Sources: Ford F-150 Getting More Productive for 2011

Sources: Ford F-150 Getting More Productive for 2011

The 2011 Ford F-150 will receive an updated instrument panel that includes an all-new driver information computer shared with the 2011 F-Series Super Duty, according to sources familiar with the truck.

Ford's so-called "Productivity Screen" is built around a 4.2-inch LCD display that provides graphically rich data to the driver, including information related to fuel economy, towing and off-road performance. The LCD is positioned between the tachometer and speedometer and its menus are navigated through a five-way button on the steering wheel.

Asked for comment about the new feature, a Ford spokesperson told, "We will be revealing 2011 F-150 details closer to its customer launch later this year. However, our customers have come to expect F-Series trucks to continually improve and they won't be disappointed with the new model."

Here's video of the Productivity Screen in action in the Super Duty:

And our sources still say that the 2011 F-150 is getting a new six-cylinder engine in addition to the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that’s slated to arrive by the end of this year. The new mill is the same Ti-VCT 3.7-liter V-6 that debuted recently in the 2010 Ford Mustang.


Good work Mike! It's going to be hard to ignore the EcoBoost F-150. Must be hard not to give your opinions on it :)

there is no replacement for displacement. you can keep the turbocharged direct injected 6 cylinder. its still a 6 cylinder. i want some real muscle. muscle isnt turbocharged. muscle is pure engine. no fancy add ons or nothing. i would love to see a new ford truck with the old 460 big block race a new chevy truck with the 500 inch caddy big block. now thats pure muscle!

Allistar, you should have a drive of the Taurus SHO or Flex EB, might change your opinion. Remember too, it is detuned in the transverse engine layout. I got back in my F150 5.4 and it felt like a dinosaur (after driving the Flex EB).

theres no denying that its powerful, and could smoke my truck now. it is modified, though, so it would only be a fair race against my 01 f150 with the 5.4, to make it an even race. its not hard to adjust a nine year old truck to keep up with a new turbocharged direct injected v6 car.

All I want to know is the cold hard facts...

MPG's for every motor and it what type of trucks.
(Reg, Ext, Crew cabs)

Power ratings - Every site I have been reading (all though this one is my favorite) says that the EB V6 will be more around 400hp than the 365 that was thrown out there earlier and it will have a torque curve similar to a diesel.

Tow ratings for all the new motors.

Any new changes planed - looks like one of those questions have been answered by this article...

I wish Ford would stop teasing us already. I know everything is still being testing and everything is not finalized yet but at least give us some numbers in the ballpark...

Sounds great Mike!

That seems to be first "confirmation" of 3.7 as base engine.
So far we got:
3.7L V6 Confirmed
5.0L V8 Still waiting
3.5L EB V6 Confirmed
6.2L V8 Limited model(s) so far.

Mike, safe to say the 2011 F150 will also have the gear selelctor toggle on the shifter ala 2011 SD? (I winder how they'll incorporate that with the console shifter?)

I guess if the EB F150 you drove lat fall had it, its "part" of the embargo and you can't say.

It must be hard to sign those embargo contracts! WOW. Wish I lives closer and could get a few beers into you... maybe you'd start talking!

That saying is played out and is for older generations before all of this technology. Example your f150 came stock with 260 horses but the engine it replaced, the 5.8 liter, in lightning form came with 20 horses less, and chevy replaced the 350s in the silverados with 5.3 liters and gained power over the 210 horse brick by 60 and later 75 horses. So in a nutshell our great American auto makers "found replacement for displacement."I love the sound of 8 cylinders especially coming out of some true duals, but if I can get same amount of power from a smaller engine and save a couple of bucks on gas then why get the 2 extra cylinders. Now when it comes to actually towing something and I need alot of torque then I would have second thoughts about a 6 cylinder.

@Power Kid: Just so were clear. None of this is official or confirmed but I think we have terrific sources. BTW. I'm always up for a cup of coffee (on me!) when I'm in different parts of the country. But if it's embargoed, it's embargoed. :-)

Oh I know.... Just desperate for the facts. You spill the beans, your cutting your own throat and we'll need the goods from you well beyond the 2011 F150!

This late release sucks. Last year we had the 2010 guide w/Changes by May 5th. Thats next week! Heck GMs 2011 guide came out last week. Not that there's any meaningfull changes....

Ford is smart to dribble out information and tease the huddled masses. "Keep 'em wantin' more" is an effective sales strategy. It keeps interest up for those who like to research and keeps current sales up for those who haven't heard whats coming.
The only problem with all of these display systems is inaccurate MPG numbers. I have yet to read about a truck with "real time" display that shows accurate fuel consumption.




i can see everybody using diract injection

there is no replacement for diaplacement....GIVE US A DIESEL HALF TON!!!!!

Hey billiejoe. Ford is going to drop da bomb latter in the year. Run for cover boys.

I'd like to see the 5.0 in the F150. I'm not nostalgic. I'm basing that comment on what I've read about the new Mustang. I had a 1990 F250 with a 5.0. It was gutless and just as hard on fuel as a 351. I wonder what engines Ford will offer? Mike must be chomping at the bit. I think ford is "going to drop da bomb" mid summer.
Too bad GM didn't release more information about their new engines. Everyone likes to tease.
HEY Chrysler - silence is NOT golden. What do you Mopar guys have up your sleaves?

What do you Mopar guys have up your sleaves?

"I LOVE FIAT" tatto's.

"We will be revealing 2011 F-150 details closer to its customer launch later this year. However, our customers have come to expect F-Series trucks to continually improve and they won't be disappointed with the new model."

Keywords: the NEW model.

Mike Levin, You dropped a bomb on me!


I'm going to wait for the Ecoboost. I love V8s but the mpg is just too low. Remember these are EPA estimates for people who drive like grandma not real everyday driving your mileage will definitely vary.

In the 80s the Buick Grand National which is a V6 turbo spanked the Corvette. Turbos don't need much to get a tune or hopefully a flip chip like the Lightnings had available so you can go from economy to full blown "see my dust!" mode.

@ ocguy71

But the GN didn't have to pull 10,000 lbs either...

OK dont get me wrong...I do welcome the V6 EB engines to the F150 lineup...but a large pickup will not replace a petite pickup for those buyers only doing light hauling and daily commuting.

Meawhile, watch the fastest work truck on US soil that is the F150 EB blow the doors off them sorry 4.3L V6 Silverados...LOL!

Big deal... GM's have had driver information centers since.. 2003... I believe.

If the EB motor thing works GREAT but I cannot for the life of me see how a turbocharged gas motor is going to hold up to pickup use and abuse. A turbo gas motor is a whole different ballgame that a turbo diesel engine!

Hey Mike you might want to rethink the whole Gooesneck pic/video pic above, some people with 1500 trucks might get the wrong idea! LOL ;)

Will the EB engine be available for 4WD F150 models? I thought I read it was 2WD-only and am hoping that's not the case.

Hopefully there will be a 5.0 EcoBoost option later on with 550+HP


Those are huge numbers.

It seems to me that if you need to look at a screen to remind you if you have hooked up your trailer up properly, you should be towing it anyways.

**Should not**

Well sure some may say they have Fiat tattoos as well as Ferrari,Maserati,Alpha Romao,Lancia(all is a part of Fiat)...Remember Fiat is excited to use Chrysler's platforms new Pentastar V--6 ,double clutch transmissions in its sedans and new coupes coming out as Maserati's,Alpha's and Lacia's....Fiats technology will be mainly for small a and b class cars in Chrysler's .

Alex ..
All trucks feel slow to me after I drive my Dodge Ram SRT-10 !!!! My quad stock ran a 13.3,high 4-low 5's 0-60 (now have a tuner,exhaust headers and some other goodies,not raced yet)!! I live at a perfect level for drag racing..was a cooler night and spun a bit off the line (as expected) Especially a F-150 with a 5.4,those feel like they are going backwards when you floor it !!

Only thing I dont like about the eco boost engines is the Turbo,Turbo and Superchargers tend to fail and race a turbo or supercharged car side by side after 2 years and their performance vary's,one is slower than the other,I owned many/fixed many/raced many Turbo/Supercharged cars, import,domestic they are all like this..nothing beats a non turbo non supercharged high horsepower engine..nothing for reliability and constant the 80's Dodge had Turbo cars Daytona ect Omni Turbo ll , spanked Corvette's,Mustangs,imports and even Grand Nationals were a 7 sec 0-60,15 range 1/4...the GNX was a 13 second car !!

All this computer stuff helps,but it makes working on trucks a nit more challenging. In the future vehicals will have a cockpit instead of a cab. The engine well I don't care for Ford engines. Chevrolet all the way is my favorite truck saying!!!

All of this computer stuff will be great for big brother (General Motors) to introduce OnStar for all vehicles to track our every moves!

If you do not think OnStar could become mandatory for all vehicles, think again and look at your tele. Those that do not have cable/satelite now have to use a box in order to get the digital signals. Big brother pushed bunny ears out the door folks!

And all of this recent crap against Toyota has no merit, it is designed to go after Toyota's ENCRYPTED software hence the widely used term "software glitch" or software related problems.

Big brother aka GM wants to prove software systems in the hands of the private sector like Toyota cannot be trusted and big brother (GM) will have to instill regulations and requirements hence OnStar type systems!

This way they get the bridge into tracking every move and drive we make. Right now they have no legal basis to do this but the attack upon Toyota without merit leads me to believe GM is just starting to lay the ground work to eliminate encrypted software so they can install a OnStar type system in ALL vehicles and the insurance companies would appluad this likewise.

It's happening, it will take the rest of this decade but we will have OnStar type controls on ALL vehicles sold in the U.S. as MANDATORY by GM.

The harassment upon Toyota (being the largest of the encrytpted software giants) is just the start to lay the ground for what's coming down the road!

Ramtuff - My current break controller indicated my trailer is hooked up to my truck? More than willing to bet Ram's built in controller does the same. It tells you your electric brakes are hooked up and functioning. What's you point?

Dodge - Keep comparing your SRT Ram to stock off the rack 1/2 tons. People love apples and oranges. Put your truck up against a similarly tweaked Lightning and then get back to us on how much faster you are. Stock for stock, your extra hp and 2 extra cylinders far from dominated the 2003 Lightning. Bear in mind that Lightening was running the old 2 valve head 5.4L IIRC, not the 3 valver that is putting out over 500hp in the Shelby Mustangs.

oxi - The box you need on a non digital ready TV converts the digital signal to something a non-digital TV can receive and display. Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry to burst your conspiracy theory there.

Oxi- I hate conspiracy theories. Most do.

I hate conspiracy theories too. But even more than that, I hate conspiracies!
Oxi does have a valid point.

These GPS systems can be used to issue speeding tickets. The tracker says you are in a 40 mph zone and you are doing 50. You'll get a traffic ticket. It's being studied.
The Ford Information system doesn't communicate with a satellite. So no worries (for now). Ford does have a system that does track vehicle location (Work Solutions) for commercial use. OnStar is "on" ever GM product. Many fleets use GPS, and black boxes. You get in a crash and the black box data is reviewed.
Big Brother is watching ;)

To Quagmire maybe you should check this out and tell me what does GM have that is even close...enjoy.

Lou - IIRC the courts ruled out being able to use vehicle black box data in crash investigations. Might be mistaken.

@ Kieth - that is too bad. Flight recorders help piece together plane crashes, why not MVC. If vehicles had tamper proof black boxs - that would answer many questions. Toyota's accelleration problems come to mind.
I find it ironic that auto manufacturers are putting all kinds of electronic display devices in vehicles but cell phone use is being banned because it is distracting drivers.

@ Dodge - you slag turbo/supercharged engines then go on to list a bunch of Chrysler vehicles that were turbocharged and were allegedly faster than normally aspirated V8's.
Chrysler must be the only outfit that can make a reliable turbo engine,like what's in their pickups;)
Drag racing numbers do not impress me at all. I had an '86 YZ490 that ran 13.334. My friend's "91 KX500 ran a 11.8 ET.
My '96 YZF1000 would run low 10's or wail along at 165 mph.
The Power Wagon,RamRunner, and Raptor impress me. A SRT10 or Lightning does not. If I wanted to go fast on the street or track, I'd buy a car or a sport bike.

Back on track - I am starting to wonder if all these displays and gadgetry are just technology for the sake of technology.

I am surprised that the Bobsie twins haven't come out to say that GM has more gismos than Ford.
What ever happened to a simple basic truck - speedo, tach, temp, alt, fuel guage, and a stick shift.


Do you think that the 2011 F-150 will get a telescoping steering wheel? Do you think with the eco boost engine that Ford can achieve a 24 mpg highway rating, or is that to optimistic?

I would like to see the E-Locker available on other F-150's, not just the FX-4, have you tried out the E-locker on the Fx-4 ,does it work good?

I was wondering if Chevy Or Dodge offer a telescoping steering wheel on there new HD trucks?


Don't be just worrying about GPS in vehicles and getting speeding tickets. More & more cities & towns are putting up traffic cams at intersections and issueing tickets for folks running red lights. The technology is here to stay and will be expanded on whether we like it or not.

Keith....My point was not about brake need those...i was speaking for of the small screen that reminds you to take the wheel chock out or hook your saftey chains up. I am an avid dodge fan but i still would not like it on a dodge. Thats why i will stick to my old 98 12v.

GM 'close to commiting fraud' in ad, lawmaker charges

From The Detroit News:

I would never buy a truck with Eco-boost, Those twin-turbos are going to blow like old faithful...

Eco-boost is a car and crossover engine, i wouldn;t trust one in a truck for a second....

Uhh Jake? What do you think all the diesels run? Yes, that would be turbo chargers.

If Ford put it in the F-150 first, then offered it in cars and cross overs, would it then be called "a truck engine?" Even if it was exactly the same engine as it is now.

@ jake

Read this:

wow ford welcome to 2010,nothing is new about your truck,and technology....

@mic, so is everyone else behind even further? I know that by now we should have flying cars that run on hydrogen, travel 500mph and have 0% chance of having a collision, but compared to the competition, Ford is certainly not behind the times.

@ mic

Yes DI, TT, incredibly advanced "productivity screen", been around for years in other fullsize pickups... Oh can you remind me which ones again? I forgot? Gettin' old.

turbo charged diesels in pickups are good.

turbo charged gassers in pickups are lame...specially if you are trying to make you little 3.6 v6 work as hard as a v8 or v10.

"just my thinking"

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