Is GDiesel the Diesel Fuel of the Future?

Is GDiesel the Diesel Fuel of the Future?

Dr. Rudolf Diesel is well-known as the inventor of the diesel engine in the late 1800s. Diesel's idea was revolutionary because his engine design didn't require a spark for combustion. Instead, it relied on frictional heat generated by high pressure in the cylinder to ignite the fuel-air mix for power.

While the basic architecture of the diesel engine hasn't changed in more than 100 years, today, another Rudolf is pushing the boundaries of diesel fuel.

Dr. Rudolf Gunnerman has created GDiesel, a new fuel for diesel engines that combines conventional ultralow sulfur diesel with natural gas, which is mostly methane. The result is a fuel blend that has cleaner emissions but costs less to produce than today's No. 2 diesel that's sold for use in cars and trucks. That's because natural gas helps GDiesel burn more completely than standard diesel during combustion, and it currently costs less than the equivalent amount of diesel fuel.

Gunnerman's company, Advanced Refining Concepts, blends ultralow sulfur diesel and natural gas at a 2-1 ratio — a gallon of diesel and a half-gallon of natural gas — using a proprietary set of four metallic catalysts that facilitate process. The methane and diesel fuel react chemically, with the diesel absorbing methane's component atoms, hydrogen and carbon.

In some cases, GDiesel is also said to yield up to a 30 percent improvement in fuel economy. It's also compatible with existing fuel storage and dispensing equipment and requires no modifications to vehicles or power-generating equipment.

ARC is in the final stages building a refining facility in Nevada that will be able to produce up to 100,000 gallons of GDiesel a day. In the future, smaller GDiesel refineries may be built near ready supplies of natural gas and methane, such as by a garbage dump or large farm, where methane can be harvested as a waste product.

Rudolf Diesel originally envisioned his engines would run on vegetable oil, but modern feedstock fuels have been unpopular because they use valuable cropland or aren't available in large enough quantities to drive down fuel prices. Rudolf Gunnerman's solution doesn't impact food supplies, and the U.S. has abundant supplies of natural gas. Perhaps the two Rudolfs a century apart point the way to diesel's future.

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Too bad they can't focus on making tractor diesel less expensive. That is killing me every year more than anything.

Good news, now we will see which huge oil company (or government ;-) buys Rudolf out, drives up the price to cancel the exact savings in fuel efficiency, and/or kill the idea entirely. Can't be having people actually following through on their research.

I'm always cautious of anyone promising more power and fuel economy while costing less. Sounds like another Tornado fuel saver.

I live in a state with a lot of natural gas, and I'm considering getting a Mahindra diesel truck as my next vehicle.

This is a very interesting development. If it really does work as advertised, I hope to see it around Albuquerque soon.

I'm all for it! If it works bring it on! :)

Great news! If this works as advertised - I will support it 100%. I will sign any petition and start using this fuel in my Diesel Truck and cars. :)

I'm all for this too but I'm with Patrick on this one... just a matter of time before some oil company buys them out and shuts them down or the EPA kills the ideal because it kills two birds with one stone. "Wait it uses methane that we normally let vent off into the atmosphere and it helps with fuel economy, we can't let this happen, this would mean and end to the EPA." You guys know what I'm talking about, all this money and time spent on cutting NOX yet it means that trucks can't get 30MPG... How is this saving the environment if we have to produce way more fuel than we would have to if you just give us reasonable NOX limits on Diesels!

I think Shell has experimenting with an natural-gas derived diesel fuel as well.

Well, using a mix of diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) is nothing new...BUT it has never been this simplified. Before, the diesel owner would always have to get a kit or build a system for burn the diesel CNG mix.

This could be an awesome product!! Hope to learn more about it.

Lets make sure the oil companies dont kill it!

this mixture will keep diesel engines factory clean!.

will it help raise power? " just wanna know"

good gas mileage sounds good...

kits like this sell for alot...

This sounds great, and there are absolutely no modifications to your vehicle and it uses current fuel storage and pumping systems........ I hope that it isn't another"too good to be true" story.

Don't even bother getting your hopes up guys, the oil companies/government will never let this technology reach the public. Too many of the wealthy 1% in the world would lose .005 of their net worth....can't let that happen.

Remember this # :
>> US Patent 7,579,510
Dr. Gunnerman & Peter G. have J. Galt's Engine.

if it's cheap and it works, then yes, it is the diesel of the future :)

Propane has been a performance/economy improving addition to diesel trucks for years but only in its own container(like nitrous oxide). mixing diesel with Meth in regular fuel tank would be a win win if it works.

Great Aticle.

I've been reading here for a while, I drive diesel trucks, and always will. But I've also noticed the has a preffered company called Ford, I would love this site but would much rather read from a site that is more independent and which has no brand loyalty.

Heeyyy Luke, are you Bob's brother?
It's not loyalty when Ford's the only one coming out with news-worthy stories.

I don't see a "ford" word anywhere in the article, but I see a picture. Besides, Powerstroke wasn't a great diesel for the past 7 years.

Very good idea if as mentioned in almost all the post, it actually lives up to it's hype. Then all we need is to build large saltwater ponds in the arid areas of the southwest that don't grow or produce anything productive, so that the algae makers can produce bio-diesel on large scale. If I have followed that area correctly, they are experimenting with a variety of algae that lives in saltwater, so as not to use drinkable water, and can shed the sludge needed to directly produce the fuel without harvesting the algae. Maybe they could even build a few glass skyscrapers in large towns to produce fuels locally to cut down on transportation costs. So keep going, keep the government and big oil out of the way and maybe someday we will grow what we need. Like a new seed for energizer batteries! LOL!@

just to change the subject ,ford advertise ford tough,we get 4 escape one 2009 ,3 2010,,2009 new trany at 16000k,2010 loose plastics DRIVER door,and passenger door outside corner loose plastic same 4escape design problem..this is normal for a ford escape this truck is very cheap...inside dash easy to scratch..or we just not lucky..y don't no if the pickup is the same..very disappointed

miath, LOL you guy should switch to Equinox, they gey better MPG then Escape Hybrid.

Unless there was a complete diesel fuel conversion to the new diesel blend, the cost of infrastructure changes would be astronomical. It isn't just about the cost to produce it.

What caracteristics does the fuel have in sub zero temps? That would play a big factor in its viabilty. I am fairly confident that if this fuel works as well as advertised we will never see it. Heaven forbid that something that helps MPG and the environment actually be implemented. Guess we will have to wait and see.

GRB,does this really exist?-Kevin

Methane is C1H4 hydrocarbon while Diesel is C16H34 hydrocarbon. By mixing both in 1:2 blend, what hydrocarbon is obtained. If its lighter, then it may not be diesel. Is it possible to run this fuel in Diesel vehicles.

Anyway, despite Oil companies efforts to kill AFV's, they have grown a lot
Flexfuel vehicles increased to 18 million worldwide
LPG vehicles increased to 14 million worldwide
CNG vehicles increased to 11 million worldwide
Hybrid vehicles increased to 2 million worldwide

All three vehicled were just 1 million each 10 years ago.

And this year, EVs and Plugins like Leaf and Volt are appearing. If they make it big, things will move away from oil. Anyway cheap oil era is gone and with Chinese buying 50,000 vehicles every day, the oil prices will continue to rise.

I think the whole approach to emissions reduction and fuel economy should change. Rather than having minimum standards for both, there should be a combined value that automakers have to meet. Permit a vehicle to emit more if the fuel economy is higher, or allow poorer fuel economy if the emissions are minimal. A 30mpg diesel shouldn't have to hit the same emissions targets as gas vehicles because they consume less to do the same work. Conversely, if the gas engine gives off cleaner emissions, it doesn't have to match the diesel's consumption.This would allow for greater benefits to the consumer and let manufacturers focus on the most cost effective solution. The cheaper it is to make, the more likely it is to take hold in the marketplace.

I can see it burning cleaner. But getting better fuel economy, that makes me a skeptic. How does adding something to diesel fuel, that nets LESS power, pound for pound, then diesel, make it get better fuel economy?

Look at adding ethanol to gas. Yes it burns cleaner and it supports this county instead of middle east countries, but it also causes worse fuel economy because it nets less power, pound for pound, then gas.

I would like to see the testing for this in much more detail before I make an official decision.

1.The report says that the blend allows the diesel to burn more completely.
2.They are building a 100,000 gallon a day plant.
3.It's also compatible with existing fuel storage and dispensing equipment and
4.requires no modifications to vehicles or power-generating equipment.

They obviously have tested it , building a plant would cost billions of dollars.

@Lou... I think more like millions not billions. Either way I'm glad someone is taking the lead and trying to do the right thing. This could be the next big thing if you ask me.

the goverment and big oil company and corrupt sheiks dont want us to have free fuel/energy.

lots of cattle crap and pig crap too.."WERE I LIVE LOTS OF PIG FARMS.we should capture the methane and then have free fuel or fuel at a lower price than diesel or gasoline or a mixture of the two.

and only use regular diesel or gas during winter.

"i know this might turn out bad, since we will all be wanting to fuel Our cars and there will be a shortage..


Ruddolf Diesel's original design was to have an engine capable of burning a fuel that could be produced in a self sustaining manner i.e. orininally diesel fuel was made from peanut oil. Which was, is a very clean burning oil. Peanuts can be grown in many areas of the world and have an advantage of being a legume i.e. related to alfalfa, soybeans, and other bean/pea relatives that fix nitrogen in the soil ( actually help replace it by making it available to other plants and,or as green manure crops that build soil organic matter and improve its' overall fertility) In short, the petroleum industry got a hold of Diesel's design after his untimely and mysterious death (a subject the oil companies don't like to talk about) and quickly made it a petroleum burning, smoky mess. Biodiesel is the answer America. It can be made from a variety of plant derivatives (even algae) and has shown to be an excellent, clean burning major improvement to gasoline and the regular,petroleum based diesel. Better still this country could tell OPEC to stick it, because all our fuel could be produced here. Electric cars are a nice theory, but between battery waste disposal issues and electrical production that still relies on carbon fuel to produce electricity, they have a long way to go before they are more practical. I speak from experience, because I own a Diesel VW Beetle that I burn strictly biodiesel in and I am totally pleased with it. Biodiesel is the answer, not another "fuel booster" or "additive" that is an expensive unrealistic solution. By the way I get 40plus MPG in my Beetle and I get it up to cruise at about 60 MPH on the freeways. Far better than my friends Toyota Prius that averages about 37MPG.

Best wishes with your search for good fuel saver! I'm glad that you want it. Actually a fuel reformulator or saver that changes the fuel molecular structure making it a super efficient combustion fuel enabling it to perform at optimum level thus resulting in cost saving. It also improves engine's lifespan by removing stubborn carbon deposits and cleaning the fuel injectors.
I hope you guys do find suitable fuel saver. Great post

Obama and his Czars will Cap & Tax this product out of existance.

I have natural gas that comes from my ass. Never thought of mixing it with diesel though.

Has anyone looked at the mixture process?? COLD FUSION. What happens when the fuel sit for a period of time? Do the two element s separate? I heard they had a fire at their plant IN a tote! Why???

I am currently using GDiesel which is readily available at Dad's Quick Mart and Cassaza's in Reno. My neighbor and I drive Ford pick up trucks and have noticed a improvement not only in our fuel mileage but our performance as well. Well done Mr. Gunnerman. Our temperatures have been quite cold as of late and I have not noticed any difference in the break down of fuel as has been explained to me when dealing with Biodiesel. A professor at UNR stumbled across a coffee ground blend of biodiesel in the last year or two that he was going to try and process...haven't heard anything new on that front. The talk was this fuel would have had more stability than previous Biodiesel blends.

Thought Id bump this. My employer in Las Vegas has started using this in our large fleet but tax free since I work for local government of Clark County. May keep this fuel flowing in Vegas for a while.

I've been using gdiesel in my '09 Jetta TDi for the last two tanks, the fuel economy is up dramatically I was getting about 38 around the city and about 47-49 highway, well the city is up to 42 and I havent tested highway yet. I have quite a bit more power, this stuff is amazing.

The state of California will find a way to stiffle this as they do all other ideas that are not brought forward by Democrats

Since biodiesel is chemically different from conventional crude oil based diesel, it already burns a bit cleaner with some other tradeoffs, but none that are deal killers. Biodiesel has fewer carbon atoms than conventional diesel, so less carbon soot. Any idea if the patent holders of this process have attempted it with B2-B100 mixtures to see what the burning properties/pollution output of varying resulting mixes of diesel+biodiesel+methane? I think its a worthy followup question

Jim B

Thats wonderful, since US has lot of Natgas, by mixing them with G-Diesel, we can cut atleast 1/3 of the Oil imports which Ethanol replaces Gasolene to the extent of 15 % since E15 is allowed.

What about the cost of G Diesel / gallon.

I get my G Diesel at the SINCLAIR staion at 11 E. Victorian Avenue in Sparks NV. I have an 09 Duramax and my truck absolutley loves the stuff!!

OOOppppps Absolutely :)

Rudy Gunnerman seems to be a fraud. I feel bad for whoever invests in him. I found this page on the internet showing other "miracle fuels".

Dr.Gunnerman need`s my help i`m qualified to assist him in his effort`s to spead the word about g-diesel.

Oil companies aren't looking to kill any new fuel technology. The major oil companies actually are spending $trillions on alternate fuel research. They would love to use this new technology of refinment as it would mean more marketable product (natural gas).

Add propane injection system to your diesel engine. More power for hills, Lower pyro temps and much cleaner burning.

A diesel mag did a test with the fuel and found it to make there 96 dodge 1 ton get over 20mpg both city and hwy combined
It was a old idea of mixing CNG with diesel and getting 30mpg pulling a trailer
And Dodge has a new truck they are going to put out with 2 cng tanks plus a 8 gal gas tank ... so it is mostly running off cng ... a good idea for a gas eng .. but not the best for diesel .. a good mixture is the best way ... you can find places thawillll install the cng system or you can by the kit ... but you have to get a fed stamp to be able to dive the truck .....cng is very high pressureur and the tanks and fittings have to be certifieded
So being bought out does not sound like it is going to happen ... they are now running citys off the gas from the dumps ... others are gelling the gas and they are getting gas from shale that was to hard to get for the price it was selling for ... but now tthey can make money from the drilling so you will see more and more use of cng ... also you can make a methane gen for next to nothing and run your diesel just fine

Google search Gunnerman. He's the same guy who said he could mix water with gasoline and a secret ingredient which would deliver high performance and better fuel economy in the 1980's. I smell sour kraut

My brother in law and have both been burning gdiesel. The claims you read are accurate. I have a 00 F250 SD 4dr with 110hp chip and 4" downpipe to trans crossmember and 5" the rest of the way, K&N drop in filter, trans shift kit, rolling on 33's, no lift.
Brother in law 07 Dodge with Banks below the bumper intake kit.
We both have seen lower EGT, better mileage city and hwy, more power, better idle, less smoke, easier cold startups.
My 00 f250 consistantly got 18.8 city with the mods listed above, now I see 21+ city, according to onboard display.
This is not snake oil. Nothing else will go in the tank after using this.

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