Ford Offering $1,500 Cash Back on 2011 F-Series Super Duty

Ford Offering $1,500 Cash Back on 2011 F-Series Super Duty
Even though 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups are just arriving at dealers, Ford is already offering $1,500 cash back to put them to work faster. To qualify, you must take delivery from dealer stock by June 1.

For more information about the program, check out Ford's website.


WOW that didn't take long. Maybe not enough orders for the new Diesel.

I don't blame buyers after that last excuse for an engine.

Yeah thats why they sale so many.

1500 is less of an incentive than other companies are offering to move their product. Keep that in mind.

Furd is already anticipating that they're gonna NEED the incentives. That's why they're offering them so early. The new Powerjoke's look ridiculous by the way.

It's those ugly lights,once you see them in person all the torque and h.p in the world and cash on the hood cant make a person live with that front end !! UGLY !!

somebody please tell me why everyone seems to hate the 6.4 ford diesel so much? I'm just curious. I just want to know. I just haven't heard any real reasons to hate it except for fuel economy. What's wrong with ford's last engine? It has plenty of power doesn't it? I haven't heard any problems with reliability. What is it? Is it just biased people who hate fords no matter what? I understand the 6.0 bashing now, but not the 6.4.


There is a reason is was only produced for 2 or 3 years. Fights between Ford and International about who should pay the excessive warranty claims killed the partnership. If there were no problems there would be no warranty claims.

The 6.0 was junk. As a wise man once said, "You can try to polish a turd, but in the end, you just end up with a pile of $hit."

So here and idea. Lower the price of all the cars across the board. Every car on the lot can be reduced by at least 25 percent with out hardship to the dealers or the factory. Even a bit more for the bling trucks and cars. Heck the local Ford dealer has huge signs on his 2010 super duties for up to $10K off right now. Want to know where so you can get a XL 2010 for $28K instead of $38K? I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to well you know the joke. I want to get it, but the economy hasn't been good to my wallet lately!

Also, the factories should take over dealer repair facilities and put in kiosks for sales. Deal directly with the factory for sales and maintenance. Cut out the middleman and everyone saves again. That or do away with commissions and pay sales staff a wage like any other retail store does. Just some thoughts.

Oh one more thing, I don't understand why they had to fight over warranty claims. If International built a bad engine, which they did because Ford didn't, then that seems pretty cut and dry to me. International needs to pony up and stop complaining. Now if the engine fails, Ford will be the one to pony up!

@quagmire alright its cool if you hate ford and have cute names for their products, but its really annoying when you have someone look for any article that has ford written on it and talk garbage about them. i think chevy and dodge are jokes, but i dont go on EVERY article written about them and talk sh**.

@jonathan - that is because you have a life...others obviously do not.

even when asked for a specific reason by beebe on why it was bad they could only answer that it was "junk". so very specific!

incentives before this thing is even released ? Thats a new one...

Oh and one more thing... maybe chevy, dodge, and gmc should take note on how to sell a truck.... haha so bash ford all you want, but when they stop selling trucks then we'll talk.

Shawn V, In most states the manufacturers are prevented BY LAW from owning dealerships. In the states that they tried owning dealerships most have failed miserably. I would like to know how that prices can be reduced by 25%? Details and source PLEASE?

Why does every Ford or Chevy post turn into a bashing of each brand every which way? Everybody has to be an internet tough guy running their I personally think Ford should give bigger discounts and insentives because nobody likes spending 50K to be the test dummies of a new product.

Hey Bob, and Bobby1971 Here is your chance to get a good deal on a real pickup.

I just got back from the NY Auto Show. The new Super Duty looks a lot nicer in person than the cad drawings you see online. People say the Ram is the best looking but after seeing both in person, I have to say the new Super Duty is nicer than the new Ram. If you like a conservative look with an old school style chrome front with conservative rectangular headlights, the Ram is for you. The Super Duty has a modern and tough look which is what I pefer. I also prefer the Ford Super Duty tow mirrors than the Ram tow mirrors with the long neck that sticks out like a sore thumb. As for interiors, they don't get much nicer than Ford. Ram has made a huge improvement in their interiors, but comes in second place. GM interiors are terrible. I sat in a GM pickup and wanted to get right out. The GM interiors are so old looking (also noticed the cracks and misalignments in the dash that were previous article) as were the exteriors and I don't like the plastic powerdome hood vent on the Denali - it looks so cheap looking and out of place.

@ Tony Your last post, Thats good stuff :)
I would be interested to know what replacement parts will cost for the new 6.7. Will they be cheaper than the 6.0 and 6.4? There is one less middle man to deal with now that this engine is "in house". Some how I doubt it though.

@ Dave

HAHAHAHA. I know looks are opinion but no way the fugly thing is better looking then the Ram.


The source for a 25 percent across the board reduction and that is relatively minor because I believe it could be more, is from myself. Having been an auto sales person for a GM dealer. I made and saw deals on a daily basis that were that amount or more. Just depended on what your credit was whom you worked for, because we all know or should that the employees for the car companies get great deals. Other than used cars, most all the new car deals have cash back (which in some cases were about 25 percent off) and other incentives. So unless your credit was really bad and we couldn't finance you, most times you could get a sweet deal.

Also, most but not all business strive for a 50 percent or better mark up on the products they sell. On the higher end jewelry has often 100 or more percent mark up. While a loaf of bread at Wal-Mart may only have a 10 percent mark up but it makes up for it in volume. Business 101. I was only privy to some of the deals. But I'm sure the auto industry mark up is on the higher side of 50 percent. Don't take my word for it. Just go car shopping. Ford dealer in my hometown are selling 2010 super duties with $10K off, marked right on the trucks. Well 10 thou off a 45 thou truck is just about 24 percent and you haven't even broken a sweat talking the dealer down some more.

So does that clear it up a bit? Just google car buying tips and see what comes up. I bet you get all kinds of hits from former salesmen telling you how to save more when buying new. Don't see why the manufactures can't own the dealers. Pepsi owns a bunch of chain restaurants to bolster their sales. Just have to have the right management to make the thing run. But that would be a bit of a stretch right now for some of the manufacturers, seeing how they went through bankruptcy.

Let me know if I can help with this any more.

this truck is so ugly gett all the power but no style.....i dont identify my self with this truck....

the ram hd looks way better......we need more power!!!..

oooh....1500 greens is it that bad?

At the NY Auto Show the Dodge Ram truck section was a big yawn. Again if you like a conservative look with a boring chrome front end, that is for you. It really has too much old school chrome for my tastes and the tow mirros have got to go, but that is just my opinion. The Fords are more modern and tough looking. Don't just judge by the cad drawings or pics online. Look at them yourself. If you are a biased Ford hater, then nothing I say will matter. This is for the people on the fence.

I know what I saw at the Auto Show. Everyone was impressed with the look of the new Fords. There were even lines to get inside the Ford trucks, to touch them to, to feel them, to try out the man step. The Platinum F-150 was a showstopper, people loved it, inside and out. The Raptors had everyone oooing and ahhing, snapping pics with them inside, and the new King Ranch Super Duty looked very impressive and had everyone snapping pics. The pics online do the Super Duty no justice. The Rams were there but nobody cared about them, nobody snapped pics, there was like one guy looking at them. The Ram section was completely dead. Then the GM's were the oldest looking of the bunch. There wasn't much going on there. This is not brand bias. I am just reporting what I saw. If you hate Fords, carry on with the hate because it will do you no good personally and just shows everyone how biased you really are.

Too many girlies in here wanting softer looks. You have to get your wife's approval on your truck purchase? LOL

Soft is an excellent way to describe it. I was thinking conservative. People hate change. I hear people talking about headlights and that is where I can give some credit to the Tundra. They tried to get away from the soft boring style headlights of the past and changed them up a bit. The Ram has headlights like the F-150 had in 1996 and 2004 (see videos below.) The soft flowing shape was great 10+ years ago, but the new Ford trucks are moving to a tougher look with more contemporary styling and super sophisticated interiors. And that is what people want. You can look at the sales data to prove it. The soft Ram look flows nicely but it doesn't sell because it isn't what people want. People want their trucks to look tough, up to date, and with luxurious interiors and that is what Ford is giving them. See the videos from Mike Levine below to see what I am talking about, the tough modern look. Interview with F-150 Chief Designer, Pt 1, 2 and 3

Price of Diesel have just touched $3/gallon, no wonder Automakers have to give discounts. More the gas price, more the discount.

Expect oil prices to keep increasing as the Chinese are buying 50,000 vehicles every day.

Is this Pickup with 6 wheels meant for households. What a waste.

1500 dollars is nothing. I would never buy a new HD truck without atleast 4,000 dollars off. Do you people ever shop for vehicles? You can almost always get this kind of an incentive on a HD truck. It's really not that rare to get 5 or 6 thousand off retail or even more. I know the truck is brand new and all but even still 1500 dollars is nothing that's like a three percent discount on a 50 thousand dollar truck.

I agree with beebe, the 6.4 bashing is pretty stupid. I have no doubt that Ford would still be using the 6.4 if it weren't for their problems with Navistar. I personally love my 6.4 and with a few modifications the fuel mileage problem went away.

I was also at the NYIAS and this is why I took from it:

1. The new Ford trucks are actually quite good looking. In pictures they look out of proportion, but in person the big headlights and big blue oval actually fit the truck. You don't realize just how massive the newer Ford trucks look until you see them in person. It makes older trucks look like toys by comparison. Even my old man, who came along, asked me if the F250 they had on display was an F550. Between the F250 and the Raptor he couldn't believe how large Ford light duty trucks and their components have become. All the other trucks at the show looked small by comparison.

2. Dodge trucks looked the most outdated on the outside. Not ugly, just 10 years or so behind the trucks in the GMC and Ford sections. For the most part, they really failed to stand out at the show. I will say though, both myself and my old man really liked the Power Wagon after we got a good look at it. My father especially liked the oversize tires, the rockslider plates underneath, and the factory winch.....he wanted to know if you could get that stuff on chassis cabs for dumptrucks, haha.

3. GMC knows how to do seating right. Their cloth front bench setup is amazing. Clean looking and MUCH more comfortable than any of the other setups (with their massive center consoles). Still had plenty of storage room under the center seat too. I wish every truck and suv had that setup. I didn't like, though, how 2011 GMC/Chevy trucks look exactly the same as the 2010 version. They had both side by side and I don't think anyone noticed the difference until I told them. Even my father asked me "what makes that one so much better?" On one hand, it's still not a very beefy looking truck, despite the changes. Their HD trucks look like the competitions half-tons. On the other hand, the HD GMC trucks looked like they might actually fit in my garage, unlike the Fords or the Power Wagon.

What would I buy after seeing them side by side? It depends.

For commercial medium duty (1 ton +) trucks, I would probably go with Ford. They looked and felt the toughest of the three. The front bumper alone is much more substantial than the bumpers used on GM or Dodge (which felt like tin)

For a light duty truck (3/4 ton), I would probably go with GMC. It's a good looking truck and is very comfortable inside. It just feels like it would be more nimble than the competition, therefore I think it work better as a personal truck that will spend most of its time being driven around town unloaded.

For a toy, I liked the Power Wagon. It reminded me of the lifted K5 blazers we used to mess around with as teenagers. I wanted to put KC HiLites on the roof and take it off-roading/camping at night like we used to do.

One thing that really scared me though, is that half-ton and larger trucks are absolutely massive now, yet there is very little for someone that wants a nice smaller truck. IIRC, they had like two Dodge Dakotas there and two GM Colorado/Canyon trucks. Both of which looked and felt severely outdated. No wonder smaller-than-fullsize trucks aren't selling, manufacturers aren't putting any effort into them.

They need to bring out a good small truck that gets good mileage, has a nice interior, and doesn't sticker for more than $35,000 for a loaded 4x4 crew cab. Maybe they could borrow that nicely packaged little diesel VW had on display.

As posted several times before, my 6.4L PowerStroke was the worst vehicle i ever owned. Had to have new engine at 62,000 kms, several new rads, 2 turbo replacement, sunroof quit, DVD player replaced 3 times, left front hub replaced, several trans shift issues. I finally sold the truck about 6 weeks ago. After 25 plus years of driving ford i will NEVER buy another ford. Hope the new engine is better and electronics for accessories improve. Only 1500 bucks off is nothing for a $60,000 truck. I wish ford well and hope they can eventually have a reliable diesel truck. I guess in a couple of years we will know how reliable the new powertrain is.

The 6.4L is a powerful motor which is still going to be used in navistar applications, its real problem was the fuel economy. Strict emissions forced automakers to build huge motors to keep the power rated high, even after emissions systems robbed them. Looks like the game is changing with the new diesels as they can get better mileage and power. I'll be in the market for a new HD truck in about a year, hopefully the new SD will be everything Ford promises it to be. If it fails, I'll just have to update the interior and drop a 12 valve cummins into my current truck.

Got some idiot liers up in here. fords the best.

A $1,500 dollar discount is laughable on a 60,000 dollar truck. Ford is hoping to literally cash in on the hype around the new engine and transmission.
I've always wondered why car companies offer discounts/rebates instead of just lowering the price.
I suspect that they catch many people "in between" rebate offerings.
I've noticed that many rebates come with "strings attached" or "small print" ie. 0% financing or reduced rate financing OR a rebate. If you have crappy credit I doubt you'd be seeing a 12,000 dollar rebate.
One definately must do their homework.

Here's how they should rate the new trucks/companies that are out
1) Ford
2) Dodge
3) Toyota
4) the Mini Foriegn Pick ups
5) a Scwihn 10 speed Bicycle
6) Nike Air Jordens
7) any ATV (with a bed)
9) nothing..... AGAIN!
10) GM

Ford has a lot to answer for. The 6.0 and 6.4 diesels.....
The 2010 F 250 has made the top 5 WORST MADE vehicles on the road. And that's with the gas engine, the diesels are even worse {1 : of more inferior quality, value, or condition
}. Pay attention to the word - value.
I've quoted JD power below.
Now, I want you to notice that "toughness" is NOT a critieria. Niether is 'Cool'. When you pull apart the ratings you see what owners have known all along.

It's a good pickup.
Not a great pickup.

The problem is that it does NOT live up to (expectations). Which of course are high because of Fords own 'crowing'.But the worst insult is the depreciation. At least 10-12 thousand drops off the instant you drive it off the lot. Which tells you just about how much they are overpriced. Remember that they are Fords most PROFITABLE vehicle and you see why they use insentives rather than lowering the price. It's all about "smoke and mirrors", Trying to keep up the perception of value. When in fact they are worth a lot less than what they are selling for.
If you think I'm trying to bash Ford your wrong. It's just they have been drinking their own coolaid and are starting to believe all their own hype. I never expected to overhear "they are great in their own minds" in reference to Fords pickups. Boasting about 'best resale value' means a lot less if you realize that ALL pickups are overpriced.
Part of that is swimming in a protected market. Witness the "chicken tax". Part is that US style pickups exist in no other country. Sorry Canada, maybe I should have said 'continent'. Ever ask yourself why that is? Big, powerful vehicles are always going to rank low using the below criteria. Ford is partly to blame. Think a muddy, smelly cowboy is ever going to be let into a King Ranch version until he cleans up? Even ON the King Ranch? To those who say it isn't fair to use these criteria in reference to HD pickups; I say you play in that game you play by their rules. For a stripped down work pickup, it doesn't seem right. but when you 'gussy up' a utility vehicle to try and sell it to urbanites, you deserve what you get. For that application, Ford pickups just don't measure up. Saying that you are comparing apples to oranges doesn't matter. Especially when the apple jumps into the orange bin exclaiming " look at me! I can be an orange too!"

JD power quote below.

"The F-250 Lariat earned both the "worst value" and "worst safety performance" distinctions from Consumer Reports this year. It received an overall score of just 37 out of 100 points for predicted reliability, fuel economy, depreciation, ride, owner costs, accident avoidance, front-seat comfort, acceleration and owner satisfaction."

ty you are pathetic...

@skidmark, LOL
Why is Ty pathetic? Cause he doesn't agree with you? He's right. Ford's suck!

Ty has made some good points with some research to back it up. Good job.

whats wrong skidmark, can't handle the truth ?

Jake ..check this out ..lmao

March 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales
Posted by Mike Levine | April 1, 2010

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in March 2010

No. 1: Ford F-Series
103,039 +26.3% YTD
March 2010: 42,514
March 2009: 32,728

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
72,480 +7.7% YTD
March 2010: 29,886
March 2009: 23,508

No. 3: Ram Trucks
38,042 -18% YTD
March 2010: 17,818
March 2009: 19,328

o wow skidmark how original... Never seen a ford fan try to bust that one out...

McDonald's sells the most hamburgers, are they the best ?

Toyota sells the most cars, are they the best ?

sales numbers don't change the fact that the last two powerstroke diesels have been pure crap...

Hey Jake, Chev/GM combined #2? WHY? They used to be #1 overall. Why the change? Shouldn't they be #1 since Fords are crap? Dodge sales are down 20+%. Shouldn't they outsell Ford? Isn't the Cummins better than the crappy Ford? Why is Ford #1? and remains #1?

Powerstroke must be crap..just look at the numbers again.

No. 1: Ford F-Series
103,039 +26.3% YTD
March 2010: 42,514
March 2009: 32,728

Just sayin...


Ford has a new F-150 on the road while the GM half-tons are almost 3 years old, thats what happened... Just wait until the new Silverado and Sierra come out, (which sadly isn;t until 2012) GM will get the sales lead back...


again, sales numbers don't hide the fact that 6.0 and 6.4 powerstroke were turds...

if they were so good, then how come Ford is on their third diesel design in 4 years ?

no company would spend the kind of money it takes to create a new diesel if the old ones were any good... Just put that into consideration ford fans.

Sorry to hear you have had such bad luck with your powerstrokes...I am on my third F-250 and havent experienced any of the problems that have qualified them to be "turds".
GM, Ram are great trucks they just are outsold by Ford ..that is the truth.
If you are a diehard GM, or Ram customer I would think you might only hope that these two (goverment owned) companies stay in business (34 Billion?) long enough for you to see you anticipated new vehicles.
Good luck with that...

I like the Fact Ford makes its own engine and transmission. Something the competition can't claim. It's like saying GM can't build a tough enough transmission and Dodge can't build a diesel. And GM's diesel is really from the help of Isuzu with the added help recently of VM Motori. Oh well, if I have a choice between Ford, Fiat/Cummins and Isuzu/VM Motori/Allison, I will take the 100% Ford thanks! GM and Dodge fanboys, please be sure to give due credit to the suppliers when bragging about your trucks brands. :)

well put, Alex. ford all the way!

i love this truck i really cant wait to go out and get it. i wasnt a real big Ford fan till i started looking at your trucks now im stuck on this one...

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