GM Announces Big Investment In Next-Gen Small Block V-8 Engines

GM Announces Big Investment In Next-Gen Small Block V-8 Engines

General Motors has announced that it's investing more than $890 million to build its next-generation small-block truck and car engines. The engines are expected to appear in the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra when they debut around 2013.

According to GM's news release, "the next generation small block engine family will have unprecedented fuel efficiency through direct injection and an all-new advanced combustion system design. The new engine family will rely exclusively on aluminum engine blocks, which are lighter and contribute to the improved fuel efficiency. In addition to being E85 ethanol capable, these engines are being designed with the capability to meet increasingly stringent criteria emissions standards expected throughout this decade."

GM's coy reference to "an all-new advanced combustion system" may indicate that we'll see an all-new approach to variable valve timing in an overhead valve (pushrod) engine that would allow cam phasing of both the intake and exhaust valves, like a dual overhead cam V-8. In GM's current 5.3-liter small-block OHV V-8, cam phasing is limited to just the intake valves because of its cam-in-block architecture. The new method could use so-called "cam-in-cam" timing.

"These will be V-8 engines," a GM spokesperson said. "They'll use aluminum across the board. That's all we can say for now."

In 2007, before GM scrapped its original plans for its next-generation full-size pickups that were being developed under the code name C3XX, word leaked from United Auto Workers sources that a new “Gen V” overhead valve V-8 was going to replace the current 315-horsepower, 335 pounds-feet of torque 5.3-liter V-8. The final displacement wasn’t determined yet because it was referred to as 5X.

The new engine plans would create or retain more than 1,600 jobs at five North American plants.


I'm a lot more concerned about durability and power than I am emissions and fuel economy, but what do you expect from Obama motors.

These engines will be designed with/for fuel efficacy and longevity first with power being 3rd on the list!

I still hope Dodge/Ram has BIG plans for 2012-2013!

No matter what GM comes out with you will find critics to find fault with it. They love to stick the "obama motors" B.S in their to. I am so sick and tired of people like this that try and pick apart anything that GM does or comes out with.

GM will once again the the leaders in innovation and bring best in class horsepower, torque, fuel economy. No matter what GM builds you will find nimrods like Dan to try and slam GM. Don't like GM, than buy the brand that you prefer. seems simple enough but some people can't resist slamming GM no matter what they do.

Dan, the reason they only mention improved power and fuel efficiency, is because when it comes to GM small block v8s they're already the most reliable motors out there, so it's a given!

I really hate these GM haters like Dan and Lou. They need stop because they are ruining the post with their anti GM lies! The loans were paid back in full and the quality is high with Onstar. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

GM small block V-8's have been rock solid for decades, and I'm sure this new one will be no exception.

I wish they would spend that kind of cash on developing a light duty diesel, oh wait, they already did! Now give it to me!

Hey Dan, nice comment, you must be a smart guy.

the facts are Lou, GM has gotten their crap together... They have paid of all of the loans FINALLY... why can you not embrace that, Lou? do you NOT feel that it is a GOOD thing???!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds pretty good, but keep slamming GM guys! I just love the reaction it gets out of Bob :)
It will be a piss weak pickup made for girls! hehe

I wasn't planning on posting anything, but Bob and mini-Bob started whining like little puppies peeing on the carpet. Looks like the GM coolaid is starting to flow early today. Didn't you know smoking was bad for your health, especially smoking anything from GM press releases.

I love the looks of the GM Sierra. I was looking at a Sierra with the GFX,AllTerrain,Z71 package. The only real flaw was the very low front bumper and spoiler. Gorgeous looking truck, but a truck billed as an Off-roader should have more ground clearance. Sure, you can change a bumper, but for that kind of cash it should be off road ready off the show room floor. I can get a loaded Power Wagon for the same price!

GM seems to be bound and determined to stick with pushrod V8's. The "cam in cam" technology sounds more complex than overhead cams. I can't wait to see what they come up with. They do make excellent engines. I am looking foreward to seeing what the new Sierra/Silverado trucks look like. I've heard that they will continue to go their separate ways in body design. I hope they don't wreck the looks of the Sierra.
We've heard news from Ford and GM about new engines. I wonder what Chrysler is up to?

GM did NOT payoff the obama loans in the sense that they were really paid off. They took more TARP money (Taxpayer funds) to pay them off..... kinda like taking out a 2nd mortgage
to pay off the original mortgage. Gm has learned well from the lord and master concerning half truths and deception.

Even if they are paid off, government still owns them for many years to come. so for now they can still be called obama motors. Do your research.

The thought of all aluminum and cam in cam should scare anyone who works their truck as far as for durability. Why not go the DOHC route and keep complexity low? The 5.3L was already a glorified car motor anyhow. High rpm, high HP and low torque.

@bobby1971- mike is right they did NOT pay off their loans and are under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission for lying about it in their ads.

"Don't like GM, than buy the brand that you prefer." - Bob

Evidently people do. F-Series is the #1 selling brand.

GM Still Owes Us:

Sounds like it will be solid motor.

Wonder if it will be able to compete with the future HEMI with Multi-Air?

Well I hope they hit a homerun... competition makes 'em all better.

I suspect while they remain V8s they will get smaller. Maybe a 4.0L & a 5.0L.

Interesting to see this strategy play out vs. the others especially Fords EB route.

I think Ford would have done well to have the EB in trucks be a V8 even if its smaller. Maybe a 4.0L V8 EB? Of course the accounting dept would kill it.

I guess Ford still has the 5.0L EB up their sleave... if/when needed.

IMHO Ford is doing the right thing with the EB application. Ultimately it will depend o n the diver as to how high they can keep their mpg's. If you don't race the EB at every stop light it should stay out of boost and give V6 mileage. The turbos should only really spool when loaded up like towing or sudden accelleration. I had an 87 VW GTI with the 1.8L 4 cylinder. If I took the car to a track day or hammered on it I could get my mileage down to 16-18mpg. People were amazed how bad bad mileage I could get. Same set up if I followed the shioft light could easily top 25mpg city and 30 plus highway. Stuff like cylinder deactivation does not really pay dividends around town. Same goes for all the bragged about aero improvements we see mentioned.

Nice idea by Gm but it won't get them to the top.

For all you GM lovers you need to realize the Truth that even if they did pay off the debt, that doesn't mean that the government doesn't own them now. In fact if you look descriptively into politics, there were so many strings, fiats, & unconstitutional policy in the bill to where the government has absolute control. According to MT supposedly the "old gm" owns about 10% of the company.

Also look at the link posted by "Taxpayer minority" as well as this 1.

Government Motors & Chrysler fiat are against the freedom of the people and if you think that statement is to radical, then your part oft he problem of stupidity of why the United States Constitution is burning. I grew up with GM and I advanced to Ford. Henry Ford was a libertarian type guy and if you ask those involved with FoMoCo and read the Ford story, then you will understand why people even before the bailouts knew that Ford would be independent and able to stay true to the ways of capitalism. So if you support American freedom buy a built tough Ford, 2nd most American would be Toyota. If you want to support your global enslavement gm and Chrysler is the way to go.

-Ford & me bailout & bankrupt free for Liberty

-Christ Bless

another topic ruined by completely changing the subject of every GM story on this site.. . Its really getting old...

GM V8's are the most reliable on the market, they have nothing to prove in that segment... I hope these new engines have great power to go along with what sounds like great fuel-economy..

keep us updated mike


That's nice and all but if they can't sell squat and make a profit, well then, who cares.

Now how about a truck with that engine and a manual transmission option to go with it.

What a novel idea.. Why hasn't Ford came up with a dohc motor yet.. wait ..they did many years ago..nice try Govt. Motors. Imitation is flattery.

I am a Ford guy, but I can appreciate that GM is working towards cutting the fat and building a better product... I really hope that they revolutionize the small block V-8 in someway shape or form, it will bring some much needed credibility back to the brand!
As far as purchasing a GM product... Well, I don't need to... I already support them every time I pay my taxes!

good we have real truck news,and Wye some people always have something bad to say about gm......




People despise GM for what they have become. They should of sold all of their assest including that GM logo. But did they, no, instead they chose otherwise.

Get it.

Can the last person in Detroit turn the light's off on their way out?

@jake "GM V8's are the most reliable on the market, they have nothing to prove in that segment..."

I agree with that 100%.

Which is exactly why I'm so disgusted by this. GM V8's are great because of the elegant OHV design and the reliability and serviceability that comes with it.

Redesigning them around DI and cam-in-cam throws that away for trivially cleaner emissions.

@Wallie and everyone who gets pissed off at the Government motors or Obama corporation comments -

The moment the auto industry went to the governments of the world (yes - governments of the world) for handouts, it has become political. The moment that happened politics became an integrated part of business. That is a very dangerous thing to happen. That is one of the reasons why Ford is selling well and GM is not.

"Don't like GM, than buy the brand that you prefer." - Bob
To quote Frank -
Evidently people do. F-Series is the #1 selling brand.

You say politics don't play into the process - I would of bought a GM Sierra if it wasn't for the bailout.

Like Super Duty said quote "As far as purchasing a GM product... Well, I don't need to... I already support them every time I pay my taxes! "

This is an "OPEN FORUM" - FREEDOM OF SPEECH.......

If you don't like it grab your purse and little dangling bowtie and go home!

Now that we have the political stuff out of the way,
I've noticed that my local GM/Chev dealership is plugged full of 1/2 ton trucks. In the last few weeks the've filled every square inch of their lot. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon in their towns? I'm curious as to wether or not this is just a local thing.
Might be some really good deals coming down the pipe.

All hail the Commander and Chief of GM and our Armed Forces. Obama.
Sorry...... You can't really slag Obama since he inherited George Dubya Bush's messes.
Our tax dollars are going to build us some new engines. I am sooo thrilled....
Engines with pushrods .......... seems to be working well for Harley Davidson. Sell 1940's technology at 10 times the price. Looks like a great way to make money....

@ Lou, well said.

@ Tony,

GM is still using a Lawnmower technology, which, well,

mike, you just need to block posting, everyone on here are acting like children. i come here just for news, not these kids opinions. its getting really frustrating reading these comments. freedom of speach is great, but curtosy is greater, everyone just shut up and read the news. show of hands, whos never needed a loan? GOOD JOB GM, MORE JOBS IS GREAT!!!!. especially here in buffalo, everyone is estatic to go back to work. especially me

It's funny you mention Harley Davidson. The "highest performance" Harleys are the V-Rod line, and they use overhead cams.

It really bothers me to think that my John Deere might have better engine tech in it than a GM V8...

You GM fanboys need to stop getting your bowties in a bunch. I can easily go on any Dodge, Ford, and Toyota post in here and see all the trash you all have put on those post so can it. If you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

With that out of the way ALL of us on this site are kinda of like a large family. We all share a passion for trucks, we often disagree, and we love ribbing one another from time to time about this truck or that truck. Try not to let things get to you... buy what you like, and keep an open mind please!

eaglextz dont forget henry ford recieved a metal from Adolf Hitler for his ''extreme antisemitism''. Ford has quietly distanced themselves from such an evil person. Brush up on youre history!!!!!!

@ Justin -
show of hands: who's ever gone to the government and got a loan?
show of hands: who's gone bankrupt to avoid paying debt?
show of hands: who goes to a bank and gets a loan, and pays it off?

I do agree that the bashing and banter gets annoying!

Shawn is right - we are one big truck family. We disagree, and tease each other. Read the posts - Bob and whiny mini-bob(bob1971) set off everyone else with their BS.
Block posts - why?
unless someone is personally attacked, or is profane, or insites hatred against any group - who cares?
It's fun, and it's entertaining.



I think these new GM V-8's will make both the Ford 'Coyote' and 'Boss' V-8's obsolete. I am already hearing about the 6.2's lousy fuel economy.......

@ Lou,

That is a classic post.

@ Big Bob,

You have hearing problems.

$1000.00 my post get's deleted. I talk crap in English, post get deleted. I talk crap in Chinese and it's posted.

Ya'll need to learn how to speak Chinese.

About time GM decided to bring their engine tech into the 90's. Hopefully they will finally do the same with their transmissions.

Hearing is fine, thanks. One of the places I heard about the 6.2L's poor fuel economy was right from Mike's report on the Raptor, right here on this website. Guess you must have missed it!

@Lou, I don't know where you're located, but here in the midwest, I've noticed the same thing. One of the local big volume Chevy dealers that I drive past to and from work has filled every inch of their lot where they specifically park all the new Silverados has gotten full over the past few weeks.

Another point: Many of you here continually comment about the bailout of GM, but it is apparent you do not understand what took place. The bailout basically consisted of two parts- loans, which GM has indeed paid off, and an equity stake of around 61%. That techically was NOT a loan, what happened was the government (that means you and I) BOUGHT 61% of GM. That money will never get 'paid back'. It was never intended to. The government (that's you and I) will (hopefully) get that money back when it sells it's share (61%) of GM after GM goes public (that means sells stock) again. Will the government (you and I again) get it's investment back? Maybe. Might get even more. Could get less. Too early to tell.

Well, bobby1971, many of us still refer to GM as Gov't Motors because, among other things, GM DID NOT PAY BACK THE BAILOUT MONEY, otherwise known as TAXPAYER MONEY. They used TARP money to "pay back" the government. Only about 13% of the money was actually paid back. The fact that GM is deceiving the taxpaying the WORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYER into thinking we're "paid back" is all the more insulting. I don't care if they invent a water-powered truck . . . I ain't buyin' .

My old 2005 Tacoma had VVTi with the 4.0L V6 and my new Tacoma with the 2.7L 4-cylinder engine has VVTi, big deal...

It's about time the government has learned about lighter weight aluminum engines!

@ Frank - you speak Chinese and Spanish... Cool.
I wonder what language Bob speaks - GeheMese?
I haven't been able to translate what Bob says into anything that makes sense.

I had to crack a few times while reading this comments, everytime Lou has to say someting Frank had to give me credit, Frank are you Lou's wife?

Can I order a pink Superduty with a pink purse to match?

If I would own a Toyota I wouldn't want people to know that I own a unindented acceleration, rust out frames, cracked tailgates, bad shafts, weak frames truck.

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