Is the Honda Ridgeline Going Away?

Is the Honda Ridgeline Going Away?

While the automaker won’t comment, sources tell us that Honda won't replace the current Ridgeline unibody pickup after its current lifecycle ends around 2012.

Honda had hopes of selling approximately 50,000 trucks per year when the truck came to market in 2005 for the 2006 model year, but in 2009 only 16,464 units were sold.

The midsize, unibody Ridgeline broke new ground in pickups with controversial slab-sided lunar-lander looks and all-wheel drive. It did away with conventional leaf springs in favor of an independent rear suspension that gave it great ride comfort and enough room for an in-bed lockable trunk – the first in a pickup. The Ridgeline also featured a dual-action tailgate that folded down or off to the side, like a door, to allow unimpeded access to the cargo box.

Asked to confirm or deny the end of the Ridgeline, Honda public relations manager Christina Ra told on Friday that the company had no comment beyond what we were told after the 2010 Chicago Auto Show: "There would be no significant change to the Ridgeline through the 2011 model year."

Of course, Ra didn't deny the Ridgeline would be killed after the 2011 model year either.


I have had a problem free Ridgeline for two years. It handles great in the winter, is very quiet and smooth on the road, and has a 5 star safety rating from the nhtsa for both front and side impacts (important to me when there is a four and eight year old in the back), and will tow my 4000 pound travel trailer. I WILL get a full size truck next BUT the Ridgeline has been great. I just hope if I get a full size truck I don't start to feel threatened by every new concept to come along that doesn't fit the REAL truck mold (body on frame, V8). I just don't understand the hate that people have for this vehicle, no one is making you buy one, relax.

The problem with the Ridge are what makes it sell so little. Very few men want a "truck" that's based on a mini van. I'm not saying no one does, but most do not. Nothing can replace the feeling of a big V8. Ride quality and interior room is nice, but with how advanced full-sizers are not that is pretty much null and void.

I have read most of the comments and as a 2008 Ridgeline owner it is the best vehicle I have bought for my needs. I am a home owner that doesn't need a Ford, Chevy or Dodge full size truck. I love that it is AWD when I need it, front-wheel drive instead of real wheel drive (it drives smoother), I love the option of the two-way tailgate, I absolutely, absolutely love the trunk! It's the ONLY truck, yes truck on the market that has one. I also own a Honda 2005 Odyssey and not have any of the problems I seen written about. We love Honda. When I was in college and then the Navy I worked for Honda and owned 1988 LXi Coupe, again great car! Now, for all you readers out there that think I have only owned Honda let me give you my background. I have owned Ford Ranger, Ford Escort, Ford Mustang, Ford Explorer, Toyota Tacoma, Saturn Vue with ONSTAR, Dodge Colt, Chryslter New Yorker, Datusn 1200 and have driven a wide variety of cars my family had owned over the years too. I am saying this because for all the cars and trucks I have owned and driven I love the Ridgeline. I have the RLS model. I wanted to get the RLT but too much money and that brings me to a point that Honda should look at. For the price I could have gotten Ford F-150 fully loaded meaning the new SYNC and Satellite radio, blue tooth phone, towning package and XLT trim, leather seats, the works but I did not need a full size truck. I would like to see Honda make some of the the RTL package statandard on all the Ridgelines. Like the the Bluetooth phone, the Honda media package like Ford has (SYNC), NAV system, towing package, wired for satellite, upscale trim package and most of all the same turning radius as the Odyssey. Like I said I could have gone to Ford and gotten all that for about the same price. But the Ridgeline has something that sold me 4 years ago and this is the main reason I bought it in 2008, the trunk. It's also water tight! So, if I do any tailgating or fishing I have a place for ice or anything else! Thanks for listening.

I am a ridgeline owner. I bought my truck used, under warrenty at 29,000 miles. in 3 months or so i have 41,000 miles on it. Before the ridgeline i owned a chevy yukon that was a piece of junk. Engine blew and had to get a new truck. I have had ZERO issues with my Ridgeline. As far as i'm concerened it is the best all around vehicle ever built, but then again i'm an open minded individual who doesn't by into a corporate following. I have wanted to own an american truck or car, and have several times, every time experiencing tranny, engine, and 4wd issues. In my opinnion chevy, dodge, and ford, should take a few notes, and americans should stop worrying about buying american cars ( that aren't made here anyways, ) and buying the best product for themselves, if your a contractor needing a full size, fine, other wise my opinion is this may be the best all around rig ever.... if u critize go drive one on a trip.... I couldn't go over 75 in my yukon, and this thing drives like my mustang at 115. Great product honda, even if u do discontinue it i'll own mine forever, and if you re-design it for 2012, i'll be trading my ridgeline in, for a ridgeline.

i also wanted to add after reading some other comments that i have put 6,000 miles on a dirt/mud/snow road trip that i previously got STUCK IN MY YUKON WHEN I DID THE SAME TRIP! The ridgeline is very capable truck, and outside of needing a full size truck for your job or work, this thing is the best. really dont know why anyone would own any other truck... It is a little pricy, so if you are poor like i am buy used, it is a honda and will run forever regardless of what others say... and also, last time i checked Chevy, dodge and ford, all have had really bad power train problems, which is why FORD BOUGHT TOYOTA"S QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER 5 YEARS AGO.... Now toyotas going down hill, and ford is drastically improving.. That is why the " Shift" is occuring. RIDGELINE is the most impressively innovative vehicle i have ever seen, or owned for that matter!

Awesome article! Paints nice pictures – I think I will come here next time, it is really good!

Hey Max? Tru loading 1 yard of LOOSE mulch in your CUV and get back to us. I don't much feel like shoveling 1 yard of material into a CUV when I can have a bobcat dump it in a bed. I also don't like stuffing stinky hunting and fishing gear INSIDE my vehicle and hauling around sealable tubs to lock in dirt and odor is a bit silly. Truck bed also has zero chances of ruining an interior due to dirt or liquid leaks and staining. FWIW I have yet to see a couch fit in a CUV. Loveseat maybe. They also make this gadget called a hard tonneau cover that can be locked and secure items ina truck bed just fine.

Honda needs to put a small diesel in the Ridgeline without an increase in price. The Ridgeline is too pricy as is. A diesel would make the thing sell much better. I keep reading about how many guys would love a small diesel. Honda could save the Ridgeline and increase market share with a diesel.

In the first 12 months of sales, the Ridgeline sold 52,958 units which met the targeted 50,000 first year sales that was estimated based on the truck market that was active during the vehicle development. So far, the Ridgeline has sold 190,109 units through the end of March. For calendar year 2008 and 2009 (24 months of sales), the Ridgeline outsold the Nissan Frontier 5 of 24 months, The Chevrolet Avalanche 14 of 24 months, and the Dodge Dakota 17 of 24 months. Just to keep things in perspective, the sales slide is a truck segment issue and not an indicator of a specific model.

To deal in facts, the Ridgeline out sells the 4 door 4 wheel drive Tacoma – just to make an apples to apple comparison. The Ridgeline is not a high volume contended and was never billed as such. It was never targeting the pool boy or the pizza delivery guy that represents 15% of all Tacoma sales - Nor did it target the extended cab variation which is another 35% of Tacoma sales. The Ridgeline was targeted at capturing the family needs of Honda customers whom had a need to haul and tow things (hopefully other Honda products). It has fulfilled that mission and more.

A better indicator of looking at specific model sales conquests is to look at penetration of sales in the segment – not the actual numeric achievement. That provides a much more accurate indication of the impact the vehicle has made amongst those buying vehicles in that segment. Additionally, tracking the shifts in customer preferences in car versus truck purchases also provided insight to where the total market is headed. Over the past 4 years, the Ridgeline has averaged 8% penetration in the mid-size truck segment. It has peaked at 13% during the first year of launch. Over the past 12 months, the Ridgeline has averaged 7% market penetration. The entire truck segment has trended away from trucks which captured 54% of the market when the Ridgeline was launched – to 49% of the market for the last reported sales data in March of 2010. The bigger question for the entire segment is what the impact of the mandated 2016 CAFÉ FE targets are going to have on the industry.

I understand the Ridgeline does not meet the needs of the price sensitive truck customer and those that are trying to address their anatomical deficiencies with a truck purchase. However, the Ridgeline still fits the needs of the majority of non-commercial consumers which it originally targeted. There are also no plans to drop the vehicle in 2012.

The market is being redefined by the current political agenda. The ENTIRE market is going to be impacted by the tough decisions that must be made to comply with the new regulations. Stay tuned to see what develops. It is going to be a rough ride – at least for those not driving Ridgelines.

@Kodiak - excellent post

OK, let me just say that I owned a Dodge pickup. Unremarkable, but it ran for 160,000 miles with very few issues. I donated it because it was rusty and just plain tired and could no longer pull any kind of a load. I then bought a Chevy 1500 Silverado. Again unremarkable but I loved it. The 305 was such a great engine. Unfortunately, it was a rust bucket at 10 years old (the frame and body). By the time it was 13 years old, I had to let it go. At that point, I no longer needed a pure pickup... I needed a multi pupose 4x4 pickup. The Ridge fulfilled my needs. I now have 90,000+ miles on it. I tow a boat trailer and a travel trailer (3000 lb) with it. This is a a very good vehicle. Now, I won't compare it to either the Chevy or the Dodge because that would be ridiculous. Additionally, I don't know why so many people spend so much time bashing the Ridge when they don't seem to have a clue as to what they are talking about. My past pickups were mostly used as work trucks and they were great at what they did. The Ridge hauls and tows very well yet it drives like a BMW. It can't do the work of the full size pickups, but some of us no longer need a truck to do that sort of thing. It does not have a V-8 and therefore it will run at high RPMs when towing up mountain roads (all Ridges have tranny coolers and radiators designed for this so it is not a problem). Call the Ridgeline what you want. It is not the truck for those who need a full size pickup. It is for those who need a lighter duty pickup that can accomodate 5 and want comfort in a smaller package. The trunk is a also a big plus. And the fact that it's made in Canada seems to be important to some people. The only thing that Honda could improve on would be to offer a small 8 or a 6 diesel. Lastly, this is not a Pilot with a bed. The Pilot can't do what the Ridge can do. The Pilot was designed to be an SUV and can only tow 3500 lbs. The Ridge is designed and built to be more pickup than SUV but both vehicles rate really well when it comes to repairs and reliabilty. I can also attest to that.
Lastly, this whole "we hate the Ridgeline" dialog is really moronic. Nuff said.

I Own a Honda Ridgeline and I did research on the Tacoma and other trucks,. The Honda Ridgeline beats them all, its comfort its dependabilty and who ever said that the Honda had the same Gas problem as other Trucks Obviously hasn't driven one or owned one, I get between 19 and 22 miles to the gallon, I have had my Honda since 2005 (2006 model)haven't changed the tires yet, probably this fall, never had anything mechanically gone wrong with the Truck Replaced the back brakes once and still going strong, several trips to Florida and also to Home Depot. The only issue is the 6 disc CD changer. I have the Navigation unit also and enjoy the Truck immensley no more asking people if I can use their Truck to move things :) I live in New England and it handles great in the snow, I feel safe with the airbags and seat belt system and the rear seats are comfy. I love my Truck and don't envy other vehicles that get 9-11 miles to the gallon but I'll let you keep bragging about how much better your truck is as yours sits in the shop and Im out cruising :) Also no one cutting me off in traffic ZOOOOOOOmmmm. I have had it maintained oil changes and tire rotation religiously.

I love my 2006 Ridgline as well. I bought the truck used with about 40,000 miles on it and now it has about 80,000. I have previously owned a 2002 Chevy 1/2 Ton 4X4 which had the tranny go out at 40,000 miles. I owned a 88 GMC sonoma 4x4 which I had to replace the engine and tranny. I owned a 82 Ford 1/2 ton 4X4 which I also replaced the motor.

The Ridgeline is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. I consistently haul two dirt bikes in the back, hunt in the fall, and tow a boat in the summer. I get decent mileage at 18-22 and love the AWD. I don't ever recall even slipping a tire in the snow. The best part about the ridgeline is the reliability. I have had my scheduled maintenance done and have never had any problems.

If they redesign the truck, I would like to see improved ground clearance and possibly a little larger bed. Those are my only complaints. If your on the fence about buying the Ridgeline, take my word for it and you will not be happier.

Bonnie- I have an 08 ridge and it is great. It's the best truck I ever owned too. My ideas on the ridgeline are the same as yours. And oh yeah, the Ridgeline has 4 wheel drive not awd.

@keith- Notice all the people on this page who actually like if not love their ridgeline's. Some people just don't need the extra bed space and towing capacity. Besides, it's plenty capable. I can fit ply board and other 4x8 sheet goods in the bed (just thought I'd say that you can't do that with an Avalanche). I tow a 3000 lb camping trailer through the mtns just fine. I can fit four 32 gallon trash cans in the bed, and two or three in the under seat storage. You can't do that with a car. It is more convenient than an SUV because it is quicker and easier to get things in and out of the bed. Call it what you want. It is a pretty tough truck. I can do as much as a Tacoma if not more.

Bought a used RL, RTL with Navigation, Leather, 06 with about 72k miles, about a month ago at very low price. I've only bought one brand new vehicle ever, 1993 Ford F150 XL (loved it too) I've also owned a 98 Silverado (used) and 'inherited' my grandfather's 94 Dodge 1500.
Now, here's my view of the RL so far.
I agree the RL is way too expensive new, but I have a work car for daily driving and will only put about 4k or 5k miles a year, give or take, on the RL. I hope to drive it 10 years or more. It's a great all around pick-up. For all the nay-sayers out there that say this isn't a REAL truck, that's fine by me, but you can't deny it's a great all around utility vehicle. It impressed my rancher uncle last week going over cattle trodden mud roads I've only taken a Mule over, and in it's first beach outing last Sunday I helped pulled out a T-blazer stuck up to it's axle in sand. I wouldn't take it to a 4x4 park but it's a great AWD system and more than capable in ugly, SE Texas muddy, sandy conditions. It'll be fine on hunting trips in SE and East Texas. I agree that people who would like to see better smaller p'ups would like this. I wanted to try a mid-size, and after looking around, I felt that Toyota's were too pricey, even used, Nissan's back seat is too upright, the Colorado and Dakotas have bad reputations from who I've talked too, but the RL had it all and more. Fun to drive too. If you need to haul a heavy trailer, get a 'real truck', if you need a good all-around 'ute' (as they say down under) a used RL is a great buy.

Just got a used Ridgleline a while back, 06 RTL with 72k miles at great price. I agree that they are too expensive new, but you can get pretty good deals used (unlike Toyota). After owning an F150, Silverado, and Ram 1500 since 1993, I wanted to try a mid-size four-wheel drive. After looking at all the mid-sizes, I went with the RL. If you say t's not a REAL truck, that's fine by me, but I'd sure say it's a great all-around utility vehicle. And a Pilot cute-ute, it ain't...
I have a vehicle my job provides for me for my daily driver, so I'll only put about 4-5k miles a year on the RL and plan to keep it another 10 years. For the 'never seen a dirt road' nay-sayers, I'll say this, I wouldn't take the RL to a 4x4 park, but it's a great AWD vehicle that I've already taken through cattle trodden mud roads that I'd only made down in a 4x4 Mule before and literally ran circles around a T-blazer stuck up to it's axle in sand at the beach last weekend (Mustang Island, TX). That might not sound too impressive to the off-roader rock-crawling crowd, but hey, it did what it's made to do.
I believe that if the RL goes away, you'll see other automakers taking some of the RL's features and implementing them in their mid-sizes. It's the most comfortable mid-size crewcab, the bed is as long and deeper than the other 5 ft'ers, and the 4 door "El Camino On Steroids" looks have grown on me too. If you don't need a big truck or a serious off-roader, it's not a bad option.

With a combined 76,000 miles on two Ridgelines I have only had to fix the tailgate that one of my friends broke not understanding how the tail gate opened and that was under warranty. I am looking forward to the 2012 model and if they add better fuel efficiency or more power they may entice more traditional truck buyers. I will be disappointed if they discontinue and a bit lost about what to buy after mine wears out but since it is a Honday I will have about 20 years to figure it out I guess. Anyone that is bashing a Ridgeline has never owned one, they are lying, or they think they are being patriotic by bashing a Japanese vehicle. A Ridgeline is the best, most well rounded, most well thought out vehicle I have ever driven and I never owned a Honda until the Ridgeline. I love GM and Mopar and always will but this Honda is better for me than my last GMC. If there was not Ridgeline I would either have a Sierra or a Ram but I would wish they had an in bed trunk. For the bulk of the population (not the guy pulling 8K of trailer) that is realistic about what we use a vehicle for this is really a brilliant purchase. I only have one complaint and that is that I wish it had better fuel economy but it is pretty much just like all the other trucks out there today.

Well, I wonder how many of the bashers have actually driven one?

The Ridgeline drives very well, and isn't really that bad off road. I have a full size 91 Jimmy with solid axles that's better off road, but the ridgeline can do 80% of what the Jimmy can do and do it without knocking your teeth out. As for load? Ridgeline wins, hands down over the Jimmy. Towing, the Jimmy wins. Which is my daily driver? The Ridgeline. At this point, I don't think I'd consider a new chrysler or GM... Ford, maybe... Honda, Toyota or Nissan, diffently. I've had 4 honda's now, two CR-V's, an Element and finially the Ridgeline. All of them have been awesome cars.

It will never be a great tow vehicle, just not enough low end torqe, but, it's like any other Honda, the "FUN ZONE" don't start until about 4,000 RPM, then watch out!

A word on the timming belt, it's like a tune up, every 100k or so-- price, including new hydralic tensioner, water pump and plugs, ranges from 900-1200 at the honda dealer. I really wish they would of used a chain on an interfence engine but, it is what it is. I really love the truck other then that.

I really like the Ridgeline and was hoping for a redesign in 2011 or 2012 according to Honda's typical cycles. I agree it either needs more horses or a diesel, would love to see a diesel with a good amount of torque.

Here's the scoop, have a 2002 one ton 4x4 dodge fix it every month(something always wrong only does maybe 10,ooo km a year). 2006 GMC sierra again always something wrong just spent 6g in 2 months(seals, electrical, drive shaft, etc...) have a 2006 RL love it, in 40,000 kms we have only changed oil. Same with the 2010 RL here, we are a farm and seed processing out fit that regularly haul and use trucks as they are ment to be. The RL's have held out better than the domestics we have here and work just as hard. I would by 10 RL's before I consider another dodge or GM truck! I cannot speak about Fords, we haven't given them a go yet?

I worked at a Honda dealership as a salesman for 6 months back in '07 and '08. The Ridgeline didn't sell worth a hoot. 1 went off the lot in the 6 months I was there (the customer replaced an Accord). It is an overpriced car. Honda's idea of slapping together something that looked like a truck and put the Honda name on it didn't work. Resale value is also terrible. And the design? It is the Aztek of pickups (if you think it's a pickup).

As far as design goes, this is the most innovative and thoroughly thought out vehicle I have ever seen. Everything is made so that whatever you are doing with the truck is made easier and can handle practically everything you throw at it (besides a 10,000 lb trailer).

After reading all the comments it is apparent that most if not 100% of the individuals making adverse comments about the Ridgeline have never even been in one, let alone driven one for any significant distance. Quit trying to compare it to anything else. The Ridgeline stands apart from all the rest. I have put over 12,000 miles on my RL since I bought it in Mar 2010 (today is 10 Sep 2010). It rides like no other pickup I have ever owned (Chevy, GMC, Dodge or Ford). I truly ride in style and comfort. A 1,500 mile trip is not exhausting like in the other pickups I have owned. No it cannot haul as much as a 3/4 or 1 ton, but if you need to haul that big of a load, then buy something different.

I have never raved about any of my other pickups, except my 91 F350, Diesel, Crew Cab Dually, XLT Lariat (with customized cab). I really enjoyed that truck, except for the 14 MPG.

I have a 2007 RTL and plan to get a newer RTL SOON. My wife even wants a RL of her own. She has never liked how pickups ride, but she likes this one. There are some things that could stand improvement, but that is true for all pickups.

The RL is innovative and if the American pickup manufacturers put as much thought into innovative upgrades, we would truly have some great pickups to choose from.

You can keep making snide comments if you need to, but at least get in a RL and drive one before you do.

I hope Honda keeps producing and improving the RL, otherwise we will have to depend on less innovative companies to provide us their version of lackluster pickups.

I love my RL. What sold me was the trunk, I had loaded up 150lbs of ice in the trunk and stocked it with water soda and beer. Once the ice melted, pull the drain plug and you are good to go. Right now our trunk has 2 sleeping bags, tent, 2 folding chairs, camping lantern, 2 kites, toilet paper, football, 2 gloves and a baseball bat, 2 jackets, 4 ratchet tie downs, 4 bungee cords, tow hitch, and a poncho. Not to forget and still have room for 2 dirt bikes AND can still sit 5 inside the truck. How many other trucks can do THAT?

To all of you who like to criticize without ever having owned or perhaps even driven a Honda Ridgeline, here's some info for you. I bought one as the price was fantastic for what I got as standard equipment on the truck. Also, it has a very smooth ride, a great engine, comes fully ready for towing without the need to order options like the domestic manufactures cause you to if you want to tow anything without ruining your transmission, brakes or engine. While I will admit it may not win first prize in a design contest, I added the optional grille with makes it look a lot more like a truck, and did some other options on it so that a lot of people find it hard to believe it's a Honda Ridgeline. The interior is spacious for 4 - 5 people, tons of places to carry things, etc. Also, it has quite a good maintenance record if you'd take the time to review it on Car and Driver or one of the other consumer reporting magazines/websites. There aren't many options you have to add to the RTS, and almost none for the RTL (leather seats, XM, etc.) All in all, I'm more than pleased with my purchase versus getting a Silverado, Ram, or F-150, although there's nothing wrong with those trucks if they fit your taste. Drive one before you comment on them and you'll be more than pleasantly surprised at how nice they are to drive.

OK so im probably going to kick myself in the a$$ for saying this but, i have owned my Ridgeline for over 2 years now and absolutely love it and have had no mechanical issues. Now to all the people calling it a girly truck let me start by saying I owned a paving a concrete business for 13 years. Now I consider myself a realist, and as a realist I would not expect my RL to go through the torture I use to put my F250 and F350 through, but as the weekend warrior vehicle that I now need it to be ( I am no longer in the construction field) it is PERFECT. its perfect for transporting my wife and kids and as everyone has mentioned... yes I can pick up my mulch for the yard and move my snowblower when needed. Oh and all while my bag of clubs is still in the trunk of the bed. In conclusion I will truly miss the RIDGELINE if it gets eliminated. Yes its not for everyone but I hate to hear people knocking it because it's not a tacoma or frontier. when you compare options there is no comparison.

honda really needs to run some commercials or advertising for the ridge with regular guys and weekend warriors alike.

i own a small construction company, jet skis, mountain bikes, 2 motorcross bikes, and a ski boat. i can't live without my ridgeline. i own american trucks as well for the heavy stuff and banging around for my men, but i can take my wife and daughter our, put the heated seats on for my wife, and throw all our weekend gear in thte trunk.

how is it no american truck came up with the inbed lockable trunk!!! heads should roll. that feature is by far a huge benefit. i keep all my mtn bike gear in there all the time, plus general tools.

it hold 2 ktm 450exc's no problem, oh yeah, and our gear in the TRUNK. this truck is awesome. i will be first in line to buy a new model, and if they stop making them, i may go out and buy 2 2011's and put one in storage. i have a 2007, 67K on mine, bought it new and got a great deal on a rtl, list was 35K, paid 29ish.

Toyota would love that to happen... I bought a 09 Ridgeline in 09, after driving an 06, they are both great vehicles, but I had a hard time finding one in 09, and was told that Honda stopped production of their truck because of the gas prices.
That was why they were so scarce, and maybe why they didn't sell as many. I am looking forward to the 2nd generation Honda Ridgeline hopefully in 2012.

I think they should just revamp the truck like most companies would do with any other model. Its a great MIDSIZE truck but imo needs to bulk up a bit in design and engine power to compete with the big three. Its ok to have a smaller truck most truck companies offer it, however, many people even if they don't use a large truck with a V8 for what its designed for still want them and seem to request a need for such a large truck. I would fix the looks a bit, make it 2-3 inches taller to accommodate larger wheel base and breaks and no doubt offer aV8 Hybrid or diesel engine to allow the truck to tow larger weight as well give better gas milage. I'm sure it would sell because it was a successful truck mechanically that has great handling and reliability.

I own a Ridgeline. I bought it new in 2006. I now have 146,000 miles on it. It runs as good as it did the day I bought it. In fact, I just changed the plugs in it 2 weeks ago and they looked almost new. It has never had any major problems. I've replaced the front and rear brakes one time and I'm getting 70K miles out of a set of tires on this truck. It's perfect for what I use it for. I don't haul a horse trailer or anything real heavy. Just a 6x12 utility trailer loaded with things I need to haul as a home owner. I have owned Ford's, Chevy's, and Dodges and they all have great things that they do best. And everyone has a reason to buy the type of truck that they "NEED". I don't "NEED" a 1 ton diesel so why buy one? What I'm saying is that this truck may not be a huge workhorse, but I bet mine will still be running like a champ when some of these others are in need a new engine. Hell, I haven't even changed my timing belt yet. That's coming next week. If I had to find something bad about this vehicle, I'd say it's the gas mileage. Which isn't even a problem for me since I don't pay for my own gas. My company does. It's also the best driving vehicle I've ever driven in the snow with it's full time 4WD. So....lighten up on the RL. Unless you've owned one, you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Why do you people insist in comparing the Ridgeline to a Dodge or Chrysler? When it's no contest! I have owned a RTL Ridgeline since Feb.2008 (since new) and am buying one for my daughter todrive to school. Mine has 62,000 miles on it now, I've driven it to Mi, Fl,La, Ohio,Tenn, and Ar and have never had a better ride in a truck!

As an owner of a 2007 Ridgeline with 130,000 miles, only had one problem, the starter went out at 70,000 miles a year and a half ago.

Still on original brake pads, shocks, AC, tranny and engine. Will drive it until it needs something.

After having owned three Ford F150 4X4's, the Ridgeline is more comfortable on the road, quieter and better in snow and ice than the Fords. Only towing is a 12' enclosed trailer with motorcycles, with no problem.

By 120,000 miles the Fords would be showing heavy use and wear. So far not with the Ridgeline. Better quality construction and materials used I believe.

As to comments about getting a SUV, try hauling a refrigerator or a dirt bike in one. I don't want to have to be towing a trailer 24/7.

Complaints? Yeah, it's a bitch to haul a dozen 16' 2"x8"s.

The dealer never hears about how great and trouble-free it is because I never take it to the dealer, for anything.

I hope Honda keeps making the Ridgeline, am due for another truck next year. The pluses out weight any negatives with the Ridgeline, even at a higher price.

I think its funny how many people bash the ridgeline and have never even test driven the thing. They all have little man syndrome and enjoy wasting gas in massive, stupid looking land barges.

I am 18 and live in a rural area. I own an 08 ridgeline with 80k. I've done some stupid stuff in this truck and it has never ever given me a single problem. most of my driving is stop and go or mud riding. The VTM is amazing. I usually have to pull out my friends in F-150s and jacked up jeeps.

Its pretty stupid to think the only thing you can do is haul mulch in this thing. for example I load my fourwheeler in the back often. so can i just put a tarp down in a hideous HHR and load it up? Give me a break.

I worked as a contractors assistant this summer and loaded two full pallets of shingles without any problem. He drives a silverado and broke his leaf spring trying to haul the same thing. I took the foot off the gas at 110 last month on a back road racing. there is absolutely no need to go faster than that in a truck.

So my point is if you don't like the truck and think you're a B.A. driving a big vehicle congrats, but don't hate on the ridgeline its an outstanding truck for a guy like me and i am a 110% satisfied. You don't hear of many people who own these things complain about them and if you do they probably didn't take care of it

Folks can bash the Ridgeline all they want. I'll always have the last laugh passing by the gotta-prove-I'm-a-real-man full size trucks I see broke down or spun-out on a snow slick interstate or gravel mountain road. I don't really care for the looks of the Ridgeline, but I'll always take function over form and no other small truck comes close to this vehicle in overall real world utility.
This baby has a knack for traction that no other truck can match for the price. The body is so rigid that offroad you can put it on three wheels with NO flex...a situation that with a standard framed truck your windsheild would bust out from the frame flex. Been there-done that. As far as the mileage issue goes, If you want the best gas mileage, DON'T BY AN AWD vehicle...sheesh.

If you ever took a Ridgeline and any other truck out there to a track, the Ridgeline would run laps around all of them. You may sacrifice power and towing capacity for performance and fun, but you can still tow a 20' boat or take home a stack of plywood or pile of mulch. Besides, most people who own trucks don't need to haul around much more than 5000 lbs. The payload capacity in the Ridgeline is pretty good too. I managed to put a full sized mattress in the bed and a 3.5' wide lawn tractor (it can fit 4x8 sheets of plywood also).

have driven my ridgeline for 6 years now on and off the road
including a lot of places where there is no road.
Hauled everything imaginable that the bed will carry and pulled 7500 pound trailer and tractor with it.
Vehicle is the most versatile rig I have ever owned.
I wish it would get better mileage but with 200000 plus miles
on it with all the maintenance recommended most of it done by me it's in better shape than 3/4 ton and 1 ton chevy's and fords I have owned and driven.
Cost of ownership has been reasonable. Would like to see Honda step up and develope the vehicle with a little more power and better mpg. Most of the badmouthing I read about appears to be hearsay...I use mine everyday and have always driven it home.

I think if it isnt selling good lower the price a little. I drove a Ridgeline for a few years and LOVED it! I have been looking at getting another but i mean the 2006 with like 100,000 miles on it is still like 18,000 dollars! I think that is their biggest downfall to the truck. But anyone who rode in my ridgline absolutly loved it!

What Honda needs to do to the ridgeline is simply reduce weight by creating a supercab (rear half suicide doors), giving it better gas mileage and an awesome sporty look without big rear doors!

This might end up to be the Ridgeline's fate?

We have owned a Ridgeline for 3 years and we haven't had a problem with it. It gets a hell of alot better gas milage and alot less costly to own then the Jimmy we had(now that was a nightmare to own ). It was bought for my wife for around town and the scattered trip to the city. I actually prefer to take it on long trips unless we are towing our trailer , it has alot of room inside, it's very comfortable , and it's one of the best handling vehicles we have ever owned, if not the best.
If Honda is going to get rid of the Ridgeline , I am definately going to trade our 2008 in on a new one before they are gone.

I have a 2008 ridgeline with 145,000 miles on it.It has been a GREAT vehicle except for the front rotors that warped after about 50,000 miles.I replaced the timing belt at 100,000 as recomended and 1 set of brakes and that is all.It has been a awsome vehicle to drive and maintain.I would have to say it has been one of the best vehicles I have ever bought.I work for a insurance company and practically live in my vehicle.Out of all the vehicles I have been through(including the chevy blazer,saturn vue,dodge intrepids,and mercury montego)It has been the best vehicle i have ever bought.It was a little costly but what isnt today.I love the rear trunk in the bed(and was one of the reasons that sold me on it)I never get sick of driving it.My wife wants me to buy HER one now.I am a little disappointed in the trans shutter,but they tell me this is common.I think it will be a BIG MISTAKE,for Honda to drop this vehicle.It is so versitile.sure its not a work horse,like some other large trucks,but perfect size to fit in my garage and I refer to it as a YUPPY truck.perfect to haul the family and the needed cargo to get back and forth to the cabin and tow the boat to the lake.I plan on getting 400,000 out of the motor,as many of my customers have on their Honda's.

I have a 2007 Rigline And did a few mods to it i get 19 to 20 mpg in the city and 24 to 27 on the highway as for towing dont do much to say what mpg would be there havent had any problums with her. she runs grat off road in sand snow mud and water as long as you dont get in deep spots even steep hill are fun to clime with her as for the towing i pulled a 7200 travil traler with no problum had to use a WDH to take some of the wait off the truck hich but it work out well. If i can mod my Rigline and get that good of mpg and get arond the towing limits why cant honda get off the @#$ and do the same!!!!!!! My Rigline is puting out 372 HP

I love love love Hondas, we have had nothing but great service from our local dealership. I had a CRV for six years, unfortunately the new ones are a crossover which took away alot of the height in back we needed for dump runs. My husband has a Civic which gets insanely good gas mileage
I decided to go with the RAV4 in February, was back at Honda this week testing the Ridgeline. I love it. Yes, I need something that has both qualities of an SUV and a small truck, this does it and is very comfortable to ride and very intuitive. After a ten minute ride in the Honda, it took me a couple days to fully stop reaching for things where they were in the Honda.
The RAV4 may have good ratings, but it was designed by someone that never drove it past a test drive. It is not logically set up, I thought I test drove it long enough, obviously next time I'll do two or three times. The Ridgeline I drove twice and love it more each time. Everything is where I expect it and it's a nice ride.
I would have one now but for the price. Will agree that I don't know how they can justify so much of a higher price on top of say a Nissan Frontier with King Cab...

I am saddened to hear any hint that the Ridgeline may be no more.

A month ago, I was in the market for a truck. I researched the various mid/full size models. By accident, I stumbled upon Consumer Report’s analysis on the Honda. The reviews left the others in the dust.

No, the vehicle is not for heavy hauling; which is its major draw back. But, its cab size is fantastic for a family of five. My teenage boy has plenty of room in the back. Additionally, the gas mileage is very appealing in comparison to other trucks in the market.

I was heavily leaning towards an F150 and the Toyota, but I could not justify paying the extra $5k for worse gas mileage and lower Consumer Report scoring.

I absolutely love my Ridgeline and hope that others will make the investment in one.

I wanted to read the comments about the Ridgeline but ended up getting educated as to how wonderful Dodge products are. Who knew? Certainly not the car magazines that buy examples and drive them for 40K miles and not Consumer Reports that virually begs readers to steer clear of them. Oh, I know, Jordan the Dodge mechanic and some guy with Dodge for his handle say they're great....abundance of evidence to the contrary be damned. That settles it, I'm buying a Dakota! Oh wait, they discontinued that too, so I guess, like the Ridgeline, it was not really a truck.

For guys with long legs, (like me 6-4 & 36" inseam,) the Ridgeline is about the only vehicle I can get without the stupid console in the middle of the front seat/floor. I don't want a full-sized pickup for a variety of reasons... too big for my parking space, etc. The Ridgeline is perfect, can carry 4-5 people and still fit into my garage area. Guess I'll just have to buy a new one and run it till it drops.

I own a Ridgeline for few years now. I've got two problems with it. #1 - I hit my head if I don't bend it down, when I'm getting in, and I'm an average size guy. #2 - I've been charged a $1000 for a Timing belt replacement, which you supposed to do every 100000 km, and I'm not even sure, if Honda dealer even changed the damn thing. On the good note: The quality of ride is very good, I don't get tired driving long distances and, it never let me down once. So... To put it all together... I don't know about yours, but my Honda's "Maintenance Minder" always telling me "There is no free ride"

Over the years, I have owned many different vehicles. All types from full sized trucks, to small compacts and several different manufactures, including, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, GM and even a BMW. SInce the early 2000's, I have been buying Hondas and haven't regretted a single purchase. All of them have given good reliable service with a decent re-sale/trade in value.
My New Ridgeline is the best one so far. It is "hands down" the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned. It's a comfortable "people hauler" can haul all the stuff I've ever needed a truck for, it can pull anything I can afford to purchase (boat) it is stable, reliable and excellent in snow and Ice. I average about 18 MPG around town, and 22/24 on the highway. It is heavy, and suffers a bit on mileage, but it also is VERY safe 5 star rating.

So far, the re-sale of it, is one of the highest of ALL vehicles. I intend to keep mine, for a min. of 10 years. Once you own one of these vehicles, you'll learn to understand the utility and brillance of it's design. For the average homeowner, this is all the truck you will ever need, and it can do good duty as a family hauler as well.

When the domestic side can hire intelligent people to design then maybe just maybe they will be in the same league as Honda. I had both Ford and Chevy in my driveway and seriously come on.... put some effort into your engineering.

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