Recall Alert: 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Recall Alert: 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Ford is recalling certain 2010 Explorer Sport Trac pickups produced between Dec. 15, 2009, through Feb. 3, 2010, to fix a problem in the manual recliner mechanism of the truck's seats that could cause the seatbacks to lose support and fall backward in an accident. The seat assemblies for the affected vehicles were assembled by Lear Seating at its facilities in Mexico and the U.S.

Ford dealers will replace the manual recliners for both power and manual seats for free. The safety recall is expected to begin on or before April 30. Owners can contact Ford if they have questions or concerns at 866-436-7332 or call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle safety hot line at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA]


Ford should check the seat recliners in all their vehicles. This same thing happened to me in my dads Focus. Was rear ended by an Olds Alero doing 70kph while I was at a stand still. Both my seat and that of my passenger snapped back to full recline. not fun.

Where is Ray LaHood and the DOT on this one?

I totally thought Ford discontinued the Sport Trac years ago! boy how I was wrong.

Sport Trac needs to go

The Explorer Sport Trac is dead. The new Explorer is unibody using the D3 platform.

BTW, It looks like Toyota is up to its old tricks again...

Whoa. RT @tundrahq: Tundra design flaw results in frighteningly common $4,000 repair:

They still make this thing?

Yep..would rather have the Ford problem than the Toyota problems......

And Ford was stupid enough to not make a US Ranger crew cab already. Make the next-gen Ranger Crew Cab and call IT "Sport Trac."

Now if Ford could only build a good small truck for off-roading like Toyota has and will continue to build...

The Sport Trac was never a serious offroader. The Adrenaline version with the right colour combo looks cool.
I'd buy a Ridgeline before I'd ever consider a Sport Trac.
It's too bad that Toyota and Nissan will be the only competitors in the small truck market. I don't think Mahindra will ever show up in North America. The VW Amarok would be a good competitor if it could make into NA with a diesel engine.

Toyota doesnt have a small truck..the Tacoma is huge compared to the 80's or 90's version..The tacoma picked up sales because diehard Toyota fans bought Tundra's in the last few years and Tundra's are the worst truck out for reliability,the Tundra is a lemon...the tacoma has problems,rust,driveshafts,but i think the motor is better than what you get in the they tradded in their Tundra for Tacoma's..

It's too bad that Toyota and Nissan will be the only competitors in the small truck market.

You mean mid size market.

From wikipedia.....

"the second generation Navara was manufactured from 1998 and went until 2005 which was classed as a compact sized pick up. It was replaced with the bigger, taller, longer D40, which Nissan now considers to be a mid-size pick up truck."

Also, the Tacoma is also a mid size, The Dodge Dakota is being replaced, and the Ranger is TBD.

So in actuality there are no small size trucks anymore besides the current Ranger which is TBD.

"Tacoma Class:
Compact pickup truck (1995-2004)
Mid-size pickup truck (2005-present)
At the 2004 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota unveiled a bigger and more powerful Tacoma."

"Ranger Class:
Compact pickup truck 1983–present
Ford has said it will continue to produce the Ford Ranger through 2011 at its Twin Cities, Minn. plant"
NOTE: "Since then, all of its competitors from the Nissan Frontier to the Toyota Tacoma have been redesigned and enlarged towards the mid-size market, leaving the Ranger the only compact truck on the market."

So there you go, Lou, the small pickup in America does not exist. The Ranger is the last of the small pickup trucks. There is only mid size and up!

@Bob's Big Boy - you did some homework. I always appreciate a guy who puts some work into a post.

Please note - I said "small truck market". It's all relative to the size of all the pickups out there.

I agree that the Ranger is the only "compact" left.
Frontier, Ridgeline, and Tacoma are really "mid size", but
full size pickups have steadily gotten bigger and bigger as well.
A current 1/2 ton p/u can easily haul/tow what was the exclusive domain of 3/4 ton trucks.
Current 1 ton HD pickups can tow "commercial" class loads.

Current "small trucks" ( most of them) are much larger than their predecessors, but they are proportionally small relative to 1/2 tons, 3/4 tons, and 1 tons.

Like Einstein said " it's all relative".

Thats right...Ford cant even make a save vehicle...Lets see toyota recall.....Ford recall...Its seems like gm is the only one can build right....Ford guys...smoke it.

Hey luis83 -No hablo inglés.
Gm is currently being investigated by the NHSTA. This investigation is as big as Toyota's "runaway accelleration" recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the brake failures in as many as 6 million General Motors trucks and SUVs. They are looking into the potential brake failure on Silverados, Avalanches, Suburbans, Sierras, Tahoes, and Yukons made from 1999 to 2003. This investigation also covers almost 190,000 heavy duty pickups made between the same years.
Apparently corrosion is the suspected culprit that has caused brake lines to burst in areas where corrosion has formed.

Man, Oh man - rust, corrosion, run away vehicles. That would never happen to an American company......

A broken seat latch sounds way more dangerous to me...

No worries.
The US government would never, ever call a giant recall or congessional hearing on a company that it owns.

wow sounds dangerous, I thought Ford was perfect ?

At-least GM did the "half SUV/half truck" thing right with the Avalanche, those things are badass...

Hey Jake Avalanche's are sooo baaad asssssed that they are outsold by Honda Ridgeline.
By the way - Avalanche is included in the GM investigation.

I think the Ford Falcon utes are cute...too bad Ford wants to kill them off! BTW these car-type pickups are sold in Australia along with the Holden VE ute. The Falcon could out-gun a Sport Trac any old day.

I like the looks of the Australian utes. GM had a 4 door concept ute that looked extremely good. I think utes would do reasonably well as "small" trucks will be dead soon( at least the ones from Detroit).

Kill the Sport Trac and KEEP the Ranger!!!

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