some pretty scary trailers while driving down the road .

Hats off to Ford. From an objective and safety standpoint, this is a system that should be provided for trucks with torque numbers like this superduty. Its a shame that GM and RAM will provide it only when pressured by competition. But i guess thats what makes our country great.

Wow! Ford can tow a trailer Big Deal!!
Anybody can get a trailer to sway.
What a bogus test!!!!!!!

You're right Madmax, you should conduct your own independent test and prove it otherwise. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Ya Madmax the test did show the dodge and chevy did a little better than the Ford. Better at not controlling a trailer. But i guess its hard for you to admit ford has a superior towing platform?

OK. Wow. I guess. GO RAM!!!!

I think the driver of the Ram, also said "go Ram!" as he was trying to get past that semi! :)

S far I know, the "all-new" 2011 Ford F-Super Duty is another restyled, face lifted heavy duty F-series, that's been produced since...1999 with only real all new front-ends, interiors and engines!

All I have to say is it looks like its way more exciting to tow with the chevy or dodge, oh I mean ram.

Some of the fellows that post on here are very amusing. It has been an eye-opening experience reading some of the posts here. There are many new features that Ford is offering here in this truck; some are bringing much more value to owner. We here in the US are spoiled with our selection of heavy duty pick-ups. Perhaps some of us could restrain from severely bias comments...

This is not the same truck since 1999 anymore than the Silverado is the same since 1990.

Quote from Wikipedia.....


The Super Duty line was restyled for 2005. Exterior styling was given a minor update with a new front end, however, this facelift has MAJOR STRENGTH IMPROVEMENTS.

This included a new frame and much more. What's more, this doesn't even include the second gen in 2008, and the new changes to the 2011.

As a professional commercial driver I see the worst of the worst going up and down the roads everyday. So if ANY manufacture can offer up a system that helps some of these people who shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car let alone a truck with a trailer that sways God bless them!

Facelift (2005-2007)

The Super Duty line was restyled for 2005. Exterior styling was given a minor update with a new front end, however, this facelift has major strength improvements.

Major changes over the previous generation of Super Duties includes increased payload (GVWR) and towing (GCWR) capacities, a new taller front grille, new interior, standard locking tailgate, 10-17% thicker partially boxed frame, higher amp alternator, upgraded and larger 4-wheel disc brakes (13.66-in front and 13.39 in (340 mm) rear rotors) with huge twin piston calipers, upgraded engines, upgraded automatic transmission option, an all new optional built-into-dash Ford TowCommand TBC (Trailer Brake Controller) that is fully integrated with the truck's PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), an all new optional built-into-dash 4 AUX upfitter switches (for adding off road lights, winches, snow plows, etc.), and an optional drivers side glove compartment.

The two previous gas engines were upgraded from the old 2 valve per cylinder to 3 valve (2 intake and 1 exhaust) per cylinder. The standard 5.4 L V8 puts out 300 horsepower (220 kW) and 365 foot-pounds force (495 N·m) of torque, and the optional 6.8 L V10 puts out 362 hp (270 kW) and 457 ft·lbf (620 N·m).

Ford's "Fail-Safe Cooling System" is unique. This system is designed to protect the engine due to loss of coolant (since these engines cannot overheat for being 'overworked'). If the engine overheats, it will automatically switch from 8/10 cylinder (depending on V8 or V10 engine) operation to alternating 4/5 cylinder (depending on V8 or V10 engine) operation. Because there is now 50% less hot combustion, the engine will operate cooler. The vehicle will continue to operate, but with very limited engine power. The now so-called 'dead' cylinders also act like an air pump to cool the engine down even more. This system allows the driver to travel a short distance to obtain service or to reach a repair facility. The distance that can be traveled depends upon vehicle load, outside temperature, and current road conditions.

Only 2 transmissions were made available for the redesigned 2005-2007 models. The standard M6OD 6-speed manual overdrive and the optional heavy duty TorqShift 5R110W 5-speed automatic overdrive with Tow/Haul mode which replaced the 4-speed 4R100 used in the first generation.

Ford offers a PTO (power take-off) which provides direct engine power for accessory equipment without the expense and installation time of separate, independently mounted electric motors or other power sources. The standard equipment 6-speed manual transmission comes with an integrated PTO. The optional TorqShift 5-speed automatic transmission can be equipped with an integrated PTO provision (it automatically locks the torque converter providing power to the PTO gear when the operator turns on the PTO switch).

On 8' long bed models the fuel tank capacity is 38 gallons and the 6.75' short bed models are 29 gallons. Depending on models the optional trailer tow hitch receiver comes with a 2" or 2.5" Class V receiver and 4- and/or 7-pin wiring harness in either 12,500 or 15,000 lb (6,800 kg). All Super Duties come with a Towing Package standard that includes an external oil and transmission coolers installed regardless if the factory hitch receiver was ordered or not. Depending on model and options, the empty title curb weight is 6,000-8,000 lb.

Approximate payload capacities are 3,000 lb (1,400 kg) for the F-250 Super Duty, 4,000 lb (1,800 kg) for the F-350 Super Duty with Single Rear Wheels (SRW), and 5,800 lb (2,600 kg) for the F-350 Super Duty with Dual Rear Wheels (DRW). This generation of Super Duties has exactly double the payload capacity as compared to the older traditional (non-Super Duty) F-250 and F-350 trucks. By direct American comparison to the F-250 SD the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/GMC Sierra 2500HD is rated at 2,600 lb (1,200 kg) max and the Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty is rated at only 2,100 lb (950 kg) max payload capacity.

Approximate towing capacity for the F-350 Super Duty is 19,200 lb (8,700 kg) max. By direct American comparison Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty is rated at 16,400 lb (7,400 kg) max and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 3500HD is at 16,500 lb (7,500 kg) max.

Ford F-350 Super Duty crew cab

2005-07 Ford F-350 Super Duty FX4

Ford F-250 crew cab

[edit] Second generation (2008-present)
Second generation 2008 Ford F-250 FX-4 crew cab
Also called F-250
Model year(s) 2008-present
Assembly Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Escobedo, Nuevo León, Mexico
Engine(s) 5.4 L Modular V8
6.8 L Modular V10
6.4 L Power Stroke diesel V8
Transmission(s) ZF S6-650 6-speed manual
5-speed 5R110W automatic
Wheelbase 137 in (3,480 mm)
141.8 in (3,602 mm)
158 in (4,013 mm)
156.2 in (3,967 mm)
172.4 in (4,379 mm)
Length 227 in (5,766 mm)
231.8 in (5,888 mm)
248 in (6,299 mm)
246.2 in (6,253 mm)
262.4 in (6,665 mm)
Width 79.9 in (2,029 mm)
95.5 in (2,426 mm)
Height 76 in (1,930 mm) – 81 in (2,057 mm)

The second-generation Super Duty was to debut for 2007, but quality issues pushed it back to a 2008 model.[2] The new 2008 model features an all-new 6.4 L (6400 cc, 390.5 cu in) twin-turbo Power Stroke Diesel V8 with piezo fuel injectors to replace the problematic 6.0 L Power Stroke single-turbo Diesel V8.[3] The new engine is said to produce 350 hp (260 kW) and 650 ft·lbf (880 N·m) of torque.[4]

After investing $95 million in the Kentucky plant on various upgrades and modernizations, Ford began production of the 2008 Super Duty trucks on December 18, 2006. However, the truck didn't go on the market until January 2007. The vehicle had its first official showing at the Texas State Fair in 2006.

Located near the same dash area as the last generation (but slightly to the right and more directly below the radio), this generation of Super Duty has the same Ford TowCommand TBC (Trailer Brake Controller) and 4 AUX Upfitter switches as the last generation set-up.

There is an optional concealed slide-out step and swing-up hand grab bar in the rear tailgate for easy access.

Ford introduces its all new optional "Rapid-Heat Supplemental Cab Heater," only available on Super Duty trucks with the Diesel engine and TorqShift automatic transmission. In the winter, it quickly raises the cabin temperature to a comfortable level until the engine is warm enough to handle the job.
[edit] Trim levels

This 2nd generation of Super Duty includes the F-250 Super Duty (starting at $22,380), F-350 Super Duty (starting at $24,025), and the all new F-450 Super Duty (starting at $39,205). The F-250 and F-350 Super Duty basically has the same payload and towing specs as the last generation.

The model lineup for the 2010 F-250 and F-350 Super Duty is the XL (starting at $25,300), XLT (starting at $28,845), Lariat (starting at $36,420), Cabela's (starting at $42,655), King Ranch (starting at $42,955), and Harley-Davidson (starting at $56,925).

The model lineup for the F-450 Super Duty is the XL (starting at $44,145), XLT (starting at $49,525), Lariat (starting at $52,965), King Ranch (starting at $56.955), and the Harley Davidson (starting at $62,625)

The FX4 model, which was once just an optional Off Road 4x4 package that could be added to any model in the lineup, is replaced by the 4x4 Off Road Package. The FX4 became a model of its own. It still had the same specs as the previous generation but with more of a sporty trim package. The FX4 model has been discontinued for the 2010 model year and has been reverted to an optional Off Road 4X4 package.
[edit] Engines

The same 2 gas engines are carried over and rated exactly the same from the 2nd generation. The 3-valve 5,408 cc (5.408 L; 330.0 cu in) V8 SOHC is standard. The 3-valve 6,802 cc (6.802 L; 415.1 cu in) V10 SOHC is still a $699 option over the 5.4L V8.[3]
[edit] 6.4/6.7 Power Stroke

The diesel option is the new 3-valve Navistar 6.4 L (6400 cc, 390.5 cu in) V8 OHV Power Stroke twin-turbo diesel (PSD) engine (350 hp and 682TQ) with cast iron block and heads is a $6,895 option over the 5,408 cc (5.408 L; 330.0 cu in) V8. The diesel engine utilizes Ford’s Clean Diesel Technology, which includes a high-pressure, common-rail fuel system, Piezo-electric fuel injectors and an advanced Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system. Ford claims that the new diesel systems reduce particulate output by more than 90% and allow the engine to post emissions numbers comparable with gasoline engines. Safety product recall 07S49 was released on March 23, 2007 that addresses the potential for flames to come from the tailpipe of the International equipped 6.4 L diesel trucks. This problem arises from the tightening new diesel engine Federal Emissions standards starting January 1, 2007, requiring the use of an exhaust after-treatment system. A PCM recalibration has been released to eliminate the possibility of excessive exhaust temperatures combined with certain rare conditions resulting what is becoming known as a "Thermal Event".
Acap.svg This section may require copy-editing.

In addition, a new 6.7 L Power Stroke V8 diesel was developed by Ford for the 2011 model year. Ford claims that the new engine has been completely designed and built by Ford engineers, unlike previous models sourced from Navistar. The new engine is claimed to get higher mileage, however Ford has yet to release any specifics. Additional changes include a single-sequential turbocharger that features a double-sided compressor wheel mounted on a single shaft. Fuel is delivered through a high-pressure Bosch fuel system injecting fuel at up to 30,000 psi. The system delivers up to five injection events per cylinder per cycle using eight-hole piezo injectors to spray fuel into the piston bowl. The new 6.7 Powerstroke diesel is compatible up to B20 fuel, allowing greener fueling options of up to 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel. Cylinder heads are made of lightweight aluminum and feature dual water jackets for increased strength and optimal cooling. Heads utilize six head bolts, instead of four as found on other engines to help improve sealing and maintain cylinder integrity even with the higher firing pressures.

One of the obvious visual differences in the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel engine is the layout of the pipes. The exhaust manifolds, for example, reside in the valley of the engine instead of outboard, while the intake is outboard of the engine. The cylinder heads are essentially flipped around compared to previous V-8 engine architectures.

Output is 390 hp (290 kW) and 735 lb·ft (997 N·m) torque[5]. This engine was designed and manufactured by Ford, thus ending its legal problems with Navistar due to the high number of warranty claims on the 6.0/6.4 engines.
[edit] F-450
2008 Ford F-450 crew cab

Some unique points to highlight of the all new F-450 with a regular production pickup bed, which was only offered as a chassis cab before. It has 2 available axle ratios of 4.30 and 4.88:1. The F-450 Super Duty with the optional 'High Capacity Trailer Tow Package' increases the GCWR (Gross combined weight rating) from 26,000 to 33,000 lb (15,000 kg). Maximum payload is 6,120 lb (2,780 kg). Maximum towing is 24,500 lb (11,100 kg). It comes standard with Crew Cab, 8-foot (2.4 m) long bed, DRW (Dual Rear Wheels), Limited Slip rear axle, 10-lug 19.5-inch (500 mm) wheels, Trailer Tow package, and the TowCommand TBC (Trailer Brake Controller). The only engine offered in the F-450 Super Duty will be the all new 6.4 L V8 Power Stroke twin-turbo diesel. The F-450 is equipped with a standard 6-speed manual or optional 5-speed TorqShift automatic transmission.

Oh that's cool, but I think I'll buy a Tundra...haha, just kidding.

Every time I read the "Comments" section and every "fan boy's" pot stirring just makes me want to Punch a Koala bear in the face.

Why does the Ford say "trailer disconnected" on the instrument cluster??

@David L, copy-paste, eh? Nice essay.

Very good idea.

ford......found on road dead......?

i dont know...but superduty trucks have a big grille "copied from dodge" even the tundra has a grille the look like the ram's.....

wish dodge would put the t-rex on production.....but ofcourse looking like todays heavy duties....

this is just another video well prepared by ford....trying to put the competition down.....

Saw this on youtube today. Interesting stuff and no doubt Ford has put together an amazing truck yet again.

BUT I do not trust manufacturer testing!!!!!

Ford, Dodge, GM would all say whatever it takes to sell their trucks.

I want to see some independent testing!!!

How much longer until the HD shoot-out Mike?? Were dying here, haha. Cant wait :)

Also, I do NOT buy Fords "acceleration up a grade loaded" test either. They sand bagged the 6.7L Cummins Ram HARD. There is no way the new Fords that much faster/more powerful at the rear wheels than the Dodge Cummins or GM Duramax.

@billiejoe - Ram fanboy, what cha gona do when there's no truck for you?
You should stop slagging Ford as Dodge ain't gonna be around much longer.

I think that if you are buying a truck that can town that much weight you need to learn how to drive it in a safe manner. Still, people are idiots and they will buy these trucks lift them up to the sky and then tow thousands of pounds. I am glad there is something to make it safer.

@ aron who cares if its not all new. Haven't you ever heard if its not broke dont fix it or are to busy fixing your junk. Why should ford do a complete redesign when they are the best selling truck every year. Not only that how much can you do to these things to redesign them, you gonna start making them look like the worst sellin one of the big three, RAM.

Hey bobsled80 - Don't call Dodge part of the "big three". They were outsold by Toyota. Yes... Toyota.... Dodge is number 4. Who is going to outsell them next???? Honda Ridgeline...


as long as there is guys who need a real truck they will keep buying a ram or a chevy over a ford or toyota....

toyota cant just start building trucks and expect people to like them...since the big 3" have been doing this for a century or so....

and ford can try so hard but they will never copy the "big rig look" or the "reability of the cummins I6"

There is not a thing Ford is has or will copy off the Dodge. If anything its the other way around. Thats right.

Big rig look- actually that was neither it was 87 Chevrolet that did it first with the sloped hood.

Cummins in Dodges came after Navistar in Ford.

Compare the new Dodge with the last model looks. Now compare the new Dodge with the 2003 Supereduty.

Trailer sway, Prerunners available to the public, Lee Iaccoca, I could go on and on.

There is one thing they haven't copied from Ford...and theyve done it twice.

WOW. That was quite possibly the worst demonstration I've seen. Did anyone else see the Chevy or Ram whipped by the steering or was it just me. And the 2010 Silverado, come on really. Also the lies "nobody else has it," Uhhh.. ya the Silverado does, first year in the 2011 HDs, just like Ford. WOW, pathetic.

I think there are some good points made in this thread. Independent testing is one of them. I remember seeing the 6.4L out-pull its competition as well so I do not place much stock in demonstrations from the OEM. Its all well and good that Ford has put well over a million miles (aggregate) on this new diesel drive train, but there is nothing that replaces “being tried and true”. Not taking anything away from Ford, the Cummins and Duramax have gone through their growing pains. It would be naive for Ford to believe that there would not be some issues arising from this engine and transmission, not to mention those issues that only arrive after time on the road with miles under the belt. It may well be that this drive train is a real “honey”, but we will not know that until stands up to the test of time.

I love ford's disclaimer!

"Even advance technology can't overcome the laws of physics"

Say it ain't so lol

Garret - Did you miss the part where they are testing the 6.7L Powerstroke equipped 2011 SD? That puts out way more power t han the current 6.7L Cummins. Like it or not, with the debut of Ford and GM's 2011 diesels, Cummins is the low man on the power list. GM and Ford are also trumping Ram in the transmission department as well. Cummins is a good motor, but to say it will out tow the 2011 GM and Ford diesels is pretty silly.

Greg - Reread the article. Ford is the only one currently offering sway control in their trucks. You seem to be thinking of factory trailer brake controllers. Fords sway control also works much differently than the version offered by Ram. In short, as of right now, they are the only ones offering trailer sway control in the HD market until GM debuts theirs later this year in th eir 2011 HD's and Ram comes out with theirs in the 2012 MY HD's.

david / or anybody. What, if any, reason/reasons have been given for not having a six speed manual as an option behind the the new 6.7 diesel ?

Not enough demand. I know everyone on here will put "I would buy a manual in a heartbeat" But Ford has the proof of where people put their money where their mouth is, and has said it was something like 1% were manual sales. I guess they have to make those 1% of trucks cheaper because they are manual, but the engineering costs go up. So it makes total sense that it is not offered.

Engineering costs going up causes cheaper parts going in. Are you sure it was the cruise control starting fires?

With todays automatics almost all having a manumatic mode, true manuals are becoming out moded. The new autos have long life spans, yield no performance losses and have no clutches to fail or wear out. Also factor in anyone can drive one. Ask around a high school and see how many kids still can drive a stick. You'll be suprised.

@staybolt, @Keith:

Both Ford and GM offer Trailer Sway Control in their 2011 trucks. When making comparisons they don't say ".. in our 2011 trucks that were on sales lots in April 2010". It really doesn't matter what month the trucks debut -- they are still 2011 models. Therefore both Ford and GM offer sway control. Ford doing the test against competitors' 2010 models is not a fair comparison.

sk - GM's 2011 models are not on dealers lots as of us discussing this. Ford's 2011 models are. Thus they offer it and GM does not until they put their 2011's on sale to the public. I can buy a Ford SD with sway control today. Can you buy a GM with sway control today? Nope. As of this article being written yesterday, it is correct that Ford is the only manufacturer offering this option for sale. For all you or I know GM could push back their 2011 models into next February. Not likely, but it has happened before from other manufacturers.

Electronic Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control is standard on RAM 1500. I don't like Ford for this video, because if trailer is not loaded properly, Automatic Sway Control is going to kill brake pads in 10 minutes. I would rather have Integrated Exhaust Brake. RAM wins.

Have some of you people ever even towed?? Sway can happen from more than just an improperly loaded trailer. Crosswinds or even a passing tractor trailer can cause it. This is to supplement truck and trailer manufacturers recommendations to run a mechanical sway control. FWIW it is real hard to get some travel trailers to load properly due to lay out and other factors. If you have to have this system kick in often enough that you burn up trailer brake pads you have serious issues.

The article points out both Ford F150 and Ram 1500's have had this feature since 2009. This write up refers to the HD's.

An exhaust brake does nothing to control sway and IIRC Fords tranny can control deceleration. I seem to remember GM's Allison having the same feature.

To all the Chevy fans complaining the test isn't fair because the competition is based on 2010 models, it is happening on the other side too. Chevy has pre-launch info comparing the 2011 Silverado HD to the 2010 Ford Super Duty. It lists the Chevy as having Exhaust brake, hill decent control and ascent assist. It also says the Ford has none of these features. Who cares? Build a bridge and get over it. Obviously Ford can't test the competition's trucks that are not even out yet. Why doesn't Chevy just use the 2014 Fords?

The new superduty does have an exhaust brake. But I think people are too biased to really look at things clearly. The trucks these days are all good. Now it is a matter of finding which one fits you best. They all have enough power. The fuel economy is improving in all. The interiors are only getting better. Ok so you can only have one kind of truck with a true stick. It is becoming a thing of the past. I really couldn't care less Trailer sway control is one of the better safety features out there. Now that being said I would love to see a head to head to head comparison of Ford, GM, and Ram trucks. Done like the last heavy duty shoot out. Maybe some of the folks that write things that don't have any real meaning would shut up for at least a short time.

I am towing. Sway Control doesn't eliminate crosswind or problems when passing (I guess,no brakes applied when passing).
Ford tested HD running downhill with brakes applied. It would be nice to see this test with 31 ft travel trailer and 60mph cross gust.
Tranny control deceleration is completely different then Integrated Exhaust Brake. But you know that.

We're doing the HD Shootout this summer.

So, I was watching the same video 10 times now
and I can clearly see, that Chevy and RAM are going much faster on the beginning of the test and on the end of the test. In the middle is a cut to show the hitch and other purpose is to make this video the same length for the ford and competition. You can see that clearly to compare side of the road between each picture. Liars.

@Zviera Yeah, I thought too that the RAM and the Silveradoo were going faster.....

@Zviera- YOur eyes seem to be better thatn mine I see no such thing. What I do see is a Marketing tool, guess what they are showing strengths. Every Company does it. They are trying to sell a product. It almost feels that you are just trying to bash Fords. I do believe this is a great time to be HD truck fan. Why can't folks just remember. All these trucks have strong points. And Weak points. It just depends on which angle that you want to look at. Yes I am Ford "fan boy" as the term goes, but I can look at all of these trucks say wow these are all great rides. Heaven forbid that While I prefer a certain brand I can still like aspects of other vehicles. TSC is a good thing with what any of these heavies can jerk around.

No amount of computer capability can make up for a driver that just doesn't know what he is doing. Ford is trying to make towing IDIOT proof. What happens if the idiot wins and Ford is looking at a megabucks law suit or ala Toyota the system screws up and Ford is looking at megabucks law suits and recalls.

That's a bit like saying seat belts are dangerous because they make me want to drive into a wall at 100mph. TSC is only beneficial. You still have to be a responsible driver and know what you are doing because it is a driving aid. Are you honestly saying Ford is at fault for improving towing capability? Then go ahead and tow with an overload 66 c-10 with drum brakes and no power steering to make everything all better. Thanks.

OK. I will do that for you. Look at video at 1 minute 13 seconds, where the post beside the road is on Silverado video and Ford video. Ford passes this post at 1munute 13 seconds. One second later then Silverado. One second is 17 meters or 55 feet at 40mph.
This is just one example. There is at least 20 more, but I don't have more time. I have to work now. This case is closed for me. I was thinking about ford truck, but not anymore. RAM wins.

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