Motor Trend Compares 2010 Ram 2500 to 2011 Ford F-250

Motor Trend Compares 2010 Ram 2500 to 2011 Ford F-250

Our friends at Motor Trend and Truck Trend have just published a comparison of two of the newest heavy-duty pickups on the block: the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and the 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

Motor Trend recently selected the Ram HD as its Truck of the Year. Does that accolade still hold true after this test? And how does Ford's claim of 18 percent better fuel economy for its latest diesel-packing Super Duty pickups stand up to real-world testing?

Check out the whole story at MT to find out!

[Source: Motor Trend]


go RAM!!....still even if the f250 is better than the ram....nothing can be done......the ram is already truck of the year.......

The Ram is the better looking truck. The super doodie just looks ridiculous...

Im by no means a ford fan boy but if i ever needed a heavy duty pick up truck it would most definetly be a ford super duty. The new in house 6.7 diesel is far surperior than any of the compatitions engines. It also has tons of room for improvments both on hp and torque. GMs current durramax is about to become extinct. I wonder what the Nissan HD pick up will be like, only time will tell.

Wonder what the outcome would have been if they had tested the ram with the 6 speed manual? Both of these are great trucks and seems to come down to which brand you prefer.

They are not neck to neck. Max towing for the Ram was 12K (approx), F250 was 15,700 lbs....

So while payload and unload were about the same..they really are not capabilities when it comes down to it.

Its amazing how different the outcome is when its done by an independant tester!

On the ford website the dodge doubled the time it took the ford pull the same load. And now that an independant tester does the test it .03 seconds. lol just a little bit of a difference!

Great independent test (golden info in my book)!! Both are great trucks and would be extremely happy to own either! I plan to own both.....someday lol.

One note though- The host said the 6.7L Cummins is unchanged since 07.5, that is NOT true. In fact, the 2009 6.7L Cummins have completely different ECM tuning than the 07.5-08 Cummins. The difference is that the 09 and newer Cummins ECM's are programmed so it is WAY WAY harder to change engine parameter electronically. A sort of security to make the aftermarket work harder. Its annoying.

Ive talk to the people at H&S Performance and they have already broken threw the ECM's barriers!!! Sweet!! :)

Have to agree, the Ram has it all over the Super Duty in the looks department.

"Have to agree, the Ram has it all over the Super Duty in the looks department." - Bob

Looks are subjective, too bad that's about it.

@brandon507 The numbers that ford show on there test was going up a hill and passing a sami while going 30 mph before passing and motortrends is on the flat who knows if there real or not but me i'd wait till pickup truck has a hd shootout to see how all three would do

MAN!! they always pick the Fords. I still love the RAM though.

Well the Dodge earned 2010 truck of the year. Not 2011. But hey if my magazine is already dated 3 months ahead, they could have waited till Ford came out with the so-called 2011. Why can't it be a 2010? It's still 2010 isn't it? The tag on the door will have a 2010-manufacture date, unless they are using a time machine.

Oh, by the way, go look at the truck of the year test. Dodge went up against the Raptor and the Ford Transit. So don't put to much into this hoo ha!

So 18 percent increase in mileage. Well let's see if the 6.4 gets a lousy 15-mpg tops that means this mill will get 17.7 mpg. But buzz on the web from some early testers have bandied about a figure in the high 20 mpg range. Hope the later is true. Otherwise what's the point. 17.7 mpg from a choked out diesel engine. Not much to write about there.

I find it hard to believe the King Ranch has $10k more options and features. I thought that the new Fords were supposed to get way better fuel mileage. Also the interiors are very similar as well. I like the Dodge better, not a big fan of the brown everywhere in the Ford. I'd like to know how the Ford 1/2 ton is rated so high. Better payload than either HD near equal the Dodge and not to far off the Superduty? Either the HD's are sandbagging or the F150 is way over rated.

Dodge this dodge is better is that why ford in one month of march sold more trucks than dodge did the entire year of 2010 am i missing something here the ppl have spoken time to put the ram in the grave!!!!

That's a good point: The 2011 Super Duty was supposed to have a new dash. All I see that's new is the bezels around the gauges. I read somewhere that the dash lighting was changed from green to blue. Ford needed to do something about that instrument cluster. The fuel/temp/fake oil pressure/trans temp gauges are all too small, and there is no volt meter. You can't even read the voltage on the disply on my 2008.

I don't know why they insist on testing crew cab, short beds with top of the line trim packages...

Real work trucks are base trim, long beds...

The comparison between a new Truck and a 1 year old truck seems kinda odd. How can your really compare the two trucks? Its like comparing a 2010 Ram to a 2009 F-series..
I think everyone needs to take a breadth a realize that Dodge hasn't made any anouncements about 2011 yet. The test is jumping the gun a bit.

But on another note, seems very odd that a truck with almost 90lb/ft of torque more has pretty much the same times in the tests. Is .1 sec really that big of a deal to anyone? Also, how many of you guys try drag racing while pulling your trailers? These tests really do crack me up. Intresting, but not practical at all..

I agree with most here, The Ram looks alot better then the Super-Duty which i think looks retarded..

Another thing, does this mean that Ford isn't going to raise the power ratings on the 6.7 ? If they are already sending it to dealerships and auto mags, it looks like the current power numbers are staying..

anyone care to comment ?

They are both new trucks. The model year doesn't really mean much. It's the newest truck availabe from ford and the newest truck available from dodge. The Ford isn't 1 year newer it's really only a few months newer. How long has the new Dodge HD been on dealer lots? I can't remember exactly but it doesn't seem like long.

I've always felt like dodge had superior powertrains and ford superior body/interior, but now it seems ford has the superior powertrain and dodge has the superior cab. That's just my opinion.

Dodge or now Ram has generally come out with new model years in the early fall. This Ford release is one of the earliest I can remember.

As far as the powertrain on the Ford being superior...well its WAY to early for that kind of call to be made. I believe the same was said when the 6.0 came out and I am still regretting the purchase. Ford burned me pretty good with that one.

All I know is that the Ram Truck kept up with the Ford in the tests even though its moter was rated much lower. What that tells me is that the Cummins can hang and we know its bullet-proof.

Maybe I look at these things differently since I buy trucks for work purposes and not as cars that sometimes pull a boat or other toy.

I was surprised that the Ford got better MPG while loaded. Did they catch a regen cycle while running empty?
The Dodge looks much better than the Ford.
It might backfire for Ford making such a quiet truck. I know many guys who love the diesel clatter.
I remember "back in the good old days" when the year a truck was made was the year the truck was called.
The Ram had lower gears. That might account for the 0.1 difference in time.
I'm still inclined to go with a Cummins powered Ram as it's the most "tried and true" engine on the market.

Good review. Pretty much the way I expected it to go. I would get the Ford, but the Ram does look pretty nice inside and out. I am glad the big 3 are still putting effort in to making these full size trucks better.

Anyone else hear the guy in the video complaint about the shifter in the Dodge? I have never seen anyone grab the shifter over hand like he did. I tried it in my truck and it was the most unnatural feeling thing I've ever done in my truck. Seems like an odd thing to complain about.

Yeah jordan is right. That seemed pretty ridiculous to me. It looks like the lever in my dodge 1500 is exactly the same and I don't have the slightest problem with it. I really don't like motortrend's reviews most of the time. I don't trust them. I'm ready for a comparison with the new chevy included.

Like I said just my opinion. Sounds like performance between the two trucks is pretty close, but it sure seems like the ford has a powertrain that is superior from everything i've heard so far. I never believed in the 6.0 and the 6.4 is about what i expected. I have little doubt about the new ford transmission, they've always been pretty good and this one sounds much improved, and it seems they finally got another ford diesel right. But yeah i guess you can't be totally sure just yet. I buy these trucks for work too. I think I'd rather be towing a fifth wheel calf trailer 6 days a week driving what is said to be a much quieter safer and somewhat more powerful truck that gets better mpgs, as long as its reliable. I used to love the loud dodge diesel clatter but it can get annoying when you're driving the truck all day. I like a loud muscle car or even my half ton truck, but it gets old with a real work truck.

I wonder if/when I take all the emissions crap off my next diesel truck (right after the warranty expires) how much better fuel mileage it will get. Anybody know from experience? People ALWAYS exagerate MPGs i never know what to believe.

Read the MT article!!! So much for Ford's bragging about superior mpg!!! The Dodge (introduced in 2007) made almost identical mpg as the Ford Superduty, and the Ford had 3.55 gears while the Dodge had 3.73s. It looks to me like it took Ford 4 years to catch up to Dodge and the 6.7L Cummins.

Dodge hasn't said anything about 2011 yet because they just redesigned the Ram for 2010 and it will likely remain unchanged for 2011. What are they going to do? Redesign a year old truck? About all you might see is a computer tweak for the output of the Cummins. Ford and GM bumped their 2011 debuts due to what Dodge did for 2010.

In the Top-10 Truck sales,

Ford F-Series is #1
Chevy Silverado is #2

Dodge Ram is pushed to #5 with Escape & RAV-4 getting #3 & #4 places respectively.

Soon Escape will eclipse F-Series for #1 spot. CUVs are the fastest growing segment.

As the gas prices approach $3, people will give up their pickups just like they gave up their SUVs.

I'm very surprised by this test. I expected the Ford to run away from the Ram in the acceleration tests given that it's got 40 more horsepower and 85ft/lb more of torque. The fuel economy is more what I expected. The preliminary reports of mid-high 20's didn't seem believable. I did, however, expect it to be a little higher than it was. With how Ford keeps saying how the great the fuel economy is, I think it's more marketing hype than anything. Some of the new features of the Super Duty are cool, but overall I think the new Ford is a little underwelming. I can't wait to see more test with all three trucks once the new Duramax comes out.

@ Keith there is rumors that the Cummins will receive an update with a new head, piston and injector design that will reduce the amount of economy equipment needed to basically nothing. They had an article in a diesel truck magazine about 6 months ago. Look for it next year or in 2012, when the Ram is suppose to under go a refresh. Fiat's MultiAir system is also going to be installed on the Cummins also.

The article was very good. The only real complaint that MT had was the engine noise and the way the trans. shifted. Not too bad considering it is a 3 year old design. I found it funny that Ford was hyping up the FE on the Powerstroke and it only beat the Ram by fractions of a gallon. If it would have had lower gears, like the Ram did, it probably would have gotten the same FE. However it would have given the SuperDuty a little better performance.

I'll take the Cummins. One thing is for sure, after that last disaster Ford had for and engine, I would be waiting to find out how reliable this clean sheet is.

They did say the ford got 15 percent better fuel economy than the dodge while towing, which is about the same as what ford has claimed. I wonder how many miles they drove the trucks.

@pinions. I definitely wouldn't say the last ford engine was a disaster. From everything I've seen and heard the 6.4 is a real strong engine just doesn't get good fuel mileage. I often hear people bash the 6.4 but I haven't heard of anyone having any issues with it other than fuel economy.

Wouldn't a V8 diesel burn more fuel than an I6 diesel, theoretically speaking?

@ Frank Its not the # of cylinders, but the displacement that matters. The larger the engine the more fuel and air it can burn.



Vee-shaped engines are supposed to be more efficient - though I don't think that has ever been proven.

Interesting write up by Motortrend. Too bad the trucks couldn't be closer to apples to apples given the differences in rear end gearing. Between the 500lbs of extra weight the Ford is carrying, the taller gearing, and the larger wheels/tire diameters the extra power the Ford makes can't really give an advantage in drag racing. Of course no one in their right mind buys a 7500-8000lb truck for drag racing. Either truck has enough power to tow just about anything you can tow without a CDL and tow it faster than it is prudent to do.

The fuel economy results are a bit strange though for both trucks given the unloaded, loaded, and towing fuel economy results. My only guess is that the testers were rodding both trucks pretty hard unloaded, and backed way off while hauling and towing. I am sure that driven for fuel economy or just driven like a normal human being both would have returned better fuel economy while unloaded.

Lucky for Ram they did not have to go up against any real competition for the 2010 TOTY award. They went up against a cargo van and an old Tundra. Up against the Super Duty, the Ram has lost. Chrysler should tear down that banner now.

"Surprisingly, when towing, the Super Duty, running the same course with a near identical average speed, got more than 15-percent-better fuel economy than the Ram HD. We can only guess the quietness and confidence we found during our Super Duty runs meant it wasn't working as hard as the Ram HD.

With pricing and equipment levels maxed out on both vehicles, it's hard not to tip the scales in favor of the Ram HD for delivering so much for $10,655 less than the Super Duty, although we should point out that some of the options and features on our King Ranch F-250 are not available for any Ram HD. So what wins? We have to admit there is something intangibly desirable about the rumble of the Cummins motor and hard-shifting Ram HD transmission that communicates the truck is ready and willing to work, and work hard. But the refinement, power delivery, driving comfort (when empty and loaded), productivity center, and powertrain technology makes us believe Ford has taken the segment to new heights. Is this a perfect HD pickup? No. But, with their backs against the wall, Ford's engineers have given the segment a huge push forward in quality and refinement with a high-tech powertrain that forces the other guys to work harder if they want to keep playing in the work-truck arena.

1st Place
Ford F-250 Super Duty
It's now stronger, more confident, and easier to drive. And it has class-leading fuel economy.

2nd Place
Ram 2500 HD
Still the commercial-grade workhorse of the bunch, but the rough edges are beginning to show.

So Dave, are you jealous? The Ram has a 3 year old powertrain and still performs just as good as the Ford, while being $10K cheaper.

Performs just as good? Did you read that article or watch the video, Grizwald? The Laramie is $10k cheaper than the King Ranch? Good to know one can still get the Lariat version of the Super Duty.

What a surprise that Motor Trends "Truck Test" would come down to 'how it felt'. Bunch of fairies!! Even if they weighed in Dodge`s favour I would be ASHAMED of this `victory`

Why do they use an inline 6? Not trying to knock it cummins is a great engine! But i'm just wondering. I really do feel ford is making a HUGE improvement on making this diesel themselves rather then using international. I personally would do anything for the new super duty, that truck is sick!!

Ford engine department is a big mess. Just pipes.
I wouldn't open Ford hood on parking lot to even add windshield water.
Cummins engine looks much better. It tells you all about engineering and design.Ford has probably great engine and transmission, equal with RAM, but this truck looks outdated already and results are not as good as they claim.
I was expecting something like 20% better economy over Cummins. Ford didn't make his homework well.

thats all the Super-Duty has got, The new GM HD's shouldn't have a problem

Dodge is Garbage, only fords last long hauling and towing, and being beat on, for superduty owns. dodge need more leaf springs, to do what the ford does better. ford makes some big stong leafs, I got 5 on my f-150, ussaly see 7 or 8 on superdutys.

@ Nick If you had watched the video you would know that they guys testing the trucks prefered the ride and handling of the Dodge over the Ford when loaded. About 5-6 min in if you don't believe me. Probably because of those extra leafs. Also, theres probably alot of 6.0l PSD owners that would disagree with you.

How much urea per mile was used by the ford. Doesn't this also have to be figured in if you are to make an even comparison of the vehicals MPG?

@Buddy, it's about 5 gallons of DEF every 10,000 miles. Or about 2500mpg of DEF. Plus the stuff is cheaper per gallon than diesel.

As most of you know, virtually all new diesel powered trucks for 2010 will be equipped with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF for short). Its primary fluid is Urea. But what may not have been shared are some of the facts. Some related to cost upcharges in equipment installed on the vehicle. Others to the general maintenance to the system. They are as follows:

1) The amount of DEF mist represents about 2% of the diesel fuel.
2) DEF will start to freeze at 12 degrees F, requiring heated lines. Think about parking your truck outside in some of the colder climates overnight.
3) Urea is also corrosive to aluminum and must be stored in plastic or stainless steel tanks.
4) Urea begins to deteriorate and evaporate over 86 deg F. If temperatures reach 130 deg F, Urea becomes hazardous and begins to decompose. Think about leaving your truck outside in the sun for an extended period of time.
5) Your truck may not start if you let the storage tank run dry.
6) You cannot substitute items like Urea fertilizer, water, or urine. There will be sensors equipped on the truck to make sure of that.

Some things to think about before you buy your next diesel powered pickup.

If the new trucks use urea at a ratio of 2%, then they will need one gallon of urea per 50 gallons of diesel.
And Urea will also be about 3 bucks per gallon when pumped.

Don't know the cost if you have to buy it at some back country station out of jugs to get you by.
Those numbers make it a signivficant cost over say a 300,000 mile service life.
In other words a 2% premium in fuel costs over the dodge.

At 10 miles per gallon. thats 1 gallon of urea every 500 miles. Or in other words 1/2 gallon of Urea per tank fuel.
(Ford has a small 25 gallon tank)

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