Previewing Mopar's Prerunner: We Drive the Ram Runner in Moab

Previewing Mopar's Prerunner: We Drive the Ram Runner in Moab
Words and Photos By John Stewart for

At the 44th Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the media is invited to inspect and drive concept vehicles made by Mopar engineers who describe themselves as "the lunatic fringe." Every year they come up with project vehicles that push the envelope for off-road rigs and, amazingly, line them up on the sand dunes and let us have our way with them.

When the time came, we went straight for the bright red Ram Runner, a Ram 1500 set up as a desert racing prerunner.

The concept Ram Runner is billed as a “Raptor fighter,” but it’s more serious in some ways than Ford’s factory-built F-150 SVT Raptor turnkey prerunner. The better comparison is with the limited-edition Ford Racing Raptor XT.

As veteran Baja racer and suspension developer Kent Kroeker puts it, “Everything [we’ve hung on the Ram Runner] is bigger and heavier [than the SVT Raptor].”


The Ram Runner is a Ram 1500 half-ton pickup with a well-engineered suspension kit and some body pieces. It’s a project vehicle for now, but when the parts become available in the fourth quarter of this year, you can build one yourself. For that matter, a customer could have his dealer install the entire kit on a new Ram 1500, finance all of it, and end up with a locally built prerunner.

However, because the suspension hardware will be sold as Mopar Performance Parts and not Mopar Genuine Parts, no warranty is available once you drive off. And because Chrysler isn’t putting these parts through the same certification tests it would for replacement parts, a Ram Runner won’t be street legal, either (like the Raptor XT).

Keith Montone, manager of Mopar Jeep and Truck off-road engineering, says Chrysler will perform component durability testing and limited vehicle integration testing prior to the availability of the suspension package.

Along with the suspension, key parts are the fiberglass fenders that make room for 35-inch tires. They look great, but more importantly, they allow the tires to travel much more than stock fenders ever would. We’re told the Ram Runner has 15 inches of travel in the front and 14 inches at the rear. That’s almost four inches more than a SVT Raptor in the front, and two inches more at the rear and the same as the Raptor XT up front. The Raptor XT has 18 inches of travel in the back.


The way the suspension is built, the Ram Runner stays low to the ground, with stock steering specifications. Both the Ram Runner and Raptor XT have multilink coil spring live axles, while the standard Ford F-150 SVT Raptor uses less compliant leaf springs.

Up front, the Ram Runner has a fabricated push bar, fitted with 4 Baja Designs LED lights. It’s strong, saves weight and looks good. There is no rear locker available from Dodge in the Ram 1500 — like the SVT Raptor offers — but an owner could easily install an air locker, e-locker, Detroit or Tru-Trac to the Ram Runner. Factory antilock brakes and traction control are standard equipment, so it’s retained on the Ram Runner.

The spare tire had to be relocated to fit the suspension. On the Ram Runner, it was strapped down prerunner style at the front of the bed, still leaving quite a bit of room at the back.

The other bits are well done, but the suspension is a masterpiece. It’s strong and highly tunable, with the kind of travel an off-road racer would want for his prerunner.


Speed multiplies the forces a suspension must endure, so the pieces are heavily engineered. The upper A-arms are gorgeous rectangular pieces, machined from T6 billet aluminum. The upper ball joint is not like a conventional Heim ball joint, but more like a cylinder, rounded off at the bottom for more droop. It has a grease nipple on it and is completely rebuildable. The tie rods, at 1 inch in diameter, are much thicker than stock. They have been beefed up with ball joints at both ends, and again, the joints are not strictly spherical. The lower control arms, made from 4130 chromoly steel, have been extensively reinforced against hard impacts at speed.

With a suspension that travels this much, limit straps and CV joints must be used to keep from binding at the extreme limits of travel. Stock axle shafts have been replaced with splined axles made of 300 M tool steel.

And then you have the shocks. The Fox triple internal bypass units are about 3 inches in diameter, fully refurbishable with remote reservoirs to store extra oil and keep it cool during long periods of hard rebound conditions. The bypass design means that both jounce and rebound cycles can be adjusted separately, to precisely fine-tune the damping characteristics. A set of these, used on eBay, would run you about $1,700, but with them you can control 35-inch tires at much higher speeds.

Speaking of money, nobody at Mopar is talking price yet. If we had to speculate, with the axles, shocks, bumper, suspension and fiberglass pieces, we’d guess you might pay about $12,000, plus tires, and you’d still have to paint the fenders. If you want to add a roll cage, like the Mopar Ram Runner has, it’s going to cost a whole lot more.


Compare all of that to the Raptor XT, which is priced at $99,950, and you’re still likely to be able to create your own Ram Runner for significantly less money, but a lot more than an F-150 SVT Raptor, which starts at $38,995.

So how does it all work off-road? We didn’t get to drive the Ram Runner on pavement, only a quick spin on the dunes, but it’s easy to see the Ram Runner is indeed a go-fast off-roader. It can corner across a chopped-up surface at good speed without bouncing off line, and there is a whole lot more squish in the suspension than anything we’re used to. You can run fast along the base of a dune, hit a dug-out patch of sand that would bottom-out a stock suspension and … nothing happens. The truck stays on line and up to speed. Then, with a 390 horsepower 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 under the hood, the Ram Runner concept truck can power up a sand dune, catch big air at the top and settle on all four tires, so long as the driver keeps his foot in the throttle.

The suspension, tires, and fiberglass fenders make the Ram Runner much wider than stock. Track, measured from the centerpoint of the tire, is 77.5 inches at the front and 74.5 at the rear, compared to 73.6 inches on a Raptor, which is in turn more than 6 inches wider than a standard F-150. That extra width translates into stability in corners and high-speed turns. In fact, the suspension design preserves stock suspension geometry. (“You can align this to stock specs,” Kroeker told us). So the wheels do not easily cycle out of position when the truck corners, or droop out of camber when it gets airborne.

Our ride and drive time was cut short because of severe winds and blowing silt, which got into everything. That included clogging the air filter of the Ram Runner, putting enough grit into the oil to prompt our hosts to park the Ram, lest a Baja bore job ensue. We’re not exactly sure how the concept vehicle would behave on the highway, but we have no doubt it can travel across irregular terrain, running fast and far.



I want one even if it doesn't have a warranty.

They compare it to the Raptor yet the only Raptor it compares to is a non-street legal Raptor XT. The pieces parts are guesstimated to cost around $12,000 and that is noi including paint, LSD, any kind of hill descent control, or any install charges if someone does not do it themselves. I am seeing how this works. It beats the street legal Raptor in a few areas but costs less that the Raptor model that out performs it. I think the real winner here is KORE who gets to sell their goodies with a MOPAR stamp on them and at Ram dealers instead of having to market them on their own dime. R&D costs were also likely eaten by Ram.

Nice ride, but still gets beaten by the Raptor by being street legal and beaten by the Raptor XT in performance. That and it carries the "some assembly required" label.

Wow! I would much rather have this than the Raptor even if "some assembly is required". I'm going to go ahead and cancel my Raptor order and wait till I can get my hands on one of these. Seriously why would anybody want a Raptor over this?! The Ram has a better engine than Ford's ancient 5.4L, and its even better with its coil-sprung end which allows it to kill the Raptor in and race. Chrysler has proven to me that they are the kings of off-roading, i mean they have the Jeep brand, and they also have the Power Wagon.

Good Job, Chrysler

marcou - Maybe you missed the part where the Ram Runner is not street legal? Perhaps you also missed that the Raptor will be available with the 6.2L V8 soon which puts up better numbers than the 5.7L Hemi. This thing will cost as much as a street legal Raptor, yet be a trailered racer. Thats where it loses huge to the Raptor. I can buy a Raptor, run it in the desert and use it as a daily driver. Ram Runner? Nt so much.

I really don't care if its street legal or not i'd much rather have the Ram Runner than the Raptor, second its my decision not yours, i could move to china and theres nothing you could do to stop me, third of all the 6.2l v8 isn't even out yet so i'm still standing by my decision.

Theres something about those fenders that I like.

Why not make a street legal version? I bet they will. This isnt as close to Raptor as I thought its more baja style than truck its pretty cool.

Well it was only a matter of time before Dodge decided to copy Ford, But they did a terrible job, no warranty, not street legal, not available from the showroom floor as a package, you have to build it yourself. And for all you people saying the 6.2 isnt availalbe yet, it is, you can get a Street legal Ford raptor, with a 6.2L engine, more Horsepower, More torque, more awesome then this thing. For something that can only be used off road and not legally on road, its a waste of money, i would rather build something unique, for cheaper, and have it perform better then this thing.

The street legal version Raptor can not be compared to the Ram Runner because it has to sacrafice its suspension for both on and off road manuevers. You can only compare it to the Raptor XT since they are both not street legal. And the XT is better in every possible way with more power, options, and a warranty. Ford engineered the Raptor where Ram hired the aftermarket to produce a bolt on kit with no warranty and not even street legal. Ram should have spent the time and money to build a street legal competitor with a warranty. But they don't have the money for engineering. This is more of a PR move than anything. If you want to build a comparable street legal version of the Raptor with your GM or Ram then you will sacrafice alot more money and with no warranty, performance, and features factory engineered into the truck from the get go.

Guys, the 6.2L in the Raptor is available right now.

If I really wanted to create a Raptor XT fighter with the Ram Runner, I wouldn't stop at the suspension kit. I'd also order a Mopar Performance crate engine. By the time the motor was installed, we'd be talking about equivalent pricing and performance territory vs. the XT. I'll take my Ram Runner with a 6.1-L Hemi!

For example:

The people complaining about it not being street legal have obviously never turned a wrench on a car/truck to know how that absolutely means nothing in the real world. If you put a cam in your truck its not "street legal," whole lot of law breakers out there...

And the guy who said "But they don't have the money for engineering." apparently has no idea who Kent Kroeker is or what his company has accomplished in the industry. The ignorance on this site is amazing.

For those mentioning the 6.2l don't forget Dodge is sitting on the 6.4l Hemi (not to be confused with the 6.1). That motor will probably run around $10k, throw in the modifications to the bed to get that extra travel to compete with the XT and you would still be $20-30K cheaper.

The only thing the Raptor (either version) has going for it is the Warranty, which is great but that doesn't mean you can run something over at 75mph on a trail and expect them to fix it. Both trucks are intended for a market that the people complaining about them on this site don't belong in and therefore are complaining about null points.

its not street legal YET because they havnt had tests on the parts, i dont care about a warranty bc i trust chrysler way more than i trust ford, and if you were to spend 100k on a ram or an f150 youd have a better truck than the XT, that things a joke

There us a huge difference between dropping a hot cam in your truck that might get you fined for emission violations if you get tested and a suspension kit that makes you truck as wide as a dually.

I agree this is just a PR stunt, The only reason they threw this kit together was to steal a little thunder from the Raptor.

If they where serious about being competative with the Raptor (not the xt) then it would be streetable and come with a warranty. Good luck trying to get something fixed once you void the warranty on that thing.

If I was looking for a dedicated pre runner trailer queen and I couldn't afford the already proven Raptor XT I might consider this over the regular Raptor. However since I do not have the disposable income to buy a truck that I would only use a couple times out of the year, I would never even cross shop this against the Raptor.

Seeing as to how every performance part from Mopar (or Ford for that matter) is not street legal, being street legal is a mute point! With that said I think that any of these trucks will only sell in limited numbers including the SVT Raptor therefore it does not matter how Mopar markets these trucks. Ya the Raptor might be hot now but that will soon fade as the initial 6.2 orders are filled. Trucks like the Power Wagon and the Big Hoss are the ones that will sell due to the better real world capabilities and tough truck nature!

Please Brands-die hard-fans - I'm getting bored with who's better, Ford or Dodge truck on any kind of news from FoMoCo or Chrysler. Nobody complaining about Ram Power Wagon concept, because nobody built something similar, but than look, MoPar created a baja styled truck and the war goes on, because Ford has the "monopole" for baja inspired truck... That's just jealous! I personally like the Raptor idea, getting excited with the Ram-Runner design, like Chevy Silverado trucks but drive no one of them (can't afford me one) and love baja inspired off-road who's the winner?

U said it ARON! Brand-bashing. . . Brand-bashing. I personally like arguing a bit, but enough is enough. . . . . . . . .
********** GO RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!**************

Some of the comments as well as the article suggest that one could slap MOPAR's kit together and have it come under the XT's. While it's likely the parts offered (according to the article) from MOPAR will probably be less than an XT (including the price of the truck), the two simply aren't comparable, for several reasons.

XT comes fully caged from Ford (probably one of the reasons why it's not street legal). Depending on how/who builds the roll cage, the price can fluctuate dramatically (especially considering the hack work some people call a roll cage). XT also has twice the shocks the Ram Runner offers. Yes the 3.0 internal bypassed coilover is nice, but a coilover and a separate bypass offers better, longer-lasting performance (read, that's 2 shocks per wheel, 8 total). XT also comes with 37" tires and beadlocks. If it's the same beadlocks used on the Raptor R, you're looking at 350-400 per wheel and probably more for the 37" BFG Projects. Front and rear electronic lockers, not sure if that's even available for the Dodge. While the Ram Runner unit uses ball joints, the XT uses proven uniballs. Although not a huge price difference, the quality of parts used aren't comparable. Lights are also included in the XT, that could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on type (HID/LED) and quantity. You'll also have to have an engine tuned or built to put down 500 hp (not too hard I'd imagine). Lastly, Dodge lacks the electronic goodies that the Raptor offers.

Ram Runner looks well built, and it's cool to have a company like Dodge back aftermarket companies like KORE. I see this truck as something in between the Raptor and Raptor XT....performance, value, and price wise.

Nice truck! I think it and the Raptor fill two entirely different niches. I'd take the Raptor without thought, but I wouldn't complain if someone gave me the Ram Runner (what an awful name).

Can someone please explain to me why this kit makes the truck not street legal? What certifications? In my area just about every privatly owned HD truck (regardless of brand) has a lift kit of somesort. Do these kits have to be certified as well? I have never heard of anyone getting a ticket for a lift kit before provided proper fender flares and mud flaps are installed.

Another thought: Even though both Raptors come with a warrenty, warrenty is there to cover defects from the factory in my experience. The Raptor, while capable, is not industructable. You push anything past its limit and it will break. Is Ford going to warrenty suspension pieces that break from abuse? Seems to me that either the Ram or the Raptor would only break in some pretty extreme conditions.

Last thought: Who do you think knows more about baja style truck racing? KORE or SVT. With Chryslers resources it wouldn't make sense to do this in house. If your gonna get help you might as well get the best. I look forward to a test between the 2.

Jordan, how many of those lifted trucks are as wide or wider than a dually? If you think these trucks are as simple as a bolt on lift kit, you need to do some more research and reading of the articles posted. Totally different animals than a pickup with a lift kit. BTW one big reason the Ram Runner is not street legal is the width. The Raptor needed to have clearance lights added to the fenders to cover its width, which might be at the max allowable for public roads. It is essentially as wide as a dually. The Ram Runner is at least 6" wider than the Raptor. I am sure it also has no functional air bags and the bumper is also not legal.

You forget SVT is Ford. Ford is not new to off road or Baja. They have plenty of drivers that they surely consulted for the Raptor project. The first one they built ran Baja for a test run and wound up finishing 3rd place in it's class! It might have finished higher if there hadn't been a wreck blocking the course in the last section that eliminated any chance of getting closer to the leaders by closing a portion off.

this truck is looks soo awesome....

maybe if they have success selling the kits....they might bring it to production and drop a 6.4L hemi in there....

but i still cant afford it......i will keep driving my 2006 ram 1500,,,

wish dodge/ram would get some inspiration from this concept trucks and overhaul their trex 4 off road package...

How much does this truck weigh? What are the ground clearance numbers?

I will stick with getting my Total Chaos a-arms for my Tacoma thank you very much...

Wow! A lot of different comments here. While the Ram Runner (dumb name) is not street legal, you could go and buy yourself a new Dodge Ram 1500, then visit the KORE Off Road website and purchase all of the items you need to make your own Ram Runner. You can even go to the Desert Racing Concepts website and order the fenders, lights and bumper. To be honest, while this RRunner is cool, I'd rather have a Power Wagon; and PWs have been available since 2005, long before the Raptor.

This is the sound of Ram, along with it's sales figures and dealership support, sucking hind t!t. Pretty pitiful. Can't do it the right way like the SVT boys, we'll do it this way and pretend we're still in the game. Did Pelosi build this thing?

I suppose proof of concept is when they enter the modified RAM or the Raptor into one of the Rally Raid races. Otherwise it is all conjecture how good they are off road.

You folks getting all worked up over street-legal width and clearance lights need to do some research.

Clearance lights - the three centered lights front and rear - are required on any vehicle over 80 inches of body width (mirrors are not included in body width). The SVT Raptor is 86.3", just 7.4 inches more than standard F150s. Dually pickups are 96 inches wide at the rear fenders, and the legal limit (before you need wide load permits) is 102". So the Raptor and Ram Runner are nowhere near being a width issue on the street.

And let's give Mopar some credit for designing fenders that integrate into the body far better than the Raptor with those tacky looking hard cutouts for the headlight and taillight assemblies that are just begging to collect dirt.

Huck BB62,

Alot of dealers dont have the Dodge Ram stock that they once had,plus the Ram isnt full of incentive's,and the Ram is priced higher than a Ford (Fords are the lowest priced trucks)..And some Kool-Aid drinking people think they are completely owned by the government and will not pay the money back ,another you should know Pelosi has nothing to with the Ram..but I guess you think a politician designs and engineers vehicles (so I guess they did the Ford 5.4 thats why the spark plugs get stuck in the head,destroying the head,Ford has government contracts too,so it could be) Also the government gave Ford $92.7 million dollars to make hybrids,so I guess Ford is dirty too in your book !! Your tax dollars going to make Ford hybrids 92.7 MILLION of them !!!

I believe the Mopar boy's know how to do it !! Ford boy's have to use a Mopar Hemi in top fuel racing to go fast !! So if I were a Ford fan my tail would be between my legs !!

Why is everybody so gaga for this truck? Have you guys been that lazy?

I can remember back in the early 90's with Walker Evans V-10 Ram's rampaging through Baja (only to lose to Ivam's V6 Toyota, hehehe) so a-arms and suspensions have been around for quite some time, where have you been?

10 years ago I bought desert a-arms from ATS Advanced Toyota Suspensions for my 85 2WD and had over 12 inches of travel out of my 2WD Toyota pickup!

C'mon guys, stop being lazy, you can fix any Ram to run down in Baja, you just have to get off your lazy butt's and build one up. Don't wait for some company to design a kit, get out there, explore, go to races and see what the desrt teams run.

That is how I learned by researching what 4-time Stock-Mini Desert Champion Scott Sells and his 88 Toyota pickup was running and doing and applied it to my 86 Toyota 4WD. No kits just sound parts going on underneath!

If I can make a little 85 Toyota 2WD with over 12 inches of wheel travel, I am sure a Ram can do it too over 10 years ago!!!

I just like to caution everyone to build your own rig!

@ Keith I've seen several lifted duallys with much wider tiers under them (they look retarded). They are wider than stock and no leallity problems. Also, I'm a mechanic who has installed a few lift kits before and judging by the pic of the front suspension it looks like bolt on to me (I have to reserve judgment on the rear suspension since theres no pic). Suppose that this truck may be missing air bags but if you have one built it will definitly have air bags unless you decide to remove them. You could be right about the bumper though. I am also fully aware that SVT is Ford and that was my point. SVT is responsible for the Lightning, the SVT Contour, Focus, and several generatons of Mustang. Not to mention rally style cars in Europe. But like I said most of SVT's expertice lies in cars and while they did a great job on the Raptor, in my opinion company like KORE who only does this type of work is probably going to make a better product. Other posters have noted that this truck is a tweener. Better than the Raptor but not quite an XT. Maybe a comparison between the three is in order. Not only to compare Ram to Ford but to see if the XT is really worth Twice the cash of the Raptor.

Working on getting a comparo setup between Raptor XT and Ram Runner. Still very early on but Ive already talked to Ford and Chrysler about it. Maybe this fall.

Good Job Mike.

Look at it this way people. The street able Raptor is outclassed by the Ram and cost like $10,000. The Ram will probably be outperformed by the XT but will come close to $40,000 less then the XT, not to mention it will have all the goodies the XT doesn't have interior wise. I believe the XT is just race only stuff, so it wont have A/C, or stereo, power windows or locks, and probably can't meet emissions standards (I could be wrong about that, I've never read anything about the XT). This is why I think it would be best for Ram to get this street certified.

Edit to my last post. The Raptor will cost like $10,000 less then the Ram.

wow, none of you guys have a clue about actual off roading or the actual off road aftermarket. the ram runner is nothing more than a ram 1500 with an aftermarket suspension kit and fenders, thus, it's not even comparable to the raptor or the raptor XT in the least. if you want to compare it to a ford something, then compare it to a ford F150 with the dixon bros racing long travel suspension.
both the ram runner and a dixon bros racing equipped F150 will out perform the raptor and the raptor XT, without a doubt. the raptor XT still has a nearly stock raptor suspension which is compromised for on road performance.

basically, this truck is absoloutely NOTHING SPECIAL at all. you can already buy a long travel kit for the 1500 from KORE, fiberglass flared fenders are readily available, as are tube pre runner bumpers, etc., etc. both trucks will cost FAR less than a raptor XT, but neither will be legal for the baja class that the XT was built for, which requires a stock based suspension.

There is one born every minute! So if you have the coin go right ahead. This is an example of them just showing off, but not really being practical. If they built lower price units that would sell and not the leather clad country club getters, then they could possibly dig out of the hole they are in. My brother was a sheep like this. He once bought a Ford Mustang with a graphics and plastic body kit and paid 5 grand extra for the car. Oh yeah, it didn't have AC and it had a 4 cylinder engine! What people buy!

Roadtrip - I guess Ford just decided to put those lights on the Raptor for the heck of it and say they did it for DOT approval? The clearance lights are also added to the widest point of the vehicle. Notice how duallies have them on the wide rear fenders? Much like the Raptor has them on its front fenders.

I think more than a few of you need to read the link to the Raptor XT posted in this article, then edit your responses. The XT is far from a stripped down truck. It also has some significant changes to the suspension over the Raptor. It is not a roll cage on a Raptor with a 500hp engine priced at $100,000. It is a turn key race truck made by Ford that is currently competing.

I suspect it's less costly for Dodge to say the Ram Runner kit is not street legal and let the purchaser accept liability. If a guy choses to put it on his Ram and drive down the road with it, well, Dodge is free and clear, but if someone gets in a crash lawyers will have a field day. The Ram Runner is a cool truck. Too bad it's not street legal. I wonder how many lift kits out there are actually "legal".

I agree, a comparison between this and the Raptor XT is invalid. One is an all out race truck absolutely not meant for travel on the road, and the other is a factory truck with parts that are considered "offroad only". That is like comparing the Dodge Viper ACR-X to a Corvette with an aftermarket blower. You absolutely cannot drive the ACR-X on the road but all of the Corvettes will end up there.

To say this doesn't compare to the street-legal Raptor is fine but in reality the Raptor and the Ram Runner will end up serving the same purpose. Do the fans a favor and compare the Raptor and Ramrunner. A $100k race truck doesn't fit into the picture anywhere, Mike.

Talk about kool-aid drinkin'! Just how many of you think Ram's pitiful "concept" team would have come up with this bolt-on-o-rama-SEMA-special were it not for the wildly successful Raptor? If anyone raises their hand, would you like some sugar with that Ram flavored kool-aid? :)

I look forward to the comparison Mike. Package to package, taking the whole thing in. Usability, engineering, comfort, capabilities on and off road, features, the WHOLE thing. If you're a good wrench, and you will NEED to be because this thing will NEVER see the inside of one of the very few existing Dodge dealership's service bays again, why not just build a racer?

This truck is missing a point. When I said they were sucking hind t!t, I meant it. They're following, not leading. They have such an opportunity to do greater things with a Jeep pickup like the Gladiator concept. What do they do instead? Go after Raptor scraps. This truck won't do a darned thing for their bottom line.

I have met two different dealers, one from Chevy, one from Dodge, who were SCAREEEWWWWED by GM and Chrysler. It'll be awhile before I get enthusiastic about dealing with companies with that total disregard for ethics. It's nothing to do with me buying a Ford, it's just the way it is. Read up on it, you'll see what I'm talking about.

And then there's this Frankentruck. Sayyyy, aren't those cute little spindly looking stock half shafts poking their little heads out in those pictures? (something that Ford took care of with extensive testing already) Is Kore supplying beefed up ones? (and the list goes on..., see what I mean)

Huck, get real. The Mopar had a 2500 prerunner around 2004. Well before the underwellming raptor appeared.

The only real point of this truck is to compete with the XT and be $40000 less.

Really. I'm wrong then. I'll drive on down to the Dodge, er, Ram dealer and try to BUY one. I've never seen one. Never heard of it until now. I had no idea it was on the build sheets. Never seen it advertised. Never seen it on the streets. Never saw it on the trails. But, hey, I could be wrong.

Look it up, placed third in the stock class at Baja.

Ford sold more trucks in a month of march than ram sold all this year lol I think fiat will push the abort button on this company soon if such crappy sales keeps comeing ram's way.The Raptor with the 6.2L is just to sweet!!!

uninformed - What an appropriate screen name. How's about you show us a link to this "factory" 2500 Ram Prerunner? I don't seem to recall any prerunner packages ever being offered by Dodge. Only mention of a 2500 I see is the one KORE built up, which would not classify as factory.

Follow the link. This truck was a SEMA special that did run Baja. However it was never sold to the public.

Are you people seriously comparing a race truck to a street truck?! Unbelievable.

I hope that Mike can get a shootout organized between the Raptor XT, Raptor, and RamRunner. Try to get a few more "kitted" trucks in the mix. There is the solid axle versus IFS camp - so throw in a few SFA trucks too. That would be a cool test.

Hey guys i dig both trucks but im a Ford guy. I would love to pull a Leno n buy a PW, a Ram Runner and a Rapter XT, but thats compleately out of the question. I have a 93 Ford Bronco and am lookin to trick it out more so than i have already. i have a roof rack with light in front, a steal bumper with hand made places to put two lights. i had to get a new engine because of a stream crossing a while back so went with just a new 5.8l v8. i also have a flomaster exhaust and a k&n air intake off of a 96 expedition to fit a snokle kit i have. please contact me with all sugestions!!! I love to drive baja but also love to rock crawl so i need a happy meedium.


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