10 Cars and Trucks the Ford Ranger Outsold in April 2010

10 Cars and Trucks the Ford Ranger Outsold in April 2010

Ford's sales numbers for April 2010 were 25 percent higher than a year earlier, but conspicuously absent from a press release touting significant sales jumps from almost every one of its cars and trucks was any mention of increased consumer demand for the Ford Ranger compact pickup.

Why should the Ranger be singled out for recognition when it hasn't seen a major mechanical update since 2001 and is scheduled to end U.S. production next year? Because the Ranger remains the second best-selling small truck in its class (behind the Toyota Tacoma), it's the No. 7 best-selling pickup in the country, and its year-to-date sales are up almost 11 percent (15.1 percent in April).

So far, Ford has said the likely replacement for the Ranger is a more fuel-efficient version of the F-150 instead of a domestic version of Ford's upcoming all-new Ranger global pickup, which shares only its name with the current U.S. Ranger.

We'll respectfully disagree that small-truck buyers want a frugal full-size pickup. To hammer home just how well the Ranger is holding up despite its advanced age and impending doom, here's a look at 10 cars and trucks from almost every segment that the Ranger outsold in April. Some, we think, will surprise you.

Chart of cars and trucks outsold by the Ranger in April 2010


Ford is on the uptick. Making money and making products people want (not counting the transit). Ford owns the truck market as much as anybody and could knock the Ranger out of the park if they wanted to. I just don't think they want to, or they have something in the pipeline we don't know about. If they are protecting the F150 sales I think it is a mistake. Read the blogs and talk to truck guys. There should be a Ford truck that kicks butt in every category. They just won't shift the Ranger potential buyers to the F150.

@MJ - I would say I followed a similar path as you. I had an 3/4 ton regular cab, it was getting old, the price of gas was steadily climbing, so I got an extended cab Ranger. Booster seat laws, and no room for little kids forced me to trade the Ranger on a van. I'd prefer to stay with a small truck but there isn't a big difference in fuel economy when you look at small crewcabs or full size crewcabs. The price is close to the same as well. My purchase plans were delayed because my wife needed a new vehicle.
No one really offers a economical base model crewcab in a small truck.
Ford seems to think a people will remain brand loyal and the F150 will fill the void, and the rest of us will get CUV's, SUV's or cars.
I think that is a mistake.
All you need to do is look at what has happened to GMC. THey have killed off several models and have not retained those customers. They have lost market share.
It will be interesting to see how much Tacoma and Frontier sales increase when the Ranger becomes a footnote in history.
It looks like the Dakota, Colorado/Canyon, and Ridgeline will be joining the Ranger.

Oxi- In my mind I want as stiff a frame as possible. I hate seeing the bed of my truck flex when it's got a full load on and is still in the woods. I just don't feel comfortable. The full boxed frame, better inerior and more powerful engine are the 3 major points that push me toward the Nissan. Also, why can't you add adjustable shocks to a Frontier or Colorado? Will they not accept them for some reason? My personal belief is that if the factory ground clearance doesn't suffice there's no better alternative than a good suspension lift. Just 4 inches of lift can give make a world of difference. It did for my truck, I could fit 35" if I felt the need.

I've had 4 Rangers and wish I could buy a new one. I currently have a F150, which is too big and thirsty for what I need or want a truck for. Besides, an F150 with 4.6L is pretty weak compared to the 4.0L 4WD Ranger I had, and it won't fit in my garage either.

Ford should understand that the Ranger could be number one in it's class if they updated the platform, not just did some cheap cosmetic/styling tweaks. Since about '04 they just cheapened an otherwise decent truck.
I agree, they shouldn't worry about stealing sales from the F-series, they should be worried about losing sales to competitors.

Many people who have had Rangers still want new ones, and not larger ones, but ones similar to what they grew to love in the first place. There's plenty of choices for those seeking mid-sized pickups with nearly full-sized prices and fuel economy.

FORD, LISTEN TO US PLEASE...DON'T KILL THE RANGER. DON'T KILL THE RANGER. DON'T KILL THE RANGER. Bring the 4-door model here and a beefier engine and 5or 6spd auto. I don't understand why the smaller truck market is not important to Ford anymore. This segment is growing again.

Ford should kill the current Ranger and replace it with something modern.
How about a crewcab diesel?

my first truck was a 4cyl 2x4 ranger and i hated that lawnmower but it was very reliable and ive drive the v6 ones both v6s and they were more than capable this is moronic to delete the ranger

Ford you are a bunch of moronic morons. I currently own a 99 Ranger and at 150 k miles I'm due to buy a new one . Update the Ranger with something that gets better mileage and watch it make money! Make it with heated seats too as I'm freezing up here. Drop this model and say goodbye to me ever coming back

Ford, why are there so many posts on this story? Maybe because there is so much interest in you doing the Ranger right? I'm just saying.

Why not give us a 4 cyl diesel? Soon We'll have even the Indian Mahindra Trucks here... How sad that the Europeans should get all the good trucks (Ford Global Ranger) and we are forced to by foreign... there is a reason why our american auto makers have lost business....

@ Paul , You quote what toyota did with the Hilux to make the T100 , but look at how much of a flop the T100 was , just the same as in this case , people loved the Hilux because it was small and versitile , they wanted the Hilux , they did not want a bigger truck like the T100

@ Big Bob , you are sadly mistaken , it is the overseas Ranger that cannot meet Federal Crash Requirements , the American Ranger continues ti score Good and Fair with the NTHSA , whereas the Tacoma's and other compacts score Poor

i do not think for should Kill off the Ranger , i currently own 3 of these truck , all extended cabs , all 4x4's , i have an 03 FX4 Level II with 278k miles on it that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor , a 2000 that used to be a 3.0 powered truck that is now lifted , locked and getting a 4.0 swap , and a 97 4.0 5-speed truck that is lifted , locked in the read , running over sized tires and i still get 17-19 MPG with it , there is a huge following for these trucks , and alot of people that are willing to fight for it to stay alive. I have owned 8 of the trucks so far , ranging from an 84 XL with a 2.0 and a 4 speed to my current 03 FX4 Level II with the SOHC 4.0 and 5-speed , i have owned all but 4 engines available in the trucks , and i will continue buying these trucks until i die , no matter how hard they become to find

I sure wish I knew why Ford is planning to retire the Ranger :( It is such a great truck! I bought my first ranger in 2004 after seeing how much luck my Father had with his. Knowing he would beat the heck out of one of these trucks and only change the oil every 10K miles and still get 200K before trading it in with no mechanical issues over and over again I was sold on a Ranger! Ihave a 99 4wd supercab with the 3.0L and I am just about to roll over 250K miles with not a check engine light or anything! And these have been abused miles using 4wd all winter long and having to use this truck off road and towing mind you but it still keeps on going with nothing more than regular maintenance. Been the BEST vehicle I have owned yet out of 16 vehicles. If Ford Motor Company is smart they will not get rid of such an amazing truck. They are great looking, reliable vehicles!

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