GM Announces Prices for 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups

GM Announces Prices for 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups

General Motors says prices for its updated 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickups are going up for the new model year, but buyers will still only pay the 2010 option price if they want to add the improved 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel engine.

The 2011 Silverado and Sierra HD pickups start at $27,965 for entry-level regular cab two-wheel-drive Work Truck 2500 models with the standard 6.0-liter gasoline V-8 engine. That price excludes a $995 destination charge.

But for buyers who want best-in-class diesel towing and hauling power, they'll pay an extra $8,395 for the oil burner and six-speed Allison automatic transmission — the same as last year.

What makes this diesel pricing news notable is that the Duramax has to meet tough new emissions standards for diesel engines that took effect for all diesel engines manufactured after Jan. 1. This has already caused price spikes of more than $6,000 for big over-the-road trucks from manufacturers like Navistar and Hino. Even the new 2010 Ram Heavy Duty pickups, which met 2010 emissions regulations as of the 2007 model year, have increased the price of their 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 diesel by $500 for 2010.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Ford has also held pricing steady for the all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V-8 available for 2011 F-Series Super Duty pickups.

Both the Duramax and Power Stroke add new diesel exhaust fluid systems to scrub nitrogen oxide emissions, while the Cummins diesel for Ram HD pickups remains DEF-free.

The 6.6-liter LML Duramax is rated a segment-leading 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque, up from the previous LMM engine's 365 hp and 650 pounds-feet. The LML also comes with a new push-button-activated exhaust brake and can run on biodiesel blends up to B20 (20 percent biodiesel, 80 percent ultralow sulfur diesel).

2011 Pricing Comparison Chart

Starting prices for all Chevy HD pickups are rising by about $600 on average, but it varies by model, according to Chevrolet spokesman Brian Goebel. Compared with 2010, the 2500 HD is $500 more, the 3500 HD single rear wheel is $1,120 more, and the 3500 HD dual rear wheel is $125 more.

GMC is adding a brand-new high-end Sierra Denali HD that starts at $45,865. It's positioned to compete head-to-head against Ford's luxurious King Ranch Super Duty that starts at $45,715.

The Sierra Denali is only available as a three-quarter-ton 2500 HD crew-cab four-wheel-drive model with a choice of gas or diesel engine. It comes equipped with a unique four-bar chrome grille, body-color bumpers, chrome door handles and a choice of 18-inch or 20-inch chrome wheels.

All 2011 GM HD pickups feature completely redesigned full-boxed frames that help improve max fifth wheel towing to 20,000 pounds and max payload to 6,335 pounds. Also available is trailer sway control and hill start assist.

Production of the 2011 Silverado and Sierra HD pickup starts in May. The first models are expected to arrive at Chevrolet and GMC dealers in June with five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranties.


hm interesting thanks for info mike, a little surprised the Sierra Denali starting price is so low, i was excepting it to be higher...

i would really like if one of the big 3 started using a tandem axle and get rid of the dually....

nice looking chevy.....

Dear GM:

I'm forever yours - faithfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gmc the America history,,,my grand father truck,my dad truck,and me,one day my son,,the filling to drive a gmc pickup is difference compare to drive a ford or dodge,,maybe because y no my grand father,father,drive on before..

Someone still needs to explain why the bodyside moldings are not on the bed any more. I guess GM, Ford, and Chrysler all feel that shopping carts and people who park too close will never bang into the bed, just the cab doors. From the new design's intro for MY1994, Dodge even had the moldings on the dually fenders through the rest of the decade.

I have to say the Denali is nice but not really a good comparison for the King Ranch. The King Ranch is proably one of the nicest trucks ever built. Im not saying one is better than the other I just want a King Ranch, but ethier way I cant afford a Denali or a King Ranch.

Good job to Ford and GM for holding prices down on the new engines!

Damn, these new trucks look nice! I'm surprised as well at the price for the Denali. I expected it to be much higher. And, Rob, stop being a jerk. He's probably not from here and wants to comment too.

$8k for a tired and dated coal burner. Wow!

"And, Rob, stop being a jerk. He's probably not from here and wants to comment too. "

Says the guy who makes rude, and many times inaccurate, comments in every article that contains a Ford. *rolls eyes*

"gmc the America history,,,my grand father truck,my dad truck,and me,one day my son,,the filling to drive a gmc pickup is difference compare to drive a ford or dodge,,maybe because y no my grand father,father,drive on before." - miath

He must be French. I have no idea what the hell is he/she is saying.

I am also quite suprised that he/she has actually conceived a child.

They better get these on lots qucikly if they want to keep up in sales with Ford and Ram.

My take on why the moldings were taken off of the bed is that that is where most of the 'work' is done around the truck. why put door ding molding on the bed when it just gets dinged up anyway. I agree with you though I like it on the front part of the bed too, but thats why i think they did away with it.
The fact that the same base of the DMax is still around is a very good thing, why change something that works great has a very strong reputation, and is still selling very well? The only company that has changed powertrain every chance they got was Ford because they have had problems with their product, but just wait, if this 6.7 PSD turns out to be solid, which it should, you can bet it too will see ten years of production, espeially since it's built in house like the Duramax now is (I'm pretty sure, but not possitive about this). But since the current Duramax is pretty much running free of anything to dampen the power, you'll most likely see that 6.9 liter Duramax come out probably in 2014 (the next step in emission standards) along with the next body stlye in order to keep the power war going with Ford. Of coarse this is just my take on the subject, everybody thinks differently and thats okay.

I know this is a Gm story but can anyone tell me if Ford's 6.7 is used in any other vehicles. The Duramax and the Cummins are. I would imagine that helps keep costs down. But if Ford has done this engine in house and it's not being used in any other platforms how will they ever get thier developement costs out of it, especialy when they have maintained the cost of that option. I think Ford may have put all their eggs in one basket with this engine.

" would really like if one of the big 3 started using a tandem axle and get rid of the dually....

nice looking chevy....."

Agreed, it would give a smoother ride, but would look strange.

No tandem axle for me thanks. If you want something that's like a pickup, but has a really smooth ride, you can't go past the Expedition or Exped EL with its fully independent suspension. EL is even smoother with its long wheelbase. But keep the pickups the way they are, but add a small V8 diesel option on half-ton.

By the way Jordan, I believe there was an article a while ago on Ford wanting to sell its diesel engines to other companies. That's all I know of on that one.

$8,395 is a bargain for the best diesel and transmission combination available in a heavy duty truck that delivers best in class Horsepower and Torque and best in class fuel economy and Yes, that includes beating the ford power joke for you ford lovers.

I will say this again, the shootout will prove how great the Duramax is and Yes, it will win the shootout!

So let it be written, so let it be done!

Bob, I do believe there will be a time coming here shortly, when we won't hear from you for a while. I would book your counseling sessions now if I were you. You're not going to like the shootout.

Alex, believe what ever you want in your fantasy world. I can't wait for the Shootout to prove that the Duramax is still the undisputed champion and will be the Ford power joke and the Dodge cummings in the all the performance catagories. 0-60, 1/4 mile unloaded and loaded and 7% grade and 15% grade the Duramax with the Allison transmission will be the first to the top!

The Ford power joke will not measure up to the Duramax in the pulling contest and you can take that to the bank!

I will never go away Alex, I'm going to annoy you every day!

Have a nice day.

Bob I'm not telling you to go away, I'm just saying you will go and hide when you lose since you are so arrogant about it now. When your Chebby Duracrap (see we can make up childish names too), lets you down... your high horse will fall over, and we will all have a good laugh.

Lets see, the dodge and ford offer the freshest design, sfa, and cost as much as 10k less. The gm not only costs more but has an outdated interior/exterior and has no sfa. Seems like a no brainer to me, The dodge and ford both win over a gm. Not jumping on the gm bashing bandwagon, just pointing a few things out. Oh and yes I have driven the new gm as my uncle owns a 2010 chevy cc 3500 with the duramax and allison. Noce truck but would be hell trying to fit a plow on there and the interior just looks lightyears behind the dodge and ford. If gm doesnt close the price gap its going to really put a damper or their sales. The end of the year sales numbers will be interesting as well as the upcoming shootout.

A no brainer for gm would be to offer the duramax/allison in the suburban. That would reel in people who would otherwise never consider a gm, like me.

Two things Jeff. 1) You buy HD trucks for their ability to do work, in which case you cant beat the Duramax/Allison. Period. Guys that buy HD trucks for their design, probably only use them to haul around their skirts. 2) Ford has had the same cab and bed configuration since 1999 so theres no room to talk about dated looks. For 2011, GM put their money on what mattered, not new headlights and badging. I dont want to be a Ford basher here, but Ford needs the new look, and I pray for them on this new 6.7 cause if it fails its going to be a huge blow becasue they have nobody to point their finger at anymore but themselves for shotty powertrains.

@Greg, What you said totally contadicts itself but hey go ahead and look like a complete moron.

Personally the cummins with the 6 speed manual is a tough combination to beat. My 09 megacab cummins 4x4 with the 6 speed manual will last longer than any duraslack, there is a reason why the warranty is so long on the cummins.

LOL, guess I hit the truth and a nerve with the skirt comment. If you knew how to read dialogue you would know that #1 was my opinion, and #2 was addressing your comment. Way to pick up on that.

"i would really like if one of the big 3 started using a tandem axle and get rid of the dually....

nice looking chevy....."

You mean like

How do you figure you hit a nerve with Jeff? Funny how you dont still dont get it. Guess the jokes on you Jake LOL!!!

@Jake, your darn right I haul lots of skirts around. My wife does wear them alot so yeah and all of her friends who happen to wear them as well and love my trucks my ram and superduty so............LOL

There is another FAKE Lou popping up again.
I can spell much better than this twit.

@ Bob - I heard a rumor - you are so confident that GM will win the HD shootout that you went out and got a tattoo.
A giant Genereral Motors "G" on one butt cheek and a giant General Motors "M" on the other. When GM wins you plan on mooning all the Ford guys. Is that true?


eeeh....we all now ford will win like always...boooring....!!

too much for a luxury truck that wont even see the racn or farm...or even some mud on the tires....

In order to sell these big diesel trucks ,with diesel being $4.50 a gallon(CDN price), they are going to have to put huge rebates out there like they are with current HD diesel trucks. GM has had $12,000 to $15,000 rebates on new diesel trucks for three years now. Why don't they just ask $45,000 in the first place instead of $60,000 sticker price with a $12,000 rebate written next to it. Again these are Canadian prices. GMC truck looks good. New Ford HD looks terrible (especially front grill and headlights). New Ram HD is very nice looking and has a tough look that means business. Any of the three can definatly get the job done, but with higher diesel prices in the forecast, only people that really need a HD diesel will be buying these very expensive vehicles.

@billyjoe - what benefit do you see with a tandem truck as opposed to a single axle duallie?
It would increase production costs by a large amount. The frame would have to be changed and so would the box.
Would you want tandem drive axles?or just a plain tag axle?

@ lou

back in 1997 the dodge t-rex "concept"

could out-tow, out-off-road, out-maneuver, out-haul and out-run anything in its class -- or even close to its class -- and with a lot more driver and passenger comfort."

1 Improved maneuverability with a narrower track than dual-wheel vehicles

2 Tighter turning circle (2 feet less) than dual-wheel vehicles with comparable wheel base.

3 Greater capacity payload (5,000 pounds with the potential to be increased). towing capacity 26,000lbs "i guess max"

4 High tire flotation, due to increased tire contact patch.
Improved handling on wet surfaces with less potential for hydroplaning.

5 Better cornering stability on all surfaces.
Improved ride and handling on highways.

About the frame:cost of construction was not a (major) consideration for Chrysler. The engineers tried to maximize the use of off-the-shelf hardware.

@ Billiejoe - if it was such a great idea, why wasn't it put into production? Any 6x6 I can think of are commercial or military units that are much more expensive than a HD pickup.

There really isn't a payload advantage over a dually unless you have dual wheels on the tandems, and even then you'd have a heavier truck that'd get poorer mileage. And by the time you strengthen the frame you'd end up with a tandem axle medium duty for the sake of what? Running light truck tires?

@ lou
good question....they probably feel that kind of pressure with all the MPGs and stuff.

kinda like getting people to like the new rams with coils.

i think it would of been an awesome truck.
like this one

@ Enjelus this was back in 97 todays truck frames are way more stronger... and engines more efficient


2500 single rear wheel hemi

2500 tandem axle "2 tires per axle" with the cummins

3500 tamdem axle "4 tires per axle" with the cummins "for serious towing and hauling" "people that dont care about MPGs"

Still you're talking about the added weight and complexity of a tandem axle for questionable benefit unless you are towing/hauling off road a lot.

can somebody clarify this for me...

i was reading a magazine and i read that "ford has the most horse power and most torque"

is that true or is ford just braggin and exagerating...

because according to this "POST"
chevy buyers
who want best-in-class diesel towing and hauling power, they'll pay an extra $8,395 for the oil burner and six-speed Allison automatic transmission

Ford announced their hp/torque numbers first and actually has trucks at the dealers with those numbers. Then GM announced theirs and predictably tuned the duramax to have higher numbers. Its really not all that surprising since you can pretty much get as much hp/torque as you want from a diesel by reflashing the computer, at least until you start melting stuff from the egt's or more likely breaking transmissions.

So I just seen this post and I have owned my first chevy for approx 3 mos. now...not only has the 2011 piece of crap had thing after thing wrong w/ it ALREADY... It's nice to know that chevy cares enough to NOT even call us and tell us about this fabulous recall. That's what I get for trading in my camry *o and we also found out chevy decided to drop the price of silverado's by 10k 3 mos after we buy ours. F*ck you GM*

Do car makers not offer a 2-door half-ton pickup any more. Would it haave to be special ordered?

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