Suzuki Equator Buyers Offered Free Gas

Suzuki Equator Buyers Get Free Gas
By Stephen Markley

Customers who buy a 2010 Suzuki Equator between May 1 and Aug. 31 will be eligible for the automaker’s “Free Gas for Summer” promotion. Buyers will get a stored-value debit card with which to buy gas.

The cards will range in value between $280 and $442, depending on a number of factors. Apparently, Suzuki will take into account an assumed three-month time frame, the car’s EPA highway mileage, the national average price for a gallon of gas and the Federal Highway Administration’s estimate of 1,000 miles driven per month.

If we have Suzuki’s reasoning right, you might want to wait until around July, when gas prices tend to peak. The higher the national average for a gallon of gas, the more money Suzuki will have to put on the debit card.

[Source: Suzuki]


Seeing as July is peak for gas prices, I'm assuming then would be a great time to purchase a new pickup truck. I would hope dealers would be more willing to deal knowing what the current full prices are.

Seeing as how expensive mid-size trucks are I think anyone would be better off buying a full-size. Even if you get free gas I would rather get the better value for the long haul.

I hate rebadged vehicles !!! Nice Nissan !!

It's funny when uneducated people say their Mazda truck is more reliable than a Ford Ranger,they say they would never buy a Ford ....You should see their faces when they find out their reliable Mazda is a Ford !! A coworker has a Mazda 6 and brags how awesome it is (the engine) then I tell him its a Ford V-6..he turned green !!

Sure glad Dodge isnt giving Nissan a full size if they can stop giving rebadged minivans to V.W !!

Dodge, think you got that backwards. The 3.7L V6 was codeveloped with Ford and Mazda and was first used in the Mazda 6 and CX7-9 before it found it's way into the Lincolns and trickled to Ford and Mercury. Not the same as the Ranger/B series.

FWIW be glad Chrysler is making VW minivans. VW is PAYING them to do it for them.

It's going to take a hell of a lot more then free gas to get me to buy a Suzuki/Nissan.

Dodge used to say they were the originator of the mini-van even though VW was. Kinda ironic that Dodge now makes minivans for VW. That also explains why the VW Routan has such a crappy reputation for quality and reliability.It's made by Dodge.

The fuel card should be for 1,000 - 2,000 dollars.

@ Dodge.

I guess you're going to love the new crop of rebadged Fiat's heading to your local Dodge dealer in the near future. Get used to it.

@Greg rebadged Fiats? haha no. and i sure as hell won't get used to it because its not true. 1 vehicle will be using a Fiat platform, but it won't be rebadged. Heres whats coming: durango replacement(chrysler platform), new grand caravan(chrysler platform), new charger & challenger(chrysler platform), maybe new viper(chrysler platform), maybe new nitro(fiat-chrysler co developed platform), journey(continues indefinitely), new avenger(fiat-chrysler co-developed platform), caliber replacement(fiat-chrysler co-developed platform), subcompact car(fiat platform). only one car will be using a fiat platform which will not be rebadged. the rest are either co-developed on the new c/d platform, or on existing chrysler platforms. there will be no rebadged fiats, only rebadged dodges as fiats for sale in europe to keep the dodge brand strictly performance over there with the charger, challenger, and viper.

Also Routan is dead next year to make room for the new grand caravan, town & country, dakota replacement, and sprinter replacement.

As soon as I buy a Suzuki Equator, I going to put "Nissan" and "Frontier" badges on it. It sucks when rebadged cars look better than the original!

I guess I should of said the year..2006 they used the same 3.0 V-6 that was all Ford...Yes,I know VW is paying them for the vans,but i hate rebadged vehicles like that and this Suzuki,Ford and Mazda are different as Ford owns a chunk of Mazda..

The Chrysler minivans are the most reliable vans on the market....when Chrysler used the 3.0 Mitshubishi in its vans that is what gave them the bad name,those were junk...The current Sebring is based on a Mitshubishi also has a bad name from 2007-now !!! Chrysler only made the VW van for 2 years..and they are VW's most reliable vehicle,the 3.8 and 4.0 are bullet proof engines,200,000 + miles and they keep going and going and going !!! No major issues,not like Toyota/Honda that have engine failures,trans failures,electrical,rust,bad welds ect..

Fiat small a ,b class cars will not just be rebadged as Chrysler's they will be re -engineered by Chrysler to fit the North American market,style the way Fiat is Ferrari,Maseratti,Alfa Romeo,Lancia and some of those brands are getting versions of the Chrysler 300/Challenger ...Remember mercedes is the one who ruined Chrysler,took all their money,Chrysler was the most profitable car company in the 90's ...

This is sad, but the Equater is my favorite small truck on the market. I think it looks alot more aggressive than the Frontier and is a better performer than the Taco. The only one I would take over it would be a Colorado Z71 w/the 5.3 V8. That's a sweet little truck.

@ Dodge - why is it everyone but Toyota can blame suppliers for quality and reliability problems?

Is the rusting frames,bad camshafts,roll overs,engine sludge bad door welds in Sienna,bad transmissions,breaking side glass and loss of steering on a Toyota all supplier problems..?..I think not !!!

Please do yourself some due diligence ,get a clue before posting such an uneducated comment like that,you are not helping your cause....Obviously Toyota has a problem with responsibility,as it dragged its feet to recall its deadly vehicles (they knew about it for years their internal e-mail verify that)

@ Dodge - you have no problem blaming Mitsubishi for the QC/reliability issues of Dodge, but like many people - go "Ape sh-t" when a Toyota apologist says it's a supplier issue. Apply YOUR ground rules equally to every company.

My comment was well educated!
It elicited the expected knee jerk response from you!
You have proven my point with your reply.

cdjred - You need to go look at release timelines a little. Everything I have read shows Chryslers all new in house designs to be a few YEARS away. FIAT's will be offered to try and at least make them competitive. FWIW the new Durango is based off the new/old Jeep Grand Cherokee chassis that was designed with Diamler.

I bought a 2010 Suzuki Equator to replace a 20 year old Nissan D21 pickup. I bought the Suzuki because I liked the styling better than the Nissan Frontier, the warranty was better, the overall price was better and Suzuki offered more for my trade-in and gave a $2000 rebate and a gas card too. The Equator is a great mid-size pickup. Even with 4 cyl it has great get up and go. The standard options are so good that I didn't have to add much to the bottom line. It drives great and the warranty is unbeatable. I am very pleased with the Suzuki Equator and recommend the truck to anyone who likes driving trucks.

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